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Egypt Study Circle Auction No 48 Closed

 Modern stamps – the following four lots are sold to benefit Circle funds 
12005 Year Pack, 37 stamps in blocks of 4, plus 3 miniature sheets, all unmounted mint£10.00
22006 Year Pack, 25 stamps in blocks of 4, plus 3 miniature sheets, all unmounted mint£8.00
322 First Day Covers with the unmounted mint stamps inside (32 stamps, 3 miniature sheets, issues 26/12/05 to 30/12/06£6.00
415 First Day Covers with the unmounted mint stamps inside (20 stamps, 2 miniature sheets, issues 2/1/07 to 16/7/07£4.00
 Second Fuad issue – the following 50 lots are all related to this issue of stamps – Proofs of Type I, fine mint with bottom selvage, imperforate, Cancelled on reverse 
51 millième D106a£59.00
63 millièmes D108a £59.00
710 millièmes D113a £59.00
815 millièmes D116a £59.00
 – Proofs of Type II, fine mint, imperforate, Cancelled on reverse 
91 millième D106a£15.00
101 millième D106a with selvage£15.00
112 millièmes D107a with selvage£15.00
123 milIièmes brown D108a£17.00
133 millièmes green D109b£25.00
144 mills pale green D110c with selvage £18.00
154 miIIièmes brown D111b£25.00
164 milIs deep green D110c with selvage £18.00
172 millièmes photographic essay, imperforate on card, marked “Duplicate 1.10.1926”. Only two produced  £1,075
 – Stamps 
185 millièmes Booklet Cylinders in 2x tête-bêche blocks of 12 from the base of the sheet Type IV A/29 Panes 3 & 4. Extremely rare in pristine condition  £1,075
19500 millièmes mint block of 4 with control A/35 in pristine condition  £270.00
 – Booklets 
205 millièmes Booklet Proofs tête-bêche pair: left proof Die Negative V, Right proof Die Negative III£160.00
21210 millièmes, complete booklet without control numbers: 5 millièmes panes, Type III inverted Wmk, fine but allowance made for trimmed perfs at top£225.00
22210 millièmes, complete booklet with A/30 control numbers: 5mills panes Type V, Both with upright wmk£285.00
23210 millièmes, complete booklet with A/30 control numbers: 5miils panes Type V, 1st pane normal wink, 2nd pane inverted wmk  £285.00
 – Postal history 
242 mills Inland Printed Card in clean used condition with clear Shubra-Cairo pmk£23.00
252 mills used Folded Letter£15.00
263 mills blue green Internal postcard with Suez pink£15.00
275 mills booklet stamp (type lll) Internal Letter Post clean£13.00
2815 mills blue Internal Registered Letter with clear Azhar pinks clean£20.00
2910mills + 15mills Registered Letter with Avis de Reception (AR) stamp, El Malaka Nazli pmks plus pink proof of receipt AR card£38.00
3020 mills (4x5mills) Express Letter Post with “Postman Cairo” pmk on reverse and black boxed EXPRESS stamp.£27.00
3120 mills (4x5mills) Express Letter Post with EXPRESS handwritten in Arabic; from Shibin el Kom to Alexandria / RA£27.00
3230 mills (2x15mills) Internal Reg Express Letter Post with red EXPRES label in French. San Stefano R&P to Cairo£33.00
334 mills (2x2miIls) Foreign Newspaper rate to Paris. Label attached to newspaper bearing “EGYPTIAN DE LA PRESSE” markings.£29.00
342x4mills covers, Foreign Printed Matter rate after 29.10.193 1. First 4 mills brown. Second 4 mills green showing 1932 colour change£49.00
354 mills green Foreign Postcard rate to Holland, which would normally attract l3mills but only 4mills if the message is 5 words or less. Rare & clean£36.00
3620 mills small blue Foreign Letter to Switzerland after 19.2.1934. Mourning cover with clear “Continental Savoy Cairo” pmks. This stamp was the last change in the Second Fuad issue.£29.00
37195 mills Parcel Card from Alexandria to USA. 1x100 mills+ 1x50 mills +2x20mills + 1x5mills. Sound stamps and clean card.£39.00
38130 mills Registered Postal Card from Cairo To USA: 2x50mills + 1x20mills+2x5mills. Sound stamps and clean card£39.00
 – Postal stationery 
392x2mills SEN27 Early Printing small envelopes, 1 mint 1 used, both in excellent condition. Vignette nearly horizontal with white images sharply defined and the flap tongue more pointed than later printings  £53.00
402x2mills SEN27 Later Printing, both used, 1 vignette dark grey, the other pale grey. Both vignettes lean anti-clockwise. Both envelopes in good condition  £56.00
412x2mills SEN29 1937 Colour Change small envelopes, 1 mint 1 used   £38.00
422x5mills SLS10b Letter Sheets, 1 mint 1 used, mint on cream paper. Both showing part ghost doubling of vignette to the right of the King’s head  £99.00
435mills SLS10 Letter Sheet, mint, light brown on white paper. Pristine£37.00
445mills SLS10 Letter Sheet, used, chestnut brown on white paper, slight tearing opposite to unaffected vignette. Clear Faggala Cairo (R) pmk£25.00
455mills SLS10 Letter Sheet, used, light brown on white paper. Good condition£33.00
463mills SPC34 green postcard on white card, mint. Pristine£18.00
473mills SPC34 green postcard on white card, used, in good condition£14.00
483mills SPC34 green postcard on brown card, mint, in good condition£18.00
493mills SPC34 green postcard on brown card, used, in good condition£14.00
503mills SPC36 brown postcard on brown card mint Pristine£18.00
513mills SPC36 brown postcard on brown card, used, in good condition£14.00
5213mills SPC35 red postcard on brown card, mint. Pristine£11.00
5313mills SPC35 red postcard on brown card, used, in good condition£9.00
5413mills SPC35 red postcard on white card, mint. Pristine£11.00
 De La Rue Fourth Issue 
55Mounted and written-up collection, mint and used, covering colour changes, currency changes, provisionals. Scope for research in this good-condition offering (108 stamps)£37.00
 Second Issue 
565 paras Type I-IV unused£19.00
5710 paras Type I-IV unused Stone A  £57.00
5810 paras Type I-IV used Stone A£26.00
5910 paras Type I-IV unused printing from Stone B (1869)£63.00
6010 paras, three stamps 1867 Stone A showing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd state with photograph  £85.00
6120 paras Type I-IV used, Stone A, showing 2 dots over left-hand word in lower label£25.00
6220 paras Type I-IV used, Stone B, showing 3rd dot over last word in lower label on IV and includes blank obelisk on III£65.00
631 piastre used Type I-IV£9.00
645 piastres Type I-IV, used  £195.00
 General literature – winner to pay postage costs 
65Geography of Egypt and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, by H.W.Mardon (Tewfikieh Training College, Cairo, 1906), small hardback, 14x18cm, 235pp, 13 maps, many illustrations, fascinating basic guide. Some staining but overall good condition£18.00
66With Kitchener to Khartum, by G W Steevens, sixth edition, 358pp, hardback, 13x19cm, packed with maps and plans, a classic. Heavy for postage!£12.00
671954-55, Egypt Today, 257 pages (24x32cm, heavy), all illustrated, full of information about Egypt’s finance, industry and commerce – and explaining tourist attractions too. Much advertising, fascinating glimpse back half a century. Published by Demetrius Zoides and Zoides and Sons£14.00
68Administration des Douanes Egyptiennes 1931-1932. Hardback 28x22cm, each of 38 pages a photograph of a section of Customs staff – a glimpse of the whole administration (all male, naturally!. Printed in Paris, condition generally good£12.00
69Le Clairon, general interest magazine in French, two copies, Dec 1943 and Jan 1944, each 48pp, colour cover and centre spread. Condition fair£3.00
70Egypt Travel Magazine, June 1958, in French, 48pp inc Egyptian cotton and Abdin sale of finery£1.50
71Egypt Travel Magazine, No 79 1966, in German, 48pp inc tourism analysis and list of hotels£1.50
72Seven loose pages comprising 17 portrait photographs of judges/magistrates in Mansura! Remarkable!£3.00
 Stamp catalogue – winner to pay postage costs 
731937, the first Egyptian Stamp Catalogue, published by A Moutran, 78 pp, paperback, 12x16cm, all in Arabic, with many illustrations and also covering Sudan. Good condition, collector’s item£10.00
 Hotel interest 
74Victoria Hotel, Cairo: Colour card (& New Khedivial, J.Vocles proprietor), typed 1935 for Zurich but unstamped; and single blue-printed flimsy sheet of tariffs for 1934/35 season. Useful clean pair£12.00
75Hotel Semiramis, Kairo – paper-bound tourist booklet (12x21cm, 14pp) detailing, in German, “das eleganteste hotel in Aegypten”, neat illustrations, good condition, no date but must be early in its history£20.00
76Nile Hilton magazine, Sept-Nov 1971. A4, colour cover and 32pp packed with tourist detail and advertisements. Relic of a bygone age – now the Nile Hotel!£4.00
77The Mena House by Nina Nelson (second edition, 1979), 17x23cm, 168pp, many illustrations, an anecdote-filled history of the country’s best-known hotel. Fine condition£30.00
 Hotel markings and covers 
781891, 5m letter sheet (HG2, NP 2), sent from Cairo to Hotel Royal. Reverse has ornate violet handstamp of Gd Hotel Royal au Caire. Early hotel postal history. Sl spotting but good £25.00
791899, Shepheard’s printed cover franked 1pi DLR blue (SG54) for Germany and cancelled with rare HS4 CDS of 18 I 99 IV. Cover has seen better days and two filing holes carefully filled in, but a scarce marking, one of the rarest Hotel CDSs  £80.00
801902, 5m stationery letter sheet “uprated” with 1pi DLR and 4m Due, all provided with clear cancels of Continental Type HC2 of 8 I 02 V. Cardiff arrival behind, Clean cover  £40.00
811902, 5m stationery letter sheet “uprated” with 2m Due, sent from Louxor 4 I 02 to Continental in Cairo. Good arrival strike of HC2 and transit Amb Beni Souef / Caire next day behind. Clean cover£24.00
821904, b/w postcard (Scrivelsby Court) franked UK 1d, CDS Horncastle to Continental. Good arrival CDS HC2 23 III 04, readdressed to New Khedivial Hotel, Alex£12.00
831905, same addressee as last, photocard of two little girls, 2x 1/2d stamps cancelled Alford/Lincs 95 duplex. Port Said-Caire TPO, then good arrival HC2 22 III 05, again readdressed New Khedivial£12.00
841923, three blocks of 3x2 Crown opts (2m, SG 30; 3m, SG 31; 15m, SG 105), all properly used and cancelled with two strikes each of Cook’s Post Office / Cairo (HTC3) of 11 IV 23£20.00
851929, Cover franked vert strip of 3x20m Fuad for registration (marked Charge) to Berlin, with clear Winter Palace CDS of 27 FE 29 (Type HW5) and part-strike of Reg cachet alongside. Part of reverse lost, but beautiful Berlin Malensee arrival remains 6.3.29  £55.00
861933, plain air cover to Bedford in UK, franked 8m and 20m of 1933-38 air set, Air Mail etiquette alongside, and cancelled with scarce Cairo / Cook’s Post Office CDS (Type HTC4, recorded only 28 VII 32 to 8 VII 33). Here 16 II 33. Flap lost, but good cover  £120.00
871936, Shepheard’s printed cover franked with full set of 1936 Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition (SG 240-44), cancelled with Shepheard’s Type 9 22 II 36 and Shepheard’s Reg cachet alongside. Addressed to Lausanne, arrival mark behind. Clean and neat  £80.00
881933, plain cover franked 5m,20m and 80m of Dakota air issue, typewritten notification Imperial Airways/First Flight and addressed to Singapore. Three cancels of Cairo / Cash / Cook’s Post Office 11 XII 33 in blue and Cook’s Reg cachet alongside. Cook (Cairo) / R & P CDS among four markings on reverse when returned to Cairo as undelivered 14 MR 34. Quite remarkable  £200.00
 Middle East postal history 
89Philatelic History of Jordan: 1922-1953, by RT Ledger, MBE (Jerusalem 1953), paperback, 17x24cm, 142 pages, many illustrations, some of them in colour, with maps, diagrams, postmark illustrations; overall a comprehensive and detailed guide to the first 30 years. A must for the Jordan collector. Fine£40.00
 Egypt stamps 
901902 issue De La Rue chalk-surfaced 1 mill brown (SG 58B) in pane-wide block of 50 with control number 2 in circle at left and selvage decoration at right, Jubilee line on three sides. Sl parting, but good NHM£38.00
911872-75, Third Issue 1pi, unclear cancel and violet negative star in circle handstamp  £10.00
 Egypt stamps used abroad 
921866, First Issue 1pi (SG 4), used in Smirne  £28.00
931879 De La Rue 1pi rose (SG47) used in Smirne, date illegible, SMIR clear£8.00
 Second/Third Issue on cover 
941870, fine folded letter franked 1867 1pi (SG14) cancelled “Italian” VR Poste Egiziane Zagazig 19 NOV 1870 TI (good info mark alongside). Sent to Mansura (arrival on reverse same day)  £38.00
951872, neatly addressed env franked Third Issue 1pi (SG 27) cancelled “Italian” VR Poste Egiziane Alessandria 19 AGO 1872 (two strikes). Sent to Cairo (arrival on reverse same day)£28.00
961872, neat folded letter franked Third Issue 1pi (SG 27) cancelled “Italian” VR Poste Egiziane Alessandria 18 APR 1872 (neat strike on stamp). Sent to Mansura(arrival on reverse same day£28.00
971876, neat folded letter (J&P Planta / Alexandrie (Egypte) commercial handstamp) franked third Issue 1pi (SG 38) cancelled “Italian” Poste Egiziane Alessandria 23 OTT 1876 (two strikes). Sent to Mansura (arrival on reverse same day)  £30.00
 Modern postal stationery 
982005-6, 42 used examples of the Post Office’s new green-logo window envelope, used on official business, addressed to various towns and villages and covered with a plethora of postal markings. All apparently returned as undeliverable and unopened£18.00
992006, three examples of black-logo Post Office envelope, printed in conjunction with Ministry of Interior, used on official business and supplied with many pmks and cachets. Apparently all undelivered£8.00
1002007, four examples of “Cancelled” cassette envelopes (1x£E1, 3x£E2 1/2, latter showing shades), all used officially Kafr el Sheikh, Minuf, El Wadi el Gadid and Ezbekiya to Cairo. All clean£20.00
 Postal stationery - used 
1011892, 5mills on 2pi surcharged envelope (HG7c, NP7A) with surcharge 23mm long and Postes Egyptiennes wmk inv. Uprated with 1pi blue DLR and Arabic-addressed from Manfalout 20 NO 92 to Cairo (backstamp)  £25.00
1021892, 5mills on 2pi surcharged envelope (HG7a, NP 8) with surcharge 24+mm long and Postes Egyptiennes wmk inv. Used Alexandria 8 X 92 (Hess & Co handstamp behind) to Cairo£18.00
1031911 5-mills carmine letter sheet (HG 6, NP 4), De La Rue pillar wmk, used En Ville from Said Zeinab to Cairo 5 XII 12, one of the rarest letter sheets. NB slight yellow marks on vignette, otherwise clean and neat with full Arabic message inside  £36.00
1041921, 2m vermilion Cleopatra embossed small envelope, “Postage Egyptian” wmk (HG21, NP21), colour offset on inside, beautifully used from Cairo / (Station) 24 DE 24 to Shepheards with indistinct Hotel arrival mark behind£14.00
1051929, 5m pink letter sheet, wmk “Egyptian Postage” (HG8a, NP9), Arabic-addressed from Bilqas to Nag Hamadi. Reverse has Nag Hamadi and unusual Qanatir Nag Hamadi CDS of 26 JA 29£48.00
1061929, Fuad 15mills reg envelope (HG4, NP5) uprated with 1m, 2x3m, 2x4m Fuad for Switzerland, all cancelled neat Hilwan les Bains 6 IIII 30 with Hilwan Les Bains Reg cachet alongside. Very neat and clean  £45.00
1071934, Fuad 15mills plum reg envelope (HG5, NP 7), uprated with 2x5m, 10, 15m Boy King stamps for total of 50m to Hatton Garden, London, from Port Said 9 DE 38. Wax seals, clean£29.00
1081939, 5m Boy King envelope (HG28, NP32), uprated with 10m Boy King (SG 254) for registration from Alex / R.4 (b/w label) and resealed with Egyptian Government white official sealing tape. Neat and unusual£24.00
1091946, 10m Marechal small envelope with filigree design printed on interior (HG35a, NP39). Three examples showing shades of cover and vignette, all used and in good condition£44.00
1101948, 25mills Farouk air letter sheet (HG2, NP 2), no watermark, used from Port Said philatelist 4 AU 49 to Canada. The sheet has attracted a resealing label and three different censor markings. Spectacular£15.00
1111949 Farouk air letter sheet, Arabic wmk (HG4, NP4), uprated with Marechal 2+10m (SG292,296), both pen-cancelled, and sent to Plaza Hotel, New York. Full Arabic message inside£12.00
1121964 80mills Nefertiti air letter (HG9, NP5), three examples used 1970-71 from Cairo to Oakland, California (where recipient noted arrival date in red pen). Strikingly different shades of stationery£24.00
1131966, 4mills UAR Minaret small envelope (HG42, NP 47). Three examples, two mint, one used weith part machine cancel. Three very different sdhades£14.00
1141966, 4mills small envelope (HG41, NP48a), with small vignette and large eagles wmk, uprated with 1m lamp definitive and used from Rashid to sporting Alexandria. Some wear but unusual£10.00
1151967, Eagle of Saladin envelope (HG43, NP 49), no filigree inside, dark vignette, uprated with one airmail and three commems for postage to Crete from Cairo 25 JU 67£10.00
116As last, light vignette, uprated with similar 10m definitive (upside down!) and 20m commem for registration from Tahta to Alexandria 24 1 71£10.00
1171968 80mills Nefertiti air letter (HG12, NP8), three examples used 1970-71 from Cairo to Oakland, California (where recipient noted arrival date in red pen). Strikingly different shades of stationery£24.00
1181973, 20m sepia El Mitwalli Gate envelope (HG47, NP55), pale shade uprated with pairs of 5m and 20m 1978-85 definitives for registration from Matana (date not clear)£10.00
119As last, very dark shade, uprated with 115m Air and 10m definitive, for Air Mail to Crete (backstamps) from Cairo 14 VIII 73£10.00
1201975, Ramadan envelope (belmabgoknis flower, NP 56, no wmk), uprated as sold at post office with 1m+3m of 1985 definitive issued and used en ville in Cairo. Three examples, three clear shades£15.00
 Postal stationery - mint 
1211914, 1mill felucca small envelope with Poste Egyptiennes wmk inverted (HG10, NP13). Mint, perfect£14.00
1221925 10mills Colossi carmine envelope with al-barid al-masry wmk inverted (HG23a, NP26). Mint, pristine£20.00
1231938, 2mills Boy King small envelope with frame around vignette (HG27, NP30), two mint covers, one with 1m Boy King added. Different printings on clearly different laid papers£12.00
1241946, 4m Marechal small envelope (HG35, NP 37), printing variety – green frame(?). Mint, fine£10.00
1251948, 25mills Farouk air letter sheet (HG2, NP 2), no watermark, perfect pristine mint condition£8.00
1261954 soldier 6mills tourist postcard (green) showing Hotel Cataracate – Assouan. Mint, clean£10.00
1271968, 5mills Roses festival small env (HG44, NP50), two examples showing clear shades, mint, clean£8.00
1281968, as last, mint cover with printing variety – rose lilac on flower doubled and patch appears within address area. Unusual, mint, clean£8.00
1291985, postal authority essay for Ramadan festival envelope, 5pi unadopted, depicting the “Moulid” doll. Rubber stamp across vignette reads “Trial without value”. NP E550, p71. Mint, clean£15.00
 Sudan postal stationery 
1301899, 4m on 5m surcharged Sudan postal stationery reply card with Milli broken as often, original Sudan bilingual opt is NP Type C-2 (so NP SSPC5e). Mint, fine condition  £20.00
 Parcel cards 
1311997-2006, 13 parcel cards (blue, yellow, green) covered with myriad definitives (up to £E2, with several blocks of 5x2 various values noted) and revenues. Folds as ever but generally good condition, with several legible postmarks£10.00
 Classical passports 
1321918, Large sheet (28x32mm) forming complete one-year Egyptian Sultanate passport issued on Feb 7 to Mohamed Ali El Boohi, ship’s fireman, allowing him to sail from Suez. Sepia photo tied by six handstamps, and tax paid (on reverse) with 5x10m DLR Colossi stamps instead of revenues. Multiple handstamps of Suez Canal Police. Remarkable. Fine condition£45/00
1331923, Complete Kingdom of Egypt red passport, 32 pages, issued in Cairo to Hussein Tewfik Sakr, a student born in 1899, and valid for England and France only. Inside, it contains on page 5 two pairs (overlapping) of the Fuad 100mills second provisional issue Consular Service stamps with red opt (Feltus 407, page 45), cancelled by Egyptian Embassy in London 15.8.28. On page 9, a pristine copy of the tall Fuad Birthday 50pi overprinted for Consular Service (Feltus 415, page 46) – said to be only six recorded. On other pages, GB consular stamps of 1s, 2s6d, 5s and 7s6d. A quite astonishing survival, in good condition  £470.00
1341944-1988, range of documents (receipts, prescriptions etc) each provided with at least one Medical Syndicate revenue stamps – wide range of dates, values and colours – something to search. Includes top marginal block of 20 of 2m of 1986 printing. Interesting lot£10.00
1351967, complete United Arab Airlines ticket cover with cancelled 50pi Airport Tax affixed and cancelled.(Feltus 498, page 50). Clean and neat£10.00
1361980? ARE Nubian Monuments tax stamp unrecorded by Feltus. Lower marginal block of 6 with Postal Authority printing house imprint, issued face value 10 dollars surcharged bilingual 2 dollars, Mint, NH£18.00
1371980? As last, but upper right corner block of 6 (3x2) with broken figure “2” in stamp 1, Mint NH£18.00
 Revenues used for postage 
1381986, two internal covers franked with Health Insurance revenues instead of definitive stamps and accepted in the post from Mansura and Beni Suef to Cairo. Franked with Feltus 558 or a similar 50m in smaller format unrecorded by Feltus. Unusual£10.00
 Postal documents 
139Post Office “Declaration of Payment” receipt acknowledged paid at Port Said 30 Apr 1952, with (stapled at top left) a 10-mills Princess Ferial 1951-52 fund-raising label (see Feltus p.201 discussion). Unusual£8/00
1401955, Egyptian UPU Post Office ID card, excellent condition, issued in Cairo 12 JL 55 to Mahmoud Ahmed Saada with photo tied by vert pair of 40m Mosque issue paying the fee and 20m General Revenue for the tax. Crisp, clean and unusual  £40.00
 Congress covers 
1411928, plain envelope with printed address (Moascar Ismailia) franked with both stamps of Medical Congress set (SG 176-7) cancelled with Congress special handstamp for 28.12.28, with 3/4 strike of Congress registration cachet alongside. Same-day arrival CDS of Ismailia-Camp behind£15.00
 Official covers 
142Small card (visiting card inside) franked with DLR 5m with 1914-15 bilingual OHHS opt (SG O87), with Official Oval (not legible enough) and cancelled by Cairo / H of 20 NO 15. Addressed En Ville, and Cairo machine cancel same day on face  £40.00
 Military usage 
1431948, small cover, addressed in Arabic in green ink to Matai (Minya; arrival CDS behind). No franking, but at top right is most unusual unrecorded negative seal Barid Harby Al-Qantara Shark (ie, Military Post, Qantara East). Triangular military censor mark also on face. Very striking  £38.00
1441948, small cover sent from Mersa Matrouh (3x10m Marechal for registration, cancel -5 DE 48), Arabic-addressed to Matai. Faint triangular military censor on face, Rural Service / Idqaq el Misk transit mark behind 8 DE 48. Neat£18.00
1451963, small envelope franked UAR 10m Ramses definitive (SG 608) and cancelled with rare Mahgar / Gabal el Tor CDS of 18 3 63.censored and Arabic-addressed to soldier at Fayed Camp 27 – Division 6423. Unusual usage  £35.00
 TPO markings 
1461906, b/w postcard (Place Du Lesseps, Port Said), franked 2mills DLR for Mansura, and cancelled with unusual Tanta-Damiette Smith Type 8A7 (recorded VII 95 to IV 02). Here 23 II 06. 2.3 strike, address removed £8.00
1471933, 2m Fuad embossed pHs envelope (H&G 24, NP 27), Arabic-addressed and provided with neat cancel of Cairo-Marg / & V.V. (Smith Type 7A3.4, recorded 1931-35, here 4 AP 33). Neat£8.00
 French offices in Egypt 
1481901, b/w postcard (Alexandrie – La Bourse Khedivial) franked with 5c Peace and Commerce with Alexandrie overprint (Type I, NP FPO5), cancelled with double-ring Alex French PO CDSs and received full elegant Budapest / 4 mark on arrival Feb 21 1901. Striking£8.00
 Postal history 
1491880, small cover, slightly cut down at left, franked vertical pair of 20-para pale blue (SG 46) cancelled Post Khedivie Egiziane Siut 24 MAR 1880. Addressed to UK with arrival CDS behind 8 April. Scarce£24.00
1501923, commercial printed cover franked vertical marginal strip of 3x5m Crown opts (SG 102), sent from Citadel / (Cairo) 3 XII 23 to Mohamed Ali Street in Cairo with faint Citadel (Cairo) Reg cachet alongside. Beautiful clean cover  £28.00
1511925, Grey wrapper for magazine Al Musawar sent from Cairo to Abu Tig (typed address label) and franked with 1m First Fuad, printed matter rate. Unusual, CDS 50%£8.00
1521942, neat plain cover franked 50m (SG279)+3x5m (Boy King) for Registration from American Consulate to Palestine. Cancelled clear R&P / Alexandria Station 15 FE 42, with Eg (circle 50) and Palestine (hexagonal T.12) censors. Wax seal and four CDS behind£24.00
1531945, Boy King 6m postcard (HG38, NP39), neatly uprated with pair of 10m Marechal for registration from Shubra Gardens (clear CDS 11 JA 45) to Qubba Gardens. Unusual registered postcard£14.00
1541953, small cover Arabic addressed Cairo-Abu Tig. Franked with horiz pair 4m Farouk barred out (SG 441), plus 2m Farouk KES (SG 374) with face neatly barred out with three pen lines!  £20.00
 Star/crescent (Type X) cancels 
1551889, 5mills DLR postal stationery card (HG3, NP3), sent from Alexandrie 19 VIII 89 to Chibin el Kom. 95% Chibin el Kom star and crescent CDS (Type X) on face next day. Nice.  £14.00
1561890, 2mills postal stationery envelope (HG5, NP5), with inverted wmk, sent from Damiette star/crescent (75%) 31 DE 90 to Sfax in Tunisia (arrival CDS behind)£10.00
1571910, envelope as last, cancelled with Melig star/crescent 14 JA 10 (85%), latest recorded date for this type, to a lawyer in Cairo£12.00
 Advertising covers 
1581931, Georges Kyriacou King George’s Egyptian Cigarette Manufactory black-illustrated envelope, neatly cancelled with 3x5m Fuad (one from a booklet) from Alex / F (4 OC 31) to Zurich. Printed on reverse “Smoke Chesterfield, the Famous American Cigarettes” with illustration.. Sl folds but neat£18.00
 Express Mail 
1591934, Cover with left marginal 20m Express stamp (SG E139) and black on red Express label, cancelled Tanta Station 12 MA 34 5PM and Arabic-addressed to Alex. Fine ALEXANDRIA / (DELIVERY) CDS behind 2 1/2 hours later£28.00
1601939, buff cover (sl cut down at left), with 20m Express stamp (SG E139), CDS Alexandria 25 AP 39; Arabic-addressed, arrival Heliopolis / T same day 4pm£20.00
1611957, small cover unusually franked with 2x4 block of 5m Dakota Air stamps to defray 40m Express charge from Abu Tig (faint markings) to Alexandria / Express Delivery next day £10.00
1621986-93, four fragments and one good clean cover, all provided with legible EMS (Express Mail Service) labels and cachets for Mahalla el Kobra, Shibin el Kom (2), Dumiat, and El Fayum. Time for someone to take up research in this unexplored area!£10.00
 Rural Service 
1631909, 2m small embossed p/stat env (H&G 5, NP 5), addressed to Geneva and cancelled with Service Rural / Baliana CDS of 5 II 09 (60%), with Araba el Madfuna cartouche (70%) alongside. Balyana backstamp same day. Good  £40.00
1641916, Multi-censored tatty cover franked 5m Pictorial and cancelled Rural Service / Samalut-Daquf 15 VIII 16 (75%) for Geneva with perfect Istale cartouche alongside. Backstamps include Samalut and Minya / Station. Chamfered Passed / Censor / 7 and damaged resealing label  £20.00
1651930, Arabic-addressed envelope franked 5m+10m Fuads for registration to Cairo, cancelled Service Rural/Kafr el Ghunamiya-Kafr Mahmud 15 MA 30 (85%) with cartouche Mit Afif (45%) and upright-R Reg cachet. Citadel/(Cairo) CDS behind next day. Staple hole but good   £25.00
1661933, Arabic-addressed small envelope franked 5m Fuad cancelled Rural Service / Abu el Shuquq-El Bagaia 21 AU 33 with cartouche of Minshah Yusuf alongside (markings 75%). Two CDS behind, neat £25.00
1671935, plain cover, franked 5m Fuad and cancelled Service Rural / Mishta-Atamneh 28 JU 35 (80% info strike) alongside 65% El Madmar Police Station cartouche. Arabic addressed to Cairo, 2 file holes repaired  £15.00
1681941, plain cover franked 6m Boy King and CDS Rural Service / Biltan-Kom el Atroun 20 7 41 (Arabic, lower half unclear) with cartouche Mugul (good) alongside, to Abbassia. Biltan CDS on face, good  £15.00
1691949, battered cover with 10m Marechal, cancelled with all-Arabic Rural CDS barid tawaaf / Bilqas-El Sabaa 5 12 49.(80%) Arabic-addressed to Saida Zeinab in Cairo£10.00
 Postal agency 
1701964, clean commercial registered cover franked UAR 55m definitive and 10m OAU Health commem for registration and Express and cancelled with large violet CDS of Agence Postale / Share Port Said / Girga 19.3.64 – example of a wakalet barid (postal agent) marking. Cairo Express Delivery backstamp£10.00
 Maritime mail 
1711923, b-w postcard (Cairo – Mosque of Mohammed Ali), franked with 1m, 2x2m, 5m First Fuads (SG 111,112,115) for Vienna via Trieste with clear arrival mark VAPORE D’ALESSANDRIA cancelling the stamps + Trieste Centro CDS 22.10.23. See Smith p.53  £68.00
 Wreck covers 
1721937, Imperial Airways flying boat Cygnus, crashed at Brindisi Dec 5 1937. Commercial cover of M L Franco & Co, Cairo, addressed to UK with CDS Mouvement Etranger / Caire / 3 DE 37, stamp washed off but impressions of 8m Air back and front. Faint box DAMAGED BY SEA WATER / second line? in black. Good condition  £48.00
173Cygnus crash, smaller cover addressed to Gloucester, 3xCDS of Ismailia Camp 3 DE 37, stamps washed off, faint single line DAMAGED BY SEA WATER in violet. Good condition, stained  £48.00
1741935, slightly battered commercial cover (A I Mantacheff & Co, Alex), franked 5m and sent to Gebel Asmar, Sinai. Suez among five backstamps, including two of Port Taufiq, Abu Zenima and Gebel el Tor (clear marking on face 9 NO 35. Handwritten Arabic on face: ”Gabal al Asmar, on the road to Abu Zenima”. Striking  £28.00
 Ramleh, Alexandria 
1751900-1950, four items related to San Stefano: somewhat battered postcard showing hotel-casino, franked 5m for Geneva and CDS is Hotel Type 2 28 I 00 (faint); postcard with Ramleh Tramway in front of San Stefano Station, franked 2m for Cairo 1909; Hotel letterhead written 1935 and signed by owner, A Metzger; 1950 clean cover with Farouk 30m cancelled San Stefan / R&P with San Stefano Reg cachet for Cairo £30.00
1761903-2004, extensive mini-collection of items related to the tramway ... seven postcards, 1903-1920; four used tram tickets; 16 covers with related markings, 1902-1962; two used tram passes, 1951-55; three used parcel cards from 2004. Fascinating study material and something to build on£45.00
1771939 and 1970, two covers with different Sidi Bishr / Station postmarks of the Ramleh line, both Arabic-addressed, one simple 5m Boy King, the other AR with three commem stamps. Unusual£12.00
 Charity labels 
1781937, The Piastre Society, bock of four unmounted mint labels showing Arabic figure 10 (for millièmes) and aircraft (Feltus p201, centre, second left). Issued in 1937, brown, rouletted, mint NH pristine£10.00
 Literature - Buyer pays postage; dw = dustwrapper; pp = pages; Ill = illustrations &/or maps; all hard bound 
1791898, Cairo Today, pub. by Blacks; 256 pp; 3 maps; Useful hints for the traveller of the time, suggested tours, hotels adverts, steamer schedules £3.00
1801900, Life of General Gordon, 460 pp; 50 Ill - pencil & ink; A Sunday School prize of 1903, a complimentary account of his life and the politics of the time. Decorated front cover & gilt edges£2.00
1811911, Egypt & How to See It, 220 pp; 40 Ill, (from water colours). Useful appendices giving vocabulary, train & steamer times. A guide to the whole country in handy size£2.00
1821911, Modern Egypt, by Lord Cromer, in 1 volume - 900 pp; picture of author. Cromer's account of his financial leadership of Egypt, a fascinating story of the political background to the events during his active role 1876 - 1904.£2.00
1831910, A Guide to Constantinople, published by A & C Black. 195 pp; 8 Ill from watercolours; 3 maps (1 of Constantinople missing from end pocket); A handbook size guide of the city & surroundings£1.00
1841928, The Egypt of the Sojourner by Gladys Peto (1st edn); 230 pp; 20 Ill. An account of an extended visit to Egypt, describing the life of the people as well as visits to historic sites£2.00
1851947, Egypt, an Economic & Social Analysis, by Charles Issawi; 216 pp; dw. The title explains the scope of this work, the author is looking at the situation up to 1940, many statistics in tabular form£2.00
1861954, Luxor & Thebes, 156 pp; a pocket guide book published in Luxor; 16 Ill; 3 maps. (soft bound) Very clean£1.00
1871965, England’s Pride, by Julian Symons (1st edn.) 294pp; 16 Ill; 2 maps. The account of the unsuccessful attempt to relieve General Gordon before his death at Khartoum, the political and practical problems well documented. A lot of information about the "voyageurs" from Canada£2.00
1881971, An Awakening, by Sir Alec Kirkbride (1st edn) 130 pp; 27 Ill. A junior British officer’s account of the Arab Campaign in the 1st World War- a useful comparison with the role of T E Lawrence £3.00
1891972, Behind the Mask of Tutankhamen, by Barry Wynne (1st edn) 202 pp; 30 Ill. A fairly light hearted account of Howard Carter’s discovery in 1922£2.00
1901973, Philby of Arabia, by Elizabeth Monroe (1st edn); 330 pp; 14 Ill; dw. The biography of a man who spent his life in the Middle East, particularly involved with the development of Saudi Arabia£2.00
1911983, Bimbashi McPherson, edited by Barry Carman & John McPherson (1st edn) dw; 300 pp; many Ill. The story of this man’s life in Egypt from 1901 to 1946 taken from family letters. He ended his career as head of the Egyptian Secret Service£3.00
 Postal stationery 
1921954 The set of 25 cards (6 millièmes) each with different views, illustration & border in violet. All CTO Cairo 2 / 18 JU 54 - presumably 1st Day. Condition as fine mint£175.00
1931954 A view card in brown of Jardin de Nouzha, Alexandrie, fine mint£6.00
1941954 A view card in green of Hotel Cataract, Assouan, fine mint£6.00
1951954 A view card in blue of Hotel Semiramis, fine mint£6.00
 Postage dues on outward mail 
1961924 Postcard to UK franked 5m (3m underpaid), boxed T of Egypt plus 1d & 1/2d postage Dues of UK £4.00
1971925 Postcard to UK franked 7m (1m underpaid), boxed T of Egypt, plus 1d Postage Due of UK£4.00
1981926 Postcard to USA franked 8m (2m underpaid) with the US circular “Due 2 cents" and the 2 cent Postage Due applied.£4.00
1991937 Cover to France franked 15m (5m underpaid) with Egypt boxed T, and 60c & 30c a percevoir Postage Dues £4.00
2001956 Postcard to Austria, Air Mail, franked 35m (2m underpaid!) with 10 + 30 groschen Postage Dues £4.00
 Egypt stamps 
2011978-79, SG 1340-43; 1345-49 (all with wmk except SG1346) + SG 1042, mint£4.00
202SG M 665, MS 1027; SG 1155,1322,1383, mint£3.00
 Egypt stationery 
203Reg. letter sheet 55 mills H&G 1, unused£7.00
204Air letter H&G 7, 140 mills Pyramids, unused (light fold at right)£2.00
205Air letter H&G 9, 80m Nefertiti uprated with 20m stamp, used 11.6.1973 to Denmark £5.00
206Air letter H&G 14, 30 m Arab League Building, unused£5.00
207Env. H&G 39 new farmer design, unused.£3.50
208Env. H&G 41 festival Minaret, fine used 18.1.1967.£2.00
209Env. H&G 43, 10m Saladin eagle (+10m. stamp on reverse), fine used 8.10.1972.£4.00
210Env. H&G 47 Fatouh gate 20m sepia, unused. 160x115 mm£3.00
211Env. H&G 47 Fatouh gate 20m sepia, unused. 162x114 mm£3.00
212Env. H&G 48 festival Iris flower, unused.£1.00
213Env. H&G 48 festival Iris flower, unused.£1.00
 Sinai usage 
214Abu Rudeis, UNEF air letter to Denmark with cachet Egged Abu Rudeis (Hebrew, bus company) and pmk Tel Aviv 10.7.1969; also cover with Israeli pmk Sharm esh Sheikh 27.1.1972 to Denmark (both philatelic).£5.00
215St Katharina Monastery cachet on Israeli air letter to Denmark, Bat Yam pmk. 16.7.1969; plus cover with Israeli Sharm esh Sheik pmk. 27.1.1972. to Denmark (both philatelic).£5.00
 Danish Forces 
216Two covers from Danish UNEF soldiers, both with Italian stamps and pmk Napoli 26.11.1956 & 17.12.56 respectively – no obvious connection with Egypt, but Danish battalion based at Abu Suweir until 28.11; then at Port Said until 27.12.56. Twp commercial covers, with explanation enclosed. Most unusual.  £10.00
 Hotel interest 
217Shepheard’s Hotel: Cover 2d weight class franked block of 10x 2 mills (SG59) postmarked 5x CAIRO 5 II 98 VIII (HS 3a)  £30.00
218Shepheard’s Hotel: Hotel stationery cover franked 1 pi for Switzerland, postmarked CAIRO 8 I 95 VII (year reversed!) (HS 1b)   £30.00
219Shepheard’s Hotel: Postal card 5 mills sent to Venice, Italy; postmarked CAIRO 5 ? 94 TIV (HS3), postmark 10% over card edge£4.00
220Shepheard’s Hotel: Hotel stationery cover franked 5 mills (SG 77) sent to London, postmarked 2x CAIRO 5 XII 15 (HS 7), VF postmarks £6.00
221Shepheard’s Hotel Postal stationery R-cover 10 mills (NP) uprated with 30 mills (SG116, 118) to USA R-mark unclear, pmk 3x CAIRO 4 III 25 (HS9); various backstamps; excellent condition  £35.00
222Shepheard’s Hotel: Stationery cover 5 mills (NP) uprated 5 mills (SG 63) postmarked with very scarce HS 4! Postmarked 3x CAIRO 10 XII 98 (postmarks defective as usual)  £55.00
223Shepheard’s Hotel: Hotel stationery cover sent to USA, franked 20 mills (SG 257), postmarked CAIRO 10 DE 38 (HS 8) £7.60
224Ghesireh Palace Hotel: Hotel stationery cover franked 2 pi (2x SG 54) postmarked 3x CAIRO 20 III 01 T3 (HG1)£25.00
225Semiramis Hotel: PPC sent to England franked 5 mills (SG 63), postmarked VF CAIRO 7 II 08 IV (HSE 1); cracked corner on card does not detract£15.00
226Mena House Hotel: Censored hotel stationery envelope, franked 117 mills (SG 167a, 249, 256) sent via Pacific Clipper to USA, postmarked PYRAMIDS 4 OC 41 Interesting!£10.00
227Winter Palace Hotel: PPC franked 30 mills (SG340) sent by air to Switzerland; postmarked LUQSOR 28 II 48 Very fine £9.00
228Winter Palace Hotel: Hotel stationery cover, sent by air to England, franked 47 mills (SG325,330) postmarked LUQSOR 17 FE 48 Pristine!  £15.00
229Lido House Hotel: Hotel stationery cover sent by air to Germany, franked 60 mills (SG622) postmarked ALEXANDRIA 5.12.59; civil censor; very fine £2.50
230Cook’s Tourist Office: PPC franked on front 2x 1mm (SG58) postmarked CAIRO 28 XI 95 (HTC1); backstamps Cairo and Hal (Belgium)£10.00
231Nile Hilton Hotel: FDC with scarce postmark HILTON NILE HOTEL 22.2.59 (HN1) £3.00
232Continental Savoy Hotel: Hotel stationery cover sent to Germany, franked 80 mills (SG759), censored with strip and civil censor £3.00
 French post offices in Egypt 
233Cairo: 40 c Napoléon Lauré with full postmark 5119 VF (Dallay €75)£18.00
234Alexandria: 80 c Cérès with full postmark 5080 (Dallay €20) £5.00
235Alexandria: 30 c Cérès postmarked ALEXANDRIE PAQ ANG 9 FEVR 73 Stamp misses corner dent £5.00
236Alexandria: 80 c Empire with nearly full postmark 5080 (Dallay €110)£18.00
237Alexandria: 1 piastre stamp French Levant on fragment cancelled by PAQUEBOT mark of Alexandria £8.00
238Alexandria: 10 mill (SG44) gutter pair with millésime 5 mint (Dallay €90)£15.00
239Alexandria: open folder of Victor Israel & Co franked France Paix & Commerce 5 c, postmarked ALEXANDRIE 7 JUIL 93£10.00
240Alexandria: letter card 10 c additionally franked 15 c (NP SFPOLC2) sent to France; postmarked ALEXANDRIE 29 JUIL 09 VF£25.00
241Port-Saïd: letter card 15 c (NP SPOLC7) sent to Amsterdam (arrival on back) postmarked PORT-SAID 8-8-09. Pristine£15.00
242Port-Saïd: envelope 15 c (NP SFPOENV6 with nr 913 inverted!) sent to Budapest (arrival on back) postmarked PORT-SAID 29 AOUT 00. Pristine£25.00
 OHEMS covers 
2431931, large (23x13cm) buff bilingual OHEMS envelope(1931-32 issue) originally used to Fayum, but then reused to Tanta with Cairo-Asyut / TPO 239 OC 31 (type not recorded by Smith, as 6A1.5 but without & VV). Official Ovals on front and back (near-superb strike of Weights & Measures Office / Tanta), plethora of marks crossed through on reuse. Fascinating  £14.00
2441937, env originally as last but smaller, and further cut down on use and reuse. Two Official Ovals, CDS of Cairo, Fayum (3) and Wasta-Abuksa / & VV (7A3.4, Smith records only 1940), as well as boxed trilingual Unknown/Introuvable and large boxed trilingual Return to Sender. Unopened, much to ponder£8.00
2451937, very similar to last (1933-34 issue), multiply reused, two Official Ovals, marks of Dawawin, Fayum, Alex, trilingual Unclaimed and remarkable red CDS Rebuts / Postes d’Egypte of 8 JA 38. Contents (a tender form) remain   £12.00
2461937, small buff env (1937-38 issue), again multiply reused with Eg Govt reuse label stuck on front covering some marks. Two Official Ovals, marks of Fayum and Wasta-Abuksa as above, plus large boxed Return to Sender. Cover folded and unopened.£8.00
247Ragbag, 21 former stock sheets with DLR (3x10para green, 2x2pi, nine chalk-surface), First Fuad (1,5,15m), 2nd Fuad (to 5x100m, 2x200m), 3rd Fuad (mainly 5m). Over 300 stamps (2/3 Fuad)£4.00
 Returned markings 
24845 Egypt covers returned as undeliverable from Egypt or Arab countries. Date ranges 70s-80s, condition mixed£4.00
249Two 1980s Egypt covers astonishingly sent to Indonesia and returned with rectangular violet “Missent to Jakarta” handstamp on face£4.00
25035 Egypt covers returned as undeliverable from overseas (mainly US) with astonishing range of “Returned” markings. Date range Approx 1970s-1980s, mixed condition after long return trip!£5.00
 Modern varieties - Officials 
2511991-onwards Officials set, 10pi value (NP O117a, matt gum), lower right-hand corner block of 20 (4x5) with spectacular perf shift some 4mm downwards so that value appears at top instead of at bottom. Bottom-row selvage has value only. NHM   £30.00
25210pi as last, left marginal block of 10 (5x2) with printing ink gradually fading to left. Right-hand pair perfect, but at left pair are only a ghostly impression. NHM£20.00
25330pi, no wmk (NP O122a), block of 3x2 with truly spectacular perf shift, some 7mm downwards so that perf runs through “Official”, eagle and “hakoumy”, value and Egypt at stamp’s middle. Two pen lines behind, NHM£15.00
254As last, but lower marginal block of 2x3. Perf slip as above, NHM, two pen lines behind  £15.00
25575pi, gloss gum (NP O125 or later issue?), left marginal block of 5x2 printed as 10pi above, with lower right stamp perfect, others gradually losing colour until top left is ghostly. Spectacular NHM£20.00
256£E1 green blue, gloss gum (NP O126, or later?), left marginal block of 5x2, all stamps showing a “washed out” double impression so that details unclear   £24.00
 Post Office and other labels 
257Resealing: 1958?, printed in black, R.A.U. at head (Feltus 9, p196), neatly rouletted horizontally only, full sheet of 4x5 showing staple holes in left selvage. Gum remains(?), mint never hinged£12.00
2581968?, printed in black, U.A.R. at head in refined lettering (Feltus 11), rouletted, block of four, NHM£6.00
2591989: in black, R.A.E. at head, neatly rouletted, full sheet of 4x5, full gum, staple holes in left selvage£12.00
260As last, whole sheet neatly printed in set-off on reverse as well as on front. Full gum, left selvage gone£12.00
2611990s, printed in red, R.A.E. at head, very poorly rouletted, part-pane of 2x5 with left margin where torn from booklet. Never hinged mint, unusual£12.00
262As last, but later version with italic red printing, 5x2 from left margin, poorly rouletted, NHM£12.00
263Express: Large label with tear-off section (1948) reading Express in Arabic and English. NHM£4.00
264All-Arabic large label in red reading mastaagil (1975-76 issue), block of 2x3 NHM imperf. Rare£6.00
265As last, vertical strip of 3, NHM£3.00
266Registration: mute red on white label with R and figure on red line in red box, full pane of 4x10 (numbers 41-80) NHM£10.00
267UAR issue in green (Official), full pane of 45 (5x9, numbers 3781 to 3825), full gum, rouletted, NHM£10.00
268Return to Sender: Upright black label with space for datestamp at head and then tick boxes to show reason for non-delivery. Full pane of 4x2 with staple holes in left margin. Crudely rouletted, NHM£8.00
269Air Mail: 1931, Bilingual Par Avion below Arabic (Sears 2), upper marginal block of four, NHM£3.00
2701934, Sears 3, bilingual Par Avion below Arabic, full pane of 96 (8x12), not as Sears says of 208, so perhaps make-up for booklet Sears 8? But staple holes in left-hand selvage, so appears to have come from a massive booklet. slight parting on rouletting, but good condition, full gum, NHM£24.00
271By Ala Littoria (Sears 17), left marginal vertical pair, full gum, NHM£3.00
 Post Office ID card 
2721941, Post Office (UPU) ID card in perfect condition, issued to Abdel Gawad Effendi el Ghazali, described as “sous-controleur, Postes d’Alex”, whose photograph is opposite (born 1883, though he doesn’t look it!), with 40mills fee paid by Handley-Page/Pyramids Air Mail control A/32, and tax paid by two identical lower marginal 5m general revenues with A/39 controls, all cancelled by Alexandrie Renseignements of 16 FE 41.Neat, clean, fine  £32.00
 British military usage 
273Eight covers or cards, all with legible Egypt Postage Prepaid (EPP) cancels, used locally (Red Cross cover) or to UK, Malta, USA, South Africa. Interesting lot£10.00
 Suez Canal Interpostals 
2741868 (Type IV), Kilometro 83, black on white (Kehr 130b, fine used with half strike of CDS but no date legible. Hinge remains behind, excellent appearance. Very unusual  £34.00
2751872-74 (Type Va), Ismailia on blue (Kehr 196), fine used with full strike of V.R. Poste Egiziane / Ismailia / 23(28?) Lug 1872 I. Hinge remains, but excellent appearance. Quite unusual  £30.00
 Gaza covers 
27622 MA 56 Barclays Bank / Gaza provisional printed envelope, franked 10m soldier Gaza overprint (SG Gaza 74, NP P44) and cancelled clear Gaza / T for Cairo. Violet censor alongside and bank take and Cairo machine arrival (23 MAY) on reverse. Clean cover£6.00
27729 7 57 Bank of Alexandria opted Barclays / Gaza / Palestine printed envelope, franked vertical pair of 10m soldier Gaza opt (lower stamp shows variety A-2, “fablesteen”, addressed to Canada. Pencil marks shows 30c Tax due for underpayment but no tax raised. Censor mark and Cairo machine transit offset in blue-green  £10.00
 Palestine registration 
278Large trilingual Palestine 10 mills Registration envelope (front only), uprated with 8, 2x20 and 50 mills of 1927 Pictorials set and sent from Tel Aviv (blue on white Reg label) to Holland. On arrival provided with black on orange sticker Vrij Van Belasting / Geen Inklaringsrecht / Kantoor Amsterdam£3.00
279Curious group of eight (photocopied?) impressions of classical-period stamps (2nd Issue 1pi, DLR 20para, DLR pictorials, and even one National Bank Note Co essay) in red or violet on cards, envelopes or plain sheets of A4. Nothing that could possibly fool anyone, but interesting – why do it?£8.00
 Farouk photographs 
2806 Nov 1954, three-quarter length seated b/w portrait (16x25cm) of Farouk with new beard. Original press photo caption says he denies visiting Geneva because ex-wife Narriman is there, and says he will not marry for a third time.£8.00
281(date?), full-length portrait (17x24cm) in evening dress. Original press caption says he is leaving casino in Deauville, south of France, where he had won 15 million francs at baccarat£8.00
282(date?), Farouk (with beard) sitting at table with French actress Ginette Leclerc and Mrs Georges Brunel, at gala dinner at the Club de la Casserole in Paris. 24x18cm£8.00
28328 modern reprints (16x11.5cm) of photographs of Farouk and his family in Egypt during his reign. A whole series of b/w press-type photos, many informal, at various events. Unfortunately no captions£14.00
 Small-town postmarks 
284Accumulation of 25 internal Egyptian covers (appx 1930s to 1960s) all bearing examples (mixed range, sketchy to good) of those elusive small-town cancellations. Condition reasonable for the price£12.00
 1933 Air Mails – UMM with varieties, blocks of 4 unless mentioned 
2852m grey, black spot in clouds, Bal 351 (position 9)£2.00
2863m same variety (stamp in position 4 has slight nick)£2.00
2874m same variety£2.50
2889m, same variety£4.00
28910m, incomplete vertical perforation, seen on two rows (Bal 340a)£4.00
 Commemoratives – varieties, almost all illustrated by Balian vols 1 and 2 
2901952, Bal 151y, 10m Revolution, spots over the head, position 36, left marginal single, MNH£2.00
2911954, Jamboree set blocks of 4, 35 mills contains var Bal 169x, position 44, all MNH£6.60
2921957, Bal 178x, Railways, right marginal block of four showing dot over smokestack position 25, MNH£3.00
2931957, Bal 185b, Gaza, cracked label, lower right corner strip of 5 showing var on position 47, MNH£4.00
2941957, Bal 192x, Revolution, white spot in arrow position 10, top right corner block of 4, MNH£2.00
2951957, Bal 196x, Poets, white spot in position 24, left marginal strip of 4, MNH£2.00
2961957, Bal 196y, Poets, hair retouch position 13, top marginal block of four, MNH£2.00
2971957, Bal 197, Air Force, white spot between P and T in Egyptian, uncatalogued, lower marg pair, MNH£1.50
2981957, Bal 197-8, Air Force, points over and under both 10 mills, position 41-46, corner block of 4 MNH£2.00
2991958, Bal 215a, min sheet red colour misplaced showing white line at top, MNH£4.00
3001958, Bal 218-9, two matched blocks of 4 with control, showing same variety in position6, MNH£6.00
3011959, Bal 224, Youth Conf, point under Arabic gomhouria, not cat, posn 41, left corner block of 4, MNH£2.00
3021959, Bal 225a and 225c, Hilton, top left corner block of 6 showing variety accent on O together with inverted watermark. Rare. MNH £18.00
3031959, Bal 241x, Museum, left bottom corner pair showing extra Arabic letter posn 46, MNH£2.00
3041960, Bal 255x, Football, point inside ring posn 25, plus control A/60 B/60, rare. Single, MNH£3.00
3051965, Bal 431x, Biennale, “bobtail” variety posn 6, horiz pair, MNH£4.00
 – Proofs of Type II, fine mint, imperforate, Cancelled on reverse 
3061957, 10m, Bal 190a (block of 4, rt marginal)£1.00
3071957, 10m Bal 193a (block of 4, top left corner)£1.00
3081957, 10m Bal 194a (block of 4, left marginal)£1.00
3091957, Bal 195a-196a, block of 4, lower marginal£2.00
3101957, 10m Bal 197a-198a (block of 4, left marginal)£2.00
3111957, 5m, 10m, 15m (Bal 199a-201a), two right, one left marginal blocks of 4£3.00
3121957, 10m Bal 202a (block of 4, lower marginal)£1.00
3131958, 10m and 15m, Bal 205a-206a, (blocks of 4, both lower marginal)£1.50
3141959, 10m, Bal 225a (block of 4, left marginal)£1.00
 Commemoratives – UMM control blocks of four 
315A/59 Bal 238, Army Day£1.00
316A/60 Bal 248, Republic Day£1.00
 Commemoratives – various varieties, UMM 
3171958, 50m min sheet Bal 215a, flag misplaced 1mm to left£4.50
3181959, 10m Bal 228a, flag clear 2mm to left, top marginal single£2.00
 Stamps - Officials 
319SG073 1m, 50-plus used in packet£1.00
320SG076 5m, 50-plus used in packet£1.00
321SG077 1pi, 50-plus used in packet£1.00
 Stamps – Postage Due 
322SG D73 1pi Postage Due, 30 used in packet£1.00
 Stamps – First Issue 
3232 pi yellow, imperf proof on unwatermarked paper, small tone spot£8.00
32410 pi blue, imperf proof on unwatermarked paper, small thin£8.00
 Type X (Star and Bridge) postmarks 
325Nine clean postcards, each bearing one of the Type X marks – Aswan 5 II 08; Ismailia 10 XII 07; Luqsor 22 X 08, two strikes, incoming from US; Mansura 3 I 09, incoming from Alex; Port Said 25 XI 07; Port Taufiq 7 VI 11, incoming from Japan; Suez 10 III 12; Tanta 17 VI 12; Zaqaziq 22 XII 12. Interesting lot£20.00
326Aswan 29 XI 14 (nine months later than recorded), clean 75% strike on 5mills Arabic-addressed cover to Tanta. (Tanta / D behind next day£5.00
327Aswan 24 III 12, good 95% strike on colour card (Philae, franked 4m) to France£3.50
328Ismailia 13 XI 08, good strike (80%) on 1pi DLR franking small envelope to Paris£3.50
329Ismailia 4 IX 11, faint 75% strike on Arabic-addressed clean env (5m DLR) to Cairo£2.50
330Luqsor 16 XII 09, full faint strike on b-w card (Seti I Tomb, 2x1m DLR) to France£3.00
331Port Said 7 VI 11 (90%) on incoming b-w card (La Rochelle) from France£2.50
332Port Said 31 I 15 (75%) on b-w card (Thebes Temple) to London£2.00
333Tanta 8 V 11 (60%, part off card), incoming from Lille. Plus Alex / double bridge / A CDS of same date£2.00
334Two strikes: Zaqaziq 13 III 09 (85%) cancelling 5m DLR + info strike on printed merchant’s env to Mansura (CDS on reverse, part lost because cover slightly damaged)£2.50
335Zaqaziq (75%) cancelling 2x1m DLR on colour card for France, plus Port Said (65%), both 24 XII 07£3.00
336Port Said (1 III 12, 95%) and Tanta (next day, on face, 95%) of incoming card from France£3.00
337Port Said (17 V 11, 95%) and Tanta (same day, on face, 100%) of incoming card from France£3.50
338Port Said (17 V 11, 100%) and Tanta (same day, part off card, 55%) of incoming card from France£2.50
339Ismailia (22 XI 07, 60%) cancelling 2x1m DLR on b-w card to Port Said (same date, perfect strike)£3.00
 Paquebot markings 
340Paquebot / Port Said (Type 4) – 15 clean covers, 12 with Egyptian stamps 1949-1959, variety of Farouks Marechal, bars and Republic, mainly shipping line envelopes, plus three with GB stamps (1920-1937, two shipping line envelopes). Interesting group for study£25.00
341Port Taufiq / Paquebot (Type 4.2) – two covers, 12 NO 54, 1 FE 55 with Republican stamps to London£6.00
342Paquebot / Alexandrie, 13 MA 35, good elusive mark Type 4.1) on incoming cover originally with three Turkish stamps, now two. Pity!£4.00
343Straight-line Paquebot (Type 3), good full strike off stamp used with Port Said CDS (date illegible) on GB 1d stamp, London arrival on reverse is FE 16 04. Good marking, cover a little grimy£6.00
344Straight-line Paquebot (Type 3) neatly cancelling Italian 20c and 40c stamps, both perfin TL on colour artist card of young woman addressed to Laurens. Only cds is faint San Stefano 14 JL 29(??) on face£6.00
345Straight-line Paquebot (Type 3.2), cancelling GB 1d on postcard (Malta) with Port Said CDS 29 IV 10. Readdressed in Taunton for Cambridge. Good markings£3.00
346Straight-line Paquebot (Type 3.2), cancelling GB 1/2d on b-w card (P&O ‘Egypt’) with Port Said star/crescent CDS 8 I 08 (slightly off card, 90%). Excellent clean card£3.50
3471908, French office straight-line Paquebot, clear strike alongside Port Said French office CDS 15 3 08 on b-w card (SS Awana crossing a Dredger) with 10c French stamp on face. Ink smudge but nice card£4.00
3481929, shipping line cover addressed to Ibrahimieh, franked GB 1 1/2d, cancelled with fine Marseille-Gare / Bches de Rhone wavy-line machine Paquebot canceller of 17 II 1929. Two Egypt arrival marks. Good clean cover£5.00
 Non-Egypt Paquebots 
3491927, excellent colour card (White Star Line – Triple-screw RMS Olympic), GB 1 1/2d stamp with fine New York NY17 straight-line machine Paquebot cancel Jul 26 1927. Written in Arabic, addressed to Paris£6.00
3501937, Messageries Maritime envelope franked 65c French stamps, addressed to Beyrouth, and cancelled with faint Marseille-Gare / Bches du Rhone CDS with double-rectangle Paquebot machine cancel. Very faint Beirut arrival£6.00
 Maritime mail 
3511884, part cover addressed to Cairo with India 1a and East India 2a stamps on reverse, cancelled with B-in-bars roller cancel. Same mark on face, where another stamp may once have been. CDS on reverse (flap lost) are Wellington Pier R.H. /Des.5 of Dec 21, Sea Post Office A of 21 Dec and Suez / Arrivee 2 JA 84. Just enough to be intriguing, but damaged  £8.00
3521918, card with ornate vignette (crowned eagle and anchor), headed Corrispondenza della R.Marina and violet double-ring Commando in Capo Della Piazza Marittima – di Venezia, with same wording in two straight lines also in violet, addressed to Alex, four-wave censor mark and Alexandria / E CDS of 14 10 918. Message in Italian  £8.00
3531932, plain cover franked vert pair of 10m 2nd Fuad, addressed to Bologna and cancelled double-ring ... postale Italiano / ...speria of ... Ago 1932. Redirected to Chamonix, with Bologna arrival 10.8.32£4.00
3541940, envelope fragment (lower half, no stamps) addressed to Alex with fine large red double-ring anchor mark Marine Francaise / Service a la Mer and black CDS Dakar-Naval 5 Janv 40. Alx machine arrival£4.00
3551940, slightly tatty plain cover addressed to Folkestone, no stamps, cancelled excellent two-line Received From / H. M. Ships. Folkestone machine arrival 11 Sep 40, readdressed to Wimbledon£4.00
3561941, Air env franked with 6 French stamps totalling 3Fr cancelled St Remy en Rollat / Aller 24 II 41 and addressed to a matelot-mecanicien “par Marseille (gare)”. Cover endorsed with large blue double-ring “.. Regiment de D.C.A / Le Vaguemestre / ...Batterie” together with Air etiquette and French Navy handstamp in violet. Censored and resealed, finally arrived Marseille 25 XI 41  £8.00
3571941, French printed card (brown vignette no value, but card “prix de vente” is 0,90) with alternative phrases seeking wartime family information, endorsed with large violet French Navy as last and sent from faint CDS Charente 13 3 41 for Alexandria. Red eagle/swastika machine mark at left, Andrews postal censor 6d7 in violet. Card creased but remarkable. Message says family is well, hopes recipient is not tired, and asks for news  £12.00
3581942, Bank of New South Wales printed env, addressed to Barclays Alex, franked 2d KG VI Australia stamp cancelled with clear large CDS Ship Mail Room / 4 / Melbourne of 12 AP 21. Alongside is large diamond violet Not / Opened by / Censor. Cairo, Alex machine arrivals 8, 9 May  £6.00
3591943, small env franked KG VI 3d, endorsed On Active Service and addressed to Alex. Stamp and blue-on-white Reg label cancelled FPO 515 10 AP 43, over blue tombstone “From H.M.Ships” cachet. Backstamps of BAPO 4 and Alexandria R.A. Dirty but interesting  £8.00
3601943, On Active Service cover addressed to Alex, faint “From HM Ship[s” cachet with faint FPO 186 30 (both over officer’s endorsement) JU 43, Alex arrival the same day£4.00
 Miniature sheet 
3611956, Second Arab Scout Jamboree, Aboukir, miniature sheet, imperf (SG MS514, NP10), mint NH, pristine but for gum bends unseen from the face. Only 1,037 were sold  £240.00
 Station postmarks – classified by Hall (QC 191 or website) 
362Alexandria: 3 covers three different markings, Hall 16 (pair of 2m KES 27 AP 53), 19 (11 JA 36, faint Rural mark behind); 24 (8 JU 48).. Covers mixed to good, markings all clear£8.00
363Asyut: 2 covers with Hall 6 (18 JU 45 with 10m Marechal; 20 NO 45 with two 5m Boy King). Neither cover wonderful, markings legible£3.00
364Cairo: 11 covers with Hall 4 (two covers to French Consul in Luxor, 27 AP 23, and 31 MA 23, latter a Type II 5m pink Crown opt), 11 (damaged on opening, 26 NO 18); 18 (two 5m covers with excellent info strikes of 11 MR and 30 JU 36); 19 (two 5m covers with fine info strikes of 5 MR 32, 20 OC 34, former readdressed from Qus to Luxor with Qena-Luxor & VV behind); 20 (5m cover in red ink to Alex 28 JU 30); 26 (3 covers, in blue Reg 3x10m Marechal, part strike and flap lost 7 NO 47, visiting card env franked 2m+2x1m Boy King 24 DE 44, 30m registered to Ezbet Zeitoun 3 JA 44) £25.00
365Luqsor: 2 covers, Hall 2 (excellent info strike of 11 JA 41 on clean cover franked 6m for Cairo); 5, printed commercial cover franked 5m for Cairo, info strike 11 SE 33 (80%). Good covers£5.00
366Mansura: 4 covers, with Hall 9 (Arabic printed cover franked 26m for Cairo, good strike 3 NO 42, Cairo Postmen behind); 10 (two different markings, slightly different sizes, one with date 21 JA 36 6-7, other 21 XI 34, 7.30PM, both lawyer’s communications, franked 5m and 2m); 11 (10m Marechal lawyer’s printed envelope dated 21 JL 51 – 75%). New discovery here£10.00
367Minia/Minya: 3 covers, 3 different markings – Hall 10 on printed lawyer’s envelope, 5m Boy King to Cairo 9 MA 39); and two unrecorded – Minya / (Station) in two straight lines in lower half, good strike on folded form 11 MR 34; and Minia Station as 10 in single curve below dateline, but bigger and larger lettering – two half strikes of 5 II (error for VII) 45. Two new finds£10.00
368Suhag: 3 covers, three different markings – Hall 2 (faint strike 29 JL 48 on printed envelope, green T / Heliopolis behind; 4 (6m Boy King on Arabic-addressed cover, 20 MR 42); and unrecorded Suhag / (Station) in two straight lines below the dateline, fine info strike 27 AP 37. Good, and another new one£8.00
369Tanta: 4 covers, four types: two very similar to Hall 10-11 (10m dated 1 JL 46; 4x5m – why? Express? – on Aird’s Primary School printed envelope 25 SE 35); similar again but much larger and lower half illegible, 28 JU 37); and another unrecorded – all-Arabic CDS reading Tanta Mahatta / 14-1-2002 / (6) – clear strike on Arabic-addressed air cover franked 30p Goddess Silakht.. New one again£10.00
370Residue of above accumulation – 19 covers, mixed condition but all selected for Station markings£12.00
 Parcel card fragments 
37121 half parcel cards (as ordered by Egyptian PO), early 1950s, showing variety of postmarks (including Mir, Ragheb Pasha, Nag Hamadi etc), with range of Farouk definitive and revenue stamps, including 100m, 100m barred (12), 100m KES barred (pair), 50m barred (pair) etc etc Interesting£8.00
 Hotel markings 
3721964, b-w photocard (Pyramids) franked UAR 30 and 55m definitives, CDS Nile Hilton (HN2), 45%£2.00
3731964?, colour card (Thebes – Pharaoh Amenkepeshef), franked 55m defin, 30m Air, HN2 CDS 40%£1.50
 Machine frankings 
3741944-2007, four covers with machine frankings, inc perfect 1945 Alex Frankotyp in violet on clean (but neatly file-holed) cover of Office des Territoires Occupes ou Controles. 2007 example from Tor’a el-Buulakia. Clean and interesting£3.50
 EMS (Express Mail Service) 
375Two long air covers plus one A4 size, all with EMS labels, CDS or other markings – Attaba, Alexandria and San Stefano. Clean and interesting£4.00
 Postal history 
3761884, Bank of Egypt printed envelope, franked with vertical pair of DLR 2pi orange, bilingually addressed to Zifta, and cancelled clean Alexandrie / Depart of 28 FE 84 TVI. Original tape down left side and at top behind, some wear but unusual  £6.00
3771906, buff envelope franked strip of 3x5m DLR + single for reg and AR to Damanhur. Almost illegible Reg box, two stamps cancelled with boxed AR, others with good Ras el-Tin / Alexandrie of 19 II 06 TII. Reverse has Alex transit plus wax seal and 2/3-struck large blue negative seal  £12.00
3781921, Post Office buff card form (No 34 G) notifying item awaiting collection, Arabic-completed and provided with neat and unusual Cairo / Inland Cash CDS of 12 FE 21 at top right£2.50
3791941, slightly battered cover, franked 6m Boy King with two strikes of unusual Oasis cancel – Wahat el Baharia of 10 JU 41 (info strike damaged. Arabic-addressed to Cairo, censor mark, Cairo machine transit and illegible arrival/transit marking behind. Condition not ideal  £8.00
3801966-issue 80m Air Letter (Nefertiti, no back panel) Arabic-addressed with illegible CDS to Mogadishu, Somalia. Arrival CDS is 5.1.67£2.50
3812007, £E2 1/2 cassette envelope with Post Office large black boxed “Cancelled” (Arabic) handstamp, then used for registration from illegible CDS to Cairo (arrival 5 6 2007). File hole but clean£2.50
3821920s to date(?), mini-accumulation of Post Office envelopes, including grey Tender for Stores; blue/red printed cover used in 1964; buff cover with blue/red logo mint; three used covers printed in black for joint use between Egypt Post and Ministry of the Interior (inc one returned) used 2003-2006; five mint Giro envelopes printed blue on white (current)£3.00
 British military usage 
3831934, small cover of Royal Scots Fusiliers (badge on flap) franked 5m 2nd Fuad, addressed to Asyut and cancelled Ismailia Camp 2 JA 34 (70%). Backstamps inc Cairo-Asyut / & V.V.£2.50
3841942, YMCA On Active Service buff printed cover cancelled EPP 25 of 21 AU 42 for Cairo, but redirected and backstamps of Sidi Gaber and Sidi Bishr. Folds but interesting£2.50
3851951, fresh cover franked KGVI 2 1/2d for Cheshire, cancelled Field Post Office / * / 266 of 24 AU 51£2.50
3861953, fresh cover franked QEII 2 1/2d for London, cancelled with Krag roller machine Field Post Office – 2 – of 6 JNE 53£2.50
3871954, fresh cover franked QEII 3d for London, cancelled Field Post Office / B / 218 of 19 MR 54£2.50
3881955, fresh cover franked QEII 2 1/2d for London, CDS Field Post Office 255 of 4 MR 55£2.50
 Egyptian military usage - Condition “mixed”, but virtually all have return addresses 
3891939, small plain cover Arabic-addressed to Cairo, no stamps but large black double-ring oval of 3rd Battery Artillery “franking” the letter at top right. Oval overlies faint Marsa Matrouh CDS. On reverse poor but legible Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh / & VV tpo mark (Smith Type 7A3.5, recorded only for 1936) and Ezbet el Zaitoun arrival for 17 NO 1939. Quite remarkable  £35.00
3901939, much as last, but Battery marking much less clear and Marsa Matrouh clear of oval (29 OC 39). Poor reverse markings include Cairo Station£18.00
3911936, much as last pair, but different oval marking, with Arabic above date in box. English reads No 4 Battery .....? Clear Ezbet el Zaitoun arrival behind is 25 NO 36  £24.00
3921950-1973, accumulation of 15 often very scruffy military-connected covers, only two with stamps but all endorsed in Arabic “soldier’s post”. All have military postal markings or censor marks as well as civilian CDS. Interesting research lot for the specialist£8.00
3931955, small roughly opened cover with 35m plus 2x5m Second Fellah to pay for Reg and AR from faint Cairo CDS. Arrival mark is large and full strike of elusive R / Moascar El Arish (ie, El Arish Camp) of 22 OC 55 on face  £10.00
3941956, small barid harby Arabic-addressed cover cancelled clear Asyut with unusual CDS alongside of Moascar Ash...(?). Reverse has two strikes of large Poste Militaire / Trafic du Caire with hexagonal military mark No 13. Contents remain. Fragile but fascinating£6.00
3951960, Arabic-addressed small cover with small hexagonal and rectangular military markings on face with triangular military censor and officer’s initials and Alex machine cancel 20 2 60. Reverse has another military mark with poor Poste Militaire / Trafic du / Caire (small size, unusual)£4.00
3961961, Arabic addressed Air envelope with excellent triangular military censor 9559 and Cairo machine arrival on face (10 8 61) and good military marking (13 8 61) behind. Contents remain£5.00
3971963, barid harby Arabic-addressed Air envelope with single hexagonal military marking No 43 on face and Ganub el Qaherah machine arrival behind 13 8 63. Contents remain, clean£4.00
3981965, Arabic-addressed Air envelope, barid harby, with 10m Eagle of Saladin stamp cancelled Heliopolis / T 17 9 65 with triangular military censor 8171 on face and Alex machine arrival behind£4.00
3991965, Arabic-typed Air cover, barid harby, triangular violet military censor 8171 and officer’s endorsement on face, various part-strikes behind. Contents remain£4.00
4001969, air mail env (some staining), barid harby, clear El Luqsor / Air Port of 15 12 69 and large hexagonal military mark with “1” above and officer’s initials£4.00
4011969, pair of clean Air covers, barid harby, Arabic addressed to Qubba Gardens in different hands, one with violet double-arch censor 9647, other a damaged hexagonal mark. Various machine marks behind£5.00
4021974, clean Air cover, barid harby, Arabic-addressed, CDS illegible but officer’s endorsement of violet double-arch military censor 9180 is dated 11 5 74. Cairo machine arrival 13 5 74£6.00
403(date?), small visiting-card cover Arabic addressed with diamond and triangular / 45 military markings and officer’s initials. No CDS of any sort£4.00
 French On Active Service – same addressee 
404Printed Air cover from Paul Chiebaut, MDL Chef, 1st RAC, 1st Groupe to his wife in Heliopolis, endorsed “On Active Service”, no stamp but cancelled blue Postes Aux (Armees?) 20 8 45. Backstamps of Cairo (machine) and Heliopolis 3 OC 45£4.00
405Air cover endorsed as last, but CDS Changis / Seine et Marne 8 10 45, Air label crossed through, and with large blue double-circle 1er R.A.C. – 1re D.F.L - 1er Groupe / Le Vaguemestre. Faint BS Heliopolis 28 NO(?) . Long letter “No 100” remains  £6.00
406Air cover endorsed as last, with Changis CDS 1 10 45 and faint large violet handstamp alongside with 1er R.A. 1ere D.F.L. 1er Groupe – Remi le Capitaine Commdt around anchor/marlinspike. Cairo machine transit and Heliopolis arrival 27 NO 45. Long letter “No 95” remains£5.00
407Air cover endorsed as last, Changis CDS 3 10 45, faint anchor/spike handstamp similar to last but wording CRI le Capitaine Commdt instead of Remi le Capitaine. Cairo machine transit and Heliopolis arrival 27 and 28 NO. Short letter “No 99” enclosed£5.00
 Year Issues 
4082004 complete: 99 stamps including the Prestige Booklet of 30 stamps, the withdrawn Telecom Egypt stamp and half-sheet of 25 stamps marking the 92nd anniversary of the National Bar Association with portraits of all 23 association presidents including Sameh Ashour, whose stamp was later removed from the sheet), and six min sheets including the scarce Administrative Prosecution MS. VF mint, NH£36.00
4092005 complete: 37 stamps + 3 miniature sheets, VF mint NH£12.00
4102006 complete: 25 stamps + 4 min sheets including the rare sheet marking the 50th anniversary of Egypt-China relations (only 5,000 believed to exist). VF mint NH£31.00
4112007 complete: 26 stamps + 3 min sheets plus 2 examples of the scarce Marsa Alam stamp showing different shades. VF mint NH£22.00
4122008 complete: 24 stamps + 1 min sheet, VF mint NH£10.00
 Modern issues 
4132002, SG 2234-43, the last definitive set of ten stamps with multiple reprints that have distinctly different shades (two of the 10pi Value, 2 of 25pi, 2 of £E1, one of 110pi), so total stamps offered is 17. VF mint, NH, beautiful assortment£10.00
4142006, 50th anniversary of Egypt-China diplomatic relations, set of two se-tenant, official FDC and scarce miniature sheet. VF mint NH£30.00
 Sudan stamps 
4151962, £1 Camel Postman definitive reprint without wmk, left upper corner block of four. VF mint NH£11.00
4161962, £1 Camel Postman definitive reprint with rectangles wmk, left upper corner block of 4. VF mint NH£11.00
4171991, eighth definitive set complete, 16 stamps in official folder. VF mint NH, Michel cat €60£15.00
4181991 Officials, eighth definitive set complete, 16 stamps overprinted S.G. in Arabic, VF mint NH, Michel cat €75£18.00
4192002, complete year, five commemorative sets of three stamps each, including Dialogue Among Civilisations and Palestinian Intifada. VF mint NH, Michel cat €150£30.00
4202003, ninth definitive set complete, 14 stamps (50 to 500 dinars), VF mint NH£15.00
4212003, as last but imperf miniature sheet combining the 14 stamps. Rare, only 1,000 issued. VF mint NH£35.00
4221948 Dues, SG D12-15, complete set of four stamps, VF mint NH, SG cat £30£9.00
4231980 Dues, Steamboat on the Nile, complete set, 10m and 20m values with the rare Sudan Arms (rhinoceros) wmk (see note after SG D15). VF mint NH, Michel cat €300£40.00
 Egypt errors and varieties 
4241999, 10pi Official violet, var with no wmk and major horizontal misperf, shifted 5mm upwards so that the “20” values are at the top instead of the bottom of the stamp. Upper marginal vertical pair, upper stamp with no value! Fascinating – only 10 such in pane of 100. Mint NH£15.00
4251999, as last but with major vertical misperf, shifted 4mm to left and cutting through Arabic misr, hakoumi and the value. Right upper corner horizontal pair, mint NH£9.00
4262001, 30pi Official, var with no wmk and major horiz misperf, shifted 4mm downward so the Egypt and misr are at the bottom instead of the top of the stamp. Vertical pair, mint NH£10.00
4272001, £E1 Official, var no wmk and major horiz misperf, shifted 5mm downward, cutting across the head of the eagle emblem and making Egypt and misr at the bottom instead of the top of the stamp. Left vertical marginal pair, mint NH£12.00
 Prestige booklet (Discover the Treasures of Egypt) 
428Set of three very beautiful FDCs, one for each of the high-value booklet stamps (£E5 Sphinx, £E5 Nefertiti, £E10 Tutankhamun mask). No FDC was issued for the 3 panes of nine lower-value stamps£13.00
 Used Egypt stamps in fine condition 
4292004, the withdrawn Egypt Telecom stamps£5.00
4302005, complete year (37 stamps + 3 min sheets)£8.00
4312006, complete year (25 stamps + 4 min sheets) including the scarce 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations with China sheet (only 5,000 believed to exist)£22.00
4322007, complete year (27 stamps, including the scarce Marsa Alam stamp, + 3 min sheets)£15.00
4332008, complete year (24 stamps + 1 min sheet)£7.00
4341872 1pi LITHO, perf 12 1/2 x 13 1/3 (SG 27, NP D22), very fine used   £12.00
4351906 1m, inverted watermark (SG 58var, NP D45a), very fine used£3.00
4361914 5m, watermark sideways to the right, (SG 63var, NP D57k), very fine used£3.00
4371937, 4m Farouk boy misperforated,(SG 251var, NP 139var), very fine used£3.00
4381937, 15m Farouk boy inverted watermark,(SG 256var, NP D144var), unmounted mint£1.00
4391952 10m soldier overprint "66" instead of "16" variety (SG 378var, NP D178d), VF used£3.00
4401954 Fellah 4m misperforated "EGYPTE" almost missing from top (SG 498var, NP D239a) very fine mint without gum   £12.00
4411955 5m block of four including "extra dot" variety (SG 507var, NP C158b), unmounted mint£5.00
4421957 10m Rameses II (SG542var, NP D242a), inverted watermark, block of 4, UM mint.£10.00
4431957 10m vertical pair "gun on plane" variety (SG 545a var, NP C189a), unmounted mint.£5.00
4441958 10m Kasem Amin (SG 563var, NP C200a), wmk sideways to left (inv), block of 4, UMM£18.00
4451959 Petroleum 10m extra dot variety, "arabia" reads "garbia" (SG 594var, NP C220d), UMM£6.00
4461959, set of 17 plus £E1 opts (SG603-619, 634), 3 top values marginal control, UMM£13.00
4471959 Nefertiti 55m on 100m, misplaced overprint "U" missing (SG 588var, NP D252b), marginal unmounted mint   £13.00
4481959 Flag orange colour, watermarked, Printing Experiment, unmounted mint£12.00
 Miniature sheets 
4491958 Flag (SG MS570), UMM£5.00
4501959 Transport (SG MS601) UMM£3.00
4511926 15m misperf (SG O146var, NP O48b) UMM   £12.00
4521926 20m misperf (SG O147var, NP O49b) UMM   £10.00
 Postage Dues 
4531927 2m three dots error (SG 174var, NP PD32a), UMM£5.00
4541927 2m misperf(SG 174var, NP PD32d),
455Perfins, accumulation of 18 used stamps £4.00
 Postal history 
4561936 Mussolini mixed franking postcard from ERITREA to ALESSANDRIA, Eritrea and Ethiopia stamps   £25.00
457Used Abroad SMIRNE, GEDDA, METELINO on 1872 1pi typo   £65.00
458Used Abroad GEDDA, WADI HALFA on 1881 1pi blue   £23.00
459"DALLA STATIONE" on 1872 10pa   £9.00
4601914 5m, cancelled RURAL SERVICE, four used stamps £3.00
462Railway and TPO postmarks on DLR (9 stamps + pair), 1914 pictorial (3 stamps), Farouk boy (3 stamps), a total of 17 stamps. £4.00
463British Military postmarks "Field Post Office" and "Army Post Office" on Farouk boy and soldier stamps, 4 postmarks £3.00
 Stamps of Egypt – UMM blocks of four unless otherwise stated - Officials 
464Block of six SG O111 (1m OHEMS) with selvedge A.22 control£2.00
465Block of six SG O112 with selvedge B.22 control£2.00
 Stamps of Egypt – UMM blocks of four unless otherwise stated - Dues 
466SG D103 (1921-22 issue), 10m lake, slight foxing one stamp B.22£4.00
467SG D181 (1927-56 issue), 12m lake, A/26£3.00
468SG D181 hinge remains A/40£1.00
 Stamps of Egypt – UMM blocks of four unless otherwise stated - Definitives 
469SG 93 B.22 hinge remains one stamp £3.00
470SG 114 C.25£2.00
471SG 196 A/32£1.00
472SG 198 A/32£1.00
473SG 248 short perfs A/37£1.00
474SG 248 normal perfs A /37£1.00
475SG 248 A/38£1.00
476SG 248 A/39£1.00
477SG 248 A/40£1.00
478SG 248 A/40 B/40£1.00
479SG 248 A/40 A/41£1.00
480SG 248 A/40 B/40 A/41£1.50
481SG 248 B/41£1.00
482SG 249 short perfs A/37 £1.00
483SG 249 normal perfs A/37£1.00
484SG 249 short perfs A/37 A/40£1.00
485SG 249 normal perfs A/37 A/40£1.00
486Block of six SG 249 A/37 A/39 B/39 A/40£1.50
487SG 249 short perfs A/41£1.00
488SG 249 normal perfs A /41£1.00
489SG 250 short perfs A /37£1.00
490SG 250 normal perfs A /37£1.00
491SG 250 A/40£1.00
493SG 250 short perfs A/41 A/42£1.00
494SG 250 normal perfs A/41 A/42£1.00
495Block of six SG 250 A/41 A/42 A/43£1.50
496SG 251 A/39£1.00
497SG 251 A/42 A /43 £1.00
498SG 251 B/43£1.00
499SG 252 A/37£1.00
500SG 252 normal perfs A/37£1.00
501SG 252 A/38£1.00
502SG 252 A/39£1.00
503SG 252 /40£1.00
504SG 253 A/40£1.00
505SG 253 A /42£1.00
506SG 253 short perfs A/42£1.00
507SG 253 A/42£1.00
508SG 253 A/40 A/41£1.00
509SG 254 A/37£1.00
510SG 254 A/37£1.00
511SG 254 A/37 A/39£1.00
512SG 254 A/43£1.00
513SG 254 A/43£1.00
514SG 255 A/37£1.00
515SG 256 A/37£1.00
516SG 256 normal perfs A /37£1.00
517SG 256 A/38£1.00
518SG 256 short perfs A /39£1.00
519SG 256 normal perfs A/39£1.00
520SG 256 A/39 A/40£1.00
521SG 256 A/39 A/40 A/43£1.50
522SG 257 short perfs A/38£1.50
523SG 257 normal perfs A/38£1.50
524SG 257 A /39£1.00
525SG 257 A/39 A/40 A/42£2.00
526Block of six SG 258 short perfs A/38 A/40 A/42 A/43£2.00
527Block of six SG 258 normal perfs A/38 A/40 A/42 A/43£2.00
528SG 276 A/38£1.50
529SG 276a A/45£1.50
530SG 276a A/38 A/44£1.50
531SG 276a A/38 A/44£1.50
532SG 277 A/45£1.50
533SG 277 A/46£1.50
534SG 278 A/42£2.00
535SG 278 A/42 B/42 £2.00
536SG 279 A/39£2.00
537SG 279 A/46£2.00
538SG 278 A/42 B/42 A/43£2.00
539SG 280 A/39 B/39£3.00
540SG 281 A/44£5.00
541Heliopolis, very fine unused photo-card (1930s) Rue Tantah. Classic photograph with metro, Basilique, etc. Served as cover of Heliopolis Centenary book (2005). Lehnert & Landrock. Handwritten description of the street on the back  £6.00
542Port-Said unused colour postcard of the New Greek Church in Rue de Lesseps, c.1905. Publ. Ephtimios Freres, Port-Said, Prt.5.£3.00
543Cairo, 1904 – Rue du Caire, vert colour postcard of street painting by C. Wuttke. Unused. R 127. R& JD£3.00
544Alexandria – Rue de la Poste. Sepia coloured card. Unused. L.C.-34£3.00
545Egypte - Femmes Fellahs. Mint coloured postcard of seated women and child. LL  £3.00
546Thebes: Court of the Temple of Medeenet Haboo. Unused colour postcard of a painting by F. Perlberg. Oilograph, Egypt Series, No. 5103. Very fine.  £3.00
547Thebes - Tut Ankh Amen’s Tomb. 1930s unused photocard of the Valley of the Kings. Photo taken during the emptying of the tomb. Lehnert & Landrock, Cairo.  £4.00
548Mansourah, Mit-hadar. Coloured postcard of street scene. Written on the back (1917) and sent without stamp. Small tear at lower right hand. Ephtimios Freres, Port-Said, Msh 10.  £4.00
549Lehnert & Landrock folder (1962) Pyramid of Gizeh. Illustrated green cover containing modern reprints of six 1930 postcards of Pyramids and Sphinx. Unused and unusual.  £4.00
 French Post Offices 
550Alexandrie 1902-03 issue, varieties. 25c Mouchon, the two shades of blue. Used. (SG 29, Dalay 27, 27a)  £1.50
551Port-Said 10c Mouchon (SG 127, Dalay 26), used on postcard to France. Small Type 84 CDS (31 May 1904). Fine early view of Rue du Commerce.  £5.00
552Port-Said 1921 Paris Surcharge 10 Mills on 25c blue Mouchon, used 27 May 1923 on postcard to UK (Maala, general view, Aden). Some staining. (Dalay, € 15 on cover).  £6.60
 Catalogue – buyer to pay postage 
5531938 Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, British Empire, including Egypt and Iraq. Red cloth-bound hardcover book. Some back cover stains, but in sound condition. Wonderful historical reference, especially on prices! (Farouk had just become king!)£10.00
 GB to Jean Boulad 
5541946 Cover to Ismailia bearing GB Victory set, sent by Stamp Collecting Ltd (card inside). Jean Boulad wrote stamps’ issue date on the front (11.6.46), but postmark date is indistinct against dark blue stamp. No arrival backstamp, but manual annotation: 6.7.46.  £10.00
 Proprietary posts 
555Seamen’s’ Home: Airmail cover to Scotland franked 7m and 20m Farouk Dakota airs with civil censor and cancelled clear Seamen’s’ Home cds 10 DE 51. Clean£6.00
556Simon Arzt: Three written-up pages inc unused postcard of the store, examples of both cancellations, type I on airmail cover to India franked 1m, 3m, l0m and 40m 1933 airs, type 2 on loose 50m air stamp, and a Blue Funnel Line postcard of T.S.S. Hector franked pair 1st Fuad 4m to Scotland (cover and card have different store hand-stamps)£10.00
557Simon Arzt: Two airmail covers franked 60m 1933 air stamp SG 208 to different addressees in Bombay, one 9 DE 36 re-addressed to Karachi with airmail etiquette cancelled at Bombay (5 different back-stamps), other 25 NO 37 (4 backstamps), both sent from Port Said Simon Arzt type 1£8.00
 Air stamps and covers 
558Unused monochrome postcard of monument to Mouillard, first aviator, at Heliopolis. Publ. The Cairo Postcard Trust, series 634. Apparently Baron Empain, founder of modern Heliopolis, was a great admirer and it was he who erected the monument£3.00
559Unused polychrome postcard same monument. Publ. The Cairo Postcard Trust Ph. N. 413 Serie 651£3.00
560Small accumulation of first Egypt airs; top marginal single and top marginal vertical pair (mounted only on selvedge) of 27m deep violet plus two used copies SG 132. High catalogue value£30.00
561First flight cover franked SG 132 cancelled Alexandria 1 AP 29 and pair 2nd Fuad 4m SG 153 cancelled Alexandria 2 AP 29 with bilingual airmail etiquette to Karachi. On reverse H Caire 3 AP 29, Karachi Dely£30.00
562Real photo postcard of DH 66 Hercules aircraft franked on face with SG 132 and on reverse 2nd Fuad 1m, 3m and 4m definitives (’Empire’ pc rate), to Calcutta flown on First flight with handstamp of route£35.00
563First flight cover franked SG 132 with bilingual airmail etiquette from Alexandrie (Depart) 10 AP 29 to Liverpool, receiver Liverpool 15 April£25.00
564Small accumulation of two mint, one with variety ‘hairline flaw through river’, and three good used SG 133 chestnut airs, 1929£7.60
565First flight Imperial Airways First Air Mail England-Africa map cover franked 27m chestnut SG 133 cancelled Cairo A to Khartoum with receiver Sudan Air Mail Khartoum on reverse. 348 carried.£12.00
566By First Air Mail Imperial Airways (Africa Ltd.) reg cover franked 27m chestnut SG 133 + 2nd Fuad 3m and 5m definitives cancelled Aswan 1 JA 31 with bilingual airmail etiquette and reg No. 102 etiquette to London. On reverse 2 x Alexandria R2 date-stamps and Stoke Newington receiver one week later£12.00
567Unused (i.e. mm) pair of Graf Zeppelin overprints, SG 185/6 of 1931£45.00
568First Flight Imperial Airways Springbok cover franked 2nd Fuad 10m, 20m and 50m definitives cancelled Aswan 24 JA 32 and flown on First Flight Assouan-Capetown as per handstamp. On reverse Nairobi transit and Capetown arrival 2 FEB 32£12.00
569Complete fine used set of 1933 air stamps, SG 193-213£6.00
570Another, exactly as above.£6.00
5711933 SG 213 200 mills value fine used and has control A/32£1.00
572Complete set of mm 1933 air stamps SG 193-213, SG cat £75£25.00
573Neat crested envelope (Crown over Honi Soit qui Ma! y Pense) franked 28m (3m, 5m and 20m) 1933 airs cancelled at Alexandria C on 12 JU 36 to Warwick£2.00
5741933 Crested air cover Sidi Gaber to Grantchester Vicarage, Cambridge (later home of Jeffrey Archer?), bilingual airmail etiquette, franked 27m chestnut SG133 + 1m 2nd Fuad, Alex transit on back£1.50
5751934 Qantas (Kangaroo England-Australia) First Flight cover with 1933 air stamps 4m, 30m and l00m cancelled Cairo 5 10 DE 34 to Perth, Western Australia with on reverse 2x Perth receivers. No 2752£12.60
5761934 air cover franked 2x 2m SG 194 and 50m SG 207 (double rate?) cancelled Maadi to England, Cairo slogan roller on reverse£2.50
5771938 air cover franked 40m SG 206 cancelled Alexandria D-1 to Germany with bilingual air etiquette£2.00
578‘Philatelic’ (A. Lambros) registered First Day cover of 1933 Inter¬national Aviation Congress set with registered etiquette Cairo 473 to London with major part of company seal in wax on reverse. Fine£45.00
5791941 Airmail cover from Alex D-1 franked 2nd Fuad 40m definitive, Farouk Boy King 2m definitive and 5m 1933 airmail all cancelled 16 AP 41 with civil censorship and bilingual airmail etiquette to England twice re-addressed on arrival. Pretty and unusual but messy, corner of envelope missing£1.50
5801949 Pair of Air covers franked Farouk Dakota 2m and 30m airs, both with special blocks of four stamps on reverse, one for Bepitec, Brussels, other for Citex, Paris. Each has civil censor and special cancel£18.00
581Long airmail cover franked 7m and 30m Farouk Dakota airs SG 325 and 329 cancelled Cairo Z 15 NO 48 to Hannover British Zone, Germany, with civil censor£2.00
5821947 registered air cover to Italy franked l0m Farouk Marechal definitive with Farouk Dakota airs 50m and 100m SG 331,332, cancelled Cairo 15 OC 47 with Roma and Milano receivers au verso, and used marginal loose strip of 3 SG 331 with A/47 control.£6.00
5831947 Farouk Dakota set of 12 lightly hinged mint£4.50
5841947 Farouk Dakota 30m + 3x10m + 17m Marechal making up 77m rate Cairo-London, date unclear£2.00
585King of Egypt and Sudan overprints: Normal black opt on 40m Farouk Dakota airmail SG 400 on postcard (real photo of Ibn Tulun Mosque) cancelled Heliopolis with civil censor to Sweden; plus used copy with opt in dark red and umm bottom marginal copy of same stamp with variety red overprint and three bars in black. Last may have forged bars overprint (see also next lot)£10.00
586Two unaddressed covers franked (a) 20m Farouk Dakota air stamp with KES overprint and probable forgery of 3 bars opt, and (b) 40m with bottom right Arabic control also with three bars, another probable forgery (both unlisted by Gibbons) both cancelled Cairo 2 on 9 MA 54. See Nile Post p561 note 1£10.00
587Air cover franked block 4x3m Farouk Dakota airs opt KES and 3 bars SG 481 cancelled Cairo 2, 1 MR 55 addressed to Maj Mohammed I Sobhi, later Director General of UPU. Probably never flown but clean£4.00
5881968 The Glorious Quran1400th Anniversary; special mint sheet of two of each of the two values and a ‘bookmark’. Unlisted by Gibbons as such, but see NP p313£2.00
 Maritime mail 
589Posted on board MS Sagafjord, Norwegian America Line stationery env franked SG 1335 Air (45m), 1135 Mitwalli Gate (20m), and 1330 Philae (140m), 205m total, 22.5.78 to Laguna Beach, California£2.00
 Postal history 
590Trio of covers all to same addressee, all franked 5m First Fuad (internal letter rate), two from Port Said (diff. pmks) to Giza Branch, third from Giza Branch to Minya and re-addressed in red ink in both English and Arabic to Cairo; all have backstamps, interesting trio£2.00
 Commemorative stamps 
5911925, Int Geographical Congress set of three, lightly mounted mint on a card. Cat (2005) £34.75£15.00
592I1925 Int Geographical Congress set of three in LMM pairs, 5m top marginal, all very lightly cancelled Alexandrie 9 Apr (not 1st day). Cat. £45.50.£16.00
5931926 12th Agricultural & Industrial Exhibition, set of six LMM mint, Cat. £48.60.£20.00
5941926 12th Agric & Ind Exhib, 200m top value bottom marginal copy, mint with hinge remains. Cat. £20£10.00
5951926 Agri & Ind Exhib, set of six fine used, some have exhibition cancels. Cat. £47.50.£19.00
596Surcharges on the above set, 1926 set of three LMM, Cat £4.50£2.00
5971926 King’s 58th Birthday, two used examples – one cancelled Port Said 27 MR 30, other Alexandria 20 MA 26, ie not 1st day. Cat £20 each£15.00
5981931 Agricultural & Industrial Exhibition set lightly hinged mint£1.80
599Another, precisely the same£1.80
6001933 International Railway Congress set lightly hinged mint£25.00
6011933 International Aviation Congress set lightly hinged mint£22.00
6021933 Universal Postal Union Congress fine used set, complete£85.00
6031958, 6th Anniversary of the Revolution, complete mini-sheet of 25, each colour 10m denomination represented by a column of five subjects, with bottom right control A/58 in English and Arabic£4.00
6041960 Sports Campaign and Olympics; vertical issues in complete sheet of 25 mounted only on selvage£3.50
6051960 Sports Campaign and Olympics; as above, horiz strip of 5 + two horizontal values, ie, the set lightly hinged mint.£1.20
606Accumulation of 40 1950s to 1970s first day covers, mostly illustrated, neat and clean, priced to clear£15.00
 Miniature sheets 
607An accumulation of miniature sheets from 1949, either LMM or UMM including NP MS 4 16th Ag & Ind Exhibition, NP MS 5 Royal Wedding, NP MS 11 6th Anniversary of Revolution, NP MS 12 7th A of R, NP MS 14 9th A of R, NPMS 15 and MS 16, 10th A of R, NP MS17 and 18 Arab Socialist Union (perf + imperf), NP MS 19 12th A of R, NP MS 20, Monuments of Nubia, MS 22 Post Day, NP MS 23 14th A of R and NP MS 25 16th A of R. To clear.£15.00
608Miniature sheets NP MS 12 7th Anniv. of Revolution, NP MS 26 Millenary of Cairo, fine used with first day cancel and another on illustrated first day cover; also NP MS 12 used on first day.£8.60
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Shepheard’s 
6091874, small envelope, roughly opened across top left corner, franked 1pi Third Issue and cancelled two clear strikes of Poste Egiziane Alessandrie 5 FEB 74 III. Faint Cairo arrival behind. Addressed to Mrs Scott, Shepheards Hotel, Cairo – very early incoming mail  £75.00
6101894, 2-milliemes wrapper (HG2, NP2) addressed to Geneva and cancelled with first Shepheard’s marking, HS1, of 15 MR 94 TIV (80%)  £35.00
6111896, 5m stationery postcard (HG3, NP3), addressed to Constantinople and cancelled with good strike of Shepheards HS1b (ie, No T with duty) of 20 MR 96 IV – earliest recorded.  £40.00
6121898, front (only) of Shepheard’s printed envelope, franked with seven DLR millième stamps totalling 2pi for Paris. All cancelled with HS1b (ie, no T with duty) of 2 MR 98 VIII – good info strike alongside  £40.00
6131899, 1pi blue postal stationery envelope (HG2a, NP2a) addressed to Germany and cancelled clear HS5 1 III 99 TV. On reverse, violet single-line handstamp: Shepheard’s Hotel, Cairo transit and Reichelsheim arrival 7 3 99. Roughly opened but very neat  £60.00
6141906, Shepheard’s Hotel stationery env, franked 1pi DLR blue for Boston, Mass, and cancelled clear HS5 21 II 06 TIV. Reverse has Cairo transit and Boston Fenway Station roller arrival Apr 6. Addressee noted details on front, otherwise clean cover  £40.00
6151908, 1899 4m on 5m stationery reply card with acute instead of grave accent on E (HG10, NP10c). Cancelled to order on face card with Shepheard’s HS6 of 4 III 08. Reply card not cancelled, still attached (just). Clean  £20.00
6161908, 1907 2m on 3m stationery reply card (HG13, NP13). Face card cancelled to order with Shepheard’s HS6 of 4 III 08, reply section missing£3.00
6171908, colour card (Tombs of the Caliphs), franked 4m DLR for Germany and cancelled with Shepheard’s HS6 of 2 IV 08 (70%)£4.00
6181912, Cairo Postcard Trust sepia card (Le Caire – in fact the great pyramid), franked 4m DLR for Constantinople and cancelled HS7 7 I 12 (95%). Good strike, Cairo transit and two Turkish alongside£4.00
6191912, postcard to Germany franked 4m DLR and cancelled (faint) HS7 of 7 II 12. Astonishingly, the card (Amen-Hotep on his throne) is printed not on card but on thin brown leather! Message (in English) includes: This is a very special thing in Post cards. I hope you will appreciate it. Still in perfect condition 97 years later  £70.00
6201927, Gaddis & Seif colour card (Thebes – Tomb of Nefertari), franked 10m 1st Fuad for New Jersey and cancelled Shepheards HS7 of 23 II 27 (80%)£4.00
6211935, small expensive env franked 4m 2nd Fuad (SG155), for printed matter rate to Switzerland, and cancelled with HS8 of 16 DE 35. Neat clean cover  £20.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Continental 
6221901, excellent colour card (no caption, but pyramids and camels) franked 1m + 3m DLR for Hungary, cancelled Continental HC2 of 17 IV 01 (70%). Caire transit and neat Budapest arrival on face. Good£4.00
6231904, Lichtenstein/Harari b-w card (The Small Pyramid), franked 2x2m DLR for Italy and cancelled two strikes of Continental H2 of 31 X 04 (80%). Neat clean card£4.00
6241910, 1908 4m stationery card (HG16, NP18) very neatly addressed to Austria and cancelled with excellent strike Continental HC4 of 28 XI 10. Cairo / B transit. Fine card and cancels£4.00
6251912, 1907/10 2m stationery card (HG14, NP14) uprated with similar 2m DLR for Switzerland, very neatly addressed and cancelled with Continental HC4 of 28.1.12. Good£4.00
6261936, small plain env franked 5,15,20m (full set) of Anglo-Egyptian Treaty + 2x4m 3rd Fuad (SG 155), thus 48m, for registration to London. Cancelled HC12 31 DE 36 with faint Hotel reg cachet alongside. Reverse has Cairo transit and three London Registered arrival ovals  £60.00
6271937, plain cover, unaddressed, with full set of 1937 Ophthalmology Congress (SG262-64) cancelled to order with Continental HC7 of 10 DE 37 (info strike 90%). Clean£4.00
6281938, printed env (flap) of Hotel Beau-Rivage / Ouchy-Lausanne with 1938 Telecoms set (SG269-271) cancelled 1 FE 38 (First Day) at Continental (type HC7). Clean cover  £12.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Winter Palace 
6291909, Max Rudmann colour card (The Temple of Karnak), franked 4m DLR for Lucerne, neatly addressed and cancelled Winter Palace HW2a (blue) of 6 II 09 (80%). Luzern arrival alongside£5.00
6301909 Richter Co sepia card (Luxor Winter Palace – General View from the River: our room indicated!), cancelled 2x2m DLR for Switzerland and cancelled faint HW2a (blue, 65%) of 20 XII 09. Good card£5.00
6311910, Dr Trenkler colour card (Luxor Winter Palace; “my windows in ink”), slight corner wear), franked 4m DLR for Switzerland and cancelled clear HW2 (black, 90%) of 26 I 10£4.00
6321910, S.I.P. card (Temple d’Amenothes a Karnak), franked 1m+3m DLR for Munich, neatly addressed and cancelled clear HW2 (black, 85%) of 29 XII 10 £4.00
6331926, charming L&L sepia card (Baby negresse) franked with 10m First Fuad for Lucerne, neatly addressed and cancelled with HW4 of 6 I 26 (black, 80%). Good card£4.00
6341927, Luxor Hotel printed env, franked with vertical pairs of 1,2,3m + single 10m (SG 156) 2nd Fuad, and 5m First Fuad, thus 27m for registration to Lucerne. Cancelled clean Winter Palace HW5 22 DE 27 with clear Winter Palace reg cachet alongside. Reverse has German arrival 27 XII. Very clean  £75.00
6351929, Lehnert/Landrock b-w card (Cairo – Dahabia’s on the Nile) franked vert pair of 5m 2nd Fuads, neatly addressed to Switzerland and cancelled faint HW4 of 22 ?? 29 (55%)£3.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Luxor Hotel 
6361896, 5m stationery postcard (HG3, NP3), addressed to Vienna and cancelled with perfect strike of first Luxor Hotel marking of 20 III 96 T.1. Addressed amended, so that “Frau Louise” is “also called Lulu” – significance?  £60.00
6371899, Mourning cover franked 1pi DLR blue for Geneva and cancelled HL1 of 23 III 99 T.1 (75%). Alexandrie / A transit and Geneve arrival marks behind. Good  £35.00
6381906, CA & Co colour card (Tempel von Kom-Ombo), franked vert [pair of 2m DLR for Berlin, neatly addressed and franked Luxor Hotel HL2 of 17 III 06 (65%), Faint Charlottenburg arrival CDS£4.00
6391901, colour Savoy Library card (The avenue of Sphinxes), franked 4m DLR for France, neatly addressed and cancelled with elusive blue Luxor HL2a of 19 II 09 TIV (85%). Neat £5.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Thomas Cook’s 
6401899, Cook’s Nile Steamboat Services vignette printed cover franked 1pi blue DLR for France and cancelled Assiout (date not clear). Two French arrival marks behind. Neat  £20.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Ghesireh Palace 
6411894, 1pi blue stationery envelope (HG2, NP2), neatly addressed to Lucerne and cancelled with HG1 of 13 XII 94 (info strike slightly smudged but 85%). Lucerne arrival ten days later  £35.00
6421896, 5m stationery postcard (HG3, NP3), addressed to Zurich and cancelled with near-perfect strike of elusive HG1 of 14 II 96 T2. Cairo / D transit and Zurich arrival also on the face  £65.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – San Stefano Hotel 
6431902, Mieli postcard (Vue generale d’Alexandrie pris du Phare) franked horiz pair of 2m DLR for Geneva and cancelled with two strikes of San Stefano Type 3 of 13 VIII 02 IV (75%).  £25.00
6441902, S.I.P postcard with portrait-vignettes of six local beauties, addressed to San Stefan and franked 2m DLR. Same cancel as last (75%) 14 IX 02 III  £25.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Cataract 
6451907, Rommler/Jonas colour card (Elefantine, View from Cataract Hotel), franked horiz pair of 2m DLR for Glamorgan, neatly addressed and cancelled with Cataract HCA1b of 8 III 07 TII (85%). Good£4.00
6461908, 1899 4m stationery card (HG11, NP11), neatly addressed to Mitau, Russia, and cancelled with clear Cataract HCA1b of 27 I 08. Double-ring Mitau arrival (24 Jan!) shows arrival before despatch because of change to different dating system. Message in German, adhesion behind, but remarkable£6.00
6471908, 1907-10 2m stationery card (HG14, NP 14), uprated with similar 2m DLR for Germany, neatly addressed and cancelled with Cataract HCA1b of 21 II 08 TI. Faint Augsburg arrival 28 Feb. Good£4.00
6481924, plain b-w photocard, no caption but Bisharin girl, franked horiz pair of 5m 1st Fuad, neatly addressed to Switzerland, franked HCA2 of 23 FE 24 (70%), Excellent condition£4.00
6491927, cover franked 5m,10m Harrison pictorials for Switzerland, faintly cancelled Cataract type HCA2 of 2 FE 22. Reverse has Cataract Hotel stamp-sized label and Cairo transit  £15.00
6501928, Lehnert/Landrock sepia card (Assuan: Pylons and Kiosk of Philae), franked 10m 2nd Fuad for Switzerland hotel (readdressed on arrival) and cancelled HCA2 17 FE 28. Good card£4.00
6511930, 1916 3m Ras el Tin stationery card (HG25, NP 25), neatly addressed in green ink to Winter Palace and cancelled Cataract HCA3 20 JA 30 (80, a little off the card). Unaccountably, arrival mark seven hours later is Luqsor / Parcels. Interesting card£5.00
6521933, Gaddis/Seif b-w card (Karnak – General View of the Great Temple of Amen-Ra), franked 13m 2nd Fuad, neatly addressed to Zurich, and cancelled HCA3 of 16 MR 33 (70%). Clean card£4.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Semiramis 
6531907, Max Rudmann colour card (A bath, good but sl corner wear), franked 4m DLR, neatly addressed to Luzern and cancelled elusive Semiramis HSE1 of 8 V 07 (90%). Unusual card£6.00
6541909, Max Rudmann b-w card (Le Caire – Group de Chameaux aux Tombeaux des Khalifs), franked 4m DLR, addressed to Belgium, written over both sides, cancelled with Semiramis HSE1 of 6 II 09 (90%)£6.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Savoy, Aswan 
6551914?, LL b-w card (Assouan – Bisharin Camp; excellent condition), franked 1m and 3m of DLR pictorials set, neatly written to Switzerland and cancelled with blue strike of Savoy Aswan (50%). Date not clear, but possibly 28 II of very elusive HSY1a (recorded only 14 II-15 III 1914). A great pity£5.00
 Hotel covers and postmarks – Savoy, Cairo 
6561907, 2m embossed small stationery envelope (HG5, NP5), wmk inverted, neatly addressed to Geneva and cancelled Savoy HSA2 of ?? I 07 TII. No backstamp, clean cover£4.00
 Advertising cover 
6571953? – CDS date not clear. Wonderful long env colourfully illustrated for CocaCola Bottling Plant of Tantah, franked 10m Marechal with bars and sent from A.4 / Alexandria, Arabic-addressed to Cairo£7.00
6581868, Type IVa, Ismailia, two mint copies, good, with hinge remains£3.00
6591868, Type IVa, Porto Said, two mint examples on grey, one with much gum remaining£3.00
6601871, Type V, Ismailia, three mint examples on blue, good condition, hinge remains£3.50
6611871, Type V, Serapoum, three mint examples on blue, good condition, all good gum, one with pinhole£4.00
6621872-74, Type Va, Suez, two fine mint examples on light blue, no gum£3.00
6631872-74, Type Va, Porto Said, two fine mint examples on light green, one with some gum£3.00
6641874-78. Type Vc, Cairo, mint, grey on white, sl thin unseen from front, sl adhesion on front£1.00
6651878-79, Type Vd, Suez, two fine mint examples on light blue, one with gum£3.00
6661878-79, Type Vd, Porto Said, two fine mint examples on green, hinge remains£3.00
6671878, Type VI (embossed): deep blue on white (x2); indigo on dk green, unseen thin£2.00
6681879-80, Type VIIA: three Sudanese – Chaka, Dara, Fazoglou, all mint£2.00
6691880., Type VIII, mini-collection of 40 mint (ie, no postmark, no gum) interpostal circles in shades of pink/red, ranging from Assiout to Tooh, only four duplicated: Edkou, Facouss, Farchout and Rodah (all showing shade differences). Occasional nicks in edge but generally good. Priced to go at £14.00
6701880, Type VIII: nine examples – Edwa*, Facouss, Fouah, Gous*, Kafr-Amar, Manchieh, Maraga, Mattahna*, Mit-Gamr. All mint good condition, * indicates full gum£4.00
6711884, Type IX: 19 mint examples, from Aba-el-Wakf to Zagazig including four with gum, 2xAssiout, 2xSuez£7.00
6721884, Type IX, Damanhour, used, 2 part-CDS (date unclear); Damiette, used, near full CDS 1887, nicks; Menouf used, part strike no date£4.00
6731887, Type X, two mint examples, one (with pencil 438) clearly once stuck on a letter flap£2.50
6741890, Type XI, 807, cancelled with spot-on strike of Fayoum 1 MA 95 TII, stuck centrally on face of otherwise unused visiting-card envelope. Excellent IP, odd usage £4.00
 British military interest 
6751933 Forces letter with Crown Cancel 4 and A1 Postal Seal  £6.00
6761935 Forces letter with CC4 and SG A7 seal£4.00
6771933 Forces letter with CC4 and A1 Postal seal £6.00
6781934 Forces letter with CC6 and A2 letter seal£4.00
6791932 Forces letter with CC6 and A2 letter seal. £6.00
6801933 Forces letter with CC8 and A2 letter seal£4.00
6811934 Forces letter with CC13 and A2 letter seal£4.00
6821935 Forces letter with CC19 and A9 vermilion seal£6.00
6831935 (Christmas Day) Forces letter with CC19 and SG A6 seal£20.00
6841936 Forces letter with CC 20 and SG A9£6.00
6851935 Forces letter with CC23 and green SG A8 seal£7.00
686Postal seal A9 seventh issue. UM block of 10£6.00
 Rural post 
687Two rural post covers 1920s£8.00
 Post-Revolution covers 
68820 covers from post revolution period. Some commercial, some with letters all Arabic addresses£3.00
689Similar lot£3.00
690Similar lot£3.00
 First flight 
6911952 – Illustrated First Flight Cover by Comet jet, Farouk Airport 5 JL 52 to London, franked 8m and 20m KES Airs (SG 395,398), censor mark in blue£4.00
 Allies’ military mail 
6921933 Envelope to England (address removed); on reverse 1 piastre letter seal, SG A2, retta cancel. MPO Cairo and Crown 6 cancels on face. Tone spots£7.00
6931940 NZ PO1 to New Zealand franked 10 mills Army Post block of 4, SG A15, displaying trilingual airmail etiquette Mit Luftpost/Par avion/Per area - unusual. Double square unit censor, roughly opened, some toning as usual£3.50
 Postal history 
694Inland registered letter rate to 1940: National Bank of Egypt printed cover to Tahta, franked 15m Boy King cancelled Suhag / R 16 MA 39. Inland rate was 5 mills and registration fee 10 mills. Large wax seal behind, roughly opened and repaired £2.00
6951945 airmail cover with censor tape and multiple cachets front and rear inc Andrews Type 11.2 (attributed to Mrs M-T Odent – French?). Addressed from Belgian legation to Brussels. Cancelled Cairo Station 6 MA 45 with roller cancel on reverse. Opened at top  £5.00
6961954 Tourism Airmail cover to Belgium with censor tape and cachets to front and reverse, franked 2+50m KES bars (SG480, 489) adhesives, with two Sabena Belgian Airline etiquettes. Carefully opened at top  £2.50
69720-Feb-63 FDC, 4 mills Greeting Card block of 4 (SG 739), registered with mixed Official franking (SG O279, O689, O690) on reverse. Philatelic Serivice Office Reg cachet and small oval censor. Carefully opened at base and reduced at left side£3.00
698Recent cover, to N.Z, franked with seven definitives from 1997 onwards, exhibiting type and shade varieties. SG 2020 and 2021. Address cut out, cleanly opened at top  £1.00
 Official covers 
6991929, Neat OHEMS buff cover with Official Oval in violet addressed to Austria franked 15 mills Official, SG O145 and cancelled unusual Dawawin / (Mouvement) CDS 29 AP 29. Opened and cut down at left£4.00
7001957 Airmail cover printed Cairo University, Faculty of Science - Vice Dean's Office to Berlin, franked SG 433 and 528 adhesives (15 mills) together with Officials SG O277, O280 and O281 (x2), 37 mills. CDS R/Cairo University 2 JL 57, University Registration cachet alongside. Censored, w. red postal registration stamp on front and Science Faculty rubber stamp on reverse  £8.00
 Stamp catalogue – winner to pay postage costs 
7011960, Zeheri Catalogue for Egypt and Sudan, by Ahmed Mazloum, in French. 320pp. A classic£8.00
 Egypt stamps 
702Cheap stockbook of 4 double sides containing neatly sorted accumulation (est 400 stamps) off paper from 1879 to 1953. Good range of used, duplicated definitives but commems (x37), Airs, officials and the odd revenue present. SG130 and 131 mtd mint noted. Useful lot for research purposes? £7.00
7031866, First Issue, six stamps. Three perforated – 5pa (wmk 1c), 10pa (1b), 20pa (1a); and three imperf proofs - 10pa (wmk 1a), 2pi (no wmk), 10pi (no wmk), all mint with minor hinge remains  £80.00
7041936, Fuad Army Post – horizontal pair of the scarce 3m green with oblique royal perforations. Pristine condition (NP AP1b)  £100.00
7051953, first post-Revolution pictorial issue, block of four 32m mosque imperforate in pristine condition (NP D202a)  £90.00
7062000, official special prestige display of all the year’s stamps and miniature sheets beautifully mounted on four decorated sheets in English and Arabic  £16.00
7072003, As last, full year’s stamps and miniature sheets on four display sheets  £16.00
7082004, complete pane of 25 National Bar Association 92nd anniversary, showing all 23 former presidents except present incumbent Sameh Ashour (stamps 42 and 47 of full sheet), which were removed by order of the PO Director on July 3, 2004. Scarce, and pristine (Bal 1706-1730)  £25.00
7092005, complete year set of all 37 stamps and three miniature sheets, mint, pristine (Bal 1767-1806)£15.00
7102008, complete year set of all 25 stamps and one miniature sheet, mint, pristine £15.00
711Set of six “I love Egypt” cartoon postcards drawn and signed by Vladimir and published by The Reader’s Corner, Cairo in 1985. Pristine new condition  £30.00