Auction 56 with 594 Lots

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"Postal" or email bids may be received up to MIDNIGHT UK time, September 28th, 2017

Egypt Study Circle Book Sale and Auction No.56

Closing date for all bids midnight UK Time September 28th, 2017

Welcome to our 56th members-only Circle Auction, which this time has a new feature alongside, consisting of an auction of members’ books that are likely to interest you all. See here for the list and for the rules, which are not the same as the usual auction rules, so please read them closely.

On this page we confine ourselves to Auction 56, which has an astonishing total of just short of 600 lots, with 99.9 per cent of them illustrated to make your special items easier to find.

We are grateful to the members who have offered material for sale, and especially to the families of our late members Peter Andrews (ESC 122) and Erik Menne Larsen (ESC 170), who have offered material from their collections. Without them the list would have been both shorter and much less attractive. Please search out unwanted material for future auctions.

Please also bear in mind that the Auction helps the Circle to survive, by taking a small commission on every lot sold. To offset that commission, postage is generally free unless it is bulky or heavy (books and other literature may require an extra charge to cover postage).

Remember that bids must arrive (if by post, please use the bidding form here ) or by email on or before midnight UK time September 28, 2017 to

Mike Murphy
109 Chadwick Road
London SE15 4PY

or e-mailed to

Bids arriving after the cut-off time and date will be ignored.

Invoices for winning lots will go out virtually immediately, by email if possible,and must be paid within ten days; if payment is not received in that time, the offender’s bids may be cancelled.

No lots will be sent out until the invoice has been paid in full. Vendors will be notified to send in lots sold: they must reach Mike Murphy within seven days of the advice.

For queries about delivery of lots contact

Other conditions:

* Bids must be placed (and reserves set) within the bidding steps below. Bids not conforming will be rounded up (£25.00 will become £26.00, and so on).
* Prices are reserves rather than estimates; low bids cannot be accepted.
* Lots are secured at one bidding step above the next highest bidder. In a tie, preference goes to the earlier bidder (judged by postmark or time of email). As material is not with the Auctioneer to view, and in any case it is not his job to adjudicate, bids specifying conditions will not be accepted.
* A buyer’s commission of 10% and a seller's commission of 5% will be levied to cover Circle costs. Postage and packing of lots won are free of charge unless advised (heavy literature, for instance).
* Bidders are asked to make known any special posting conditions beyond our own insurance.
* All material remains with the vendor until “sold”, so buyers may return to Mike Murphy within seven days lots misdescribed as to fact or condition, for a refund.

Please be fair: it is not easy to accept return of a mixed lot! If authentication is required, a note or phone call will reserve a potential refund.

Bidding steps: £1 - £5, 50p; £5 - £20, £1; £20 - £50 - £2; £50 - £100, £5; over £100, £10.

A full breakdown of the bidding steps can be seen here.
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