Exhibition success: May 2009
Congratulations to:

Samir Fikry (ESC 305), who is back on the top medal trail with his new collection of Postal Services in the Suez Canal Zone, which won a Large Gold in the postal history section of the Essen international exhibition (May 6-10).

There were Gold medals for Samir Nabih Attia (ESC 505, De La Rues 1879-1906)Mordecai Kremener (ESC 291, Postal Services of Beirut)

Ibrahim Shoukry (ESC 423, Rural Post, 1889-1939), Mahmoud Ramadan (ESC 358, Celebrating the Kingdom, 1922) and Ulrich Eckstein (ESC 273, French Post Office in Alexandria) were awarded Large Vermeils. Well done, all of them

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