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Further information on the withdrawn Telecom Stamp from some of our members.

Beware: Forged Telecom FDC

The following has been brought to my attention, and I feel that members should be made aware of a dangerous and expensive forgery. Genuine FDCs exist of the “nine-day stamp” (the October 2004 issue relating to the 150th Anniversary of Egyptian Telecommunications was withdrawn immediately it was realised that Telecom Egypt, the main focus of the stamp’s design, did not reflect the anniversary but had been in operation only for four years; see QC 214, page 52, for the withdrawn stamp and its December replacement) but now forgeries have been detected also.

The genuine cover is 16x11cm, the forgery is 16x11.3cm. The printing of the forgery has a greyish tinge on the yellow of the logo of the cover, and the text on the forgery is “cloudy or hazy” and speckled around the letters. The size of the lettering is larger (with the same font). The forged cancellation is 5.7cm wide, but the original is only 5.2cm. The forged cover I have has a circular “gazelle” logo within the flap. All this denotes that the original FDC was scanned, and reprinted over a genuine stamped blank cover. But somehow the proportions did not come out quite right. I hope members will not to be fooled into purchasing these forgeries, as I have noticed that they are appearing in eBay at enormous prices. I illustrate an FDC.

Member (ESC 251)

The Withdrawn TELECOM EGYPT Stamp

A note about the controversy raised in the meeting on July 9, 2005, about the “nine-day stamp” (see QC 214, September 2005, page 52). I had a personal meeting with Engineer Akil Beshir, chairman of Telecom Egypt, who kindly cleared up the confusion. He stated that at first the National Postal Organization had submitted to his company several designs commemorating 150 years of telecommunications in Egypt, harking back to the 1854 Department of Telegraphs and ranging up to the present Telecom Egypt. A choice was made by Telecom Egypt from the available designs, but when the stamp was submitted for approval not only was it a different design from those submitted, but also the inscription conveyed the meaning that Telecom Egypt had been around for 150 years!

The stamp was refused outright – Dr Tarek Kamel, Minister for Communications, had not been involved in the process – and the approved design was then executed in two values bearing the Telecom Egypt logo as indication that the company, and its forerunners, had been serving Egypt for 150 years.

Telecom Egypt did not know at the time that some stamps had already reached the public.

Member (ESC 456)

I have obtained a copy of a memo from: The national; Post Organisation, the general administration for financial services and addressed to the director general of postal district central and north. It read as follows


Kindly take all necessary steps to stop the sale of the stamps issued to commemorate the Egyptian Company of communications "Telecom Egypt" with the value of 30 piastres. Also collect all the stamps from all post offices and postal stores in your district and return all of them promptly and immediately to the general depots in Nasr City

Consider this very urgent and important

Signed M.Abdel Rahman 12-10-2004

Member (ESC 239)

Above is the Postal Organization Philatelic Office leaflet issued with the stamp which clearly shows in its title 'Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Telecom Egypt'

In fact the company was only formed a 10 years ago according to the web site of Cairo ICT

….. in 1998 the government formally unbundled the regulatory and operational aspects in ARENTO and established Telecom Egypt (operator) and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (regulator)….

However on Telecom Egypt own web site it repeatedly refers to its 150 celebrations? I quote from the Chairman's letter

Dear visitor,

I am delighted to welcome you to Telecom Egypt's new website. In our 150th Anniversary year, …….. Over the last 150 years Telecom Egypt has always been at the forefront of Egypt's development and so we have introduced a new link in "About Us" which details all the highlights of these achievements - Click on "150 Years of Service" to take a fascinating walk through history.

Akil Beshir Chairman

On the same web site is found the historical statement

1854 witnessed the birth of Egypt's telecommunications industry. The first telegraph line connecting Cairo and Alexandria was inaugurated early in 1854; forming the company that was later to become Telecom Egypt.

Member (ESC 239)

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