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Egypt Study Circle Auction No.57. Closing Midnight Wednesday 31 October, 2018

Austrian Consular Post in Egypt
1 Receipt for a registered letter in Italian with superb Alexandrien datestamp of the Austrian Post dated 18 10 81, the letter addressed to Trieste. The receipt also bears a magenta cachet of the Corvette Zrinyl K.K. Kriegs Marine, apparently at Alexandria between September 2 and Nov 1 1881.Ex Kurt Wolfsbauer from his renowned exhibit. Sold at Harmers in 2005, price then £295 £320.00
2 An entire letter and outer wrapper of a second letter, both from the Austrian Consular Post at Alexandria. The entire, dated 28.2.66, has a superb strike of the Type 1 datestamp in black and blue crayon 15 (soldi) indicating posted unpaid; on the reverse, a Trieste receiver in blue dated 5.III.66 (six days transit). The outer is franked 15 soldi light brown of the Austrian Levant 1861 issue cancelled with Type 1 said to be 28.10.71 (not clear) and Trieste receiver on reverse  £110.00
Italian Consular Post in Egypt
3 Outer wrapper of a letter from Cairo to Venice franked Second Issue 1pi to pay for Cairo to Alexandria, where it was handed to the Italian post to receive a 40 centesimi Italian stamp for Alexandria to Venice. On the front the Egyptian stamp is cancelled Cairo 20 MAG 70 with the Italian Alessandria d’Egitto Poste Italiane next day while the Italian stamp is cancelled with the ‘killer’ 234 in a lozenge of dots. The reverse has the Egyptian V.R. Poste Egiziane Alessandria 20 MAG 70, a Verona transit and Venezia receiver 26 MAG 70. Fragile but a rare combination  £900.00
British Consular Post in Egypt
4 Two covers each franked with joined pair of 4d orange 1865 issue with letters A1B1 and H1N1respectively, both with BO1 ‘killer’ with 8 bars and both addressed to London. Each has Via Brindisi manuscript and a ‘thimble’ canceller of the British Post; one has blue cachet of sender’s cachet C.J. Grace Alexandria, the other London PAID receiver in red on front, plus red ‘thimble’ receiver on the back. Sent 22 JA72 and 17 MR 72 respectively, one took 14 days, the other only 8 days  £100.00
Early Postal History
5 Incoming entire from London double arc cancel in black dated 30 MAR 1839 to Alexandria with ms via Marseille and in red, (a) boxed PAID C+ 30 MR 30 hand-stamp, (b) P-D in a circle (paid to destination?), and (c) Paq. Angl. Marseille transit of Avril 39. Alexandrie receiver of the French Post Office 24 AVRIL 1839 in black. 25 days transit  £35.00
6 Disinfected mail: 1843 entire letter from the British Consular Office at Alexandria double arc dated DE 22 1843 in black to Marseille with cachet PURIFIE AU LAZARET MALTE (the smaller of the two at 24mm), manuscript Col vapor Inglese (by English ship), and 10 (decimes) with Marseille receiver. Also has in red Paq. Ang. Marseille dated 1 JA 44. One or two tears near disinfection slit, but an unusual item  £40.00
7 1848 Entire letter from the British Consular Office at Alexandria with “Wessex” double arc dated FE 8 1848 to Marseille with cachet PURIFIE AU LAZARET MALTE (the larger of the two at 26mm), manuscript Col vapore Inglese, by English ship, manuscript 90 (centimes) and, in red, clear Paq. Ang. Marseille of 17 FEV 48, nine days transit. Very nice  £45.00
8 1854 entire letter from Sonnino correspondence in Italian sent Alexandrie (Egypte) of the French Consular Post dated 5 JANV 54 with ms “par bateau français”, and in red 96 (centimes) to Livorno with receiver in blue 17 GEN 1854 on the back, 12 days transit. Sender’s cachet in blue WOLLHEIM & CO  £25.00
9 Entire letter in Arabic dated 1.1.62 in Tanta type III Posta Europea (faint but all there), with red crayon 1 (piastre?) that probably indicates paid to Alexandria destination  £13.00
10 Recent purchase (at £95): Grindlay’s Bank envelope (logo on flap) franked GB two-pence halfpenny rosy-mauve of 1873; posted in London in 1878 to Cairo Post Office (deleted and re-addressed in pencil to New Hotel). Two backstamps, both in Italian for Allessandria and Cairo. Dealers’ mention “forwarded by Italian PO” is not correct as all are early Egyptian postmarks  £65.00
11 Entire letter dated 1859 written in Greek with sender’s cachet G Antoniadis Alexandrie to Malta with black crayon 5 to indicate payment to be collected; on the reverse are thimble datestamps of British Office at Alexandria and Malta receiver  £12.00
First Issue
12 First Issue 1 piastre on entire cancelled with Type 1 in blue Poste Vice Reali Egiziane Cairo, two strikes, one on stamp, to Suez Type 1 dated SETT 66 struck in black  £45.00
13 Front only with First Issue 1 piastre cancelled Type 1 of Mansura (two strikes in black, one on stamp) to ? Some foxing  £15.00
14 10 piastres slate with perforation 12 ½ x12 ½ x13 x12 ½ (SG 7c, NP D7m), unused without gum, showing constant flaw in white hole joining lines below P.E at lower right. Stunning example of truly rare stamp, complete with detailed Charlie Hass certificate (1997)  £200.00
15 FORGERY.10 piastres slate, similar to last, but with long letter attached from Peter Smith to Peter Andrews (1971) explaining why he believes it to be a forgery, a genuine piece of printer’s waste from the background printing, with a forged overprint added later. Remarkable survival, and a wonderful story  £40.00
16 Proofs. The full proof set of seven values (5 para to 10 piastres), imperforate on unwatermarked paper (NP page 73, valued at $175), two low values and two high mounted mint, but nice clean set  £60.00
17 (date?) folded letter franked with First Issue 1pi and 2pi (SG 4/5) Arabic-addressed with Suez backstamp 21 Sett 6(?). Fragile, and 2pi stamp has damage at top left  £30.00
Sheets of Stamps
18 1882, 5 para pale brown, two unmounted mint left-hand panes of full sheet of 240, with lower left single removed. Plate number 1, De La Rue current number 1, watermark wide star and crescent upright, so 1882 issue (NP D32, SG 44). Good survival, cat $600 as singles Too big forA4 scanner  £240.00
19 1884 colour change, 10 para green, two unmounted mint panes, very fragile, from full sheet of 240, with upper left single removed. Plate number 1, DLR current number 2, wmk wide crescent and star upright (SG 52, NP D41). Some selvedge lost, strengthened behind. Too big for A4 scanner  £50.00
20 1939, 40 mills Farouk in full sheet of 100 but for two stamps removed from top right, control A/42 B/42 A/43 (SG 278, NP D149), unmounted mint. Too big for A4 scanner  £180.00
21 1937-44, Boy King complete UM sheets of 100 stamps: 1 mill control B/41, B/41 A/42, 2mill A/37, A/37 A/39 B/39 A/40, 3mills A/41, 4 mills B/43, 5 mills A/40, 6 mills A/42, 10 mills A/43, 13 mills A/37, 20 mills A/39 A/40 A/43 A/43 (top row lost). Total 11 sheets, 1090 stamps. Not illustrated  £240.00
22 1952, 1mill Marechal with King of Egypt and Sudan overprint, full mint sheet of 100, mounted only in selvedge, which is lost at top and left, taking part of Arabic control number at left corner. Control at right reads A/49 A/50 A/51 in English and A/48 A/49 A/50 A/51 in Arabic. 100 stamps, too big for scanner  £15.00
23 1947, Air Mails, 3 mills (SG 323, NP A29), full sheet of 50 with complete selvedge, UMM and control A/47  £15.00
24 1952, Air Mails, 1947 issue with King of Egypt and Sudan overprint (SG 392-403, NPA40-51). Full UMM sheets of 50 (most lacking top/side selvedge): 2 mills A/47 B/47, A/47 B/47 A/48; 3 mills A/47 A/48; 7 mills A/46 A/47; 8 mills A/47 A/48. Total five sheets, 250 stamps. Sample illustrated  £45.00
25 1953-54, Air Mails, 1947 issue with Farouk barred out (SG 455-66, NP A54-65). Full UMM sheets of 50: 2 mills A/47, A/47 B/47; 3 mills A/47; 5 mills A/46 A/47; 7 mills A/52; 8 mills A/46 A/47 A/48; 20 mills A/52. Full selvedge all round. Total seven sheets, 350 stamps  £55.00
26 1953-54, 2 mills Marechal with three bars, full unmounted mint sheet of 100 with complete selvedge and control A/50 A/51 A/52. 100 stamps  £15.00
27 1957, mint unmounted sheets of 50 of all three overprinted Al Azhar Millenary issue (SG 525-27, NP C174-76). 15m divided horizontally at centre. Original (never issued) A/42 control neatly barred out in red and replaced with new Arabic control and date on stamp face. Note pinholes for accurate alignment in stamps 5 and 50 (not 20m). 150 stamps. Striking  £45.00
28 1957, complete mint unmounted sheets of 50 of all five Tomb of Aggressors issue (SG 532-36, NP C181-85), all with bilingual control number A/57. 250 stamps  £35.00
29 1958, Egyptian Industries, issued in a mini-sheet (5x5) of se-tenant stamps in horizontal rows (SG 565-69, NP C202-06). Pristine unmounted sheet with control A/58  £8.00
30 1963, complete mint unmounted sheets of 50 of all three of the air definitive issue (SG 7641-43, NP A 80-82, all with bilingual control number A/62. 150 stamps  £25.00
31 1965, 13th Anniversary of the Revolution (SG 851, NP C401), 100 mills massive stamp issued in a sheet of six with two singles and two pairs with Egyptian eagle between. Pristine unmounted mint sheet with printing number and date15 XII 65. Too big for scanner  £12.00
32 1976, Suez Canal Crossing, 110 mills massive stamp (SG 1297, NP C777), issued in a sheet of six single stamps. Pristine unmounted mint sheet with printing number and date 4 X 76, cat £57. Too big for scanner  £12.00
33 D1977, 25th Anniversary of the Revolution, 110 mills large stamp (NPP C800) issued in sheet of six with Egyptian eagle between. Pristine unmounted mint sheet with printing number and date 20 VII 77. Too big for scanner  £10.00
34 1977, Fourth Anniversary of Suez Crossing, 140 mills large stamp (SG1326, NP C806) printed in sheet of 16 block of four, four pairs, eight singles). Pristine unmounted mint sheet with printing number and date 2 X 77. Too big for scanner Cat £156  £12.00
35 2014, imperf sheet of four LE4 miniature sheets printed to commemorate 50 years of Egyptian-Russian co-operation. Printing guide marks all round  £10.00
Cancelled-back and varieties
36 Cancelled-back 1927-37 Second Fuad: 50 mills pale blue-green printed on thin card, Cancelled on back in English, dark centre (NP D122a), hinge remains behind  £36.00
37 Cancelled-back, 1944-51 Marechal issue: 1 mill, 17 mills, 20 mills imperf on thin card all with English Cancelled. Three stamps, excellent condition  £40.00
38 Cancelled-back, 1944-51 Marechal issue: 2, 4, 5, 10, 15 mills imperf on thin card all with Arabic Cancelled. Five stamps, excellent condition  £50.00
39 Cancelled-back, 1944-51, Marechal issue: 17 mills value in massive and scarce block of eight with Arabic Cancelled on back, enormous margin at top and left, excellent condition  £300.00
40 Marechal 1 mill, horizontal pair imperforate from top left corner of sheet, massive margins, (NP D155a), hinge remains in selvedge  £25.00
41 Marechal 1 mill, horizontal pair, inverted watermark, (NP D155c), hinge remains, sl rust spot  £16.00
42 Marechal 1 mill, single, imperforate and double impression (single sheet of 100 from Palace Collection recorded), Qubba Palace cachet behind, sl hinge remains (NPD155b)  £70.00
43 Marechal 1 mill, horizontal pair with misplaced vertical perforations (“Royal” imperf?), perhaps NP D155e. sl hinge remains  £8.00
44 Marechal 4 mills, horizontal pair, imperforate, with massive left margin (NP D158b), UMM  £30.00
45 Marechal 10 mills, horizontal pair printed on the gummed side of the paper with reversed watermark, NP D160a, UMM  £80.00
46 Marechal 20 mills, horizontal pair printed on gummed side of the paper with reversed watermark, NP D164a, UMM  £65.00
47 Young Farouk 100 mills single, printed on gummed side of paper with reversed watermark, minimal hinge remains. Magdi 158a, NP D151a, which remarks that the 75 recorded copies were found at Quesna post office in 1944  £165.00
Proofs, essays
48 1895, Winter Festival, De La Rue typographed, perf 14, wmk crescent and star sideways to right, unissued, Nile Post C1-3. Beautiful UMM, two of them left marginal  £280.00
49 First Fuad, 1922 Harrison perforated essays: 2x5m red-brown (NP E220/220a, wmk pointing each way), 10m red (E230), 15m blue (E232), all UMM, four pristine stamps cat $300  £120.00
50 1922 Harrison imperf essays: 15m blue, star/crescent wmk, left marginal pair, UMM, pristine, NP E233  £50.00
51 1922 Harrison imperf essays: 15m blue and 20m green, printed on thin card, UMM (NP E233a, E235). See footnotes on NP page 33  £50.00
52 1923-24 Harrison imperf colour trial: 5m red-brown, wmk crescent/star to right, gummed, right marginal block of four (NP D95ct(c)), mounted mint  £22.00
53 1923-24 Harrison colour trials: series on thick unwatermarked paper, imperforate and ungummed, as NP D9ct-D98ct, missing only 5m red brown. That is, 1m orange (lower marginal) and dark brown, 2m pale black and red-brown, 3m red-brown, 10m dark rose and brown (upper marginal pair), 15m brown, 20m red-brown. Total ten stamps, cat $460  £250.00
54 1923-24 Harrison colour trials: series on unwatermarked paper, imperforate and ungummed, as NP D94ct to D101ct: 4m red-brown, 50m blue-green, 100m both mauve and purple, 200m mauve. Total five stamps, cat $330  £180.00
Crown overprints
55 Stunning colour trial: 1m sepia (NP D78ct) and 15m blue (NP D85ct), both mint UM with Harrisons London Type IV overprints in deep rose-carmine). Probably only 100 of each exist. Complete with detailed Charlie Hass certificate of 2008. Exhibition stamps  £200.00
56 Stunning 5m pink, UM mint block of six with control B.23 in left margin showing two examples of “crushed crown” variety (NP D82 Id) on stamps 192 and 193. Complete with detailed Charlie Hass certificate from 2008. Exhibition piece  £350.00
57 Amazing 5x5 block of the 1 millième with overprint a cheval, displaced by 5mm downwards. Cairo Type III (typographed) with large crown (NP D78d) with pencil notation of positions in setting of 12. Mint unmounted but for selvedge, which has been stuck down at some time, with sl rust spot behind. Staggering exhibition piece, cat $1,250 as singles  £1000.00
58 Ten-page beautifully detailed study of this issue, showing all four overprint types, both mounted mint and used, up to 50m, plus higher values showing shade variations and including several copies of 100m with single crescent/star wmk (NP D88I), another with wmk reversed, plus several opt photographs. Delightful range Opening page only illustrated  £140.00
59Harrison 5mills pink with Crown overprint completely offset on its reverse. Mounted mint  £10.00
Crown overprints on cover
60 (date?), small envelope franked 3x10m Crown opt plus 2x 15m Crown opt (milleimat) for Zurich. Marginal pink Alex Reg label alongside, but CDS illegible. Very attractive  £30.00
61 5 MA 23, small buff OHMS cover franked with 10m Crown opt, addressed to Hilsea Barracks, Portsmouth, countersigned by stamp of OC RAOC Coys / Alex, with Mex CDS. Backstamps show much confusion, with CDS of Alex, Hihya, Zaqaziq as well as Mansura-Cairo (two different) and Cairo-Port Said TPOs. Fascinating - was it ever delivered?  £40.00
62 27 1 24, plain envelope (flap lost) addressed to Paris and franked with single and pair of 5m pink Crown opts. Spectacular near full CDS of Minia  £24.00
63 13 FE 24, neat cover to Athens franked for registration with vertical pair of 15m Crown Overprint (milleima), cancelled Sidi Gaber / R&P, with Registration cachet alongside. Sealing wax behind  £18.00
64 25 AU 24, reused “cancelled” Coal Mines Department OHMS Official printed envelope, franked on reverse with 20m Crown opt plus 5m First Fouad for London, cancelled Cairo / RD, pink Cairo Reg label. Odd re-use  £35.00
Egypt Booklets
65 1930, 210 mills composite booklet complete with two panes of 5m, one of 10m and one of 15m Second Fuad, all with A/30 controls, stitched left, pristine with interleaving (SG S812, NP SB11)  £240.00
66 1937-40, 120 mills booklet complete with four panes of Boy King 5 mills, all with A/40 controls, stitched left and pristine with interleaving (SG S814, NP SB13)  £140.00
67 1937-40, 120 mills booklet complete as last all with A.37 A/39 controls, stitched left and pristine with Arabic instructions printed on interleaving (SG S814, NP SB13)  £160.00
68 1942, 180 mills booklet, five panes of Boy King 6 mills, all with A/41 controls, stitched left and complete with interleaving (SG S816, NP SB15)  £130.00
69 1942, 180 mills booklet completely as last, but no control numbers (SG S816, NP SB15)  £120.00
70 1951, 240 mills booklet, complete with four panes of 10 mills Marechal and interleaving, stitched left, no control numbers (SG S817, NP SB16)  £170.00
71 1951, completely as last, stitched right (SG S817, NP SB 16  £170.00
72 1940, complete pane of 60 of 5m Boy King, originally intended for booklet production, control A/40 at lower left, perforated through right (ie centre) margin. Unmounted mint  £45.00
73 1940, another, precisely as last but divided horizontally at centre  £30.00
74 1940, similar 5m pane of 60 with perforations running right through both sides of the pane but no control number  £45.00
75 1942, complete pane of 60 of 6m Boy King, originally intended for booklet production, control A/41 A/42 at lower left, perforations running through right-hand (centre) margin  £45.00
76 1940, complete pane of 60 of 15m Boy King originally intended for early composite booklet production, control A/38 A/40, with perforations running through right-hand (centre) margin  £45.00
77 21 JA 23, small cover Arabic addressed to Cairo from Hihya, cancelled with Harrison 5m pink Pictorial (see perfs at top). Clear CDS and Cairo arrival  £8.00
78 April 1930, full booklet pane of 5m Second Fuad used to pay government tax on Arabic-written document cancelled by Official Oval handstamp. Excellent clean use  £20.00
79 2004, Discover the Treasures of Egypt on Stamps – Egypt’s last booklet. Contains 30 postage stamps including high-value Tutankhamun (gold leaf), Nefertiti and Sphinx. Complete and mint  £14.00
80 2006, while visiting Egypt Peter Andrews apparently took apart the 2004 booklet (see last) and sent himself 16 covers encapsulating all the stamps involved. Mixed results, but a good chance to obtain stamps rarely used on cover. Samples only illustrated  £10.00
Fuad Definitives
81 Second Fuad Portrait Issue 5 mills. Astonishingly detailed study on more than 40 pages of every possible aspect of this stamp (SG 156, NP D112) – research into die negatives, screens, varieties (but not flaws), and plating. Truly the work of a devoted expert. Well over 450 stamps, nine control blocks of four, and 14 other controls. Original collector (John Revell?) has moved some pieces to other pages, but a bargain at  £100.00
Farouk Marechal control blocks
82 1944-51 Farouk “Marechal” issue: Astonishing reference/research collection of control blocks for every value from 1m to 40 and 50m (each a control pair only, but largely blocks of four or six). Total of over 190 control blocks UMM complete with some painstaking notes, a treasure for the specialist. Heavy folder, sample illustrated  £250.00
83 1953-54 Farouk “Marechal” with bars: mini collection of controls, with 1m A/52, 3m A/44 and 10m A/51, plus 15m lower pane strip of 10x2 A/44 A/46 A/48 A/49 A/51 and 20m A/46 A/49 A/50 A/51 A/52. All UMM, total 52 stamps  £22.00
84 1948 Farouk Palestine overprint controls: 1m block of six A/44 A45 A/46 A47. Plus control blocks with bars, 1m A/44 A/45 A/46 A/47, 6m (block of four) A/42. All UMM  £12.00
Farouk Marechal six-bar control blocks
85 1953-54 plain Marechal stamps without overprint given six bars: 1m A/42 (NP D213), 3m A/44 (D215), 13m A/50 (D218, all six a cheval). All pristine MM  £32.00
86 1953-54, King of Egypt Marechal opt stamps given six bars: 2m A/50 A/51, 4m A/51, 13m A/50, 17m A/48 A/50 A/51, 20m A/49 A/50 A/51, 200m A/48 A/50. The 4m, 17m and 20m are recognised by Magdy, but not by Nile Post. All excellent UMM  £75.00
Civil censorship
87 1940s to 1960s, a diverse range of over 90 covers, both outgoing from Egypt and incoming from several different countries. Many are written up on album sheets while others are loose. Wide range of censor labels and markings, some original documentation, and an excellent range for further study Part illustrated  £350.00
Retta cancellations
88 Three-page accumulation of stamps cancelled with rettas of all sorts and sizes, including First Issue 1pi, Third Issue 20pa pale blue, 5pa and 20pa Fourth Issue, 50, Crown opt, 37 Egypt in total plus early retta cancels from Sudan, Greece, Eritrea, Turkey and Uganda. Fascinating lot, part illustrated  £35.00
Military interest
89 20 MR 15, neat envelope addressed to Cairo lawyer, franked with 3x2 block of DLR 5m Pictorials (wmk facing down) and cancelled with clear strike of 2nd Aust Inf Bde Field P.O. No backstamps  £18.00
90 11 MA 40, flimsy air envelope from Egyptian company to Geneva, franked 57 mills inc Boy King 1m B/41 control, sent from Alexandria D-1 and receiving scarce boxed OAT (Onward Air Transmission) in red in London  £12.00
91 11 OC 45, small cover addressed to UK franked with 30m Air and 3x5m Boy King for total of 45m (representing concessional rate of 40m instead of 60 for airmail or overweight by sea?). Officer signed, and CDS is rare Amria-Mariut. Reverse has BPO E602 and Alexandria civilian PO. Interesting  £12.00
UN Forces in Sinai
92 Seven covers 1956-60 (three Sweden travelled through post, three Yugoslavia unaddressed) and one New Zealand (2006) all in good condition  £25.00
1971 Military stamp
93 Mini-collection comprising Dennis Clarke write-up page with three used stamps and four covers, three of them apparently properly used from serving soldier to family. Fourth has two stamps within Alex. Interesting to research  £25.00
The Postal Concession
94 Mint single with trace of hinge (does not detract) of the Postal Seal from position 16? of pane of 20. Latest Gibbons catalogue £95  £40.00
95 Three covers all franked on reverse by Postal Seals to Brighton, Rochester and London, all with MPO Cairo (CDS No.7), two with Crown Cancel 6, other with 5 (all Cairo). Addressed to London, one cover has an additional ‘slogan’ postmark Worthing, Sussex “The telephone saves Time and Money”, having been redirected to London. Postal Seal rated £6 used, x 5 on cover  £35.00
96 1933 Letter Seal SG A2: ten used copies laid out to create part-pane apparently positions 5 and 6 joined with 9, 10, 13,15, joined with 16, 17, 18 and 20, plus further unplated copy. These are inexpensive used but much of the work has been done. Position 15 is the well-known variety with diagonal line through letter E in Seal  £12.00
97 Neat and clean Letter Seal cover from MPO Cairo (CDS 7) with Crown Cancel EPP 6 in red, to Church Crookham, Hants, date unclear but likely 1933  £5.00
98 First Christmas Seal, black on azure, perfs a little rough as usual, with neat retta cancel in black on reverse of cover from MPO Cairo (CDS 7, 4 DE 32) with Crown Cancel Egypt Postage Prepaid 4 in red. Latest Gibbons price is £70 (x 5 on cover). Item is marked in pencil “Seal very rare”  £65.00
99 Accumulation of 13 vermilion Christmas Seals, all used on piece (mostly card), all cancelled black retta, but including seven marginal copies, two pf them corners. Not sorted for shades (of which two are listed). Latest Gibbons’ prices £50 vermilion, £38 pale vermillion  £50.00
100 1935 Vermilion Christmas Seal on reverse of cover dated MPO Alexandria (tall letters) 15 DE 35 with Crown Cancel in red Egypt Postage Prepaid 17 to Orpington, Kent. On cover rated x 5 by Gibbons  £40.00
101 Letter stamp SG A8 on reverse of neat small cover to Rochester, Kent with, MPO Cairo CDS 8 dated 26 FE 35 and Crown Cancel 23 (Cairo) in red. Gibbons price for used stamp is £8 x 5 on cover  £12.00
102 Letter Stamp SG A9; perf 13.5 x 14, the last before the change to Army Post stamps, threequarters of a complete booklet of four panes of 20, two intact panes, other separated into two equal halves. Sixty stamps in all, unmounted mint including the interleaving but no cover. Gibbons price per stamp is £7.50  £120.00
103 First Comb Issue Letter Stamp (as above) with large perforation at the bottom cancelled retta in black on reverse of neat cover from Alexandria with Military Post Office Alexandria CDS 3, 29 XII 35, and red EPP 13 to Plymouth. Very nice  £25.00
104 Five Crown Cancel covers, each franked carmine Letter Stamp with EPP numbers 1(Moascar), 19 and 23 (two) (Cairo) and 22 (Alexandria) struck in red. Bargain at  £25.00
Change of system – Army Post stamp
105 Three surface Fuad ten mills covers, two from MPO Moascar in black, one to Worcestershire, other to Edinburgh, third from MPO Cairo (curved) CDS 10 to Weymouth  £5.00
106 Two Fuad covers, one surface 10 mills on OAS ‘honour’ envelope with boxed censor 72 in purple to Beverley cancelled E603 (Moascar) and on reverse is BPO E602, the Alexandria transit. Other is flimsy pre-printed airmail envelope with boxed censor 19 and four stamps cancelled BPO E602 .  £4.00
107 Three Concession air covers to India: 1, block of four Farouk 10mills Army Post cancelled unclear FPO and boxed censor 319 to Ferozapore with clear receiver 25 APR 41 on reverse; 2, franked four separate Farouk stamps but cancelled Indian FPO 19, 29 MA 41, and boxed censor 22 to Bombay with BPO E602 and Bombay Dely on reverse; 3, franked single Fuad Army Post and Farouk Boy King 40mills cancelled Indian FPO 25 to Jhansi, opened and resealed by Base Censor with Jhansi Dely on reverse. Front has boxed censors 55 (green) and 75 (black)  £25.00
108 Two Concession air covers and one surface to New Zealand: 1, franked strip of four Farouk Army Post stamps on OAS ‘Honour’ envelope cancelled FPO KW2 17 OC 40 with boxed censor 105 to Wellington; 2, franked 2x30mills airs plus 10mills Farouk Army Post all cancelled NZ FPO1 23 AP 40 with same boxed censor to same Wellington address; 3, surface cover franked Farouk 10 mills Army Post cancelled NZ FPO1 dated 3 MR 40 with boxed censor 95 to Otago  £25.00
109 Against regulations: block of four Farouk 10mills Army Post franking neat air cover to Kenya from an unclear FPO with airmail etiquette and cachet “Passed by RAF Censor No. 19”. The concession applied only to mail to GB, Northern Ireland and Irish Free State at this time. Receiver on reverse and no tax  £12.00
110 Clean cover franked Fuad 3 mills Army Post cancelled at MPO Alexandria (tall letters) 14 NO 35 with unsealed flap and addressed to Aylesbury. Gibbons £3.25 used x75 on cover!  £10.00
111 MPO E601 cancelling four Fuad Army Post stamps on air cover to Birmingham dated 21 NO 39, ie late use, with circular Crown over RAF censor No.24; backstamp transit E602  £3.00
112 FPO 188 cancelling single Farouk 10 mills Army Post stamp 18 JA 41 with boxed censor 291 addressed, contrary to regulations, to Valetta, Malta  £8.00
113 Neat Farouk 10 mills Army Post surface cover to Palestine cancelled FPO 180 (unclear) with nice hexagonal RAF Censor 2 addressed to Regimental Paymaster  £6.00
114 Active Service 'honour' envelope franked Farouk 10 mills Army Post with very feint cancel but the additional one reads partly, FPO (possibly) E603 to Reading, Berks  £2.00
115 Two Honour envelopes franked 4 x Farouk 10 mills Army Post stamps with two different FPO numbers  £5.00
116 MPO Abu Sueir (faint) date-stamp cancelling four Farouk Army Post stamps on air cover to Exmouth with airmail etiquette and red circular crown over RAF censor 25; reverse has added label cancelled civilian Abu Suwer and transit BPO E 602. Note spelling difference  £3.00
117 E600 Series of date-stamps: accumulation of three surface covers all franked Farouk 10 mills Army Post, locations are MPO E603 at Moascar, FPO E605 at Mersa Matruh, and MPO E608 at Abbassia; also air cover MPO E603  £10.00
118 MPO E608 (Abbassia), cancelling block of four Farouk Army Post stamps on air cover to London, with boxed Army censor 140  £3.00
119 Accumulation of four air covers from BPO E602 (Alexandria), each franked 4 x Farouk Army Post, two with airmail etiquettes, one pre-printed, three with purple boxed censors, 19, 81 and 85 respectively, other without censorship  £12.00
120 Accumulation of 21 covers all franked Farouk Army Post stamps (either single for surface or four for airmail), and all cancelled Field Post Office plus a number. Most are different but some duplication inevitable. Noted 188, 189, 190, 170, 172  £35.00
Air Mails
121 Mar 12 1925, Baghdad-Cairo airmail cover sent registered and AR from Hamadan to Paris with 3 x 1kr blue on reverse and fine strikes of framed “AR” and “Poste Aerienne/Bagdad-Caire” handstamp in black, via Cairo March 20. Cut down slightly at right but striking  £230.00
122 1933 Air Mail issue: Folder with staggering compilation of full long set (NP A13-A23), SG 193-213, complete mint (UMM) and used, followed by no fewer than 96 control blocks of four and six, right up to the 200 mills (three blocks) inc two blocks of highly-valued 20m. Sample page illustrated  £280.00
123 10 AP 31, 100 mills on 22 mills Zeppelin overprint stamp on small piece with perfect Zeppelin Port Said CDS  £65.00
124 21 MA 34, small cover addressed to Kent from Sidi Gaber, endorsed Air Mail and franked with 2,6,7 of 1933 Airs for total of 15 mills, reduced concession rate (see Sears, page 61)  £28.00
125 28 AU 34, Air Mail envelope addressed to Nijmegen, Holland, from Port Said and franked 2,4,6,8 mills of 1933 Airs for total 20 mills, reduced concession rate  £25.00
126 10 DE 36, neat cover from Hinaidi franked 21 fils for RAF HQ Cairo, manuscript instruction “Per Misr Airwork / Air Mail”, reverse handstamps of Baghdad and Cairo / Par Avion  £45.00
127 21 JU 47, plain cover endorsed First Flight via TWA Cairo-Detroit, franked 37 mills and given perfect strike of scarce CDS Aeroport Farouke (before final E was cut out)  £25.00
128 1948 Saide overprints, two full panes of both stamps, 13/100 and 22/200 mills, with full selvedge. Both stamps have some original values uncancelled, and a treasure-trove for small printing flaws. 200 stamps, SG 349-50, NP C119-20  £40.00
129 Wartime Air Mail routes: Dennis Clarke collection of 17 covers gathered to explain how mail passed through/by war zones during World War II. Comprehensive write-up, markings include Jusqua, PoW, No Service, Untraceable, Deceased, Diplomatique. Quite fascinating material, sample page illustrated  £220.00
Egypt-GB trial flight
130 1 MR 38, small envelope with Cecil Hotel, Alexandria, handstamp, addressed to Hudson’s Place, London SW1 – Official test letter on first day of new all-up air service for “Empire” destinations at new 15 mills rate for a 15gm letter. Part of flap lost, but clear backstamp  £16.00
Official stamps
131 1893, “No-Value” stamp in right marginal block of four with control number (1), UMM  £20.00
132 Small stockbook crammed with Officials, mainly but not all used, from 1893 “No-Value” stamp (abt 30 examples) via (OHHS/OHEMS opts to Miry (full set to 50m), 1926-35 (about 80 inc used blocks of four), 1938, 162-63, and mass of modern Eagles. Est 650 stamps  £35.00
133 1928, “Miry” Officials, full set of this sought -after issue, 50mills UMM, others mounted mint in clean and pristine blocks of four (SG O123-30, NP O32-O39, SG O123-130, cat £180)  £60.00
134 1972-85 Officials issue (SG O1161-77, NP P93-102). Staggering compilation perfect for research, with literally hundreds of stamps in full mint sheets of 100 including successive printing numbers, together with documents backed with large used blocks of this fascinating long-lived issue: 80 mills, three sheets, 2x70 mills, 2x60m, 3x55m 3x50m, 3x30m, 9x20m, 10x10m, and an amazing 40 sheets of the 1m. Total 75 sheets, 7.500 stamps, plus used, plus 12-page QC report on the study. Not illustrated £300.00
135 1991-2001, left marginal block of ten of 75pi value (yellow-brown, glossy gum, 1997, NP O125), printing error with colour only faintly at left and most of top row. UMM  £12.00
Hotels interest
136 15 XI 04, neat colour card (Rue du Caire) with long message on face, addressed to Geneva and franked pair of DLR 2 mills cancelled good clear Shepheard’s Type 5  £6.00
137 5 I 05, neat b/w card (Pagnon’s Cataract Hotel, Assouan – The Dining Hall) with long message on face, addressed to Kensington, franked DLR1+3m cancelled Cataract Type HCA1b  £6.00
138 22 I 05, sepia photocard of imposing single-storey house (anyone recognise it?) franked pair of DLR 2m for Maidstone and cancelled Cataract HCA1b  £5.00
139 Dec 1905, fascinating much-travelled b/w card of Vienna, addressed in turn to Cooks Cairo, Cataract Aswan and Shepheard’s Cairo, with neat cancels from all of them – all in three days  £10.00
140 15 III 08, colour card of wall carving, franked 2m DLR on face for Lyon (no message), cancelled back and front with Luxor Type HL2a (blue)  £5.00
141 28 XI 08, colour card (Simoom), franked SLR 4m for Berlin, cancelled with clear Grand Continental Hotel CDS Type HC3 with Cairo / A transit mark  £6.00
142 23 V 14, colour cartoon card (Kasr el Nil) franked DLR Pictorial 4m for Bremen and cancelled with Shepheard’s CDS Type HS7  £5.00
143 28 UU 27, colour card (Nefertari wall painting) franked 10m First Fouad Portrait for New Jersey and cancelled Shepheard’s CDS Type HS7  £5.00
144 26 JA 38, full set of three of 1938 Cotton Congress addressed to Karachi and cancelled with Shepheard’s CDS Type HS8 (first day) with Reg cachet alongside. Port Said transit  £8.00
145 1 FE 38, full set of three of 1938 Telecommunications Congress addressed to Karachi and cancelled with Shepheard’s CDS Type HS8 (first day) with Reg cachet alongside. Cairo and Port Said transit, Karachi arrival stamp  £9.00
146 12 FE 45, printed envelope of Hotel des Cures (Dr Glanz), Helwan, franked with variety of stamps for 77 mills, postage and registration to London and cancelled clear Hilwan les Bains. Addressed to philatelist with note to censor: please be kind to envelope & stamps  £10.00
147 1901-twenties, accumulation of five cards, all with hotel CDS  £4.00
148 Twentieth-century accumulation of 19 covers, cards, labels, all hotel related. Mint envelopes of Winter Palace, Shepheard’s, Sheraton, old cards of Savoy, Continental, Shepheard’s, modern cards of Sheraton, Shepheard’s. Mixed lot, part illustrated  £10.00
149 5 NO 48, printed cover of Convento di Terra Santa, Bethlehem, unaddressed but furnished with 50pi and £E1 of Marechal set overprinted with bilingual Palestine. Cancelled Beth Lahem, with Reg cachet (No. 105!) alongside and two more strikes behind. Vertical fold, philatelic, but remarkable  £40.00
150 1948, Farouk Marechal 1 mill with bilingual Palestine overprint in green (NP P1), full pristine unmounted mint sheet of 100 with full selvedge and control A/44 A/45 A/46 A/47  £12.00
151 1953, Farouk Marechal Airs, 2 mills with bilingual Palestine overprint and Farouk barred out (NP PA13), showing HA-1 and 2 overprint varieties. Selvedge lost at top and left, control A/47 B/47 A/48  £10.00
152 A4 clean stockbook crammed with Egypt Palestine overprints, Farouk bars, Airs, UAR and Egypt issues for Egyptian Palestine (Gaza), perhaps complete, masses and masses of stamps, mainly UM, excellent condition, perfect starter group. Sample illustration only  £185.00
Modern oddities
153 1981, Air Mail cover addressed to New Jersey with 2x 30m definitives, 230m Air and 10m Festival stamp (SG1449). Latter has unrecorded error: yellow colour shift, bleeding out of the right side of the stamp  £12.00
154 1987, Arabic-addressed Air Mail envelope within Cairo, but “franked” with 5p general revenue stamp instead of normal definitive. Competition entry unopened  £6.00
155 25 MA 88, small cover addressed to California, franked with 2x5p definitive, 15p commem, and the full set - 2,8,10,20 and 40mills - of the last (1965) Postage Dues. Aware that these dues were rare on cover, the late Samir Fikry sent them to his wife. Philatelic Bureau CDS, but breathtaking  £24.00
156 17 10 2004, beautiful clean Arabic-addressed cover franked with lower marginal 30pt Telecom Egypt stamp – the famous withdrawn stamp (SG 2371a) – 13 days after it was issued. Elegant backstamps of Mitubis and Egyptian Post. Pristine  £10.00
Maps of Egypt
157 “Egypt” by A & S Arrowsmith of Soho, dated 1829, 20x25cm. Very detailed, in excellent condition  £10.00
158 “Egypt” by C.Smith of The Strand, London, dated 1836 by pen, 30x40cm (too big to scan completely) with colour tints. Very detailed and in excellent condition  £10.00
159 “Egypt and Arabia Petraea” By A & C Black of Edinburgh. Circa 1840s, 28x40cm (too big to scan completely), with details of the overland route and colour tints. Very detailed, in excellent condition  £10.00
Groups of covers
160 28 Postal Organisation / Philatelic Office Cairo printed covers, mainly sent to England. Wide range of types and postal markings to study. Sample illustrated  £5.00
161 Bundle of 50 post-Revolution covers addressed in Arabic. Wide range of stamps, cancels and markings. Sample only illustrated  £10.00
162 Accumulation of over 50 post-Revolution covers addressed to France. Lots of airmail envelopes and wide variety of commems and definitives, a few uncancelled. Sample only illustrated  £10.00
163 Group of 22 covers of the 1950s, all to the same address in Sweden on printed enveloped from the International Statistics Agency in Alexandria. Good range of adhesives. Sample only illustrated  £10.00
164 Bundle of appx 100 covers and cards, mainly to overseas destinations, with a wide range of post-Revolution stamps, cancels and markings. Sample only illustrated  £15.00
165 Batch of close to 60 old postcards, mainly mint, including 16 in b/w of Tutankhamun’s treasures, other archaeology and lots of views, hotels, mosques etc. Sample only illustrated  £10.00
166 Accumulation of 74 modern (1950s-1980s) postcards, mainly coloured, including several sets (Tutankhamun Treasures 29, royal family portrait reprints 10, mosques 10, archaeology 10, wall paintings 7. Sample only illustrated  £5.00
167 Album page with three 1913 Raphael Tuck Oilette “Humour in Egypt” comic postcards. All postally used and stamped with DLR pyramid issues  £5.00
Postal markings
168 2 DE 53, Misrair envelope (see flap) franked 30mills barred Farouk for postage and registration to Cairo, cancelled with faint but undoubted strike of scarce Almaza / Caisse / Aeroport CDS. Backstamps of R9 / Cairo and Cairo / Delivery show delivered same day  £16.00
169 17 JU 58, visiting-card envelope addressed in Arabic for Port Said, franked 4m and cancelled with scarce Gabal / El Tor CDS. Censored, but no backstamps  £12.00
170 12 1 68, Arabic-addressed cover franked 5m+15m for registration within Cairo, and cancelled with most unusual CDS of IDEAL HOMES / CHOUBRAH / CAIRO. Postcode handstamp on reverse  £8.00
Miscellaneous collections
171 Paquebots (14 cards/covers), Rurals (eight cards/covers), Aswan Reservoir (five cards/covers), mixed lot with lots of interest for the postal historian. Priced to go at  £45.00
172 State Railways and Riverboats, cancels etc. 20 Dennis Clarke stock pages with mix of station covers/cards, Ramle Bacos, Schutz, Bulkely, then Cook steamer cards/ photocopies. Interesting varied lot, 29 cards, 18 covers, 21 stamps with cds  £85.00
Picture Postcards
173 1902, strikingly beautiful coloured embossed card of “Middle Eastern Beauty” published Plentl Mary Mill Graz Cairo (Nr 185). Franked 2m DLR from Port Said to London. Astonishingly perfect condition  £12.00
Postage Dues
174 1904, 2 piastres orange Postage Due surcharged with 3 millièmes in French and Arabic – mint NH block of 10 x 6 with selvedge including Jubilee lines at right and bottom. Pencil mark indicates variety NP PD 9c, Arabic figure 3 broken to appear as a 2 (posn 36)  £55.00
175 1965, the last Egyptian Postage Due issue (NP PD 62-66). Interesting five-page mini study of flaws and retouches on these elusive adhesives. Total 35 mint stamps  £25.00
Egyptian postal history
176 1889-1915 Postage Due, used, with greater part of Franca handstamp across face, along with part of cds  £10.00
177 (date?), French Ceres issue stamp value 15 centimes with strike of 5119 in lozenge  £8.00
178 7 III 14, neat small Orient Line cover addressed to England and franked with 2m and 3m of DLR Pictorials, both with 1 control number and instruction behind “Please send stamp to Father”. Cancelled at Port Said / D  £8.00
179 26 IV 15,colour card (Village near Pyramids) to UK franked with 3x1m DLR Pictorials, long message in tiny handwriting  £5.00
180 9 AP 25, Geographical Congress 15m stamp on (front only of Geog Congress envelope) to Monte Carlo. Neat  £8.00
181 2 MAY 1929, unsealed printed company envelope, franked 2m from Cairo to Port Said via Cairo machine roller cancel. On arrival received rare Facteurs / Port Said CDS, faint but undoubted  £14.00
182 14 NO 30, small grey envelope (part of flap lost) addressed to UK, franked with two 5m Fads, cancelled Ismailia-Camp  £6.00
183 22 MAR 33, small cover addressed to Paris, franked with two pairs of Fouad 5m from top and bottom sections of a booklet pane (see trimmed perfs). Cancelled with Alex machine roller, Paris arrival a week later  £8.00
184 30 JA 34, small covert with Par Avion sticker addressed to London and franked 20m+8m 1933 airmails, cancelled Port Said. On reverse Alex transit and part-strike of Arzt advertisement: “When in Port Said… now open on the Quay Front”  £6.00
185 24 JA 39, Thos Cook Port Said printed cover addressed to Hamburg, franked 30+2m Boy King and 8m 1933 Air for total 30 mills. Cancelled Station / Port-Said. Par Avion label, no backstamp  £6.00
186 1 JU 46, Greek newspaper Ellin franked with 2 mills Marechal paying newspaper rate from Alexandria to address in Cairo  £8.00
187 23 MR 49, log air mail envelope franked with cutouts from the 1949 Agriculture and Industry Exhibition miniature sheet, together with 2x10m+5m Marechal for Air Mail to US. New York registered mark behind. Vertical folds away from stamps  £10.00
188 2 1 65, Cairo Hilton printed envelope covered in definitive and commemorative stamps (total 90 mills) for UK, cancelled Hilton CDS Type HN2. Letter remains  £6.00
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
189 30 XII 09, firm envelope (flap damaged) addressed to Scawen Blunt, the lauded poet and Middle Eastern traveller, in Sussex, franked 5m DLR with rare cds AIN SHAMS. Backstamps Cairo / A and Horsham  £10.00
190 11 NO 23, small cover franked GB 1d and addressed to Lady Anne Blunt (wife of Wilfrid), “Garden of Sheikh Obyed), Ain Shams”. Backstamps Port Said-Cairo / TPO / Foreign Mails and Ain Shams 20 XI  £10.00
Small-town CDS
191 11 JA 29, Balyana / R&P, Fuad 15m, Baliana Reg cachet, Suhag / R behind  £6.00
192 8 MA 36 Mahallet Abu Ali in blue, 5m Fuad, Gabriel Boulad note  £5.00
193 12 NO 37, Mazghuna, 10m Fuad, Mazghouna Reg cachet. Cairo / Station), Gizeh / Registration / A and Orman / RA behind  £6.00
194 5 HA 53 Kafr Kila el Bab (also Mahalla el Kobra, Santa), stamp lost  £4.00
195 5 MR 58 Caire / Syndicat des Gornalistes, 15+20m Republican definitives registered  £5.00
196 26 MR 63, Manshiet Smouha, MS plus three stamps, red/black printed Reg label  £6.00
197 10 1 81 Miniyit el Murshid, pair of 70m definitive to USA  £4.00
1985 6 81 Suhag / T / Madinet Nasser, 20m definitive local  £4.00
199 9 8 81 Shabur, 20m definitive local  £4.00
200 23 8 81 Shubra / D / el Khima, 5m definitive local  £4.00
201 123 9 93 Helmiet / el Zaitun / R&P, 5x30m definitives, registered and censored  £5.00
Express stamps
202 Album page with control-block study of 1926 20mills green Express stamp showing differences between control A/25 figures on different panes. Two controls UMM  £18.00
203 20 FE 47, plain envelope addressed Express (2x20m Marechal) to lawyer at Shepheard’s, cancelled Alexandria Station. Backstamp is scarce Cairo Delivery / Express Section  £12.00
Registered covers, select
204 12 MA 32, Insurance company printed envelope addressed to Vienna and franked 15m Fuad plus 50 mills on 50pt provisional surcharge. Neat cover, Alex pink registration label with added number alongside. No backstamp  £15.00
205 16 DE 32, remarkable rare survival – strong brown paper bag / envelope labelled in French “Sample without value” and franked 3x1+5+20 mills for registration to Vienna. Mute white label alongside And folded top clearly once tied together  £45.00
206 17 FE 36, small envelope with Air sticker, franked with single 100 mills 1933 Air to cover postage and registration to UK. Alex b/w Reg label on face, Harrow Reg arrival  £18.00
207 1 MA 36, stout brown envelope addressed to England from Bab el Luq / Registration, franked with corner single of 50m plus 1 and 10 mills of Fuad definitive. Mute b/w Registration label alongside, much red wax on the reverse  £10.00
208 7 AP 36, unusual destination Tanganyika, flimsy air envelope franked with 20+40m Fuads and 10m from Agricultural/Industry exhibition for registration from Port Said to Dar el-Salaam. Nairobi, Mombasa and Dar backstamps  £12.00
209 27 JA 37, strong cover franked 13+15+20 Fuads for UK, registered from Abbassia Barracks with Reg cachet alongside. Wax seal on reverse, with return address of former member Douglas McNeille (ESC 31)  £8.00
210 28 MA 47, printed air envelope addressed to London and franked with no fewer than ten of the British Evacuation celebration stamps but also a 10m Marechal to make up 60mills. Registered from Alexandria / R 11  £8.00
211 1 SE 64, printed BP envelope addressed to London franked with pairs of 15m and 100m definitives for registration from Port Taufiq /R with Reg cachet. London arrival two days later  £8.00
212 14 1 66, UAR Suez Canal Authority printed envelope to London, franked 60m definitive and 80m air for registration (Official green label). Censored on face, Cairo Air Port CDS behind  £8.00
Registered covers for research
213 1918-2000 approx, accumulation of 55 covers (including a few Express) gathered together with the intention of researching Registration markings, labels, handstamps etc as well as rates. Quite astonishing variety of adhesives and markings, and a very wide range of different styles of labels, right up to date with red on black and white printed for each locality. Hours of research potential. Not illustrated  £65.00
1934 UPU Cairo stamps on cover
214 18 FE 34, unusual b/w photocard (Elephantine Village) franked 15m for Paris, CDS Cataract Hotel  £8.00
215 19 AP 34, Postal Authority printed envelope franked with 2x15m+5m for registration, cancelled Cairo / R and addressed to Eton College. Then readdressed to Kensington, and then again. Somewhere along the way it was “posted out of course” according to 3d tax handstamp, and on arrival in Budleigh Salterton on April 21 it received a 3d Postage Due. So fast – and quite delicious  £55.00
216 2 JU 34, Credit Foncier printed envelope franked with 2x 15m+5m for registration to London, with large red Cairo label. Cancelled Cairo / R, but flap lost so no arrival  £20.00
21710 JL 34, colour card (Pyramids of Gizeh) franked 13m for Paris, cancelled Cairo / D  £7.00
218 14 NO 34, company printed envelope addressed to Germany, franked 20m, cancelled Alexandria / Dep 3, no backstamp  £8.00
219 26 DE 34, plain cover addressed to Zurich, franked 3m uprated by 1m Fuad, clearly never sealed, cancelled Alexandria / Depart, no backstamp  £8.00
December tax
220 13 12 76, company Arabic-printed and addressed cover, franked 55m for postage and registration from Cairo, plus 1m extra for December-only tuberculosis charity tax. Apparently delivered immediately, no backstamp  £18.00
221 Dec 1977, company Arabic-printed and addressed cover franked 55m for postage and registration, plus 1m extra charity stamp. Readdressed via scarce El Foza and Idfu Sharq backstamps and eventually returned to sender  £20.00
Instructional markings
222 5 X 20, colour card (Victoria monument) written aboard SS Sergei, franked 2m DLR, addressed to London and cancelled at Hai el Arab / Port Said. Boxed T alongside together with Port Said / D transit mark. No tax raised  £8.00
223 21 JL 36, plain cover addressed to Manchester, franked with 13,15 and 20 mills of Agriculture/Industrial Exhibition. But these stamps valid only until May 5, so received rare boxed O and boxed T marks, and 4d to Pay on arrival. Tax paid with 2x2d Geo V Dues. Roughly opened for display, damaged and part repaired but most unusual  £35.00
224 21 11 66, plain cover franked 35m for postage and registration from agency postmark within Cairo. Three attempts at delivery by regulation, then returned to sender with trilingual Returned to Sender cachet  £6.00
225 10 5 81, Arabic-addressed cover franked 55m for postage and registration locally but undelivered despite three days of attempts. Returned to send from El Sabtiya with two bilingual Non Reclame cachets  £6.00
Royalty interest
226 29 JL 37, spectacular printed cover marking accession of King Farouk, with 1,2,3,4,5,10,13,15,20m of Boy King issue (latter four clearly an afterthought), and cancelled Parliament / R&P. Addressed to prominent dealer, with RAI / Cairo Delivery on reverse  £15.00
227 1938-39, two mint envelopes printed to mark wedding of Farouk and Farida (Nov 1938), and then (March 1939) of Princess Fawzia and future Shah of Iran. Different Abdin Palace vignettes behind  £16.00
228 6 MR 38, large printed envelope (22x18cm) with Khassa de Sa Majeste le Roi barred out and replaced by Administration des Biens Prives et des Palais Royaux. Franked with strip of 3x15m+5m Boy King for registration to Albert Berthel, art dealer, in London. Indication of changing times?  £15.00
229 17 NO 38, home-made first day cover marking birth of Princess Ferial, daughter of Farouk. Commemorative stamp cancelled with rare Postmen / Alexandria, crudely addressed, no backstamp  £12.00
230 17 NO 38, ornate Arabic greeting card welcoming Ferial’s birth with vignette of Montazah Palace, where she was born, official announcement in the Journal Officiel, and complimentary card from director of Government Press. Mint condition, stunning  £32.00
231 16 MA 52, spectacular printed envelope for first day of issue of stamp marking birth of Crown Prince Ahmed Fouad. Clear strike of Almaza / Caisse / Aero-port  £15.00
Presidency interest
232 17 4 77, large cover (50x19cm) printed in blue for Arab Republic of Egypt / President’s Cabinet / Public Relations Department, addressed to USA and franked with 3x5m definitive plus 2x110m Unesco commems cancelled with spectacular Presidency of / The Republic / Public Relations / Department CDS. US marks indicate safely delivered  £8.00
Postal Agency markings
233 1963-64, accumulation of four covers, all franked 35 mills for registration and postage and cancelled by postal agencies (ie, sub-post offices) in Belqas, Matariya, Mit Ghamr and Cairo. An area rich for research  £10.00
1915 Provisional surcharge
234 15 X 15 (day of issue!), stunning large blue cover addressed to Angeloglou, noted stamp dealer, bearing no fewer than four blocks of four of the provisional 2m on 3m surcharge. Cancelled at Cairo / RD7 at 9PM with an arrival mark of Cairo / RA2 7AM the same day(!). Clearly pored over, this cover’s backing sheet has many notations indicating intense interest in the then-novel surcharge. Does it remain?  £110.00
Paquebot ship cards
235 24 SE 26, b/w card of passenger and troopship Nevasa, British India Steamship Company, franked with GB 1 1/2d adhesive, Paquebot / Port Said cds  £6.00
236 29 NO 55, colour card of P&O liner Himalaya, franked 20+10mills definitive for New Zealand. Air Mail sticker but no message  £6.00
Paquebot-mark groups
237 Port Said – 1903-13, six covers (one with Baluchistan Infantry symbol on flap) and one card, all franked 1d for England, with variety of three Paquebot lozenges, early placed off the stamp, later definitely on the stamp. Interesting group. Part illustrated  £20.00
238Port Taufiq – 1956-60, five covers with variety of adhesives, four for England, one for Bombay, all with Port Taufiq / Paquebot CDS. Part illustrated  £8.00
239 Port Said – 1949-66, eight covers with variety of adhesives through the revolution, including two meter marks, addressed to UK (one to Australia), all with Paquebot / Port Said CDS. Part illustrated  £18.00
Shipping interest
240 Mar 1901, b/w card of Ismailia to Munich with Kais. Deutsche / Marine-/Schiffspost / No 29 CDS. SS Andalusia en route from Wilhelmshaven (dep Mar 7) to Tstingtau, China (arr Apr 30) carrying relief crews and returning relieved crews to Germany during the Boxer Rebellion. Scarce  £45.00
241 23 MY 1907, one-penny GB Registered letter stationery (stamp vignette reported damaged) from Bwlch y Cibau, Wales, tracking Colonel Sandbach (who was returning from the East aboard SS India) in Brindisi (May 27) via London (May 24), Lecce (illegible) and on to Port Said (June 3). Good write-up included  £35.00
242 13 II 11, colour card of Camposanto, Genoa, franked GB 1d for Portland, Maine with scarce Alexandria / B alongside two lozenge Paquebot markings. Long message  £10.00
243 19 NOV 16, blue card of Golden Gate, Jerusalem, addressed to Lyon but unfranked, with clear strike Corr. D’Armees / Port Said CDS in stamp position and French Marine Francaise / Service a la Mer / Anchor control handstamp in black. Scarce  £30.00
244 6 SE 30, small cover with 3+2x1mills Fuad stamps addressed to Suez and cancelled with Khedivial Mail Line / SS Talodi in violet. Backstamps Port-Sudan 6 Sep, Shallal-Halfa / TPO 13 Sep, Suez 15 SE 30. Neat and clean  £22.00
245 6 DE 36, Air Mail cover franked 2x 1 1/2d GB for London, cancelled with Paquebot lozenge with Port-Taufiq / ET alongside, and ornate Alexandria / Foreign Traffic behind  £8.00
246 Mar/Apr 1936, two British India Line covers with Air labels, each franked 28 mills for London and cancelled Port Said. No further shipping information  £8.00
247 21 FEB 41, small OAS cover addressed to Ilkley, Yorkshire and readdressed, unfranked, with pale blue tombstone censor From HM Ship and initials. Said to have been posted on HMS Ark Royal aircraft carrier just after attack on Tobruk: no comment. Ilkley roller machine arrival  £12.00
248 1942?, two small unfranked OAS covers addressed to Scotland with Post Office / Maritime Mail marking in red and two different blue tombstone From HM Ship censors, one with Passed by Censor in curved line, other straight  £18.00
249 14 MA 20, 1914 10 mills pictorial (SEN17), with watermark vertical and inverted, uprated with 5m DLR for registration (black on white label) and used en ville from Cairo / RD6 to Mixed Tribunal. Arrival cds behind 2 ½ hours later  £8.00
250 8 5 60, printed cover of Norwegian America Line, franked with 30+45m definitive and addressed to UK with Alexandria / D6 cds  £6.00
251 20 AP 63, air envelope franked for England with 60p Air stamp and Port Taufiq / Paquebot CDS. Clean, neat, no backstamp  £5.00
252(date?), clean cover with 10 1/2d GB Machin, addressed to USA, Paquebot / Port Said cds and several printed references to SS Canberra Paquebot Mail. Clean and near, no backstamps  £5.00
25311 3 91, clean cover with Dutch 75ct stamp cancelled latest Paquebot / Port Said cds and addressed to USA. References to MV Conti Finlandia and Captain Maanstra. Cairo A PT / RCTP CDS 12/3, US marks on reverse  £6.00
254 Oct 1991, souvenir of ESC visit to Cairo 91 – Peter Andrews’ own envelopes posted from cruise ship Ra II, with local definitives and Sitmar Travel violet handstamp: seven self-addressed covers, three mint Ra envelopes  £10.00
255 Khedivial Mail Line: 1920s-30s, four covers with stamps of Egypt, USA and Greece, addressed to Egypt with handstamps of vessels Roda, Khedive Ismail and Rashid (2). No obvious Hendreys, US cover has Genova CDS and straight-line Paquebots  £30.00
256 27 7 33, Lloyd Triestino cover (piroscafo Esperia) on flap from Naples to San Stefano, carried by M/N Victoria (handstamp). Alexandria and San Stefano / Traffic CDS on arrival. Also, b/w photocard of Lloyd Triestino shipping office in central Alexandria  £18.00
257 1967, Colour card of Adriatica Line Paquebot Esperia (ex Ausonia), sent from Italy to Cairo 1957 with clear civil censor mark. Faint Cairo receiver on face has slogan Alexandria, Pearl of the Mediterranean  £5.00
Misr Navigation Company
258 1938, two first-class tickets issued by Banque Misr (France) and Misr Shipping for passages between Marseille and Alexandria on the Misr Navigation Co. vessels El Nil and the Kawsar respectively  £16.00
259 Misr Navigation, 24 OCT 1938, printed company cover from Alexandria to Geneva franked with Fouad 13m and Boy King 20m and cancelled on board with scarce shipping line CDS Misr Steamship and Navigation Co “S/S El Nil”. Geneva arrival on reverse 24 NO 38  £45.00
260 Much as last, but 20m Fuad and 13m Boy King stamps, and CDS of Misr Navigation’s S/S Kawsar in green. No arrival markings  £39.00
Marc Pourpe flight
261 25 I 14, registered printed cover from the Cataract Hotel to Paris franked with a vibrant mix of seven DLR pictorials (SG 29,30,31,32,33,34,36) cancelled with hotel Type 1 CDS in blue, and a blue Registration cachet alongside. Manuscript “Pourpe” as return address and handwriting remarkably similar to the flyer’s. Not carried by Pourpe, but probably sent by him. He was in Aswan at this time  £85.00
Hotel interest
262 19 IV 93, remarkable Mena House Hotel cover to Switzerland based on1892 provisional postal stationery nvelope 5 millièmes on 2 piastres (hamza missing, so NP SEN 9c), uprated with DLR stamps (SG18x2, 20) for correct rate of 10 mills to Europe. All cancelled with first type of Hotel CDS, Cairo transit behind, addressed to Rolle, and redirected to Basel. Very neat  £85.00
263 14 I 04, De La Rue 5mills postal stationery envelope (wmk inverted) colourfully uprated with no fewer than seven DLR stamps (SG 178x2,19, 54,61x2,63 totalling 30 mills for postage and registration from Cataract Hotel (Reg cachet alongside) to Zurich. Cancelled with hotel’s first type of CDS, backstamps indicate journey of four days  £48.00
264 5 II 04, De L Rue 5 mills postal stationery envelope (wmk inverted) uprated with five multicolour DLR stamps (SG 18,19,20 yellow, 54x2) for 31 mills total covering postage and registration from the type 2 Luxor Hotel CDS (reg cachet alongside) to Basel, Switzerland, reached in five days  £48.00
265 6 XII 13, 1912 De La Rue 5 mills letter sheet (wmk ONOTO, NP SLS6), neatly uprated with two colourful DLR stamps (SG 19,20 yellow) sent from Cataract Hotel to Wiesbaden, cancelled with hotel’s first CDS type in blue. Attractive  £28.00
266 11 XII 03, neat clean 5mills postal stationery envelope (wmk upright), uprated with 2 DLR stamps (SG 59,61) from Shepheard’s Hotel Type 5 CDS. 10mills rate to Dresden, journey of six days  £18.00
267 25 XII 02, Christmas Day despatch of printed Ghezireh Palace Hotel envelope franked with 2x5m DLR (SG 63) cancelled with Ghezireh / Cairo CDS. Sent to Lucerne and arrived on New Year’s Day. Striking  £14.00
268 8 II 01, very clean printed Shepheard’s Hotel cover franked with DLR 1pi (SG 54) from Cairo to Freiburg. Six days in transit  £8.00
269 16 XI 05, spectacular illustrated postcard of the National Hotel, Cairo, uprated with assortment of five DLR adhesives (SG 54,58,59,61,63) for 21 mills total. Six days to Rotweil  £18.00
270 13 II 04, illustrated postcard of Grand Hotel Bonnard, Alexandrie, franked with DLR 5mills (SG 63) and sent from Alex to Berlin. Five days in transit  £18.00
271Mint printed postcard of Ghezireh Palace Hotel illustrating three views of the hotel and its setting. One of the earliest hotel advertising cards, in excellent condition  £20.00
272 1881, incoming mourning cover from France addressed to Hotel d’Orient in Cairo (hotel handstamp at lower left). Redirected to Hotel de Messageries in Alexandria. Reverse carries scarce Alex-Cai / Ambulant (Type 2A1), one of the earliest TPO markings. Stunning  £28.00
273 2 NO 50, Registered letter franked 2x15m Boy King cancelled by Thomas Cook’s Type 10 CDS with Registration cachet alongside. Arabic-addressed to a lawyer in Fuad el-Awal Street, downtown Cairo  £24.00
274 15 II 46, business printed cover from Alex to Thomas Cook’s Port Said office franked with pairs of 3m Boy King and 2m Marechal. Cook’s Port Said private office handstamp on reverse and Type 5 CDS on face as it is returned with handwritten message: “arrived after passengers had left Port Said”. Unusual  £18.00
27518 SE 36, small cover from Simon Arzt store in Port Said to Zurich, liberally sprinkled with 1933 air mails (SG 198,200,201,202,203,204) for 59 mills rate. Reverse design carries flags of four shipping companies  £10.00
276 28 SE 53, air cover sent from Simon Arzt store in Port Said to Middlesex with a good strike and interesting mixture of five “Revolution-period” stamps (SG 286,417,419,434,484)  £10.00
277 SE 48, printed window envelope for Simon Arzt stores franked with two Farouk stamps (SG 299,327) for 27 mills rate. Cancelled with Arzt Type 2 CAISSE CDS, censor mark at side  £10.00
278 24 III 95, small DLR 1pi postal stationery envelope (wmk upright), sent from Luxor Hotel Post Office to Berlin, cancelled with hotel’s Type 1 CDS. Berlin arrival April 5  £18.00
279 11 II 26, 2mills (Cleopatra orange) small postal stationery envelope (uprated with strip of 3x First Fuad 5 mills. Sent from Ismailia Station to Innsbruck in Austria via Trieste. Reverse has Cairo-Port Said transit TPO. Four days transit  £12.00
280 24 DE 23, b/w Port Said postcard (The Breakwater) sent to Paris franked with vertical pair of 5m Harrison’s booklet stamps (guillotined at bottom)  £12.00
Abdin Palace mail
281 1 FE 44, Abdine Palace: large cover printed for use of Farouk’s private secretariat, addressed to world-renowned Texas coin dealer B Max Mehl and given 4mills,50,2x100 stamps (SG251,279,280) and 1941 25 mills air (SG 287), all cancelled with clear Palais D’Abdine, with Reg cachet alongside. Official royal handstamp in violet, censor tape, arrived Fort Worth Feb 27. Plus history of Mehl  £38.00
Egypt postal history
282 16 XII 15, typed cover addressed to Nice franked with DLR pictorial provisional 2mils on 3 mills (SG 83), together with 2 normal 3 mills, plus another provision2 on 3m left uncancelled – why? Considered invalid? Arrived in Nice Dec 14 and no tax raised, so travelled for 8 mills. Extremely odd  £58.00
283 26 NO 43, taxed cover sent from Abu el Shukuk to Cairo, underfranked with Boy King 2m and 5x1m (7 mills). On arrival taxed with 6m postage due stamp (SG D178, double the deficiency). Neat and clean  £18.00
284 11 NO 1951, printed cover of the Windsor Hotel, Alexandria, carrying on the face the full set of Mediterranean Games issue (SG 369-71), cancelled by its special commemorative CDS, and on the reverse the colourful publicity stamp for the Games. Addressed to Switzerland  £18.00
285 Judaica: 1939 printed envelope of the Grands Magasins Cicurel franked with Boy King15m, censored, and sent from Cairo to London  £6.00
286 Plain cover franked pair of Fuad 15m (SG 161 to cover registration and express delivery (see one of earliest Express labels on face) to Prince Habib Lutfallah in the Ghezireh Palace. Postmen and Delivery markings behind  £6.00
287 28 FE 46, Full set of four stamps (SG 307-310) marking anniversary of Egypt’s First Issue, cancelled on day of issue at Camp Cesare on envelope arranged by Alexandria dealer. Did not travel  £6.00
Postal stationery
288 1892 provisional surcharge five millièmes on two piastres postal stationery envelope. No hamza on alef, and watermark inverted. Sent from Cairo to Alexandria, arriving next day  £6.00
289 1905-06, two full reply-postcards, 4 on 5 millièmes used 1905 from Port Said with still-attached second half precancelled Port Said. Second, 3m card uprated with 1m DLR and sent to Germany from Continental Hotel with update added, return address prepared but not used  £10.00
290 1949 double-rate Boy King visiting card envelope (NP SEN 33), unusually uprated with Marechal 1m (SG 291) and sent from Cairo to Menuf railway station. Late use of this type of stationery  £5.00
291 1951, Marechal 4m visiting card envelope cancelled with First Mediterranean Games slogan roller and sealed behind with Games publicity label;. Sent from Alexandria to an inspector in Cairo railway department  £6.00
292 1965 “Minaret” visiting card postal stationery cancelled with first-day cancel of 1 4 65  £5.00
Repurposed postal stationery
293 23 AP 56, King Farouk 25 mills Air Letter used as a postal form. After the Republic was declared in 1952 large quantities of now useless air letters were found in post offices so it was decided to cut off the ex-ruler’s face and use the paper for administration purposes. This example carries a complaint to Cairo Central from the Abu Qurqas post office  £18.00
294 26 JA 54, a redundant Farouk 6 mills postal stationery card (NP SPC 41) with the royal face spectacularly obliterated by the addition of a pair of barred 13 mills (SG 443) to ensure registration of the card from Bab el Luq to Antikhana street in Cairo  £28.00
295 18 SE 56, similar to the last, but the postal rates have increased in two years, and now the 6 mill Farouk is covered by two Republican definitives, SG 423 and 495 together totalling 31 millièmes from Bab el Luq to Antikhana Street  £28.00
296 1910-12, beautiful clean mint colour card of Heliopolis – Boulevard Ismail, published by The Cairo Post-Card Trust, No 360  £4.00
297 1924, All-Arabic portrait card of King Fuad, first King of Egypt, intended for Arabic schools to be given as a prize for outstanding students. On the reverse in Arabic is listed: school; name of student; year of study; grade; prize  £8.00
Booklet pane
298 1940 King Farouk Boy King booklet pane of six 6-mill stamps with margin at right showing where sewn into booklet. Mint. Top three stamps hinged, excellent appearance  £10.00
Egypt stamps
299 1874, Third Issue 1pi, lovely clean copy with perfect Metelino CDS  £20.00
300 1874-75, Third Issue second printing, 5 para in neat vertical tete-beche pair. Mounted mint, NP D23  £25.00
301 1884, De La Rue 2pi stamp with upright watermark, unmounted mint, NP D38a  £10.00
302 1914-15 Officials, De La Rue 1 mill with O.H.H.S. overprint without Hamza, clean and neat block of four with plate No 3, unmounted mint. MP O10e  £20.00
303 1922 Postage Dues with Crown overprint, beautiful clean block of four with B.23 plate number, unmounted mint NP PD 27  £15.00
304 1923 King Fouad First Portrait 5 mills (NP D95) unmounted mint and with brown ink printing flaw across bottom margin  £8.00
305 1923 King Fouad First Portrait 3 mills in clean neat block of four with plate number C 24, unmounted mint, NP D93  £10.00
306 1927-37 King Fouad Second Portrait 40 mills in block of four unmounted mint NP D121  £8.00
307 1927-38-44, group of three stamps from the Palace Collection - 1m and 10m Postage Due with oblique perforations and Farouk Marechal 10m with Saray el Qubba sale handstamp on reverse. All unmounted mint  £8.00
308 1932, King Fouad surcharge 50mills on 50pi, single unmounted mint NP D127  £10.00
309 1932, King Fouad surcharge 50 mills on 50pi, used, with reversed watermark. NP D127h  £15.00
310 1936-37 King Fouad “Postes” issue from the Palace collection. Complete set of seven (1,2,4,5,10,15,20m) stamps with oblique perforations. Unmounted mind, NP price (2003) $230  £75.00
311 1952 Postage Dues, complete set of seven with King of Egypt and Sudan overprint, unmounted mint. NP PD42-48  £10.00
312 1954, British evacuation of canal zone – 35 mills top right corner block of four with printing flaw on stamp 4 – rectangular blub on map below Suez NP C152a1  £6.00
313 1957 – 40th anniversary of aviation – se-tenant issue of 10mills in block of eight with inverted watermark, plus pair of stamps on pictorial FDC with special pmk addressed to Germany  £10.00
314 1958-59 Postage Dues, complete set of seven (NP PD49-55) with watermark Eagles and Republic of Egypt, unmounted mint  £15.00
315 1991-2001 Officials, small eagle on glossy paper, no watermark – lot of five stamps with oblique perforations  £6.00
316 2005 International communications and information technology fair, 30pi single imperforate, UMM, SG2392)  £5.00
317 2006, 50th anniversary of military academy headquarters –30pi, lower left corner pair, imperf with wide margin and printing guide, UMM (SG 2441)  £10.00
Revenues, cinderellas
318 1975-2014, accumulation of 27 different university tax revenue stamps for student fees  £10.00
319 1995-2004, Consular Service – five high-value revenue stamps  £8.00
320 11981-2000 Consular Service – six revenue stamps of the Building Fund issue  £6.00
321 1925-27 Consular Service – four revenues from the first/second Citadel Issue including 1927 with inverted watermark  £10.00
322 World War II British propaganda label – We realise in Egypt that the safe arrival of this little is due to the British Navy  £5.00
323 1924-26, Greek Red Cross of Egypt 1pi fund-raising label  £5.00
324 1940s Egyptian Royal Family charity – two fund-raising labels each of 10mills value  £5.00
325 1911 Suez Canal Workers Union fund-raising label of 10pi value used  £5.00
326 1941-62, “kerosene” petrol ration revenues – eight different labels  £15.00
327 1939, “kerosene” petrol Raton revenue – 1.2 litre label mis-cut  £5.00
328 1960-70, Egyptian State Railways TPO department label  £5.00
329 1996 Theatrical Syndicates – 100 mills pair of revenue misperforated  £5.00
330 1999-2018 Tobacco Tax revenues – five different labels  £5.00
331 1966 Agricultural Syndicates (second issue) – 50mills revenue stamp in clean block of four with lower margin, unmounted mint  £6.00
3321951, first Mediterranean Games held in Alexandria – publicity label in neat block of four, unmounted mint  £6.00
333 Reinhardt and Company Ltd perfin on 5mills DLR stamp  £10.00
334 Establissement Samaan Sednaoui Cairo Ltd – one of Egypt’s rarest perfins (so far only four seen or recorded), on DLR 2 mills stamp  £30.00
335 Group of seven covers with unusual CDs markings – Massiaf Sidi Abd el Rahman, Tanta Postal Touring Exhibition, Aby Zaabal Quarries, El Luqsor Airport, Masyuf el Mamura, Baharia Iron Ore Mines, Muaskar el Magazi  £20.00
International Reply Coupons
336 1956, Coupon used and cashed in Alexandria on the same day – value 35 mills surcharged with unrecorded 40 mills with two lines deleting old value  £20.00
337 2017, last IRC used in Egypt – two examples, one mint, other used (illegible cancel) April 1 2018  £20.00
Hotels interest
338 1928-30, Upper Egypt Hotels – four different original luggage labels by Richter and Co, Naples, unused, undamaged – Assouan Cataract Hotel, Luxor Winter Palace  £25.00
339 1929, postcard of first all-Egypt secretaries conference March 30-31 in Heliopolis House Hotel (all present named on reverse)  £8.00
Postal stationery
340 Republican 10m Defense soldier stamp affixed to obliterate King Farouk 10m Marechal vignette (cancelled with large “X”) on stationery letter sheet (NP SLS 15), mint, excellent condition  £38.00
TPO markings
341 April 24, small cover from Fuwa to Cairo franked 5m pink Crown overprint, with beautiful clear unrecorded TPO line Damanhur-Tanta 1 IV 24 T.160 on reverse  £5.00
342 Aug 26, slightly crumpled cover from Abu Qir to Cairo with 5m First Fouad, Alexandria-Abukir / &VV (Type 7A3.4) and Sidi Gaber on reverse  £5.00
343 Oct 37, cover from Zankalun to Sayeda Zeinab (stamp lost), via Ismailia-Banha / & VV 13 OC 37 T-40 (Type 7A3.4, four years later than recorded)  £5.00
344 Aug 39, small printed cover from Tima el Amdid to Cairo, franked 5m Boy King via Mansura-Kafr Saqr 1 AU 39 T-56 (Type 6A1.2) and Cairo / TPO 24 / E  £5.00
345 July 45, small cover from Zifta to Port Said franked 10m Marechal, three-name TPO Banha-Mit Bera-Mit Ghamr 26 JL 45 T.? (Type 7A3.6), 14 years later than Smith records  £5.00
Rural postmark
346 26 OC 36, Rural. Small cover from village cartouche of Zuaiyara with Service Rural Mishla-Ikwa el Hirsa (Rurals book p.72), via Mishla. No backstamp  £5.00
Sinai interest
347 J5 MA 24, company printed cover franked 5m Harrison pictorial, 5m Crown overprint, 5m Fuad for postage and registration from Gabal–Eltor double arch CDS (Reg cachet barely to be seen) to Prince Michel Lutfallah at Gezira Palace. Arrived March 9 via Port Taufiq  £10.00
348 2 MA 27, buff Avis de Reception card 19x14.8cm, sent from Gizira Palace (Gizira / (Cairo) CDS) to Gebel el Tor (May 17) via Port Taufiq (May 15)  £5.00
349 14 DE 29, printed cover of Red Sea Oyster farm franked 15m Fuad for postage and registration from Gebel el Tor (Reg cachet alongside) addressed to Prince Michel Lutfallah at the Gezira Palace. Transit via Port Taufiq, arrived Dec 16. Letter enclosed  £8.00
350 1991, two air envelopes used from small towns in North Sinai, clear postmarks of El Sheikh / Zuweid and Bir el / Abd, both addressed to Cairo  £5.00
Postal history
351 18 VIII 04, b/w postcard (Mustapha Station, Ramleh), franked 5m DLR and sent from San Stefano / (Station) to France. Tiny long message on face  £8.00
352 11 JNE 1939, DLR 1pi envelope-letter uprated with 5m Boy King, sent from Club Philatelique d’Egypte to our distinguished former member G Seymour Thompson (ESC 1) in Bromley. Content – philatelic topic – remains. But no signature  £8.00
Hotels interest
353 1913, original printed photograph (postcard size) showing group of Semiramis Hotel kitchen staff franked 4m DLR and sent from Cairo to Berlin  £10.00
354 Modern hotels. Oct 1980 printed cover of Hotel Meridien Cairo addressed to Giza, with hotel’s red machine cancel franking at 20 mills  £7.00
355 Modern hotel. 21 Nov 1988, printed cover of Alexandria Montazah Sheraton Hotel addressed en ville and franked with hotel’s red machine franker at 50 mills  £7.00
Egypt stamps
356 1915 De La Rue Officials, 2 mills with bilingual OHHS overprint (with hamza, SG O88) inverted, unmounted mint  £20.00
357 1914-15 De La Rue Officials, 3 mills bilingual OHHS (without hamza, SG O85)), overprint misplaced a cheval to right. Used in Alexandria  £20.00
358 Harrison 5mills pink Block of four with plate number B.23, unmounted mint  £10.00
359 1937-44 Boy King, 1m marginal strip of three, 10m marginal block of four, 15m vertical pair, all with inverted watermarks (SG 248,254,256)  £8.00
360 Farouk Marechal 13mills overprinted with King of Egypt and three bars (SG 473), block of six, mint unmounted  £10.00
French P.O.s in Egypts
361 1860 - Part of front of cover from Alexandrie French PO to Marseille, franked Napoleon Imperforate 10c (top margin touched) and 40c (4 margins) with Petits Chiffres 3704 cancellation. Black boxed P.P., blue-green sender's cachet and red Paq Angl Marseille. By Paquebot Anglais. Fine Alexandrie Egypte CDS. Attractive. Complete cover cat €200+  £15.00
362 Port-Saïd - 1 Franc French Sage Type II stamp used at the French P.O. (1898) before special issues were introduced in 1899. 70% clear postmark. Good centring. One shortish perf and small thin invisible from the front. Rare used at Port-Saïd (Dallay €60)  £5.00
363 Alexandrie - FORGERY - Double Overprint on a Sage 1c stamp of 1899 issue. Mounted mint, with small adherence behind. Very well centred. Charlie Hass said the forged second (carmine) overprint was added on top of genuine first (vermillion) overprint and added a note: "signed none the less by the Philatelic Society of Egypt" (small green PSE mark on the back) to indicate stamp is genuine. True double overprint on 1c Sage catalogued € 175 in 2007. In view of the disagreement it is sold as a forgery.  £11.00
364 Alexandrie - Block of 4 x 25c blue Mouchon, 1903 issue. Used. SG 29, Ceres 27  £2.00
365 Postcard: Alexandrie 5c Type Blanc, redrawn design of 1902, cancelled by French P.O. CDS 24 March 1904, on Alexandria postcard to France (Arab cemetery & Pompée column). This is the scarcer yellow-green shade since the blue-green 5c was issued only in 1905. VF condition and excellent strike, postmark repeated on the back. Printed matter rate  £7.00
366 Alexandrie 1921 Local Overprints: 2 Mill. on 5c green> Type Blanc. OFFSET overprint, with normal overprint (small rust spot) for comparison. Unused. SG 37, Ceres 35. Scarce  £3.00
367 French Forces in Egypt during WW 1: CORPS EXPEDITIONAIRE D'ORIENT * ETAT-MAJOR - superb strike in purple of Free Franking "Déesse Assise" cachet of French expeditionary force to the Dardanelles, HQ at Alexandria. Postcard sent in an envelope: "Greetings from Alexandria, on board 'La Provence', 24 April 1915". On the back of a postcard of Rue Midan, Arab quarter. (See Grech, French POs in Egypt, Vol.2, p249)  £7.00
368 CORR. D'ARMÉES - ALEXANDRIE FR. 18 Oct. 1915. Very fine strike of CDS of French P.O. at Alexandria, on postcard to Marseille (view of Heliopolis). Sent in F.M. by sergeant in French army's medical centre Dépot des Isolés, Alexandrie, during Dardanelles campaign. Postmark introduced in 1889 to indicate free franking or reduced rate for soldiers  £13.00
369 Trésor et Postes * 507 - French Forces in Egypt during WW I. Very fine strike of rare CDS (6-10-1915) on block of 4 of Alexandrie French P.O. 2c Blanc stamp of 1903. This postmark arrived Oct 1915 to replace the S.P. 410 datestamp of the Base d'Alexandrie, and was sent in March 1916 to the Balkans and assigned to Russian troops. (See Grech, French POs in Egypt, Vol.2, p251)  £8.00
Postal History
370 Confusing Egyptian-Italian postmarks. Two Italian cities have names identical to Egypt’s two main cities and their linear cachets, represented by two covers here, are often mistaken for scarce Egyptian markings: Alessandria, 7 Nov. 1833, taxed 5 crazie to Genova; and Cairo, 8 March 1843, free franked official mail to Millesimo. Both are entire letters, and good display examples. Also included a photocopy of P....P/ Cairo 1826 mark, a former Napoleonic marking, the "départment conquis" number having been scratched out after Waterloo. During the French occupation, Alessandria was in Dept 106 "Le Marengo"; Cairo in Dept 108 "Liguria"  £10.00
371 Postcard showing Inauguration of Ferdinand de Lesseps statue on 17 November 1899 at Port-Saïd, attended by Khedive Abbas-Hilmi, with VIP grandstand on right. Franked by a pair of De la Rue 2 millièmes, cancelled Port-Saïd, 28 July 1904, addressed to France, arrival 4/8. Scarce, very clean and fresh  £8.00
372 Postcard, first statue to Ferdinand de Lesseps, paid for by the city of Port-Saïd after his death in 1894. Pictured before installation in centre of Square de Lesseps gardens. Inscribed "A Ferd de Lesseps, La Ville de Port-Saïd, 1895". (The giant statue at the entrance to the Canal was paid for by the Canal Company, inaugurated 1899). Unused card. Lichtenstern & Harari No 167. Very fine condition for extremely rare card  £9.00
373 Postcard - View of Port-Said harbour, franked by a pair of green 2m De La Rue, cancelled SUEZ, 26 9 1903. To France, arriving 3.10. Curiously, on card front are two extra one piastre blue stamps, cancelled Alexandria, 12 4 03: one is 1884 issue (SG 54), other is the same value from the chalk-surfaced issue of 1902 (SG 54c). Prepared for collectors? Nice example for comparing the two issues  £3.00
374 Jerusalem in World War II. The Military "Other Forces Club", the Church of Scotland Hotel & Canteen. Fascinating detailed actual photograph of the street and building. On the back the 3-line cachet in purple of the photographer "The Matson Photo Service, Jerusalem, Palestine". His shop can be seen at the left of club entrance  £2.00
Literature. Please note: buyers are likely to be required to pay postage/packing cost
375Omdurman, by Philip Ziegler (Collins, London, 1973, hardback, 240pp, 156 x 235 mm). With 38 b/w illustrations and 10 colour plates (uniforms, paintings of the battle, etc) and 6 maps. Some wear on the dust-jacket but contents in excellent condition. A stirring account of the reconquest of the Sudan and of that famous battle. Scarce  £9.00
376 The French Post Offices in Egypt by P.L.Grech. Two volumes: Part 1, "Before 1876" (2012 long out of print) and Part 2, "1876-1931" (2013). Published by the author. A4, total 350 pages, soft covers. Illustrated throughout in colour with rare letters, stamps, maps, postmarks, rates, paintings and documents. New - from the author's library  £100.00
377 Brochure for collectors, issued by UAR Philatelic Office (1969), listing and illustrating all Egyptian stamps from the 1952 Revolution to 1969. 240 x 170 mm. 68pp in Arabic, French and English, giving all official dates of issue and quantities sold. B/W in soft colour cover. With 1969 supplement. Very useful and original companion to catalogues  £3.00
378 Deux Documents Relatifs à la Visite du Tsarévitch en Egypte, 22 Nov - 5 Dec 1890, by Marcel Jungfleisch. Small leaflet (7 pages, one plate) published 1941 by the Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, Cairo. Fascinating account of the little known visit to Egypt in 1890 by the future Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and the Prince of Greece. The two documents are a medal minted for the occasion and a unique photograph of the convoy (Khedive Tewfik and the two princes passing one of 3 arches of honour erected for the occasion). They had arrived at Ismailia on the Russian frigate Damjaty Azowa. Very rare copy from a very limited printing  £6.00
Second Issue
379 1867 5 piastres in horizontal pair (Types 1 and 2), perfs on right-hand stamp slightly shaved at bottom  £50.00
Seamail interest
380 10 IV 02, Paquebot cover (The Orient Pacific Line), with GB one penny Victoria, from Port Said via Alexandria to Canada. Horizontal fold at bottom does not detract  £44.00
381 Paquebot Edward VII 1d on PPC from Port Said star/bridge cds to England  £6.00
382 P&O cover with Egyptian 17 and 30 mills and Air sticker, cancelled by London Foreign Service roller ‘POSTED AT SEA’, via London to Prague  £5.00
Gaza covers
383 3010 63, air cover with SG 123, 125, and 2 x131 from Gaza /T. via Censor 41 to Germany  £10.00
384 High value registered cover from Gaza / R to Hamburg franked with 200 mills Palestine overprint, Censor 46 and transit backstamp Cairo Airport  £15.00
Thomas Cook perfins
385 Thomas Cook printed cover (slightly shortened at left, with Thomas Cook cachet on reverse), addressed to Cooks in London, with 132 mills of Fuad stamps all with perfin TC&C  £25.00
Royalty interest
38626 X 11, DAIRA KHASSA DU KHEDIVE registered cover to London, franked 1pi + 5m DLR cancelled Cairo / RD5 with Cairo red on white Reg label with handstamp number  £10.00
387 Two folders crammed with international stamps on the theme “The world of Islam”, the smaller concentrating on how Arabic writing and calligraphy developed, the second (stockbook) not annotated but taking account of all aspects of Islamic life, illustrated by hundreds of stamps and postcards from unexpected places as well as the Arab world. An enthusiast’s collection to build on. Sample page illustrated  £65.00
388 A stockbook concentrating on the theme of “science”, following up the last lot with Arab contributions to science, but then branching off into all aspects of maths and technology. Over 200 stamps, virtually all mint, to conjure with. Sample page illustrated  £10.00
Yemeni Civil War
389 26 9 64, first-day cover of pair of stamps surcharged to honour the British Red Cross surgical team and apparently posted air mail registered from Camp Mansur to Somerset. Franked with SG Yemen 944-45 (cat £20) with large red “Day of Issue” double circle and rectangular “Delayed through Enemy Action” handstamp. Spectacular  £10.00
Postage Dues
390 17 10 1956, Air cover from Paris to Cairo franked 40F, with T 0,17 alongside. Egyptian censor, and on reverse are 12 and 8m Dues cancelled with scarce Cairo West cds  £10.00
391 (date?), small cover from Shoubra(?) but franked only with 1m fellaha on reverse. She is cancelled with a large retta of diamonds, and 3x6m Dues applied on arrival in Alexandria  £8.00
39220 FE 59, small cover unfranked addressed to Cairo, delivery attempted and on third day 20m Due cancelled with Caire / T.Imprimes/ (1)  £6.00
Postal history
393 1898-1900, neat pair of commercially printed covers, both to same address in France, both franked with 2x 5m DLR, from good strikes of Alex and Cairo respectively  £6.00
394 12 VI 02, neat blue envelope franked 1pi DLR blue, beautifully addressed, receiving tidy London NW thimble mark six days later  £4.00
395 8 IX 06, commercial printed cover franked 2x 1pi blue DLR and addressed to Germany. Fine CDS of Hildburghausen on reverse  £4.00
396 24 I 20, Reg cover from architect to Greece, franked with strip of five DLR 5m pictorials plus a single cancelled Ibrahimia Ramleh / RP (Reg cachet alongside), with Alex transit and Athens arrival. Gold wax on reverse  £500
397 14 JUN 23, commercial printed cover for Geneva, franked with very lovely strip of three Harrison 5m Crown overprint Pictorials cancelled by Cairo machine roller. No backstamp  £6.00
398 22 MA 30, small air cover franked only with 27m brown Air Mail stamp from Cairo to London. No backstamp  £4.00
399 10 MR 32, Bibby Line cover (flap), franked 1m Fuad in addition to 27m brown Air stamp for Port Said to London. Alex transit behind  £4.00
400 4 SE 34, printed cover of School for Girls / American Mission / Zagazig addressed to London with air sticker and endorsement, and franked with 3m and 20m of UPU series together with 10m Air, all cancelled Zaqaziq / (T)  £4.00
401 3 JA 37, small cover from Shibin el Qanater / P & R to UK by air, franked with generous spread of Fuad stamps: 2x1m 3x2m 2x10m for total of 28 mills. No backstamp  £4.00
402 1940-41 OHMS printed envelope franked with 17m in Officials for Bristol, with local postage “paid” by Official Oval handstamp. Civil censor M 52 alongside, cds unclear  £4.00
403 1953? small cover to Scotland franked with 3,4,10 and 30m barred Farouk issues and bilingual BOAC air sticker alongside. No backstamp  £5.00
404 4 AU 51, Air envelope franked 92 m in Maadi for registration to unusual destination in Yugoslavia. Cairo airport and Geneva Express transit marks behind and Vrsac arrival  £6.00
405 Aug 1953, Suez Canal Authority registered letter to Stockholm franked 95 mills, with Reg label attached ion arrival. Civil censor on face, two Cairo transits behind  £4.00
406 28 6 71, Government printed cover used by Stamps and Philatelic Section of Ministry of Communications for air registration to Holland. Travelled unfranked, Bussum arrival behind  £5.00
407 6 12 74, air envelope franked behind with pair of 100m definitives to cover registration from unusual cds Manial el Roda / Gharb to Liverpool University  £4.00
Stamps miscellany
408 Accumulation on cards and in envelopes of small mass of stamps, mainly mint and Hawid-protected, essentially in and after the beginning of the Republic, though some much earlier noted. Unsort, lucky dip bag. Clean for the most part, probably 150 stamps  £5.00
Greetings cards
409 1940, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Middle East, folded card, 41/4in by 5in, with soldier and Cairo scene. Printed message: Merry Christmas etc”. Excellent condition  £5.00
410 1958 stamp. Christmas card from Cairo stamp dealer Sfakianos to his client friends, 1m UAR Egypt fellaha cancelled by his business stamp  £4.00
Picture postcards
411 CMS Medical Mission (Gaza). The Old Mission Hospital, which was crumbling to pieces. Apparently published by CMS, who claimed copyright. Mint, excellent  £4.00
412 Relief carving of Cleopatra in the Temple of Denderah. Sent to Scarborough franked DLR 4m with Bulkley and Alexandria / A markings 14 XII 07  £4.00
413Port Said – Navy House – Lehnert and Landrock. Showing olde-worlde sailing boat in the harbour. Mint, excellent  £3.00
414 BKW coloured humour card – “Mind your nose, gov’ner” on visit to Ostrich Farm. Sent to France from Cairo on 22 II 07, excellent condition  £4.00
415 (date?), CM b/w photocard No 121: Supply-Caravan crossing Wahdi el-Mehza (Sinai). Scarce card  £8.00
On Active Service
416 Small plain cover endorsed “On Active Service” and addressed to London. Received neat and unusual Attarine / Alexandria CDS for 27 SEP 15, and Alexandria / V transit mark next day (also set off on the face). No other marking  £6.00
417 26 7 05 TII, Scarce Suez / (Ambulant) marking (Type 2A1.3a) as receiver on excellent 1894 3m DLR stationery card (NP SPC7) sent from Caire the day before  £10.00
Postal stationery
418 9 XI 91 T4, excellent Caire / D strike on 5m card (NP SPC3) to Switzerland. Lucern arrival  £3.00
419 1888, mint 5m + 5m reply card (SPC4). Excellent condition  £2.00
420 1891, mint provisional 3m on 5m reply card (SPC6). Sl smudging  £3.00
421 25 VII 10, provisional 4m on 5m card, reply half of reply pair, with acute accent on “E” instead of grave, and excellent strike of Alexandria / E  £3.00
422 17 XI 10, 1907 2m green postal stationery card (PC14) uprated with 2m DLR green for Belgium. Both cancelled with Cairo / J cds, and Welkenraedt cds on arrival eight days later  £4.00
423 Date? Lower right UMM corner block of four glossy-gum labels supporting Palestine, showing map, flag and the Dome of the Rock. Each stamp 7.8x4cm  £4.00
424 Date? Left marginal block of eight UMM labels showing oil rig and oil flowing from Saudi Arabia to Egypt. Glossy gum, imperf round edges  £3.00
Censor markings
425 21 X 16, light cover franked 20m for registration to Denmark and cancelled Cairo / RD6 with black on white label. Chamfered passed / Censor / 1 in black, resealed with Opened by Censor label by Censor B in blue, arrived London November 5, Hellerup November 11 and Copenhagen November 12  £8.00
426 30 10 40, incoming, commercial printed window envelope franked 2fr50 from Vichy France October 21, resealed in Egypt with bilingual Opened by Censor label and strike of censor 66 (Mr N Elimelek). Port Said / Traffic CDS on reverse October 30  £8.00
Shipping via the Canal
427 Djibouti-France: FEVR 06, b/w card (Djibouti Diablotins), franked 10c French Somali Coast for France, cancelled (reverse) with perfect Djibouti / Cote Franse des Somalis, then La Reunion a Marseille No 3 octagon same day, and finally Nimes/Gard on February 14. Excellent (Danish) write-up  £10.00
Egypt Air Mails
428 12 DEC 1934(5?), small letter to UK franked with two pairs of Fuad 10m, with large By KLM Air Mail (label at top left), explaining the franking as 15 mills per 20g to UK (Nov 1931-Aug 40) plus 25 mills KLM air surcharge. No arrival mark  £6.00
429 25 MA 53, air letter to Copenhagen franked Farouk barred 2x10m+30m and Farouk King of Egypt and Sudan opt 2m, from Alexandria Station. 22 mills the UPU rate, plus air surcharge of 15 mills per 10g  £5.00
Egypt Paquebots / Ship Mail
430 27 VII 98, 10pf German stationery postcard addressed to Frankfurt, cancelled with two clear diagonal strikes of small, neat Suez PLEINE MER marking (December 1893-July 1899), together with Alexandria / A and Suez / D handstamps. Beautifully clean card, posted from on board the RPD (“mail steamer”) Kaiser. Fine clean card  £100.00
431 27 IX 04, b/w card of General Elliott’s Monument in Gibraltar, franked 2 x GB ½d and addressed to Dorset, cancelled Port Said with clean straight-line PAQUEBOT cachet (1899-1904). Message from SS Arcadia says “this is my monument”  £10.00
432 11 JL 07, b/w postcard of Marseille franked with South Australia 1d and addressed to Newmarket from SS Ortona en route to Sydney. Star and bridge Port-Said CDS with perfect single-line Paquebot cartouche (1905-19) and eventually Newmarket arrival July 18. Fine condition  £30.00
433 21 SE 14, Sepia photocard of MS Paparoa, sent from the vessel to Cornwall, franked with GB 2 x ½d and cancelled Port Said / Paquebot 30 SE. Uncensored, though war already broken out  £7.00
434 30 DE 35, 90c French stationery card (Eiffel Tower), written from the passenger post-ferry SS Champollion, addressed to Germany and cancelled with clear Paquebot / Alexandrie CDS. Clean and neat  £8.00
435 8 JU 38, small envelope bearing handstamp “British Governor” on flap, addressed to Essex and franked KG VI 1 ½.d. Stamp cancelled with straight-line PAQUEBOT cartouche, with information CDS of Port Taufiq alongside. Unusual marking  £8.00
436 20 JU 39, b/w photocard The Suez Canal, addressed to France and franked with 40c Peace issue (French internal rate for message of five words only Nov 38-Nov 39) franked with Port Tawfiq / Paquebot (used from 1939) – unusual because many French ships had post office on board. Very clean significant card  £30.00
437 13 DE (1950s). B/w card of the TSS Empire Brent, addressed to France, franked with KG VI 2 ½d cancelled with a retta, with Egyptian censorship alongside. Message remarks on leaving Glasgow, and vessel “not half as nice as the one we came on from India”  £8.00
438 Swedish American Line’s Gripsholm: series of cards (one with map) and covers from the vessel’s Mediterranean cruises in 1934 (2 covers, 1 card) and 1935 (1 cover, 1 card), all with memorable handstamps “posted on board … between Suez and Aden” for instance, and culminating in 1960 Med cruise with cover addressed to member of Danish UN force in Palestine, with Paquebot/Alexandrie cds and Gaza arrival. Clean group, fascinating  £30.00
Egypt postal history
439 5 II 86, delightful 20 para stationery card with perfect Caire.D cancel, addressed to corporal in the Black Watch in Curragh Camp, Dublin, telling him his medal has not yet arrived but will be sent to him when it appears (Tel el Kebir?)  £10.00
440 21 IX 94, remarkable Turkish 20 para stationery card, written in Jaffa and cancelled with a retta (Pleine Mer predecessor), addressed to Copenhagen via Port Said (excellent strike). Arrival mark Sept 29. Full detail in (Danish) research  £65.00
441 1 III 14, an Arabic-handwritten business invoice with Qina / Cash CDS, in blue on original pale brown paper, with modern red ink comments on copy version  £4.00
442 1930s? stamp on small piece: Khedivial Line’s SS Talodi red circular handstamp on Saudi Arabia 3 ½ gr blue (G 337)  £4.00
443 20 11 69, printed envelope of Communications ministry telegraph / radio office, franked 55m Official and sent from scarce Qesm / el Nahhal (Ismailia). To rare Qemmet Fayid. Two unusual postmarks – slip of paper says “seized by Israelis”  £4.00
444 17 4 73, large envelope from Phil Soc of Egypt to Menne Larsen in Denmark, franked with strip of 4x50m Ras el Tin for registration, cancelled by clear Cairo R.D /Special 2 CDS  £3.00
445 22 5 92, small envelope with 10pi commemorative, cancelled by scarce Wadi Abbadi CDS, with University / City Asyut / R arrival behind  £3.00
Cumulative lots – most individual items carry a brief but most useful description – in Danish
446 Censor’s office: Massive and fascinating accumulation of 45 covers and ten cards, all relating to Egyptian censorship between 1916 and 1963, several incoming noted, troops in Sinai, censor labels, through civilian and military censorship. Covers in mixed condition, but much to study and to wonder at. Priced to go at  £100.00
447 Egypt Paquebots / Ship Mail: Fascinating accumulation of ship mail passing through Egyptian ports, with majority bearing Paquebot CDS markings of Port Said, Port Tawfiq, Alexandria, Suez, but also straight-line and boxed Paquebots (Q and O), rettas, and a number of foreign Paquebot markings in addition to postcards of the ports. Total of 52 covers and 21 cards, approx 1906-1981, mixed condition, but rich variety of markings  £120.00
448 Rural covers: Arabic postmarks, and no cartouches these days. Dating mainly mid-1980s, mixed lot, mainly clean collection of 29 modern Rural Post covers, all with all-Arabic CDs markings  £10.00
Scarce single-town TPO markings
449 17 VII 10, postcard from Zuglio, Italy, with fine transit marking of Port Taufiq / T.P.O. (Type 5A2.1) for final delivery to destination (Suez receiving mark 17. VII 11)  £15.00
450 15 V 09, unusual destination, b/w photocard (Sphinx, Alexandria), franked DLR 4 mills from Alex to Shanghai. Fine transit mark of Suez / T.P.O. (Type 5A3.1), not illustrated by Smith  £45.00
451 1950s? Two Arabic-addressed covers franked Marechal 10 mills, each sent from rare Tanta / T.P.O. cds (Type 5A2.4). No backstamps. Dates smudged, so a bargain at  £5.00
4521939-40, small group of three covers all bearing Cairo / T.P.O. 24 / E (Type 5C1) transit marks: Ashmun to Cairo, Tanta to Cairo and Banha to Cairo. Useful strikes, recorded only 1938-40  £15.00
453 31 DE 28, small cover franked Fuad 5m to Mustapha Barracks, Alex, sent from Cairo roller with arrival T.P.O. 19 / Alexandria (scarce Type 5E1) on reverse  £20.00
454 11 DE 24, long envelope (full lawyer’s letter remains) franked 5mills First Fuad (unsealed) for Cairo from Alexandria. Clean strike of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (Type 5C1.1) behind. Earliest date recorded  £16.00
45523 OC 25, neat folded lawyer’s letter-envelope, franked 2m First Fuad (unsealed) sent to Cairo from Mansura Station, with clean part strike of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (Type 5C1.1) behind  £12.00
456 9 MR 26, cut-down cover to Cairo with 5m First Fuad from Tanta, reverse has Azhar arrival and T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E transit mark (Type 5C1.1), nine months later than recorded  £12.00
457 22 AP 26, printed business envelope with full set of Agricultural/Industrial exhibition, sent from Zifta to Cairo with clear strike on reverse of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (Type 5C1.1), even later date than last  £25.00
458 22 AU 35, small blue envelope (letter remains) sent from Sidi Gaber (5m Fuad) to Cairo, receiving transit mark of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (as Type 5C1.1 but dm 27mm instead of 30mm, not recorded by Smith), and Dawawin arrival on reverse. Earliest recorded for this variant  £16.00
459 11 AU 36, printed bank letter from Alex (5m Fuad) to Cairo, receiving transit mark of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (as Type 5C1.1 but dm 27mm instead of 30mm, not recorded by Smith), on reverse  £13.00
Literature. Please note that buyers may be required to pay postage/packing costs
460 F W (Jim) Benians, Egypt Postage Prepaid Military Datestamps 1941-1947. A4, card covers, 148pp plus 8 of b/w illustrations, author dedication. The EPP bible  £30.00
461 John Sears, The Airmails of Egypt, third edition (2000). A4, 183pp, spiral-bound, soft-back, pristine condition. The air mails bible  £30.00
WWI Military TPOs
462 29 SP 16, clear strike of scarce military TPO CAT (used on the Egyptian State Railways between Cairo and Port Said, recorded only 1916-18) on reverse of a b/w card of Pyramids Street, Heliopolis addressed to Whitby, Yorkshire. Very brief message, countersigned and with triangular censor No 3684  £40.00
463 3 OC 18, clear strike of military TPO TAC (used in reverse of last) on Honour envelope addressed to Leatherhead, Surrey. Signature countersign, no censor, no backstamp. Very late use  £25.00
Oasis TPOs
464 31 VIII 08, Colour card, Camels in the desert, franked 5m DLR for London, but cancelled with (poor) strike of very rare TPO Qara-Wahat el Kharga & V.V., with Qara, oasis link with the Nile and civilisation, alongside. TPO strike is seemingly Type 6A1A (recorded April 08 to Feb 11), but not as Smith records: there is a clear arch under the top lettering, and the word saayrah is immediately below the datebar. Not in good condition, but research required on this one  £35.00
Postal Markings
46516 AV 89, clear strike of Damiette / star and crescent on 5m stationery postcard addressed in Arabic to Tanta. Corner lost  £3.00
466 24 I 91, Italian 10c postal stationery card, message in Italian, addressed to Cairo with spot-on Cairo / A arrival CDS  £2.00
467 23 V 97, front half of 5m reply card, used from excellent strike of Zefta via excellent strike of Alexandria / A to Paris  £4.00
46815 MY 12, coloured card of Caire – Types Arabes, franked 4m for UK and cancelled with good San Stefano strike. Enigmatic Alexandria A in double arch alongside  £3.00
469 4 JU 57, square blue envelope from Abu Tig to Cairo, Express delivery paid by total of eight 5m Air Mail stamps on the reverse, all neatly cancelled on arrival by unusual Cairo / Express Delivery CDS  £6.00
470 18 I 61, long envelope franked 60 mills and sent from US Embassy in Cairo to Danish brewer. No postal markings. On arrival provided with 30 ore machine franking, presumably to pay internal postage. No backstamps. Most odd  £4.00
Egyptian stamps
471Mass of more than 150 Egyptian definitives, airs and commems, 1930s-40s, in excellent condition, inc 3 ms for 1959, 1965, 1966. All very neat NH mint (majority) or hinge remains. Little duplication, excellent lot to build on  £12.00
472 1960, 100m definitive (NP D267) in near sheetlet of 16 stamps as issued, with control A/60 and selvedge all round. UMM  £9.00
473 Archaeology theme – five stockcards with total of 31 stamps and 1ms (Tutankhamun anniversary), all NH mint, all depicting some form of Egyptian antiquity. Neat thematic start pack  £10.00
474 Single-back b/w card by Angelo Kapasto, Khartoum, illustrating a village gathering at Wau, capital of the Bahr el-Ghazal, now in South Sudan. Mint, clean, rare view  £6.00
475 Ismailia Post Office Street, two clean mint cards in sepia and b/w showing post office and its neighbourhood  £4.00
476 Alexandria – two neat coloured cards showing Fort Napoleon on its hilltop, two different views  £5.00
477 1920s? b/w card showing a platoon of armed soldiers (British, Egyptian?) being marched down towards the Sultan Hassan Mosque, sergeant at the rear. Most unusual  £5.00
478 Wonderful b/w photocard of Aswan and Elephantine Island, with message to USA written from the deck of the S.S. Sudan as tourists set off back to Luxor  £3.00
Motor Mail
479 25 III 28, clean printed envelope of Continental Savoy Hotel, franked 2x15m Second Fuad cancelled with hotel CDS and addressed to Iraq. Red Motor Mail sticker on face with Airmail endorsement. Basra and Maqil handstamps on reverse  £35.00
Khedivial Mail Line
480 12 JUN 29, flimsy envelope franked 1-5m of Second Fuad issue, all cancelled with SS Taif / Khedivial Mail Line oval handstamps, with Port Taufiq / D and Paquebot markings alongside. Reverse has Alexandria machine roller of next day. Clearly a Hendrey contrivance, but an attractive one  £25.00
Censor interest
481 (date?), Westinghouse printed air mail envelope with company name obliterated, franked Boy King 20+2 mills, not cancelled, marked Personal and addressed to Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington. Passed by ONI Naval Censor. No backstamps  £6.00
482 13 MR 43, Banque Misr printed envelope franked 4x5+2m Boy King for Tehran from Cairo / V. Opened and resealed by Egyptian censor and Censor 87 (Mrs Musgrave-Thomas), but also by Russian(?) and Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship. Arrival April 10  £8.00
Hotels interest
483 28 III 94, full clear strike of Gesireh Palace Hotel on 1890 5 millièmes letter-envelope (BP SLS2) addressed to Vienna. No backstamp, no apparent content  £6.00
484 18 12 59, Cover from Nile Hilton to Zurich, franked 45m for air mail printed paper rate. No clear backstamp but seems to have travelled  £4.00
485 Memorabilia – mini collection of 15 hotel matchbooks, all except Nile Hilton (old) and Egotel Luxor mint with full complement of matches. Contains Marriott (2), Movenpick 2, Cecil 2, United Arab Airlines 2, Aswan Oberoi, Hyatt, Eastmar, Nile Hilton (modern), Ramses Hilton  £15.00
Postal history
486 1852, two entire letters, sent from Alexandria to Paris or Marseille via British and French post offices respectively  £10.00
487 16 FE 84, small cover franked 1pi rose (SG 47) for Ambleside, cancelled with clear Port Said / Depart CDS, flap torn, but part Ambleside CDS on reverse 20 FE  £8.00
488 12 VI 00, small envelope franked 2x5m DLR for postage from Minia to Chios, Turkey. Backstamped Alex / A, Smyrne in blue and faint Chios. Unusual  £6.00
489 4 JL 02, 5m ps envelope (NP SEN6), uprated with 5m DLR for Germany and cancelled with clear Alexandria / Station CDS. Arrival mark behind, central fold does not detract  £6.00
490 23 II 10, 1pi postal stationery letter sheet (SLS 1), cancelled with Assiut-Cairo / TPO, with transit mark Cairo / A same day for Strasbourg. Sender’s handstamp on reverse. Message in German inside. Fully written up  £4.00
491 19 III 24, neat Official folded letter addressed to Cairo from Banha (Banha Station mark behind), neatly sealed on three sides according to regulation with bilingual black on pink Egyptian Government label  £4.00
492 5 SE 25, lawyer’s printed envelope franked with 10+15m First Fuads for Registration and AR within Cairo. Various notations behind, but Refused (trilingual box) and returned next day  £4.00
493 12 JL 26, printed commercial envelope remarkably franked 2m First Fuad for Dar es-Salaam (no sign of it having not been sealed). On arrival found to be undeliverable and returned with array of four return to sender” markings. Dar arrival August 4 on reverse  £6.00
494 20 OC 27, Clean registered Arabic-addressed cover franked 15m First Fuad from Tala./ R&P with Reg cachet, to Cairo R&P and finally Azhar  £6.00
49513 VI 36, neat incoming registered cover from Belgium, readdressed Alex-Cairo with array of CDS behind, culminating in Cairo Delivery / RA1  £4.00
496 26 SEP 39, Commercial printed envelope franked 4m Fuad with slogan machine cancel for Germany, “just” sealed. Boxed T alongside but no tax raised on arrival  £6.00
497 16 OC 39, cover addressed to UK Par Avion franked with three blocks of four of the Boy King 5m for a total of 60 mills, sent from Alexandria with Cairo machine on reverse  £3.00
498 1 FE 43, plain cover franked 1m Boy King and 20m Air for postage and registration from (R&P) / Qasr el Eini (Reg box alongside) in Cairo. Reverse has Cairo transit and Cairo / Postmen delivery mark two hours later  £5.00
499 2 SEP 1949, flimsy commercial printed envelope franked 2+10+20 mills Marechal (32 mills) for France, Cairo machine cancel, two censor marks and all-Arabic resealing label, corner lost  £4.00
500 1950? Two neat clean air letters (1944 SALS1 and 1949 SALS4 with Arabic watermark), both sent to same address in London, both with censor marks. Neat pair  £4.00
501 UAR period, date unknown. B/W picture postcard of piece of art (can be identified?) from a Cairo exhibition, mentioned in message for France. Marked Avion, franked 60m Air Mail + 2x10m UAR definitives, but cancelled only with three strikes of an Expres (single S) single-line handstamp. Unusual  £6.00
502 UAR period, date unknown, Nile Hilton air mail envelope franked 60m in Republican definitives (loosely secured) for Switzerland, but cancelled only with triple wavy lines. Censor mark, but no other. Odd treatment  £4.00
503 26 2 60, printed commercial envelope franked 60m Air stamp for Switzerland, double censored and resealed, apparently arriving safely. Reverse carries illustrations of two packets of cigarettes – Camel and Prince Albert. Striking  £6.00
504 19 8 60, printed company air mail cover addressed to New York, franked 100m+30n+5m with pink Reg label. Censored, and transit Cairo and Cairo Airport with New York arrival Aug 22  £4.00
505 1960-66, range of seven small envelopes with different frankings and postmarks, four containing original visiting cards. Mixed condition  £4.00
First Day, Souvenir covers etc
506 9 AU 46, plain envelope with Cairo Citadel Evacuation (SG 313) and day of issue Philatelic Bureau CDS  £1.00
507 9 NO 46, full set of Arab League Congress (SG 315-27) on plain card stuck to plain envelope, all cancelled with day of issue Philatelic Bureau CDS  £2.00
50815.3.58, plain cover with 3m UAR Egypt definitive (SG 555) and FD cancel  £1.00
509 As last, smaller envelope  £1.00
510 16 4 58, small visiting card envelope with marginal 4m UAR Egypt definitive (SG 556) and FD cancel of Port Said  £2.00
511 2 6 58, Air Mail envelope with 1m UAR Egypt definitive (SG 553) and Cairo FDC cancel  £1.00
512 27 MA 90, souvenir of ESC Cairo visit to London for Stamp World 90, with image of Penny Black on papyrus, Egyptian definitives for 1p+3p cancelled by Cairo Philatelic Bureau and 15p “two Queens” Machin. No 38 of 50 only prepared  £4.00
Printing Experiment
513 1959, first anniversary of UAR/Yemen proclamation, printed in single colour as first production of Postal Printing House new press. Here deep rose red, perforated and unwatermarked (NP page 270), mint NH  £4.00
Postmark cutouts
514 1925-38, remarkable collection of 22 cutouts, clean and perfect, of commemorative datestamps for the various exhibitions and congresses celebrated by Egypt. Also two congress Registration cachet cutouts and an Egyptian Government sealing label. Ex Ibrahim Chaftar  £10.00
Egyptian military
515 1958, unfranked cover sent from Abu Shusha to Cairo. Received pencil T en route, arrived Cairo 25 AUG green roller canceller, followed by 20m Due next day, and eventually small trilingual REFUSED handstamp. Contents remain  £3.00
516 1964, unfranked barid harby cover, Arabic addressed, with hexagonal Unit 42 CDS and violet military censor. Machine arrival Sidi Gaber behind. Unopened  £2.00
517 1967, large printed cover addressed to Cairo, franked with 35m Official stamp plus Official Oval for Registration, received military unit 23 hexagonal datestamp. No backstamps, contents remain  £3.00
Taxed and Postage Due
518 19 VIII 07, upright b/w card, Fille Fellah, unfranked for France. Port Said CDS, boxed T and French arrival, no dues  £3.00
519 28 MR 19, colour card Port Said, Jardin de Lesseps, franked with 3m DLR Pictorial for Chester, cancelled Port Taufiq / D but received boxed T / 05 en route. No tax raised in UK  £4.00
Egyptian labels
520 Two large advertising/commercial labels from Egyptian perfumes  £3.00
Literature: Philately and/or Military related. Please note that postage costs may be levied
521 Postage Stamps of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, DB Armstrong, 1912, 12x17.5cm, 72pp, softback, very good  £5.00
522 Operations in Egypt and Palestine August 1914 to June 1917, A Kearsey (illustrating Field Service regulations), third edition, no date, A5, 130pp plus 13 maps, softback, pristine  £8.00
523 Strategy and Tactics of the Egypt and Palestine Campaign 1917-18, A Kearsey (illustrating Principles of War), second edition, no date, A5, 104pp plus 12 maps, softback, pristine  £6.00
524 Egypt: various authors writing about exhibition at National Philatelic Museum, Philadelphia, 1950, A5, 214pp, softback, very good  £3.00
525 Tarik el Bareed, Medhat Chichini, 2981 (in Arabic), 17x24cm,168pp, softback, very good  £4.00
526 Stamps of Egypt 1952-1957, Egyptian Postal Administration, 1957, 17x25cm, 32pp plus enclosure, softback, very good  £3.00
527 Interpostals of Egypt, Ernest Kehr, 1962, A5, 32pp, softback, pristine  £3.00
528 Objective: Egypt, Gregory Blaxland, 1966, 15x22cm, 319pp, hardback with dust jacket, very good  £3.00
529 Zeheri Catalogue of Egypt, UAR and Sudan, Mehanny Eid, 9th edition, 1972 (in English), 17x24cm, 396pp, softback, good  £8.00
530 Den Danske FN-styrke I Gaza (Danor Unef 1956-67), E Menne Larsen, 1979, in Danish, A5, 48pp, softback, very good  £4.00
531 As above, English summary 1979, A5, 32pp, softback, very good  £2.00
532 Turkey Used Abroad, Banham and Wood, 1978, A4, 9 pages, 6 full-page illustrations, softback, good  £2.00
533 Canadian Military Post Offices to 1986, Baily & Toop, 1987, A5, 96pp, softback, very good  £4.00
534 All About Postal Matters in Egypt, Willard Fiske, Harry Hayes reprint 1977, A5, 24pp, softback, pristine  £3.00
535 Postage Stamps of Egypt (Simplified Catalogue), Lotfy & Raouf, 1981 (English/Arabic), A5, 284pp, softback, good  £4.00
536 Guide to Postcodes, Egyptian Post Office, 1985 (in Arabic), 17x24cm, 96pp, softback, very good  £3.00
537 UN Study Group Bulletin 25, 3, 1994, various authors, interest in seven pages on Polish UNEF markings, A5, 24pp, softback, pristine  £2.00
538 Priced Checklist of British Army and Field Post Offices 1914-19, Charles Entwistle, 1997, A5, 44pp, softback, pristine  £4.00
539 As last, 1939-46  £4.00
540 Postal History of the Holy Land 1459-1949, Zvi Alexander, 1998, display to the Royal, A5, 16pp no illustrations, softbound, pristine  £1.00
541 Perfins on Egyptian Stamps, Vahe Varjabedian, 1999, 17x24cm, 32pp, softback, pristine  £3.00
542 Gibbons Middle East Catalogue 19, 6th edition, 2005, A4, 392pp, softback, good  £3.00
543 Military History of Modern Egypt, Andrew McGregor, 2006, 16.5x24cm, 312pp, hardback with dust jacket, pristine  £7.00
544 The Military Museum and the History of the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Ministry of Defence, no date, A4, 64pp, many illustrations, softback, very good  £4.00
545 Catalogue of Israel’s Triangular Military Unit Handstamps, Rosenberg & Wolman, 2012, A4, 44pp, softback, pristine  £4.00
General Egypt
546 The Khedive’s Egypt, by Edwin e Leon, 1877, 150x230mm, 430pp, hardback, good condition. Fact and opinion from a diplomat who had seen it all happen in the period before Britain moved in. Sound condition  £4.00
547 England in Egypt, Sir Alfred Milner, 6th edn, 1899, 410pp, hardback, good condition  £2.00
548 Helwan: A Guide to the Health Resort of Egypt, by W Page May, 1901, 110x165mm, pocket guide to the newly fashionable winter spa south of Cairo, covering history and surroundings as well as listing hotels. Hardback, good condition  £3.00
549 Below the Cataracts, by Walter Tyndale, 1907, 170x230mm, 269 pages, hardback, VG condition. Charming journey by painter, 60 watercolour illustrations complete  £8.00
550 (no date), The Land of the Pharaohs, by Samuel Manning and James Balkie 135x210mm, 212pp, “new edition” taking into account recent archaeological discoveries of 1880. Many illustrations, hardback, excellent condition  £4.00
551 A Wayfarer in Egypt, by Annie Quibell, wife of the archaeologist, 2nd edn 1926, 125x195mm, 206pp, 18 illustrations, map, hardback, VG condition  £2.00
552 Communications in Egypt, by Rene Francis, 120x260mm, no date (1950s?), 56pp detailing advances in Egypt’s river, road and rail travel and looking on to progress in the air. Many b/w illustration, softback, VG condition  £8.00
553 100 Years of the Suez Canal, by REB Duff, 1969, 140x210mm, the story of the canal, its unsuccessful forebears and the politics surrounding its building and operation. Hardback with dust jacket, excellent condition  £3.00
554 Sinai: The Great and Terrible Wilderness, by Burton Bernstein, 1980, 160x240mm, 267pp, many b/w illustrations, hardback with dust jacket.VG condition  £3.00
555 The Lion in the Sand: The British in the Middle East, by Gerald Butt, 1995, 160x240mm, 215pp, several b/w illustrations, hardback with dust jacket, pristine  £3.00
556Defense Foreign Affairs Handbook on Egypt, by Gregory R Copley, 1995, 135x215mm, 156pp of information for national security professionals as a detailed view of the framework in which Egypt exists. Softback, pristine  £4.00
557 Letters from Egypt by Lucie Duff Gordon, reprinted 1997, A5, personal account of an Englishwoman sick with TB making her way virtually alone for seven years in Upper Egypt. Softback, good condition  £4.00
558 The Western Desert of Egypt: An Explorer’s Handbook, by Cassandra Vivian, 2000. Truly astonishing American University guidebook to an unknown part of Egypt. 420pp stuffed with information, maps, illustrations, photographs. Softback, pristine  £6.00
559 Middle East Movers: Royal Engineer Transportation in the Suez Canal Zone 1947-1956, by Hugh Mackintosh, 2000, 150x210mm, 70 well illustrated pages of personal reminiscence of life during the “undeclared war”  £3.00
560 The Fayoum: History and Guide, by R Neil Hewison, 3rd edn, 2001, 103pp covering all aspects of Cairo’s closest oasis and setting it in context with many illustrations. Softback, pristine  £2.00
561 The Lion and the Sphinx: The Rise and Fall of the British in Egypt, 1882-1956, by Henry Keown-Boyd, 2002, 160x240mm, 214pp, several b/w illustrations, hardback with dust jacket, pristine  £3.00
562From Pharaoh’s Lips: Ancient Egyptian Language in the Arabic of Today, by Ahmad Abdel-Hamid Youssef, 2005, 125x195mm, 131pp of amusing and thought-provoking language links with cartoon illustrations. Softback, Excellent  £3.00
563 Essential Histories: The Suez Crisis 1956, by Derek Varble, 2003, 170x245mm, 92pp, many illustrations, paperback, pristine  £3.00
564 Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, by Zachary Karabell, 2005, 160x240mm, 310pp, several historic illustrations, hardback with dust jacket, pristine  £3.00
565 Cairo Maps: The Practical Guide, revised edition 2005, 150x210mm, 40 street maps, street index, general index56 pages, full colour throughout. Pristine condition  £3.00
566 Memoires Heliopolitaines, by Robert Sole, May Telmissany and Mercedes Volait. 2005, Arabic-French, 230x310mm, remarkable jubilee festival of photographs and recollections of a special suburb on its centenary. Softback, pristine  £12.00
567 Heliopolis: Rebirth of the City of the Sun, by Agnieszka Dobrowolska and Jaroslaw Dobrowolski, 2006, A4, 192pp crammed with colour and b/w photographs including a remarkable two-page aerial shot. AUC Press, celebrating 100 years of astonishing architecture. Softback, pristine  £12.00
568 Egypt’s Belle Époque: Cairo and the Age of the Hedonists, by Trevor Mostyn, 2007, 130x195mm, 202pp, many b/w illustrations, paperback, pristine  £2.00
569 All About Postal Matters in Egypt, by Willard Fiske, 155x215mm, reprint in 1977 by Harry Hayes and John Alden of 1897 original. A brave first attempt to detail Egyptian postal information in 24 pages. Softback, pristine condition  £6.00
570 An Egyptian Post Office List in the Egyptian Language, by Willard Fiske, 1897. British Library archive photocopy of 60 doubled pages, not easy to find  £12.00
571Egyptian Postal Guide 1928, photocopied and enlarged to A4 in two volumes, first containing pp iii-149 (ie, all local regulations); second containing pp.451-533 of Post Offices listing (last four pages inexplicably omitted) plus Sudan and Indexes. Spiral bound, massive official information, very scarce… but just incomplete  £45.00
572 Egyptian Postal Guide 1928, as last, pages 451-533 of PO listing only, plus Sudan and indexes only. Not illustrated  £20.00
573 Egyptian Postal Guide 1932, photocopied professionally on to A4 pages. A few preliminary pages, then full PO listing from page 497-600 followed by Sudan and some appendices. Excellent condition, immensely useful  £35.00
574 Egyptian Postal Guide, date unknown. Photocopied as original, in double normal-sized pages, full Post Offices listing from page 435 to 511. Masses of detail – but when?  £20.00
575 Egyptian Government Postal Administration Annual Report, 1934. Full report photocopied in 65 A4 pages, immense detail in announcements of new stamps, opening/closing of post offices etc, overseas relations, air services. Spiral bound, pristine  £8.00
576 GPO Cairo, Alterations to be made to the Egyptian Postal Guide No 47, 1935. As last photocopied on to A4 page. Infinite detail in spiral-bound complete report of 23pp  £4.00
577 Egyptian Government Postal Administration Annual Report, 1935, as above, complete report copied in 61 pages of immense detail  £8.00
578 Guide du Musée Postal Egyptien 1935, published by Postal Administration in 1934.135x185mm, 75pp French and Arabic text with large fold-out maps. Hardback, excellent condition  £8.00
579 Guide du Musée Fouad 1er des Postes, 1939, 108pp, published by Postal administration, 140x180mm, 108pp in French and Arabic, many b/w photographs, softback, spine beginning to go but inside pages good  £6.00
580 The 20th Century Stamps of Egypt, by Ernest Kehr, 1942, A5, 48pp, truly detailed examination of Egypt’s philatelic production with a great effort to explain as well as merely list. Softback parting, contents very good  £4.00
581 Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot, 9th edn, 1944, 155x245mm, 528pp detailing every rock, shoal, inlet, lighthouse and beachside building, a boon for those hoping to track down a mystery postmark. Hardback, excellent condition  £5.00
582 Note Historique sur les timbres-poste en Egypt, 1946, 135x195mm, published to mark the centenary of the first Egyptian adhesive. 60 pages, many b/w illustrations, softback, good condition  £4.00
583 As last, but with hardback binding. Excellent condition  £5.00
584 Entiers Postaux d’Egypte, by J Boulad and A Cocatre, 1947, 10x16cm, a brave first attempt to detail Egypt’s postal stationery. Scarce, in French, good condition paperback with gift autograph for ESC’s FS Mumford  £8.00
585 Les Vignettes de Franchise d’Egypte, by Georges Chapier, 1950, A5, 20pp, a scarce early attempt at explaining and listing interpostals. Softback, excellent condition  £5.00
586 3Stamps of the Levant Post Office by DB Armstrong, 1972 reprint of 1913 original, 145x220mm, 128pp detailing stamps used through the Levant (one page for Egypt). Softback, good condition  £3.00
587 The Egypt Flight: LZ127 – Graf Zeppelin, by Fred Blau and Cyril Deighton, 1981, A5, 80pp examining every detail of the Egypt flight. Packed with illustrations, crucial aid for air enthusiast. Softback, pristine  £12.00
588 Forgery & Reprint Guide 14: Suez Canal, by John Barefoot, A5, 1983, 20pp guide to spotting Suez Canal Co fake stamps. Softback, pristine  £2.00
589 (no date), The Stamps of Egypt, by RER Dalwick, A5, 32pp, covering stamps, postmarks, forgeries etc up to the time of the British Protectorate. Well illustrated, softback, good condition  £3.00
590 (no date), Les Timbres français Perfores, by Georges Lebland, 135x210mm, detailed listing in 16 pages. Softback, pristine  £2.00
591 (no date), Les Cachets Triangulaires de Palestine et d’Israel, and Quelques Obliterations de Jerusalem, by Pierre Muller,135x210mm, 16pp softback, pristine  £2.00
592(no date), Essays of Egypt, by Ernest A Kehr, 125x255mm, 22pp, well-illustrated wander through the delights of Egypt’s early essays, reprinted from Collectors Club Philatelist. Softback, very good condition  £3.00
593 Egypt Archiva Stamps Catalog 1925-61, by K Hagopian, 1984, A5, 28ppm simplified listing of Royal misperforates in b/w, spiral bound, VG condition  £2.00
594 Palestine Stamp Catalogue: Gaza Egyptian Administration 1948-1967, by Khetcho Hagopian, 1987, A5,42pp detailing Egyptian issues for the occupied Gaza Strip and illustrating FDCs, spiral bound, excellent condition  £2.00
595 Consular … in Egypt, by Themis Dacos, 1994, A4, 93pp detailing the history of the Greek consular presence in Egypt, illustrated with some astonishing early documents and some equally astonishing research. Hardback, VG condition  £10.00
596 Soldiers of the Nile: A Biographical History of the British Officers of the Egyptian Army 1882-1925, by Henry Keown-Boyd, 1996,150x220mm, 223pp, hard-back with dust jacket, pristine. Massive listing of names and positions  £6.00
597 Egypt: The First Portrait Issue, by John Sears, 1997. 127 A4 pages spiral bound collating all the best knowledge about the First Fuad issue, the first group of stamps produced by photogravure, and archive detail of how it was done  £30.00
598 The Stamp Booklets of Egypt, by John Revell, 1997. 133 A4 pages from the master, privately produced in idiosyncratic handwriting and intended for members of the Study Circle only. Everything that could be detailed about booklets is here  £30.00
599 Nineteenth Century Wars in Egypt and the Sudan, by John Firebrace, 1997, A4, 246pp illustrating and explaining his fabulous military postal history collection. Crammed with illustrations, softback, pristine  £16.00
600 The Passport: The History of Man’s Most Travelled Document, by Martin Llloyd. 130x205mm, 282pp, many illustrations detailing development of the passport down the years. Hardback with dust jacket, pristine  £4.00
601Egypt Early Airmail 1910-1936, by Lucien Sami Toutounji, 2013 A celebration of the exhibit presented with Large Gold at Lisbon 2010, augmented by yet further treasures, all illustrated in colour in 160 A4 pages. Spiral bound, exhilarating, pristine  £25.00
602 Postmen at War: A History of the Army Postal Services from the Middle Ages to 1945, by Colonel E T Vallance, 2015, A4, 287pp, softback, pristine. Lavishly supplied with photographs, maps, tables and graphs, with Egypt providing early (1882, Suakin) and late (Western Desert) chapters  £16.00