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Egypt De La Rue stamps
001 1879/92: Two fine unmounted mint examples from the early Fourth Issue: 2 piastres yellow-orange (NP D38) and 5 piastres slate (D 44) £10.00
002 9 AO 81, 10 paras lilac rose (NP D34) in fine used block of four from Mahalla, with blue CDS  £10.00
003 1884 provisional surcharge 20 para on 5 piastres, fine used with inverted overprint (NP D40a)  £30.00
004 1893 Officials (No-Value stamp): Block of four with plate number 1, NP O1, wmk upright, unmounted mint  £15.00
005 1889 Postage Dues surcharged in black, fine block of four showing two flaws – first “l” of millièmes slanting (“drunken l”, NP PD20e); and as part of Arabic lettering “alif and ein” missing (PD 20d). Mint block hinged on one stamp only  £50.00
006 28 IV 05, 10 piastres mauve (NP D52), in fine used block of four with Cairo Station postmark  £10.00
007 1914-15 Officials. 2 mills green block of four with plate number 1 and var “no stop after S” (NP O11a) in posn 20 (first printing). Also posns 39/40 have unrecorded opt flaw with thin black ring over perfs. UMM, corner selvage fold does not detract  £30.00
008 1915 Officials (overprint with hamza): 2 mills green, block of four with overprint inverted (NP O15c), unmounted mint  £50.00
009 1915, used 5 piastre stamp (NP D44), single used with fine part-strike of scarce CDS Soldiers and Sailors Institute, Alexandria  £8.00
010 6 XII 15, provisional surcharge 2 mills on 3 mills Pictorial. Two used (SG 83) with two unsurcharged on cover from Cairo to Nice, ie 10 millièmes. But one surcharged stamp ignored by canceller. Why?  £35.00
011 18 IV 16, Provisional surcharge stamp (SG 83) as last, used in conjunction with 1,3,4 mills Pictorials from Belgian Legation in Cairo (faint cachet behind) to Paris. Cancelled Cairo / H  £35.00
1951 Mediterranean Games
012 Oct 5-20 1951, the first Mediterranean Games, held in Alexandria – 12-page official guide and booklet in French, 14x20cm, excellent condition with foldout plan of stadium and coloured advertising label on reverse. Also tickets for three events – weightlifting, football and swimming. Remarkable  £30.00
Perfinned postcard
013 27 1 88, De La Rue 20 para postal stationery card (SPC1) sent from Gordon College, Cairo (retta cancel) via Alexandria to Coventry Machinists Co in UK (received Feb 6). Card is perfinned at lower left with two-lines: & Co / NOT NEGOTIABLE. Most unusual to see Egyptian postal stationery with perfin usage. Some adhesion behind but otherwise stunning  £30.00
014 Mini-collection of 16 De La Rue stamps with perfins, including two Soudan overprints. All used  £10.00
015 Accumulation of 19 older and modern perfinned stamps  £10.00
016 De La Rue 2 millièmes stamp with ESS / CL perfin, one of the most rare of Egyptian perfins with only nine examples recorded to date  £25.00
Royalty interest
017 25 5 08, incoming postcard from Napoli, charmingly written on board the Norddeutscher Lloyd vessel Schleswig, by ten-year-old Princess Fewkia, one of Farouk’s step-sisters, to her father, Prince (later King) Fuad in Cairo. Addressed simply: SR Le Prince Fouad, Caire, Egypte. Stunning  £30.00
Commemorative varieties
018 1929 Prince Farouk Birthday issue. Complete set of four, mint but hinged, with brown centre (NP C29-C32). Only 2000 sets published. With normal for comparison  £80.00
019 1958, Sixth Anniversary of July 23 Revolution – complete mint unmounted sheet of 25 stamps in selvedge with watermark inverted. Nile Post (2003) catalogues each se-tenant strip of five stamps at $75  £60.00
020 1963 Ramadan Festival, 4 millièmes, used vertical pair with Arabic date 1913 instead of 1963 on upper stamp (NP C318a)  £15.00
Hotels interest
021 1894, De La Rue 2 mills postal stationery wrapper uprated with 3+5m DLRs and cancelled with Mena House Hotel CDS, addressed to Bern April 24. Unusual CDS and unusual franking on such a wrapper  £80.00
022 1987, used card printed by Muller Straub Aarau, Souvenir du Caire, showing Pyramids, camel rider, Nile, franked with 2+3 mills De La Rue definitives and sent from Hotel Bavaria in Cairo to Sanbor and redirected to Podeusz, Austria  £20.00
023 11901, used postcard showing Helouan’s New Thermal Sulphur-Baths, sent from Helwan to Rorscharch. Six days in transit  £20.00
024 Jan 7 03, GB 1/2d card detailing gold mining interests uprated with 1/2d stamp and sent within Southport, but then redirected to Grand Hotel Helouan, where arrival 14 Jan 03. Remarkable  £8.00
025 1904 Hotel August Gorff advertising postcard sent from Cairo to Alexandria. Written in Greek  £20.00
026 1905, B/w postcard of Grand Hotel Liverpool in Cairo, franked with pair of DLR 1m stamps for Italy with Caire CDS 17 X 05. Excellent condition  £8.00
027 1905, three-view postcard of Helwan printed by H Freytag and sent from Cairo December 18 to Maryville New York. Arrived January 5  £20.00
028 16 IV 09, printed cover of Winter Hotel, Helouan-les-Bains, franked with pair of 5m DLR adhesives for Duisburg, Germany. Neat and clean, no backstamp  £10.00
029 1910, Postcard for Cairo – Restaurant and Brasserie “Bavaria”, proprietor F Schuller. Mint card printed by E Diemler  £20.00
030 1910, Postcard for Cairo – Hotel du Nil, proprietor Rud. Fleischmann. Mint card printed by E Diemlet  £20.00
031 1910, Mint b/w postcard showing group of well-dressed guests on the terrace of the Helouan Pension Antoine. No publisher’s name  £18.00
032 1911, incoming postcard from Venice to Hamburg American Line HQ in Cairo, redirected to Winter Palace Hotel, Luxor, and again to Continental Hotel in Cairo. In transit on PO line Port-Said Cairo. Striking, eight CDS in all  £8.00
033 1928, sepia b/w photocard postcard showing the Bristol Hotel in Cairo, next door to Sednaoui department store. No publisher, mint card, excellent  £8.00
034 21 AU 49, incoming humorous postcard from Hotel du Parc in Switzerland addressed to guests at the Hotel Desert House in Ikingi Maryut near Alexandria. Remarkably, arrived in only seven days  £8.00
035 16 JL 54, b/w photocard of Hotel des Roses, Marsa Matrouh, Arabic written to Maadi and franked with 10 millièmes Republic commemorative (SG 493). Unusual  £8.00
036 34 JL 56, printed cover of Hotel Riviera Palace, Marsa Matrouh, franked with 10m Republic definitive and addressed to Glym, Alexandria. Sidi Gaber arrival, letter on hotel notepaper written in Greek  £8.00
037 22 2 59, Opening of Nile Hilton FDC with single 10m commemorative stamp with flaw “white dot on the O of Hilton” (position 11, every second pane, NP C216a)  £10.00
038 30 JU 32, Cover and two page letter from S Bloom, Jewish proprietor of Central Hotel (near Continental), pleading for his rent to be lowered in hard times and giving several examples of neighbours’ woes. Heart-rending  £15.00
039 14 SE 47, Shepheard’s Hotel printed envelope plus two-page letter, franked Farouk Marechal 22m (SG 301) from Hotel PO (Type 7) to Hotel Hajjar in Souk el-Gharb, Lebanon. Sealed behind with hotel advertising label  £24.00
Postal stationery mint
040 1914 DLR Pictorial issue postcard, 2 millièmes green, yellowish paper, mint, good condition (NP SPC20)  £8.00
041 1914 DLR Pictorial issue postcard, 4 millièmes red, mint, good condition (NP SPC21)  £8.00
042 1938-1943, three Boy King visiting card envelopes, 2,3,4 millièmes (SEN 30,34,35), all in mint good condition  £20.00
043 1944, Farouk Marechal 10 millièmes postal stationery Letter Sheet (NP SLS 13, wmk A), in perfect mint condition  £30.00
044 1969, Registered Letter Sheet, 55 mills, with printing variety “JAR” for “UAR”, (NP SRLS1), min, good condition  £15.00
045 1985, Unadopted essay for Ramadan Festival postal stationery envelope depicting Moulid Doll. 5 piastres, rubber-stamped in Arabic: Trial without Value (NP E550), mint excellent condition  £20.00
Postal stationery used
046 3 IX 93, provisional postal stationery, 5 mills on 2pi envelope (without hamza, NP SEN 7), uprated with 2x1m (SG 58) plus 3 mills (SG60) DLR stamps, sent from Grand Hotel des Bains in Helouan (faint cachet behind) to Stuttgart  £38.00
047 9 MR 94, De La Rue postal stationery Envelope-Letter (NP SLS3) sent from Continental hotel (Type 1 CDS) to Mannheim, Germany March 18  £8.00
048 31 JA 24, 1-piastre De La Rue postal stationery Letter Sheet (ONOTO wmk, so NP SLS5, cat $125 used) uprated with 5 millièmes Crown Overprint stamp and sent from Cairo / C to Stuttgart. Long letter in tiny handwriting.  £60.00
048A 13 JL 26, 10 mills De La Rue postal stationery Registered Letter (NP SRE3) uprated with First Fuad 5m and used from Zifta (Reg cachet alongside) to Alexandria. Arrival handstamp on reverse next day  £25.00
049 16 AP 41, Farouk 5 mills postal stationery Letter Sheet (NP SLS 11, cat $100), used En Ville (R / Parliament to Mounira) and uprated with Boy King 5m plus 6x1m for registration. Cairo Delivery CDS behind. Letter sheet now sealed  £28.00
Shipping interest
050 Khedivial Mail Line schedules – single sheet Alex-Greece/Turkey, Syrian coast and Cyprus Oct 1914, plus four-page folded tariff of fares and itineraries Cyprus, Palestine and Red Sea Oct 1934. Good condition  £18.00
051 Misr Navigation, 24 OCT 1938, printed company cover from Alexandria to Geneva franked with Fouad 13m and Boy King 20m and cancelled on board with scarce shipping line CDS Misr Steamship and Navigation Co “S/S El Nil”. Geneva arrival on reverse 24 NO 38  £28.00
052 Much as last, but 20m Fuad and 13m Boy King stamps, and CDS of Misr Navigation’s S/S Kawsar in green. No arrival markings  £20.00
Palestine - Gaza
053 1948 Farouk Air issue overprinted with bilingual Palestine, complete set of 12 (NP PA 1-12), unmounted mint  £20.00
054 1948 Postage Dues, complete set of seven (NP PPD1-7), including extra rare 4 mills with magenta overprint (PPD 2c), unmounted mint  £20.00
Revenues and Fiscals
055 1949 Petrol tax (kerosene), one-half litre for use in Cairo – three black labels uncut  £10.00
056 27 2 49, block of four green labels for 4 litres of petrol, mint, no gum  £18.00
057 1951-1992. Lot of four Stella Egyptian beer labels  £10.00
058 1954, Match Tax revenue: the first Torch issue (Feltus page 43), opened for display on Anchor safety match booklet d  £10.00
059 1957, certificate from the Hellenic Community in Alexandria registering the burial of one of its members, legalised with a 50 mills General Revenue and a most unusual 20-drachma Death Certificate revenue used only in Alexandria. Remarkable  £12.00
060 December 1963, block of four orange labels for five litres of petrol for use in Minya, mint, no gum  £18.00
061 December 1963, block of four pink labels for ten litres of petrol for use in Minya, mint, no gum  £18.00
062 Group of 30 interesting and assorted Consular Service revenue stamps  £15.00
063 Various syndicate issues – fascinating group of 37 different  £10.00
064 1990, cover from Kafr el Sheikh to Giza part-franked with Health Insurance 5pi Revenue stamp instead of definitive  £8.00
Salt Tax receipts
065 Collection of 19 Salt Tax receipts, each with a different CDS and three “signatures” by witness signet rings, all dated Feb-March 1897. Individual bids will be accepted for £8.00 or more, but a bid for the whole group might outweigh the individuals. Towns are Achmoun 9 III 97, Abou Hommos 13 MR 97, Koddaba 10 III 97; Teh-el-Baroud 16 FE 97, Dalangat 27 II 97, Kena 18 II 97, Neghila 23 II 97, Beni-Souef 5 II 97, Teh-el-Baroud 16 FE 97 with rectangular handstamp, Ghizeh 14 MR 97, Santah 26FE 97, Esneh 16 FE 97, Benha 17 FE 97, Manchia 6 MR 97, Chebrekhit 22 FE 97, Assiout 2 III 97, Badrechein 24 II 97, Chibin el Kom 23 II 97, Kafr Sakr 12 II 97  £120.00
TPO markings
066 21 X 04, Arabic-addressed cover from Manfalut to Asyut franked 5m DLR with transit mark on reverse of Caire-Suhag, as Smith type 8A1a, but unrecorded  £15.00
067 21 III 18, incoming postcard from Richmond, Surrey, addressed to El Taufiqia (Beheira) then redirected to Ibrahimia / Ramleh in Alexandria, with transit TPO Cairo-Alexandria 8 AP 18 T35 (Smith 7A3)  £8.00
068 16 JL 32, Cover from Disuq / T to Cairo with & VV / Tanta-Damanhur transit TPO of 16 JL 32 T 61 (Smith &a3.7, five years earlier than recorded)  £6.00
069 24 AU 32, Cover from Samalut to Heliopolis using two different TPO lines: Cairo-Asyut / Service Ambulant (Smith 4A1) and Cairo-Minia (7A3, ten years later than Smith recorded). Heliopolis arrival next day  £8.00
Hospital interest
070 Hotel hospital: 2 X 15, On Active Service postcard sent to London from Grand Hotel Helouan, complete with rare and colourful rectangular Convalescent Hospital cachet  £40.00
071 1 XI 15, On Active Service postcard sent to Liverpool from Grand Hotel Helouan with hotel’s double-ring oval cachet  £30.00
072 27 IV 11, photo postcard from Hilwan to Germany. Subject of the photograph could be a doctor or hotel owner?  £10.00
073 1930-35, Original photoprint postcard showing a ward in the American Missions Hospital in Assiut  £6.00
Station markings
074 1905, Two clean used covers of Suez (Suez Docks and Port Tewfik), franked with 2m or 3m stamps and sent on same day from Suez / (Station) via Alexandria to same addressee in Paris  £10.00
075 1947, 4m Marechal visiting-card envelope (NP SEN 37/38) Arabic addressed to Cairo and sent from Zagazig Station CDS, date unclear. No arrival mark, neat  £8.00
076 6 AP 61, cover from a lawyer in Kafr el Zayat to a colleague in Cairo franked UAR definitives 2x1mill (SG 603) plus 2 x 4mill (SG 606), cancelled with good Kafr el Zayat / Station CDS  £10.00
Postal paper
077 28 AU 55, Postal Identity card issued to Zaki Bey Athanasiou at Cairo, with 2x40 mills Republican issue (SG 427) paying the fee alongside a 30 mills revenue stamp. Excellent clean condition  £20.00
078 June-July 1956, Farouk 25 mills Air Letter (1949, NP SALS4) reused as postal form. A vast quantity of air letters was found in the postal HQ after declaration of the revolution, Farouk’s portrait was cut out and the paper used, in this case for a complaint to Cairo from the Matai Post Office  £18.00
079 1971, uncut paper sheet printed to be formed into the reduced-rate soldiers’ post envelopes (NP SEN53) reused (on reverse) as a Post Office registration form, complete and pristine. Used in Cairo 17 April 1974  £8.00
080 2017, Egypt’s last issued International Reply Coupon, as sold at the Post Office for £E25. One mint copy, one used in Heliopolis PO April 1 2018  £8.00
Postal history
081 21 OTT 1871, small cover from Samanud to Cairo franked with 1pi Second Issue stamp (SG 14). Same-day arrival (behind, where part of flap is lost)  £38.00
082 24 JA 84, Arabic-addressed cover to Constantinople franked with De La Rue 1pi rose cancelled Alexandrie / Depart. Arrival mark six days later. Astonishing clean cover with beautiful markings  £26.00
083 29 AV 90, Alex-Cairo cover franked with DLR 5 mills (SG 63) and cancelled with striking Alexandria / Minet el Bassel / star and crescent CDS. Next-day arrival. Very pretty  £20.00
084 1900, printed cover from Grand Hotel Helouan colourfully franked with assortment of DLR adhesives (1, 3x2, 3 mills, SG 58,59,61) addressed to Vienna (arrival behind)  £8.00
085 1906, 1917, two telegraph receipts from Nikhela 7 Oct 17 and Fashn 9 Jan 1906  £8.00
086 11 X 14, b/w postcard (Village women carrying water from the Nile) from a soldier from Manchester, franked with DLR 4m pictorial (SG 76) and cancelled Heliopolis. Pencil message  £5.00
Metered mail
087 3 MAR 22, National Bank of Egypt printed envelope addressed within Cairo and franked with Moss machine mechanical franker at 5 mills value  £10.00
088 1910?, mint coloured postcard of Medinet el Fayoum, undivided back  £10.00
French Post Office
089 21 Fevr 22, cover from Alexandria franked with French PO 15 mills surcharge on 50g stamp, perfinned with CLA (Credit Lyonnais Alexandria), addressed to Estampes in France and arrived March 1  £10.00
Rural Service
090 9 JU 30, cover franked 5m Fuad from Fuwa to an agricultural inspector in Qabrit near Disuq, transit mark of recently discovered Ashghaal Tawaafa CDS of Disuq-Qabrit (see Murphy/Shoukry p. 48) on reverse  £20.00
091 1931-1951m Group of two covers and two Official entires, all cancelled with Rural Service cancels and village cartouches  £22.00
Postage Dues on arrival
092 7 AU 52, air letter sent from Alexandria to Denmark but underpaid with Farouk Air 20m and received blue-pencil “79” on arrival. Tax paid with strip of 3x25 + 4x 1 Danish Porto (postage due) stamps. Unusual  £40.00
093 26 2 60, Danish aerogram form used from Alexandria to Denmark, franked with UAR 10 + 35m definitives. Taxed on arrival with 2x 5 + 2 x 1 porto due stamps. Most unusual  £30.00
Instructional markings
094 1950, 1961, two used covers with total of three different Egyptian instructional markings, plus two from Syria  £8.00
Booklet stamps used
095 13 SE 22, small cover from Bulkely addressed to Cairo, franked with single Harrisons’ 5m booklet stamp (SG 89, expanded perfs at top). Cairo machine arrival behind 6.30 next morning  £10.00
096 21 MR 23, registered Arabic-addressed cover from Samalut to Cairo with Reg cachet alongside, franked by two horizontal pairs of Harrisons’ 5m lake booklet stamps (SG 89, trimmed at right). Clear Cairo / RA2 arrival behind l  £14.00
097 4 JA 24, registered cover from Fayoum (black on white mute Reg label) to Director of Prince Youssef Kamal’s office. Franked with strip f 3x5m (SG 89) booklet stamps, trimmed at bottom  £14.00
098 24 DE 2?, postcard of Breakwater sent from Port Said / D to Paris, franked with vertical pair of Harrisons’ 5m booklet pane stamps (SG 89, trimmed at bottom)  £10.00
099 26 OC 29, doctor’s cover addressed to Bavaria and franked with 3x Fuad 5m booklet stamps (SG 56, trimmed at bottom) with clear Cairo / (Station) CDS  £10.00
Newspaper post
100 December 1924, complete copy of El-Dilal all-Arabic journal issued in Alexandria and sent to Beni Souef with handwritten subscription note / address attached by stamps – 1m for postage and 10 mills for registration (Alex Reg label), all in First Fuad stamps. Remarkable survival part illustrated  £15.00
Zeppelin visit
101 Graf Zeppelin D-Z 127 flight over Cairo April 11 1931. Three original printed snapshot photographs taken on the morning of the visit  £20.00
Wartime covers
102 (date?) Envelope of the Ottoman Red Cross Prisoners of War Commission with printed Franc de Port (ie, postage paid) and red handstamp endorsement below, addressed to PoW No 416 in Ras el Tin with handwritten marking describing it as Gizeh Political Prison. On reverse a large “Opened by / Censor / P.W. 26” label. Fine condition, most unusual  £38.00
103 1942, small buff cover opened for display, franked 3m Boy King, cancelled Cairo 24 5 42 and addressed to 44 RTR, MEF. On the face are a manuscript “Missing believed PoW”, violet oval cachet of the Desert Purchasing Organisation / Cairo, Deputy Chief Field Censor crowned cachet, Egyptian and British “Return to Sender” cachets, a GHQ No 1 MEF Certified Missing cachet and several manuscript endorsements. On the reverse are Base Army Post Office and FPO 138 cancels. A significant and scarce cover  £40.00
104 19 Feb 1943, small cover carried free with US Army Postal Service APO cancel and IS Army “Passed by Army Examiner” cachet. Contents remain mentioning aftermath of tank battles of Alamein and Tobruk. Interesting and excellent condition, Interesting contents, Dennis Clarke write-up  £30.00
105 1944 buff cover addressed to DAG (Royal Greek Army), ALS SMQ, NEF. Ismailia transit mark and deputy Chief Field Censor on face, but carried free so no adhesive. Reverse has cancel of BAPO 4 (29 AU 44) and offset Egypt machine cancel of same day.  £30.00
Intercepted mail
106 (date?) neat clean cover franked block of four of Boy King 2m and addressed to member of Polish Forces MR 254 in Egypt. But cancelled with perfect strike of Dienstelle Feldpost Nummer 18561E swastika/eagle cancel, rare on Egyptian stamps. Also marked with two-line Verificato per Censura Italian military censor. No backstamp, seized by the enemy and never delivered? Very unusual and strange  £44.00
The Postal Concession
107 Mint single with trace of hinge (does not detract) of the Postal Seal from position 16? of pane of 20. Latest Gibbons catalogue £95  £30.00
108 Three covers all franked on reverse by Postal Seals to Brighton, Rochester and London, all with MPO Cairo (CDS No.7), two with Crown Cancel 6, other with 5 (all Cairo). Addressed to London, one cover has an additional ‘slogan’ postmark Worthing, Sussex “The telephone saves Time and Money”, having been redirected to London. Postal Seal rated £6 used, x 5 on cover  £25.00
109 Accumulation of 13 vermilion Christmas Seals, all used on piece (mostly card), all cancelled black retta, but including seven marginal copies, two pf them corners. Not sorted for shades (of which two are listed). Latest Gibbons’ prices £50 vermilion, £38 pale vermillion  £40.00
110 1935 Vermilion Christmas Seal on reverse of cover dated MPO Alexandria (tall letters) 15 DE 35 with Crown Cancel in red Egypt Postage Prepaid 17 to Orpington, Kent. On cover rated x 5 by Gibbons  £30.00
Egypt booklets
111 1930, 210 mills composite booklet complete with two panes of 5m, one of 10m and one of 15m Second Fuad, all with A/30 controls, stitched left, pristine with interleaving (SG S812, NP SB11)  £200.00
112 1951, 240 mills booklet, complete with four panes of 10 mills Marechal and interleaving, stitched left, no control numbers (SG S817, NP SB16)  £140.00
113 1940, complete pane of 60 of 5m Boy King, originally intended for booklet production, control A/40 at lower left, perforated through right (ie centre) margin. Unmounted mint, but divided horizontally at centre  £20.00
Farouk Marechal control blocks
114 1953-54 Farouk “Marechal” with bars: mini collection of controls, with 1m A/52, 3m A/44 and 10m A/51 in blocks of four, plus 15m lower pane strip of 10x2 A/44 A/46 A/48 A/49 A/51 and 20m A/46 A/49 A/50 A/51 A/52. All UMM, total 52 stamps  £24.00
Farouk Marechal six-bar controls
115 1953-54 plain Marechal stamps without overprint given six bars: 1m A/52 (NP D213), 3m A/44 (D215), 13m A/50 (D218, bars a cheval). All pristine MM  £36.00
116 1953-54, King of Egypt and Sudan Marechal opt stamps given six bars: 2m A/50 A/51, 4m A/51, 13m A/50, 17m A/48 A/50 A/51, 20m A/49 A/50 A/51, 200m A/48 A/50. The 4m, 17m and 20m are recognised by Magdy, but not by Nile Post. All excellent UMM  £65.00
Cancelled-back and varieties
117 Cancelled-back, 1944-51 Marechal issue: 1 mill, 17 mills, 20 mills imperf on thin card all with English Cancelled. Three stamps, excellent condition  £36.00
118 Cancelled-back, 1944-51 Marechal issue: 2, 4, 5, 10, 15 mills imperf on thin card all with Arabic Cancelled. Five stamps, excellent condition  £50.00
119 Cancelled-back, 1944-51, Marechal issue: 17 mills value in massive and scarce block of eight with Arabic Cancelled on back, enormous margin at top and left, excellent condition. See QC 268  £180.00
120 Marechal 1 mill, horizontal pair, inverted watermark, (NP D155c), hinge remains, sl rust spot  £12.00
121 Marechal 4 mills, horizontal pair, imperforate, with massive left margin (NP D158b), UMM  £20.00
122 Marechal 100 mills single, printed on gummed side of paper, minimal hinge remains. Not recorded by NP, while Magdi 158a records only 75 copies  £150.00
Proofs, essays
123 1895, Winter Festival, De La Rue typographed, perf 14, wmk crescent and star sideways to right, unissued, Nile Post C1-3. Beautiful UMM, two of them left marginal  £220.00
124 1922, Harrison imperf essays: 5m red-brown, star/crescent wmk facing right, left marginal pair, gummed, UMM excellent (NP E227)  £25.00
125 1922, Harrison imperf essays, 5m red-brown as last but unwatermarked (NP E227a) right marginal single, full gum, UMM but sl spotting behind  £25.00
126 1922 Harrison imperf essays: 15m blue, star/crescent wmk, left marginal pair, UMM, pristine, NP E233  £30.00
127 1922 Harrison imperf essays: 15m blue and 20m green, printed on thin card, UMM (NP E233a, E235). See footnotes on NP page 33  £30.00
128 1923-24 Harrison imperf colour trial: 5m red-brown, issued colour, wmk crescent/star pointing down, gummed, right marginal block of four (NP D95ct(c)), mounted mint  £25.00
129 As last, left marginal block of four, pristine UMM  £30.00
130 As last, imperf horizontal par, gummed, tiny hinge indication  £12.00
131 1923-24 Harrison colour trials: series on thick unwatermarked paper, imperforate and ungummed, as NP D9ct-D98ct, missing only 5m red brown. That is, 1m orange (lower marginal) and dark brown, 2m pale black and red-brown (lower marginal), 3m red-brown, 10m dark rose and brown (upper marginal pair), 15m brown, 20m red-brown. Total ten stamps, cat $460  £180.00
Austrian Consular Post in Egypt
132 Receipt for a registered letter in Italian with superb Alexandrien datestamp of the Austrian Post-dated 18 10 81, the letter addressed to Trieste. The receipt also bears a magenta cachet of the Corvette Zrinyl K.K. Kriegs Marine, apparently at Alexandria between September 2 and Nov 1 1881.Ex Kurt Wolfsbauer from his renowned exhibit. Sold at Harmers in 2005, price then £295  £240.00
133 An entire letter and outer wrapper of a second letter, both from the Austrian Consular Post at Alexandria. The entire, dated 28.2.66, has a superb strike of the Type 1 datestamp in black and blue crayon 15 (soldi) indicating posted unpaid; on the reverse, a Trieste receiver in blue dated 5.III.66 (six days transit). The outer is franked 15 soldi light brown of the Austrian Levant 1861 issue cancelled with Type 1 said to be 28.10.71 (not clear) and Trieste receiver on reverse  £80.00
Italian Consular Post in Egypt
134 Outer wrapper of a letter from Cairo to Venice franked Second Issue 1pi to pay for Cairo to Alexandria, where it was handed to the Italian post to receive a 40 centesimi Italian stamp for Alexandria to Venice. On the front the Egyptian stamp is cancelled Cairo 20 MAG 70 with the Italian Alessandria d’Egitto Poste Italiane next day while the Italian stamp is cancelled with the ‘killer’ 234 in a lozenge of dots. The reverse has the Egyptian V.R. Poste Egiziane Alessandria 20 MAG 70, a Verona transit and Venezia receiver 26 MAG 70. Fragile but a rare combination  £550.00
First issue
135 10 piastres slate with perforation 12 ½ x12 ½ x13 x12 ½ (SG 7c, NP D7m), unused without gum, showing constant flaw in white hole joining lines below P.E at lower right. Stunning example of truly rare stamp, complete with detailed Charlie Hass certificate (1997)  £140.00
136 Proofs. The full proof set of seven values (5 para to 10 piastres), imperforate on unwatermarked paper (NP page 73, valued at $175), two low values and two high mounted mint, but nice clean set  £46.00
Sheets of stamps
137 1882, 5 para pale brown, two unmounted mint left-hand panes of full sheet of 240, with lower left single removed. Plate number 1, De La Rue current number 1, watermark wide star and crescent upright, so 1882 issue (NP D32, SG 44). Good survival, cat $600 as singles. Too big for A4 scanner  £160.00
138 1884 colour change, 10 para green, two unmounted mint panes, very fragile, from full sheet of 240, with upper left single removed. Plate number 1, DLR current number 2, wmk wide crescent and star upright (SG 52, NP D41). Some selvedge lost, strengthened behind. Too big for A4 scanner  £40.00
139 1939, 40 mills Farouk in full sheet of 100 but for two stamps removed from top right, control A/42 B/42 A/43 (SG 278, NP D149), unmounted mint. Too big for A4 scanner  £120.00
140 1937-44, Boy King complete UM sheets of 100 stamps: 1 mill control B/41, B/41 A/42, 2 mill A/37, A/37 A/39 B/39 A/40, 3 mills A/41, 4 mills B/43, 5 mills A/40, 6 mills A/42, 10 mills A/43, 13 mills A/37, 20 mills A/39 A/40 A/42 A/43 (top row lost). Total 11 sheets, 1090 stamps. Not illustrated   £100.00
141 1937-44, Boy King complete 3 mills sheet of 100, control A/41, selvage all round, wmk upright, guide hole(?) punched at bottom. oo big for scanner, part illustrated  £5.00
142 1937-44, Boy King complete 4 mills sheet of 100, control B/43, final printing, selvage all round, wmk upright, guide hole(?) punched at top. Too big for scanner, part illustrated  £5.00
143 1947, Air Mails, 3 mills (SG 323, NP A29), full sheet of 50 with complete selvedge, UMM and control A/47  £12.00
144 1952, Air Mails, 1947 issue with King of Egypt and Sudan overprint (SG 392-403, NPA40-51). Full UMM sheets of 50 (most lacking top/side selvedge): 2 mills A/47 B/47, A/47 B/47 A/48; 3 mills A/47 A/48; 7 mills A/46 A/47; 8 mills A/47 A/48. Total five sheets, 250 stamps. Sample illustrated  £40.00
145 1957, mint unmounted sheets of 50 of all three overprinted Al Azhar Millenary issue (SG 525-27, NP C174-76). 15m divided horizontally at centre. Original (never issued) A/42 control neatly barred out in red and replaced with new Arabic control and date on stamp face. Note pinholes for accurate alignment in stamps 5 and 50 (not 20m). 150 stamps. Striking  £35.00
146 1957, complete mint unmounted sheets of 50 of all five Tomb of Aggressors issue (SG 532-36, NP C181-85), all with bilingual control number A/57. 250 stamps  £25.00
147 1958, Egyptian Industries, issued in a mini-sheet (5x5) of se-tenant stamps in horizontal rows (SG 565-69, NP C202-06). Pristine unmounted sheet with control A/58  £8.00
148 1963, complete mint unmounted sheets of 50 of all three of the air definitive issue (SG 7641-43, NP A 80-82, all with bilingual control number A/62. 150 stamps  £20.00
149 1976, Suez Canal Crossing, 110 mills massive stamp (SG 1297, NP C777), issued in a sheet of six single stamps. Pristine unmounted mint sheet with printing number and date 4 X 76, cat £57. Too big for scanner  £8.00
150 1977, 25th Anniversary of the Revolution, 110 mills large stamp (NPP C800) issued in sheet of six with Egyptian eagle between. Pristine unmounted mint sheet with printing number and date 20 VII 77. Too big for scanner  £10.00
151 2009, two unmounted mint sheets, 2009 4th Extraordinary Session of PAPU Plenipotentiary Conference in Cairo and 2009 Fifa Under-20 World Cup. Both sheets 16 stamps and nine commemorative labels. Part illustrated  £10.00
Crown overprints
152 Harrison 5mills pink with Crown overprint completely offset on its reverse. Mounted mint  £8.00
Crown overprints on cover
153 (date?), small envelope franked 3x10m Crown opt plus 2x 15m Crown opt (milleimat) for Zurich. Marginal pink Alex Reg label alongside, but CDS illegible. Very attractive  £24.00
154 27 1 24, plain envelope (flap lost) addressed to Paris and franked with single and pair of 5m pink Crown opts. Spectacular near full CDS of Minia  £15.00
155 13 FE 24, neat cover to Athens franked for registration with vertical pair of 15m Crown Overprint (milleima), cancelled Sidi Gaber / R&P, with Registration cachet alongside. Sealing wax behind  £15.00
Civil censorship
156 1940s to 1960s, a diverse range of over 90 covers, both outgoing from Egypt and incoming from several different countries. Many are written up on album sheets while others are loose. Wide range of censor labels and markings, some original documentation, and an excellent range for further study. Part illustrated  £160.00
Air Mails
157 Mar 12 1925, Baghdad-Cairo airmail cover sent registered and AR from Hamadan to Paris with 3 x 1kr blue on reverse and fine strikes of framed “AR” and “Poste Aerienne/Bagdad-Caire” handstamp in black, via Cairo March 20. Cut down slightly at right but striking  £150.00
158 21 MA 34, small cover addressed to Kent from Sidi Gaber, endorsed Air Mail and franked with 2,6,7 of 1933 Airs for total of 15 mills, reduced concession rate (see Sears, page 61)  £20.00
159 28 AU 34, Air Mail envelope addressed to Nijmegen, Holland, from Port Said and franked 2,4,6,8 mills of 1933 Airs for total 20 mills, reduced concession rate  £15.00
160 10 DE 36, neat cover from Hinaidi franked 21 fils for RAF HQ Cairo, manuscript instruction “Per Misr Airwork / Air Mail”, reverse handstamps of Baghdad and Cairo / Par Avion  £25.00
Official stamps
161 1893, “No-Value” stamp in right marginal block of four with control number (1), UMM  £12.00
162 Small stockbook crammed with Officials, mainly but not all used, from 1893 “No-Value” stamp (about 30 examples) via (OHHS/OHEMS opts to Miry (full set to 50m), 1926-35 (about 80 inc used blocks of four), 1938, 162-63, and mass of modern Eagles. Est 650 stamps  £35.00
163 100 covers with Official stamps, mainly 1960 to 2000 period. Huge range of cancels and postal markings.low reserve Not illustrated £30.00
164 1972-85 Officials issue (SG O1161-77, NP P93-102). Staggering compilation perfect for research, with literally hundreds of stamps in full mint sheets of 100 including successive printing numbers, together with documents backed with large used blocks of this fascinating long-lived issue: 80 mills, three sheets, 2x70 mills, 2x60m, 3x55m 3x50m, 3x30m, 9x20m, 10x10m, and an amazing 40 sheets of the 1m. Total 75 sheets, 7,500 stamps, plus used, plus 12-page QC report on the study. Not illustrated £220.00
Hotels interest
165 22 I 05, sepia photocard of imposing single-storey house (anyone recognise it?) franked pair of DLR 2m for Maidstone and cancelled Cataract HCA1b  £5.00
166 15 III 08, colour card of wall carving, franked 2m DLR on face for Lyon (no message), cancelled back and front with Luxor Type HL2a (blue)  £5.00
167 28 XI 08, colour card (Simoom), franked SLR 4m for Berlin, cancelled with clear Grand Continental Hotel CDS Type HC3 with Cairo / A transit mark  £6.00
168 23 V 14, colour cartoon card (Kasr el Nil) franked DLR Pictorial 4m for Bremen and cancelled with Shepheard’s CDS Type HS7  £5.00
Seamen’s Home
169 1906-49, small collection of three covers and six cards, all addressed to UK with frankings cancelled with Seamen’s Home, including elusive Type IV of 10 II 31 on OHMS cover with large oval RAF Shipping Office / Alexandria cachet.  £70.00
170 A4 clean stockbook crammed with Egypt Palestine overprints, Farouk bars, Airs, UAR and Egypt issues for Egyptian Palestine (Gaza), perhaps complete, masses and masses of stamps, mainly UM, excellent condition, perfect starter group. Sample illustration only  £120.00
Modern oddities
171 1987, Arabic-addressed Air Mail envelope within Cairo, but “franked” with 5p general revenue stamp instead of normal definitive. Competition entry unopened  £6.00
172 25 MA 88, small cover addressed to California, franked with 2x5p definitive, 15p commem, and the full set - 2,8,10,20 and 40 mills - of the last (1965) Postage Dues. Aware that these dues were rare on cover, the late Samir Fikry sent them to his wife. Philatelic Bureau CDS, but breathtaking  £24.00
Groups of covers
173 100 covers or cards, all franked with various “King” stamps, wide range of values, cancels and overseas destinations. Not illustrated, low reserve Not illustrated £30.00
174 28 Postal Organisation / Philatelic Office Cairo printed covers, mainly sent to England. Wide range of types and postal markings to study. Sample illustrated  £5.00
175 100 post-Revolution cards and covers, wide range of stamps, cancels and overseas destinations. Low reserve Not illustrated  £25.00
176 Bundle of 50 post-Revolution covers addressed in Arabic. Wide range of stamps, cancels and markings. Sample only illustrated  £10.00
177 Accumulation of over 50 post-Revolution covers addressed to France. Lots of airmail envelopes and wide variety of commems and definitives, a few uncancelled. Sample only illustrated  £10.00
178 Group of 22 covers of the 1950s, all to the same address in Sweden on printed enveloped from the International Statistics Agency in Alexandria. Good range of adhesives. Sample only illustrated  £10.00
179 Bundle of appx 100 covers and cards, mainly to overseas destinations, with a wide range of post-Revolution stamps, cancels and markings. Sample only illustrated  £15.00
Instructional markings
180 5 X 20, colour card (Victoria monument) written aboard SS Sergei, franked 2m DLR, addressed to London and cancelled at Hai el Arab / Port Said. Boxed T alongside together with Port Said / D transit mark. No tax raised  £6.00
181 24 NO 49, air mail cover franked strip of 3x10m Farouk Marechal and addressed (handwritten) to Belfast, Northern Ireland. But missent to Belfast, New Zealand, where it received a pair of transit marks, back and front, and marked “NOT Belfast, New Zealand. Endorsement on reverse reads “Delivered Northern Ireland 13.12.49”. Most unusual  £20.00
182 21 11 66, plain cover franked 35m for postage and registration from agency postmark within Cairo. Three attempts at delivery by regulation, then returned to sender with trilingual Returned to Sender cachet  £5.00
183 10 5 81, Arabic-addressed cover franked 55m for postage and registration locally but undelivered despite three days of attempts. Returned to send from El Sabtiya with two bilingual Non Reclame cachets  £5.00
Rural Post covers
184 1938-1948, Miscellany of seven Rural Post covers and agricultural inspection reports, various adhesives, condition mixed  £4.00
Aswan Reservoir
185 1900-01, one cover, one front and three cards all addressed to UK and all with early Assouan Reservoir CDS, together with 1902 historic sepia photocard of work on the dam itself. Interesting selection  £12.00
Egyptian postal history
186 1889-1915 Postage Due, used, with greater part of Franca handstamp across face, along with part of cds  £8.00
187 7 III 14, neat small City Line cover addressed to England and franked with 2m and 3m of DLR Pictorials, both with 1 control number and instruction behind “Please send stamp to Father”. Cancelled at Port Said / D  £6.00
188 26 IV 15, colour card (Village near Pyramids) to UK franked with 3x1m DLR Pictorials, long message in tiny handwriting  £5.00
189 2 MAY 1929, unsealed printed company envelope, franked 2m from Cairo to Port Said via Cairo machine roller cancel. On arrival received rare Facteurs / Port Said CDS, faint but undoubted  £12.00
190 22 MAR 33, small cover addressed to Paris, franked with two pairs of Fouad 5m from top and bottom sections of a booklet pane (see trimmed perfs). Cancelled with Alex machine roller, Paris arrival a week later  £8.00
191 30 JA 34, small cover with Par Avion sticker addressed to London and franked 20m+8m 1933 airmails, cancelled Port Said. On reverse Alex transit and part-strike of Arzt advertisement: “When in Port Said… now open on the Quay Front”  £6.00
192 24 JA 39, Thos Cook Port Said printed cover addressed to Hamburg, franked 30+2m Boy King and 8m 1933 Air for total 30 mills. Cancelled Station / Port-Said. Par Avion label, no backstamp  £6.00
193 23 MR 49, long air mail envelope franked with cutouts from the 1949 Agriculture and Industry Exhibition miniature sheet, together with 2x10m+5m Marechal for Air Mail to US. New York registered mark behind. Vertical folds away from stamps  £10.00
194 2 1 65, Cairo Hilton printed envelope covered in definitive and commemorative stamps (total 90 mills) for UK, cancelled Hilton CDS Type HN2. Letter remains  £6.00
Small-town CDS
195 11 JA 29, Balyana / R&P, Fuad 15m, Baliana Reg cachet, Suhag / R behind  £4.00
196 8 MA 36, Mahallet Abu Ali in blue, 5m Fuad, Gabriel Boulad note  £3.00
197 12 NO 37, Mazghuna, 10m Fuad, Mazghouna Reg cachet. Cairo / Station), Gizeh / Registration / A and Orman / RA behind  £4.00
198 5 HA 53, Kafr Kila el Bab (also Mahalla el Kobra, Santa), stamp lost  £3.00
199 5 MR 58, Caire / Syndicat des Gornalistes, 15+20m Republican definitives registered  £3.00
200 26 MR 63, Manshiet Smouha, MS plus three stamps, red/black printed Reg label  £3.00
201 10 1 81, Miniyit el Murshid, pair of 70m definitive to USA  £4.00
202 5 6 81, Suhag / T / Madinet Nasser, 20m definitive local  £4.00
203 9 8 81, Shabur, 20m definitive local  £3.00
204 23 8 81, Shubra / D / el Khima, 5m definitive local  £3.00
205 23 9 93, Helmiet / el Zaitun / R&P, 5x30m definitives, registered and censored  £3.00
Registered covers, select
206 17 FE 36, small envelope with Air sticker, franked with single 100 mills 1933 Air to cover postage and registration to UK. Alex b/w Reg label on face, Harrow Reg arrival  £18.00
1934 UPU Cairo stamps on cover
207 2 JU 34, Credit Foncier printed envelope franked with 2x 15m+5m for registration to London, with large red Cairo label. Cancelled Cairo / R, but flap lost so no arrival  £12.00
208 10 JL 34, colour card (Pyramids of Gizeh) franked 13m for Paris, cancelled Cairo / D  £6.00
209 14 NO 34, company printed envelope addressed to Germany, franked 20m, cancelled Alexandria / Dep 3, no backstamp  £6.00
210 26 DE 34, plain cover addressed to Zurich, franked 3m uprated by 1m Fuad, clearly never sealed, cancelled Alexandria / Depart, no backstamp  £6.00
Royalty interest
211 6 MR 38, large printed envelope (22x18cm) with Khassa de Sa Majeste le Roi barred out and replaced by Administration des Biens Prives et des Palais Royaux. Franked with strip of 3x15m+5m Boy King for registration to Albert Berthel, art dealer, in London. Indication of changing times?  £10.00
Presidency interest
212 1960, large “Season’s Greetings” official government Christmas card with printed inner leaf from President Gamal Abdul Nasser. Fine mint and rare  £24.00
213 17 4 77, large cover (50x19cm) printed in blue for Arab Republic of Egypt / President’s Cabinet / Public Relations Department, addressed to USA and franked with 3x5m definitive plus 2x110m Unesco commems cancelled with spectacular Presidency of / The Republic / Public Relations / Department CDS. US marks indicate safely delivered  £8.00
Postal Agency markings
214 1963-64, accumulation of four covers, all franked 35 mills for registration and postage and cancelled by postal agencies (ie, sub-post offices) in Belqas, Matariya, Mit Ghamr and Cairo. An area rich for research  £8.00
Paquebot ship cards
215 24 IX 11, b/w card of HMT Rewa, franked GB 1d, cancelled by boxed Paquebot with Port Said cds alongside. Addressed to London with long message  £5.00
216 24 SE 26, b/w card of passenger and troopship Nevasa, British India Steamship Company, franked with GB 1 1/2d adhesive, Paquebot / Port Said cds  £6.00
217 29 NO 55, colour card of P&O liner Himalaya, franked 20+10mills definitive for New Zealand. Air Mail sticker but no message  £6.00
Paquebot-mark groups
218 Port Said – 1902-13, three covers (one with Baluchistan Infantry symbol on flap) and eight cards, all franked 1d for England, with variety of three Paquebot lozenges, early placed off the stamp, later definitely on the stamp. Interesting group. Part illustrated  £15.00
219 Port Said – 1919-32, two neat covers and a neat card all ad4ressed to UK and cancelled with early small-lettering Paquebot/Port Said CDS  £8.00
220 Port Said – 1950s-60s, eight covers with variety of mainly post-revolution adhesives, all addressed to UK and cancelled with later Port Said / Paquebot CDS  £12.00
221 Port Taufiq – 1931-32, two neat covers to Ceylon and UK (latter franked 4 1/2d for Air Mail), neatly cancelled with Paquebot lozenge over stamps and Port Taufiq / F.T CDS alongside  £6.00
222 Port Taufiq 1956-60, five covers with variety of post-Revolution stamps, to UK (one Bombay), all cancelled with good Port-Taufiq/Paquebot large CDS  £8.00
223 Suez 1902-06, two cards franked GB 1d, one for England, other for India and redirected, both with Suez cds, alongside boxed (India) and unboxed (UK) Paquebot markings. Unusual l  £8.00
Shipping interest
224 Mar 1901, b/w card of Ismailia to Munich with Kais. Deutsche / Marine-/Schiffspost / No 29 CDS. SS Andalusia en route from Wilhelmshaven (dep Mar 7) to Tstingtau, China (arr Apr 30) carrying relief crews and returning relieved crews to Germany during the Boxer Rebellion. Scarce  £30.00
225 23 MY 1907, one-penny GB Registered letter stationery (stamp vignette reported damaged) from Bwlch y Cibau, Wales, tracking Colonel Sandbach (who was returning from the East aboard SS India) in Brindisi (May 27) via London (May 24), Lecce (illegible) and on to Port Said (June 3). Good write-up included s  £24.00
226 13 II 11, colour card of Camposanto, Genoa, franked GB 1d for Portland, Maine with scarce Alexandria / B alongside two lozenge Paquebot markings. Long message  £6.00
227 23 5 30, Printed business envelope from Alexandria to Liverpool with Lloyds Triestino vessel “Vienna” cancel on Fuad 25m blue. No backstamp  £16.00
228 6 SE 30, small cover with 3+2x1mills Fuad stamps addressed to Suez and cancelled with Khedivial Mail Line / SS Talodi in violet. Backstamps Port-Sudan 6 Sep, Shallal-Halfa / TPO 13 Sep, Suez 15 SE 30. Neat and clean  £16.00
229 6 DE 36, Air Mail cover franked 2x 1 1/2d GB for London, cancelled with Paquebot lozenge with Port-Taufiq / F.T. alongside, and ornate Alexandria / Foreign Traffic behind  £6.00
230  NO LOT  
231 19 JU 52, plain cover to Liverpool, franked Marechal 2+10+15, first two with King of Egypt overprints, Paquebot / Port Said CDS, and Devonshire return address. Striking  £6.00
232 8 5 60, printed cover of Norwegian America Line, franked with 30+45m definitive and addressed to UK with Alexandria / D6 cds  £5.00
233 20 AP 63, air envelope franked for England with 60m Air stamp and Port Taufiq / Paquebot CDS. Clean, neat, no backstamp  £4.00
234 (date?), clean cover with 10 1/2d GB Machin, addressed to USA, Paquebot / Port Said cds and several printed references to SS Canberra Paquebot Mail. Clean and near, no backstamps  £4.00
235 11 3 91, clean cover with Dutch 75ct stamp cancelled latest Paquebot / Port Said cds and addressed to USA. References to MV Conti Finlandia and Captain Maanstra. Cairo A PT / RCTP CDS 12/3, US marks on reverse  £5.00
236 Oct 1991, souvenir of ESC visit to Cairo 91 – Peter Andrews’ own envelopes posted from cruise ship Ra II, with local definitives and Sitmar Travel violet handstamp: seven self-addressed covers, three mint Ra envelopes  £8.00
237 27 7 33, Lloyd Triestino cover (piroscafo Esperia) on flap from Naples to San Stefano, carried by M/N Victoria (handstamp). Alexandria and San Stefano / Traffic CDS on arrival. Also, b/w photocard of Lloyd Triestino shipping office in central Alexandria  £12.00
238 1967, Colour card of Adriatica Line Paquebot Esperia (ex Ausonia), sent from Italy to Cairo 1957 with clear civil censor mark. Faint Cairo receiver on face has slogan Alexandria, Pearl of the Mediterranean  £4.00
Misr Navigation Company
239 1938, two first-class tickets issued by Banque Misr (France) and Misr Shipping for passages between Marseille and Alexandria on the Misr Navigation Co. vessels El Nil and the Kawsar respectively  £16.00
Posta Europea
240 Posta Europea 1862 entire from Mansura (type III cachet) to Alexandria, rated 2pi  £20.00
241 Posta Europea 1863 entire from Samanud (type III cachet) to Cairo, rated 1.20pi d  £20.00
242 Posta Europea 1862 entire from Tanta (type III cachet) to Cairo, rated 1pi  £20.00
243 Posta Europea undated entire from Tanta (type III cachet) to Cairo, rated 1pi  £15.00
244 Posta Europea 1861 entire from Zagazig (type III cachet) to Cairo, rated 1.20p  £20.00
245 Posta Europea 1864 entire from Mansura (type V cachet) to Alexandria, rated 2pi, also with Alexandria type VI cachet  £25.00
Egypt booklets
246 King Farouk 1937 120 mill booklet, pink cover, panes with controls (A/38 A/39), complete, minor toning, SG SB14 cat £450  £100.00
247 King Farouk 1937 120 mill booklet, pink cover, complete, minor toning SG SB14 cat £450  £90.00
248 King Farouk 1939 210 mill booklet, blue cover, right hand stitching, complete, minor toning, SG SB15 cat £800  £160.00
249 1954 Defense 240 mill booklet, pink cover, left hand stitching, complete, fine, SG SB19 cat £325  £65.00
Air interest
250 1910, 13th November PPC (Aeroplane over the Pyramids) franked 3m (faults), with two strikes of the Heliopolis Aerodrome cancel  £100.00
251 1925, 6th October Air Mail cover from Alexandria to Baghdad (backstamp) franked 10m  £5.00
252 1926, 10th March Air Mail cover from Cairo to Baghdad (backstamp) franked 42m incl. 27m Air (first day)  £5.00
253 1926, 28th November Air Mail cover from Zurich to Alexandria (receiver on front) franked 85r, with 'SCHWEIZER AFRIKAFLUG' cachet  £50.00
254 1927, 10th February Air Mail cover from Nairobi to UK (Cairo transit), franked 70c, endorsed 'By First Experimental Mail Flight from Kisumu to Khartoum' and with red circular '1st KENYA - SUDAN AIR MAIL' cachet dated 15 Feb 1927  £40.00
Great Bitter Lakes Association
255 1969 Great Bitter Lake cover to UK, franked 80c, Cairo cancels, civil censor mark and M/S AGALAMPUS cachet in violet  £8.00
256 1969 Great Bitter Lake cover to UK, franked with GBLA 80c Regatta "stamp", Cairo cancel, civil censor mark and M/S AGALAMPUS cachet in violet  £8.00
257 1969 Great Bitter Lake cover to UK, franked with GBLA 100c Regatta "stamp", Cairo cancel, civil censor mark and M/S AGALAMPUS cachet in violet  £8.00
Postal stationery soldier/view
258 1954 6m Soldier Postal Stationery Card with green view of 'Pont de Kasr el Nil - Le Caire', fine unused, NP SPC46  £10.00
259 1954 6m Soldier Postal Stationery Card with green view of 'Les Barrages du Delta', fine unused, NP SPC46  £10.00
260 1954 6m Soldier Postal Stationery Card with green view of 'Mosquee du Sultan Hassan - Le Caire', fine unused, NP SPC46  £10.00
261 1954 6m Soldier Postal Stationery Card with purple view of 'Vue pres des Barrages du delta', fine unused, NP SPC43  £10.00
262 1954 6m Soldier Postal Stationery Card with purple view of 'Vue du Nil - Le Caire', fine unused, NP SPC43  £10.00
263 1954 6m Soldier Postal Stationery Card with purple view of 'Hotel Semiramis', fine unused, NP SPC43  £10.00
264 1954 6m Soldier Postal Stationery Card with purple view of 'Exposition', fine unused, NP SPC43  £10.00
Booklet panes
265 King Farouk, Young Portrait, 5 mill red-brown, booklet pane of 6 with A/38 A/39 control numbers, mint hinged, some trimmed perfs, NP SB13a  £8.00
266 King Farouk, Young Portrait, 6 mill yellow-green, booklet pane of 6 with A/41 control number, mint hinged, some trimmed perfs, NP SB15a ys  £6.00
267 King Farouk, Young Portrait, 6 mill yellow-green (shades), 2x booklet panes of 6, right & left margins, mint hinged, some trimmed perfs, NP SB15a  £10.00
Postal stationery – registered
268 1922 10 mill carmine Registered Postal Stationery Envelope, uprated and used in 1924 from Bilbes, NP SRE3  £15.00
269 1929 15 mill dark blue Registered Postal Stationery Envelope, uprated and used in 1930 from Cairo to UK with El Malika Nazli cancels, NP SRE5  £20.00
270 1934 15 mills plum Registered Postal Stationery Envelope, unused, fine, NP SRE7  £25.00
271 1933 15 mills plum Registered Postal Stationery Envelope, uprated and used in 1935 from Cairo to UK, NP SRE7  £20.00
272 1939 15 mill red-violet Registered Postal Stationery Envelope, unused, NP SRE8  £25.00
273 1945 30 mill yellow-green Registered Postal Stationery Envelope, unused, NP SRE12  £15.00
274 Selection of forty (40) different Interpostal Seals, all unused, mainly type VIII in vermilion  £5.00
275 Selection of forty (40) different Interpostal Seals, all unused, mainly type VIII in vermilion  £5.00
Censor markings
276 21 X 16, light cover franked 20m for registration to Denmark and cancelled Cairo / RD6 with black on white label. Chamfered passed / Censor / 1 in black, resealed with Opened by Censor label by Censor B in blue, arrived London November 5, Hellerup November 11 and Copenhagen November 12  £6.00
277 30 10 40, incoming, commercial printed window envelope franked 2fr50 from Vichy France October 21, resealed in Egypt with bilingual Opened by Censor label and strike of censor 66 (Mr N Elimelek). Port Said / Traffic CDS on reverse October 30  £6.00
Egypt Air Mails
278 25 MA 53, air letter to Copenhagen franked Farouk barred 2x10m+30m and Farouk King of Egypt and Sudan opt 2m, from Alexandria Station. 22 mills the UPU rate, plus air surcharge of 15 mills per 10g  £5.00
Suez Canal Company
279 6c pale green, variety, with portion of printer’s watermark. A fresh unused (without gum) fully sound example with four nice margins from position 56 (transfer type II, showing a large part of the “L” of the LA + F monogram of Lacroix Freres (Zeh 2va, SG 2va, NPSC2b (cat $300 in 2003). Stamps with watermarks are rare. Signed C F Hass, with 1998 Hass sale card  £100.00
280 20c blue (Zeh 3, SG3, NP SC3), mint never hinged, marginal, sheet position 85 with beautiful even margins top, bottom and right and wide selvage at left. Super-fresh, fully sound (tiny selvage thin 3mm from stamp). Stunning. Signed CF Hass  £40.00
281 1c black, mint, gummed but hinged, fine margins, good appearance, sold as is  £55.00
282 20c blue, 40c red, both mint, gummed but hinged, good appearance, fine margins, sold as is  £40.00
Egypt Paquebots / Ship Mail
283 27 IX 04, b/w card of General Elliott’s Monument in Gibraltar, franked 2 x GB ½d and addressed to Dorset, cancelled Port Said with clean straight-line PAQUEBOT cachet (1899-1904). Message from SS Arcadia says “this is my monument”  £10.00
284 9 I 05, stunning colour card of Norddeutscher Lloyd steamer Schleswig, franked 2x2m DLR for USA and given clean Paquebot marking on both stamps as well as Alexandrie transit. Bridgeport machine arrival Jan 28  £10.00
285 11 JL 07, b/w postcard of Marseille franked with South Australia 1d and addressed to Newmarket from SS Ortona en route to Sydney. Star and bridge Port-Said CDS with perfect single-line Paquebot cartouche (1905-19) and eventually Newmarket arrival July 18. Fine condition  £16.00
286 21 SE 14, Sepia photocard of MS Paparoa, sent from the vessel to Cornwall, franked with GB 2 x ½d and cancelled Port Said / Paquebot 30 SE. Uncensored, though war already broken out  £7.00
287 13 MR 26, Paquebot / Port-Said cds on two Turkish stamps on piece and on single Australia 1 1/2d  £4.00
288 Long straight-line Paquebots marking straddling strip of three 5m pink Crown Overprint stamps  £4.00
289 Vapore d’Alessandria two-line marking on vertical strip of three of 5m First Fuad  £4.00
290 30 DE 35, 90c French stationery card (Eiffel Tower), written from the passenger post-ferry SS Champollion, addressed to Germany and cancelled with clear Paquebot / Alexandrie CDS. Clean and neat  £8.00
291 8 JU 38, small envelope bearing handstamp “British Governor” on flap, addressed to Essex and franked KG VI 1 ½.d. Stamp cancelled with straight-line PAQUEBOT cartouche, with information CDS of Port Taufiq alongside. Unusual marking  £8.00
292 20 JU 39, b/w photocard The Suez Canal, addressed to France and franked with 40c Peace issue (French internal rate for message of five words only Nov 38-Nov 39) franked with Port Tawfiq / Paquebot (used from 1939) – unusual because many French ships had post office on board. Very clean significant card  £20.00
293 3 DE (1950s). B/w card of the TSS Empire Brent, addressed to France, franked with KG VI 2 ½d cancelled with a retta, with Egyptian censorship alongside. Message remarks on leaving Glasgow, and vessel “not half as nice as the one we came on from India”  £8.00
294 23 7 52, Deutsche Seepost Linie / Hamburg Ostafrika D, perfect strike on Fuad 3m on piece  £4.00
295 Swedish American Line’s Gripsholm: series of cards (one with map) and covers from the vessel’s Mediterranean cruises in 1934 (2 covers, 1 card) and 1935 (1 cover, 1 card), all with memorable handstamps “posted on board … between Suez and Aden” for instance, and culminating in 1960 Med cruise with cover addressed to member of Danish UN force in Palestine, with Paquebot/Alexandrie cds and Gaza arrival. Clean group, fascinating. Six items  £20.00
Egypt postal history
296 1 III 14, an Arabic-handwritten business invoice with Qina / Cash CDS, in blue on original pale brown paper, with modern red ink comments on copy version  £4.00
297 17 4 73, large envelope from Phil Soc of Egypt to Menne Larsen in Denmark, franked with strip of 4x50m Ras el Tin for registration, cancelled by clear Cairo R.D /Special 2 CDS  £3.00
298 22 5 92, small envelope with 10pi commemorative, cancelled by scarce Wadi Abbadi CDS, with University / City Asyut / R arrival behind  £3.00
Postal paper
299 25 12 61, Post Office form 28 Q, receipt for parcel sent from Hamburg, Germany, including all taxes and custom duties. 12 x 21cm  £4.00
300 1 11 72, Form number as last, but variant now 12 x 16cm  £5.00
301 7 5 77, Form 28 Q again, but now all in Arabic from Idfu Post Office, 15 x17cm  £5.00
302 28 8 73, All-Arabic postal form No 2 L, a paper “parcel card” recording the very first parcel sent from Edfu “wakil” (Agent) (see Lot 299, top left), to London. Table of charges on reverse, 16 x 17.5cm  £6.00
Perfin cover
303 18 II 15, printed Thomas Cook cover with printed address in Bombay, franked with 5m Pictorial perfinned T C / & S and cancelled Cairo. Violet Passed by Censor / 3 / Bombay on arrival, and large Bombay GPO / Delivery mark behind for Feb 27  £28.00
Modern Rural covers
304 Selection of 27 modern (ie, mainly 1970s) covers used internally, all provided with varied all-Arabic Rural Service CDS either outgoing or incoming, and a wide range of recent definitives and commemoratives. All Arabic addressed  £20.00
Seaman's Home
305 Alexandria / (Port) / (Seamen’s Home) [Murphy Type I] 20.XII.08 on PPC to Belgium  £4.00
306 Alexandria / Seamen’s Home [Murphy Type II] 2.VIII.11 on PPC to Belgium  £5.00
307 Alexandria / Seamen’s Home [Murphy Type III} 5.VIII.26 on PPC to Antwerp  £5.00
308 Alexandria / Seamen’s Home large Registered cover (35x14cm; vertical fold) with Reg cachet SEAMEN’S HOME OFFICE. CDS 1.IX.28 to Brussels  £35.00
309 Alexandria / Seamen’s Home [Murphy Type IV] 6.VIII.31 on PPC to Belgium  £5.00
310 Seamen’s Home [Murphy Type V] 20 SE 33 on PPC to Brussels  £5.00
311 Seamen’s Home [Murphy Type V] 21 DE 53 on Air cover sent as printed matter to London  £8.00
312 Seamen’s Home [Murphy Type V] 16 JL 51 on Air cover to USA  £5.00
Postal History
313 (‘Royal Interest’) Registered cover of DAIRA KHASA DU KHEDIVE 26.X.11 to London  £5.00
314 Paquebot cover (The Orient Pacific Line) with 1d Victoria 10 IV 02 from Port-Said via Alex to Canada (horizontal fold does not detract)  £15.00
315 STATION MARITIME ALEXANDRIA 3 different postmarks on 2 PPC and Air cover  £10.00
316 Deutsches Demokratisches Republik stamp “Helft Agypten” on cover to USA  £3.00
317 (Nice!) PPC from Aswan via TPO ASWAN-LUQSOR 17.III.08 to St Petersburg  £5.00
318 Hotel interest!) 20 para postal card sent 7 OTT 87 to Germany with special handstamp HOTEL DU NIL / H.FRIEDMANN / CAIRE (EGYPTE) (scarce!)  £40.00
319 Cover correctly franked 5x1 = 5 mills (special tariff for Austria) sent from Cairo 17 V 14 to Vienna  £5.00
320 Tatty cover (repaired) franked 2x2 piastres DLR (4th class) from Alexandria / Depart 28 FE 84 to Zifta. Unusual!  £10.00
321 Air cover from Port-Said / Simon Arzt 13 OC 37 to India. Backstamps Alexandria and Cawnpore 18 OCT 37  £4.00
322 December tax: Registered airmail cover to Switzerland; 230 mills for postage + 1m charity tax  £15.00
Gaza Covers
323 Registered printed commercial cover franked 45 mills (SG 14 + 22) 26 SE 50 from GAZA (Reg cachet alongside) to England  £12.00
324 Air cover franked 21 mills (SG3, 2x4, 7) 3 AU 57 from KHAN YOUNIS / R. to England  £10.00
325 Registered cover franked 75 mills (SG 2x11, 35m not taken into account!?) sent 6.2.58 from GAZA, Reg cachet alongside, to Geneva  £12.00
326 Air cover franked 10 mills (SG 88 + 3x 93) sent 7 V 55 from GAZA / T. to Cairo  £8.00
327 Registered cover (correctly!) franked 135 mills) (SG 100,105,113/4,3x 112) sent by Air 13.1.62 from NEW GAZA, Reg cachet alongside, to New York. VF  £12.00
328 Registered cover franked 75 mills (SG 5x4 + 100) sent 3 MR 58 from KHAN YOUNIS/ R, Reg cachet alongside, to Switzerland (various backstamps!)  £15.00
329 Air cover franked 60 mills (SG 123,125,2x131) sent 20.10.63 (late!) from GAZA / T. to Germany  £5.00
Egypt Stamps
330 1941 Air 10 mills in mint (never hinged) block of 4 with misperforation  £3.00
331 1914 Official stamp 2 mills: mint block of 4 with ‘Abklatsch’ overprint set-off on the reverse  £3.00
French Post Offices
332 ALEXANDRIE French Maritime Cachet d'Escale. 26 April 1867. Cover to Lyon posted at the docks and receiving the octagonal postmark for Paquebot Français Ligne V, No.3 (Salles 888) from the postal agent on board paquebot SAID to Marseilles. 40c Napoleon stamp cancelled by the ship's anchor lozenge. Backstamps: "Lyon à Marseille" TPO, 2 May and Lyon arrival 3 May. Black PD and green oval sender's cachet. The stopover postmarks of Ligne V (d'Egypte) are very scarce. (€ 300 +) See Salles Vol. 2, p. 229 & Grech "French P.O.s in Egypt" Vol.1, p. 141. Rare item  £80.00
333 Port-Saïd - 12 August 1903. Postcard to France (Arab women) franked 5c Type Blanc, yellow green, of French P.O., cancelled by small Type 84 CDS. UPU rate for postcards with less than 5 words. Precedes UPU use of "Imprimés" annotation on such cards. Dunkirk arrival 20/8.  £5.00
334 Port-Saïd - 20 May 1906 - Superb strike of French PO's new CDS Type 04.A (introduced March 1906) here unusually cancelling an Egyptian stamp 1 mill. De La Rue, on unused postcard of Moses fountain at Suez. Philatelic, but beautiful presentation.  £6.00
335 Port-Saïd - 40c orange, Sage Overprint of 1899 issue. Fine used. Very well centred. Two corner perfs lightly creased but do not detract. Clearly shows variety "one left dot" on Ï of Port-Saïd. Yvert 13/ SG 113. Cat. € 20+.  £4.00
336 Port-Saïd - 1 Franc Merson Redrawn Design, issued October 1902. Off-centre as usual, but very fresh. Mounted mint. Yvert 32/ SG 134. Cat. € 16.  £3.00
337 Forgery. Alexandrie - Probably fake "wide 6 Mill." typographical surcharge on genuine used 15c Mouchon orange, from the emergency Local Surcharges of April 1921. Genuine stamp is catalogued at over €140, priced here as a very good forgery. Yvert 40.a/ SG 42.a. Supplied with it, for size-comparison of "6", is a genuine 6 Mill. lithographic surcharge on 15c yellow shade.  £14.00
338 Forgery. Port-Saïd - 60/ MILLIEMES fake surcharge and pmk on genuine Merson 50c, good centring. For the November 1921 Local Surcharges (Joffre issue). Yvert 67/ SG 172. Rare genuine surcharged stamp cat over € 400. Good as a space-filler.  £6.00
339 Forgery. Port-Saïd - 150/ MILLIEMES fake surcharge and pmk on genuine Merson 50c, normal centring. From the November 1921 Local Surcharges (Joffre issue). Yvert 68/ SG 173. Rare genuine surcharged stamp cat over € 500. Good appearance.  £15.00
340 Ferdinand de Lesseps - "Aperire terram gentibus" - 1805-1884, with French and Ottoman flags. Embossed colour card, publisher Plentl Mary Mill Graz-Cairo, No.292. Unused, rare  £3.50
341 Heliopolis: Airmail cover from Paris, 3 January 1947 (with 22F Marianne de Gandon) addressed to Mlle Huguette Empain in Sharia Sesostris (today Sizustris). Cairo transit 5 January, Heliopolis arrival 6th. She was the grand-daughter (1925-1965) of the Baron Empain, founder of Heliopolis. Her father was the Baron's eldest son Jean. A short biographical note is attached to this lot for information. Three months after this letter, in April 1947, the Government expelled her from Egypt for having insulted an Egyptian military officer during a reception at the Heliopolis Palace Hotel. She never returned. A rare historical item for anyone interested in Heliopolis.  £15.00
Literature – buyer’s invoice will be adjusted for postage and packing
342 King Fouad - "Egypt, The First Portrait Issue - A Compilation Since 1928", by John Sears. Published by the author. 1997. A4, 127 pages, soft cover. Gathers all the information on this subject from the ESC records, illustrating types, varieties, reprinting early articles. Very fine  £20.00
343 "Armies in East Africa, 1914-18", by Peter Abbott. Illustrated by Raffaele Ruggeri. Osprey Publishing. 250 x 185 mm. 48 pages in soft cover, 8 colour plates showing the various armies (German, British, Belgian, South African, Portuguese) and numerous B/W photographs  £7.00
Postal History
344 Egypt 3 Mill brown Postal Stationery card (Balian 36), with added King Fouad 10 mills violet (Balian 292), to USA. Cancelled CAIRO - ASYUT & V.V. TPO, 13 mill UPU rate. Long handwritten message on the back, dated 1 May 1937. Cairo transit machine mark 2 May 1937  £4.00
345 British Barracks, Abbassia cancelling 5 mill Fouad on Cairo postcard, 12 April 1928, with “1 D" to pay. One penny red postage due (1914) applied on UK arrival  £5.00
346 Registered cover from Société Philatélique d'Egypte to Jean Boulad d'Humières (ESC 16) and former PSE president, in Switzerland. Franked with Balian 702 and six copies of 709 on the back (200 Mills). Cancelled 5 April 1973 with rare perfect strikes of "Cairo RD Special 4" date-stamp, black registration marking and other cachets. Note that the time on the central date-stamp has been corrected by hand. A very attractive item and special for the PSE archives.  £6.00
347 Postage Due 2 mills green of 1893 used at Maadi, 21 DE 1894, with boxed T mark.  £3.00
348 Avis de Reception - Boxed AR cancelling 1884 De la Rue 1 piastre ultramarine. )  £4.00
David Roberts postcards
349 Four colour postcards illustrating views of the Holy Land from Roberts' travels in Egypt and the Levant in 1839. Nazareth, Hebron, Haifa, St. Jean d'Acre.  £4.00
350 Different lot of four colour postcards illustrating views of the Holy Land from Roberts' travels in the area in 1839. Acre, Mount Tabor, Eilat, Jericho.  £4.00
351 1938 I mill General Revenue (Feltus 21), 1000 copies used mainly in strips of three on cut-out card pieces. Huge range of postmarks and shades, good for study  £5.00
352 Palestine Court fee revenues. 35 used examples covering range of values and colours  £20.00
Egypt variety
353 1980 Cairo International Fair 20m commemorative (NP C876) in full sheet of 50 with printing information in selvage. Row 4/stamp 10 has variety C876a, “Missing Arabic inscription lower right corner”. Unmounted mint sheet, NP cat value $82 in 2003  £12.00
French PO in Port Said
354 SG numbers 107 type a, 109 pale blue, 110, 111, 112, 127, 130, 131 used and 10c used on postcard. Cat value (SG 2004) £48  £5.00
Egypt FDCs
355 First-day covers of 1937 15th Ophthalmological Congress, 1938 Royal Wedding (plus mounted mint stamp), 1938 Telecoms Congress, 1938 Leprosy Congress (plus used set), 1944 Death of King Fuad, 1948 Saide. Nile Post cat $83 (2003)  £10.00
Censored covers to Maspero Freres
356 17 JU 18, plain handwritten cover from the Hurghada Club to Maspero Freres, Cairo, franked 5m Pictorial with Port Taufiq / D cds and rectangular Passed / Censor / B in blue  £6.00
357 27 JL 18, printed cover of Wills & Co, franked 5m Pictorial with handwritten address Maspero Freres, Cairo. Port-Said / A cds and Passed / Censor / A in black on face, clear Cairo arrival behind next day  £6.00
358 31 JL 18, long registered cover (folded) to Maspero Freres from Port Said, franked 2x10m Colossi, with faint Registration cachet alongside and chamfered Passed / Censor / 1 on face. Back sealed with two large red wax blobs  £7.00
Triangular stamps on cover
359 18 2 63, FDC of Agriculture Ministry anniversary used for registered Seamail to Calcutta, franked with Post Day 20+10m and two triangular 40+20m semipostals together with 10m TV Festival and Suez evacuation (with overprint) on reverse, for total rate of 120 mills. Egyptian censor and Indian arrival mark. Unusual  £6.00
360 20 9 63, cover marking 38th World Shooting Championships in Cairo used to UK National Rifle Association, franked with two triangle stamps (table tennis 5m and shooting 10m) with 40m definitive to complete 60m air rate  £5.00
Thematic collections
361 Two folders crammed with international stamps on the theme “The world of Islam”, the first half-dozen pages concentrating on how Arabic writing and calligraphy developed, the second (stockbook) not annotated but taking account of all aspects of Islamic life, illustrated by literally hundreds of stamps and postcards from unexpected places as well as the Arab world. An enthusiast’s collection to build on. Sample page illustrated  £55.00
362 Two stockbooks concentrating on the theme of “science”, following up the last lot with Arab contributions to science, but then branching off into all aspects of maths and technology. Close to 400 stamps, virtually all mint, to conjure with. Sample page illustrated  £25.00
Postage Dues
363 17 10 1956, Air cover from Paris to Cairo franked 40F, with T 0,17 alongside. Egyptian censor, and on reverse are 12 and 8m Dues cancelled with scarce Cairo West cds  £10.00
364 20 FE 59, small cover unfranked addressed to Cairo, delivery attempted and on third day 20m Due cancelled with Caire / T. Imprimés/ (1)  £6.00
Air covers
365 3 NO 35, small cover to England franked with 40m Air and cancelled Alexandria. Endorsed in pencil KLM Cairo-Amsterdam. No backstamps  £6.00
Postal History
366 1898-1900, neat pair of commercially printed covers, both to same address in France, both franked with 2x 5m DLR, from good strikes of Alex and Cairo respectively  £6.00
367 12 VI 02, neat blue envelope franked 1pi DLR blue, beautifully addressed, receiving tidy London NW thimble mark six days later  £4.00
368 8 IX 06, commercial printed cover franked 2x 1pi blue DLR and addressed to Germany. Fine CDS of Hildburghausen on reverse  £4.00
369 24 I 20, Reg cover from architect to Greece, franked with strip of five DLR 5m pictorials plus a single cancelled Ibrahimia Ramleh / RP (Reg cachet alongside), with Alex transit and Athens arrival. Gold wax on reverse  £5.00
370 14 JUN 23, commercial printed cover for Geneva, franked with very lovely strip of three Harrison 5m Crown overprint Pictorials cancelled by Cairo machine roller. No backstamp  £6.00
371 2 IV 30, handwritten envelope franked 15m Fuad for registration within Alexandria (black on white Reg label alongside), addressed to the Estate of His Excellency Prince Mohamet Aly Ibrahim. Arrival mark next day on reverse.  £4.00
372 6 APR 30, neat typed cover to Minnesota franked Fuad 15m and cancelled with clean Cairo machine  £4.00
373 6 AP 30, printed cover of brush manufactory, registered En Ville, franked 3x5m Fuad, black on white Reg label, and faint arrival stamp next day on reverse. Striking  £4.00
374 8 AP 30, printed commercial envelope franked Fuad 5m + 20m for Registration and AR from Abu Kibir / R&P (Reg cachet alongside) to Cairo. No backstamp  £4.00
375 22 MA 30, small air cover franked only with 27m brown Air Mail stamp from Cairo to London. No backstamp  £4.00
376 10 MR 32, Bibby Line cover (flap), franked 1m Fuad in addition to 27m brown Air stamp for Port Said to London. Alex transit behind  £4.00
377 4 SE 34, printed cover of School for Girls / American Mission / Zagazig addressed to London with air sticker and endorsement, and franked with 3m and 20m of UPU series together with 10m Air, all cancelled Zaqaziq / (T)  £4.00
378 3 JA 37, small cover from Shibin el Qanater / P & R to UK by air, franked with generous spread of Fuad stamps: 2xEd 471m 3x2m 2x10m for total of 28 mills. No backstamp  £4.00
379 Express. 13 FE 44, handwritten cover addressed to Alexandria franked with red/black Express stamp plus 1+13m Boy King for total 40 mills, with early Express label alongside. CDS is B / Port-Said, arrival Alex / Delivery / Express 9 ½ hours later. Vertical fold away from stamps  £12.00
380 1953? Small cover to Scotland franked with 3,4,10 and 30m barred Farouk issues and bilingual BOAC air sticker alongside. No backstamp  £5.00
381 15 12 2007, long envelope addressed completely in Arabic and covered in stamps in apparent attempt to supply all available in current stocks. All markings in Arabic  £4.00
Stamps miscellany
382 Accumulation on cards and in envelopes of small mass of stamps, mainly mint and Hawid-protected, essentially in and after the beginning of the Republic, though some much earlier noted. Unsorted, lucky dip bag. Clean for the most part, probably 150 stamps  £5.00
Greetings cards
383 1958 stamp. Christmas card from Cairo stamp dealer Sfakianos to his client friends, 1m UAR Egypt fellaha cancelled by his business stamp  £4.00
Picture postcards
384 CMS Medical Mission (Gaza). The Old Mission Hospital, which was crumbling. Apparently published by CMS, who claimed copyright. Mint, excellent  £4.00
385 Relief carving of Cleopatra in the Temple of Denderah. Sent to Scarborough franked DLR 4m with Bulkley and Alexandria / A markings 14 XII 07  £4.00
386B/W coloured humour card – “Mind your nose, gov’ner” on visit to Ostrich Farm. Sent to France from Cairo on 22 II 07, excellent condition  £4.00
387 CM b/w photocard No 121: Supply-Caravan crossing Wahdi el-Mehza (Sinai). Scarce card  £8.00
388 Mosque bleu, upright b/w card, LL Cairo 88, mint, good condition  £3.00
389 Colour single-back card of Richter & Co, Napoli, labelled Backchich!! And used from Naples to Potsdam with strip of five Italian 2c stamps, one damaged. Arrival 14 I 99  £4.00
390 Café arabe au Caire, upright single-back colour card of Lichtenstern & Harari, franked 2x2m DLR for London from part-strike of Cooks Feb 04  £4.00
391 Sidi-Daniel Mosque, b/w Alexandria 100, mint, thin blue card  £2.00
392Water carrier, Upper Egypt. Egyptian Gazette upright colour card, mint, first-class condition  £4.00
393 Rifai and Sultan Hassan minarets, b/w LL Cairo 235, mint  £2.00
394 Colourful midnight in the desert scene, CH Serie 732 No 1, franked strip of 4x1m DLR for London, cancelled Ibrahimia with Alex transit 8 XII 11  £4.00
395 Jeunes femmes arabes Kardashian 24, charming b/w picture of four young girls, single back, franked 2x2m DLR for Rhode Island 22 XI 06  £4.00
396 General View, sepia Lehnert and Landrock Cairo 1001, franked 10m First Fuad, used to Vienna Feb 1925  £3.00
397 Port Said from the Breakwater, sepia Lehnert and Landrock 1327, franked 10m First Fuad and used to England from Port Taufiq 10 DE 26  £3.00
398 Beautiful colour card with ear-ring girl and silver crescent, single back but no publisher. Addressed in Cairo Christmas Day 02, but 2x1m DLR stamps ripped off. Sad  £3.00
399 Restaurant en Pleine air, KK /Scenes et Types No 87, colour card in excellent condition, franked 4m DLR for London, cds unclear, 30 IX 12  £4.00
400 Porteur de l’eau, LL upright card, mint, excellent condition  £4.00
401 Tuck’s Oilette colour card, A stopping place on the Nile, sent from Cambridge to /South Wales with message spot usurped by glued-on cartoon of baby and teething powder. Inside joke. Excellent condition  £5.00
402 Tuck’s Oilette, bright colour card of three Girls of Araby, Young Egypt 9791, mint, fine condition  £4.00
403 Tuck’s Oilette 9021, colourful card of Donkey Boys outside Cairo Railway Station. Single back, mint, very fine  £4.00
404 Tuck’s Oilette, Peasant Girl No 3479, originally painted by Greek artists V Vassilion, looking aloof out of the picture. Pinholes top and bottom unfortunately, otherwise mint and excellent  £4.00
405 Tuck’s Oilette, No 9274, The Khedive’s Special engine developed by Egyptian Railways. Used within UK  £5.00
406 Tuck’s Picturesque Egypt series 4338, Market on the Nile, Cairo. Sepia card, divided back, mint, excellent  £4.00
Business postcards
407 18 8 27, Cairo lawyers’ printed card sent to Germany, franked vertical pair of First Fuad 5m, machine cancel  £3.00
408 13 3 33, printed card addressed to Glasgow School of Accountancy seeking guide book. Franked 2x5m Fuad, cancelled Alexandria / Dep 3  £3.00
409 29 SE 35, bilingual printed Benha merchant’s card, Arabic handwritten message, franked First Fuad 3mills, internal rate  £4.00
410 21 12 47, BOAC printed card sent from Import Section, Almaza Airport, telling Cairo car mart that package of spare parts had arrived. Handwritten address, franked 2x2m Marechal. Illegible cds  £3.00
Definitive FDCs
411 Airmail: 10 11 88, 25p, NP A104, with mint examples of A104 and A102 (18 ½p)  £6.00
412 Airmail: 1 3 93, 55p + 80p, NP A117-118  £3.00
413 Goddess Silakht: 10p 25 3 0-1; 25p 23 6 99; 30p 11 6 01, NP D372-4. Three FDCs23 5 93  £4.00
414 1993-94 issue: two FDCs, one combination with £E1 + £E2 (NP D363-4, dated 1 4 93), second with high-value £E5 (NP D365, dated 1 8 93). NP cat $27  £9.00
415 As last, single cover with £E1 and £E2, 1 4 93  £4.00
416 1989-92 Arabesque issue: high-value stamps, £E1, 8 2 90, NP D352) and £E2 (1 12 89, NP D353) on two FDCs, NP cat $22.00  £7.00
417 Four covers: 5p 15 12 90; 10p with error in date - 1 10 89 for 10 1 89; 20p 1 2 90; combination cover 30p and 50p, cancel 15 2 90, as Magdy, where NP gives 5 2 90. NP D344, 345, 347, 348 and 350  £8.00
418 As last, smaller versions, three covers: 10p 20 11 90; 30p 1 8 91; 50p 11 7 92 (NP D 346, 349, 351  £5.00
419 1993-94 Ancient Heads: four covers (two designs) with 15p 1 11 93; 15p + 5p 1 2 93, 25p 10 3 93 (not 94) and 55p 1 7 93. NP D354, 356, 359, 361  £5.00
420 1997-98 issue: three covers – 5p 21 5 97; 25p from 1993-94 issue (? But clearly dated 10 11 98), and 75p 25 3 97. NP 366, 360(?), 368  £5.00
421 25p from 1993-94 issue, but with FD cancel of 10 3 98 instead of 1994 (D 359?)  £2.00
422 Combination cover with 5p + 15p from 1993-94 issue, dated 1 2 98, NP 354, 356  £2.00
423 10p of 1989-1992 issue with pale blue ground and FDC date 1 10 89 instead of 10 1 89  £2.00
424 1 2 93, long FDC issued by Cairo Philatelic Bureau bearing blocks of four of 5p and 15p of 1993-94 Ancient Heads issue. Addressed to Netherlands  £3.00
Commemoratives on cover
425 7 DE 37, beautiful clean cover addressed to Germany labelled Imprimés, and franked with 5m Anglo-Egyptian Treaty commemorative (valid only to March 22). No backstamp. Odd  £6.00
426 7 JA 55, Postcard of musicians from Ancient Egypt wall painting addressed to UK and franked with 37m of Arab Postal Union issue (NP C160, issued Nov 1 1955). So seems that correspondent, offering New Year greetings for 1955, meant 1956!  £5.00
On Active Service
427 Small plain cover endorsed “On Active Service” and addressed to London. Received neat and unusual Attarine / Alexandria CDS for 27 SEP 15, and Alexandria / V transit mark next day (also set off on the face). No other marking  £6.00
428 17 OCT 41, flimsy air envelope addressed to Transvaal and franked South Africa 6d and 4d. Cancelled by APO 30, which according to pencil note on cover, was captured by the enemy  £6.00
Postal stationery
429 9 XI 91 T4, excellent Caire / D strike on 5m card (NP SPC3) to Switzerland. Lucern arrival  £3.00
430 18 VIII 87, beautiful 20 para postal stationary postcard sent from Alexandria to Cairo, where received neat Caire.A arrival mark next day  £12.00
431 1888, mint 5m + 5m reply card (SPC4). Excellent condition  £2.00
432 1891, mint provisional 3m on 5m reply card (SPC6). Sl smudging  £3.00
433 27 IV 08, 1pi postal stationery envelope (NP SEN2b, blue-grey), updated with DLR 3m+4m stamps for a rate of 17 mills to London. Cancelled Port Said star and bridge, clean and neat but for stamper’s smudge on face. Part machine strike behind reads May 4  £5.00
Printed paper
434 (no date), top margin cut off Ottoman-period pre-Feltus government printed paper, double foolscap size, printed with 7-piastre value and embossed with government albino seal, together with large blue trilingual cachet of Alexandria Court of Appeal and another faint circular cachet impossible to read. Fascinating fragment  £5.00
Postal markings
435 16 AV 89, clear strike of Damiette / star and crescent on 5m stationery postcard addressed in Arabic to Tanta. Corner lost  £3.00
436 24 I 91, Italian 10c postal stationery card, message in Italian, addressed to Cairo with spot-on Cairo / A arrival CDS  £2.00
Egyptian stamps
437 Mass of more than 150 Egyptian definitives, airs and commems, 1930s-40s, in excellent condition, inc 3 ms for 1959, 1965, 1966. All very neat NH mint (majority) or hinge remains. Little duplication, excellent lot to build on  £8.00
Censor interest
438 (date?), Westinghouse printed air mail envelope with company name obliterated, franked Boy King 20+2 mills, not cancelled, marked Personal and addressed to Office of Naval Intelligence in Washington. Passed by ONI Naval Censor. No backstamps  £4.00
439 13 MR 43, Banque Misr printed envelope franked 4x5+2m Boy King for Tehran from Cairo / V. Opened and resealed by Egyptian censor and Censor 87 (Mrs Musgrave-Thomas), but also by Russian(?) and Anglo-Soviet-Persian Censorship. Arrival April 10  £6.00
Hotels interest
440 18 12 59, Cover from Nile Hilton to Zurich, franked 45m for air mail printed paper rate. No clear backstamp but seems to have travelled  £4.00
441 Memorabilia – mini collection of 15 hotel matchbooks, all except Nile Hilton (old) and Egotel Luxor mint with full complement of matches. Contains Marriott (2), Movenpick 2, Cecil 2, United Arab Airlines 2, Aswan Oberoi, Hyatt, Eastmar, Nile Hilton (modern), Ramses Hilton  £9.00
Postal history
442 16 FE 84, small cover franked 1pi rose (SG 47) for Ambleside, cancelled with clear Port Said / Depart CDS, flap torn, but part Ambleside CDS on reverse 20 FE  £6.00
443 12 VI 00, small envelope franked 2x5m DLR for postage from Minia to Chios, Turkey. Backstamped Alex / A, Smyrne in blue and faint Chios. Unusual  £4.00
444 4 JL 02, 5m ps envelope (NP SEN6), uprated with 5m DLR for Germany and cancelled with clear Alexandria / Station CDS. Arrival mark behind, central fold does not detract  £4.00
445 19 III 24, neat Official folded letter addressed to Cairo from Banha (Banha Station mark behind), neatly sealed on three sides according to regulation with bilingual black on pink Egyptian Government label  £3.00
446 65 SE 25, lawyer’s printed envelope franked with 10+15m First Fuads for Registration and AR within Cairo. Various notations behind, but Refused (trilingual box) and returned next day  £4.00
447 12 JL 26, printed commercial envelope remarkably franked 2m First Fuad for Dar es-Salaam (no sign of it having not been sealed). On arrival found to be undeliverable and returned with array of four “return to sender” markings. Dar arrival August 4 on reverse  £6.00
448 20 OC 27, Clean registered Arabic-addressed cover franked 15m First Fuad from Tala / R&P with Reg cachet, to Cairo R&P and finally Azhar  £4.00
449 13 VI 36, neat incoming registered cover from Belgium, readdressed Alex-Cairo with array of CDS behind, culminating in Cairo Delivery / RA1  £4.00
450 26 SEP 39, Commercial printed envelope franked 4m Fuad with slogan machine cancel for Germany, “just” sealed. Boxed T alongside but no tax raised on arrival  £4.00
451 16 OC 39, cover addressed to UK Par Avion franked with three blocks of four of the Boy King 5m for a total of 60 mills, sent from Alexandria with Cairo machine on reverse  £3.00
452 1 FE 43, plain cover franked 1m Boy King and 20m Air for postage and registration from (R&P) / Qasr el Eini (Reg box alongside) in Cairo. Reverse has Cairo transit and Cairo / Postmen delivery mark two hours later  £5.00
453 1950? Two neat clean air letters (1944 SALS1 and 1949 SALS4 with Arabic watermark), both sent to same address in London, both with censor marks. Neat pair  £4.00
454 UAR period, date unknown. B/W picture postcard of piece of art (can be identified?) from a Cairo exhibition, mentioned in message for France. Marked Avion, franked 60m Air Mail + 2x10m UAR definitives, but cancelled only with three strikes of an Expres (single S) single-line handstamp. Unusual  £4.00
455 UAR period, date unknown, Nile Hilton air mail envelope franked 60m in Republican definitives (loosely secured) for Switzerland, but cancelled only with triple wavy lines. Censor mark, but no other. Odd treatment  £4.00
456 19 8 60, printed company air mail cover addressed to New York, franked 100m+30n+5m with pink Reg label. Censored, and transit Cairo and Cairo Airport with New York arrival Aug 22  £4.00
457 1960-66, range of seven small envelopes with different frankings and postmarks, four containing original visiting cards. Mixed condition  £4.00
First Day, Souvenir covers etc
458 9 AU 46, plain envelope with Cairo Citadel Evacuation (SG 313) and day of issue Philatelic Bureau CDS  £1.00
459 9 NO 46, full set of Arab League Congress (SG 315-27) on plain card stuck to plain envelope, all cancelled with day of issue Philatelic Bureau CDS  £2.00
460 15.3.58, plain cover with 3m UAR Egypt definitive (SG 555) and FD cancel  £1.00
461 As last, smaller envelope  £1.00
462 16 4 58, small visiting card envelope with marginal 4m UAR Egypt definitive (SG 556) and FD cancel of Port Said  £2.00
463 32 6 58, Air Mail envelope with 1m UAR Egypt definitive (SG 553) and Cairo FDC cancel  £1.00
Printing Experiment
464 1959, first anniversary of UAR/Yemen proclamation, printed in single colour as first production of Postal Printing House new press. Here deep rose red, perforated and unwatermarked (NP page 270), mint NH  £3.00
Postmark cutouts
465 1925-38, remarkable collection of 22 cutouts, clean and perfect, of commemorative datestamps for the various exhibitions and congresses celebrated by Egypt. Also two congress Registration cachet cutouts and an Egyptian Government sealing label. Ex Ibrahim Chaftar  £5.00
Egyptian military
466 1958, unfranked cover sent from Abu Shusha to Cairo. Received pencil T en route, arrived Cairo 25 AUG green roller canceller, followed by 20m Due next day, and eventually small trilingual REFUSED handstamp. Contents remain  £3.00
467 1964, unfranked barid harby cover, Arabic addressed, with hexagonal Unit 42 CDS and violet military censor. Machine arrival Sidi Gaber behind. Unopened  £2.00
Taxed and Postage Due
468 19 VIII 07, upright b/w card, Fille Fellah, unfranked for France. Port Said CDS, boxed T and French arrival, no dues  £3.00
469 28 MR 19, colour card Port Said, Jardin de Lesseps, franked with 3m DLR Pictorial for Chester, cancelled Port Taufiq / D but received boxed T / 05 en route. No tax raised in UK  £4.00
470 Sepia – Le Caire – Rue Arabe. Cairo Postcard Trust Serie 201 4717, divided back, mint  £2.00
471 Sepia – Alexandrie – Ramleh Terminus, showing double-decker coach. Spiro Grivas/Lehnert & Landrock, divided back, mint  £8.00
472 Sepia – Café Arabe – Suez. MAF 18, divided back. Message describes “an Arabic Church”, not posted  £2.00
473 Sepia – Egypt – Sakkas, watersellers. BB 34, divided back, mint  £2.00
474 Sepia photocard – Interior of Azhar Mosque. Lehnert & Landrock 40, divided back, mint  £2.00
475 Sepia photocard – Cairo – Davies Bryan’s Buildings. Cairo Postcard Trust 1206-3, divided back, mint  £2.00
476 B/w – Cairo – Native Quarters. Cairo Postcard Trust Series 597, divided back mint  £2.00
477 B/w – Cairo – Panorama. BB 95, divided back, mint  £1.00
478 B/w – Ismailia – L’Eglise Grecque. Costi Damilacos, 9815, divided back, mint  £1.00
479 B/w – Assouan – La Rue de la Gare. LL 7, divided back, on green car, mint  £1.00
480 B/w – Rosette – Mosque Cheikh Momandur. Comptoir Philatelique 437 (Kardiache photo), single back mint  £2.00
481 B/w – Cassara Bazar – Suez. CA2, divided back, mint  £1.00
482 B/w photocard – Queen Victoria Statue. Boy King 3m+Marechal 10m for Holland from Port Tawfik / D 24 SE 47  £1.00
483 B/w photocard – Port Said – The Boulevard Fouad 1. Oriental Commercial Bureau, divided back, mint  £1.00
484 Colour – Waterseller and female water bearer (Egypt). Shurey’s Publications, mint, corner bend  £2.00
485 Colour – ‘Saka’ - Porteur d’eau. DJL 300, divided back, mint  £1.00
486 Colour – Monument of Ibrahim Pacha. Carto-Sport Rudmann 59800, divided back, mint  £1.00
487 Colour – Danse Soudanaise. Lichtenstern & Harari 503, single back, mint  £2.00
488 Colour – Le Caire – Rue Bab-el-Charieh. Comptoir Philatelique 2037 (Lekegian photo), single back, sl staining behind  £1.00
489 Colour – Caire – Credit Lyonnaise. Cai 130 – 54641. Divided back, mint  £1.00
490 Colour – three mint UAR cards of the Eastern Publishing Company showing romantic scenes – feluccas, pyramids and Cairo street  £2.00
TPOs – scarce single-town markings
491 17 VII 10, postcard from Zuglio, Italy, with fine transit marking of Port Taufiq / T.P.O. (Type 5A2.1) for final delivery to destination (Suez receiving mark 17. VII 11)  £15.00
492 15 V 09, unusual destination, b/w photocard (Sphinx, Alexandria), franked DLR 4 mills from Alex to Shanghai. Fine transit mark of Suez / T.P.O. (Type 5A3.1), not illustrated by Smith  £45.00
493 31 DE 28, small cover franked Fuad 5m to Mustapha Barracks, Alex, sent from Cairo roller with arrival T.P.O. 19 / Alexandria (scarce Type 5E1) on reverse  £20.00
494 11 DE 24, long envelope (full lawyer’s letter remains) franked 5mills First Fuad (unsealed) for Cairo from Alexandria. Clean strike of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (Type 5C1.1) behind. Earliest date recorded  £16.00
495 23 OC 25, neat folded lawyer’s letter-envelope, franked 2m First Fuad (unsealed) sent to Cairo from Mansura Station, with clean part strike of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (Type 5C1.1) behind  £12.00
496 22 AP 26, printed business envelope with full set of Agricultural/Industrial exhibition, sent from Zifta to Cairo with clear strike on reverse of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (Type 5C1.1), even later date than last  £25.00
497 22 AU 35, small blue envelope (letter remains) sent from Sidi Gaber (5m Fuad) to Cairo, receiving transit mark of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (as Type 5C1.1 but dm 27mm instead of 30mm, not recorded by Smith), and Dawawin arrival on reverse. Earliest recorded for this variant  £16.00
498 11 AU 36, printed bank letter from Alex (5m Fuad) to Cairo, receiving transit mark of T.P.O. 24 / Cairo / E (as Type 5C1.1 but dm 27mm instead f 30mm, not recorded by Smith), on reverse  £13.00
Literature: Philately and/or Military related. Note that postage costs may be levied
499 Egypt: various authors writing about exhibition at National Philatelic Museum, Philadelphia, 1950, A5, 214pp, softback, very good  £3.00
500 Stamps of Egypt 1952-1957, Egyptian Postal Administration, 1957, 17x25cm, 32pp plus enclosure, softback, very good  £3.00
501 Objective: Egypt, Gregory Blaxland, 1966, 15x22cm, 319pp, hardback with dust jacket, very good  £3.00
502 Den Danske FN-styrke I Gaza (Danor Unef 1956-67), E Menne Larsen, 1979, in Danish, A5, 48pp, softback, very good  £4.00
503 As above, English summary 1979, A5, 32pp, softback, very good  £2.00
504 Canadian Military Post Offices to 1986, Baily & Toop, 1987, A5, 96pp, softback, very good  £4.00
505 Guide to Postcodes, Egyptian Post Office, 1985 (in Arabic), 17x24cm, 96pp, softback, very good  £3.00
506 Philatelic Atlas of the Ottoman Empire, by Andreas Birken, A4, 334pp, trilingual listing of all post offices in the Ottoman empire with maps showing their positions. Softback, pristine condition  £30.00
507 Consular …. In Egypt by Themis Dacos, A4, 93pp, stuffed with photographs detailing the history of the communications carried out by the Greek consuls in Egypt. Softback, pristine condition  £28.00
508 Postal History of the Holy Land 1459-1949, Zvi Alexander, 1998, display to the Royal, A5, 16pp no illustrations, softbound, pristine  £1.00
509 Gibbons Middle East Catalogue 19, 6th edition, 2005, A4, 392pp, softback, good  £3.00
510 The Military Museum and the History of the Egyptian Army, Egyptian Ministry of Defence, no date, A4, 64pp, many illustrations, softback, very good  £4.00
General Egypt books
511 (no date), The Land of the Pharaohs, by Samuel Manning and James Balkie 135x210mm, 212pp, “new edition” taking into account recent archaeological discoveries of 1880. Many illustrations, hardback, excellent condition  £4.00
512 27 MA 90, souvenir of ESC Cairo visit to London for Stamp World 90, with image of Penny Black on papyrus, Egyptian definitives for 1p+3p cancelled by Cairo Philatelic Bureau and 15p “two Queens” Machin. No 38 of 50 only prepared  £2.00
513 Communications in Egypt, by Rene Francis, 120x260mm, no date (1950s?), 56pp detailing advances in Egypt’s river, road and rail travel and looking on to progress in the air. Many b/w illustration, softback, VG condition  £5.00
514 Men of the Desert Air Force by Charles Bowyer, 1964, 16x24cm, hardback with dust jacket, 256pp, many b/w photos. A snapshot of The History of the RAF. Very good condition  £6.00
515 Suez, the Seven-Day War, by AJ Barker, 1964, 14x22cm, 218pp, many photos and maps, hardback, no dj. History of events leading to, during and following Operation Musketeer, the “war” that changed the face of modern warfare, Good condition  £4.00
516 Lehnert & Landrock’s Guide to Egypt, by Hermann Ziock, 11.5x17cm, 1965, fat little hardback of 366 pages, many drawings, maps apparently all presented, detailed as you would expect. Good condition  £3.00
517 The Crossing of Suez: The October War (1973), by General Saad el-Shazly, 1980, 15x22cm, 230pp, hardback with dust-jacket. A military memoir of a crucial event for Egypt, written by the head of the armed forces at the time  £6.00
518 Too Rich: The High Life and Tragic Death of King Farouk by William Stadiem, 1992, 16x24cm, 409pp, many photographs, hardback with dust-jacket. Intriguing story of the king who failed when faced with an impossible task of leadership. Good  £6.00
519 The Lion in the Sand: The British in the Middle East, by Gerald Butt, 1995, 160x240mm, 215pp, several b/w illustrations, hardback with dust jacket, pristine  £3.00
520 Defense Foreign Affairs Handbook on Egypt, by Gregory R Copley, 1995, 135x215mm, 156pp of information for national security professionals as a detailed view of the framework in which Egypt exists. Softback, pristine  £4.00
521 Letters from Egypt by Lucie Duff Gordon, reprinted 1997, A5, personal account of an Englishwoman sick with TB making her way virtually alone for seven years in Upper Egypt. Softback, good condition  £4.00
522 Ploughing Sand: British Rule in Palestine 1917-1948 by Naomi Shepherd, 1999, 16x24cm, 290pp, some historic photographs, hardback with dust jacket. Watching Israel take shape and the Arabs lost their chance for statehood under British rule. Excellent condition  £8.00
523 Middle East Movers: Royal Engineer Transportation in the Suez Canal Zone 1947-1956, by Hugh Mackintosh, 2000, 150x210mm, 70 well illustrated pages of personal reminiscence of life during the “undeclared war”  £3.00
524 Victoria College: A History Revealed, edited by Sahar Hamouda and Colin Clement, 2002, 16x24cm, 324pp including several Appendices, many photographs, hardback with dust-jacket. AUC-published detailed history of one of the country’s most highly-regarded schools  £10.00
525 Sophia Poole: The Englishwomen in Egypt, edited by Azza Kararah, 2003, 15.5x24cm, 256pp, hardback with dust=jacket. Story embellished with her own writing of a lady determined, in the mid-1840s, to learn all the secrets of the harem. Pristine condition  £6.00
526 Alexandria Past, Present and Future by Jen-Yves Empereur, (no date, 2004?), 12.5x17.5cm, 160pp, softback pocket guide surfed with historic and modern photographs in b/w and colour. Pristine  £4.00
527 A Child from the Village, by Sayyid Qutb, 15x23cm, 150pp, 2005, softback. Fascinating tale life in the village (in this case Musha, Asyut, but could be anywhere in Egypt). Between 1912 and 1918. The writer was condemned to death by Nasser’s courts  £4.00
528 From Pharaoh’s Lips: Ancient Egyptian Language in the Arabic of Today, by Ahmad Abdel-Hamid Youssef, 2005, 125x195mm, 131pp of amusing and thought-provoking language links with cartoon illustrations. Softback, excellent  £3.00
529 Heliopolis: Rebirth of the City of the Sun, by Agnieszka Dobrowolska and Jaroslaw Dobrowolski, 2006, A4, 192pp crammed with colour and b/w photographs including a remarkable two-page aerial shot. AUC Press, celebrating 100 years of astonishing architecture. Softback, pristine  £9.00
530 Cairo, The Family Guide by Lesley Lababidi and Lisa Sabbahy, 15x21cm, 2010, softback, 350pp, many maps, American University-backed guide to everything an expat needs to know to live in Cairo, from laundry to houseboats. Pristine  £6.00
531 The Berlin-Baghdad Express: The Ottoman Empire and Germany’s Bid for World Power 1898-1918, by Sean McMeekin, 458pp, 2010, 16x24cm hardback with dust jacket, many plates and maps. Impeccable history of a troubled period for the Middle East and world communications  £10.00
532 The Valley of the Kings: A Site Management Handbook, by Kent R Weeks and Nigel J Hetherington, hardback in dust jacket, AUC published still in cellophane wrapper so other details unknown. An attempt by a top US archaeologist to control tourist access that is threatening to damage the royal burial places beyond repair. Excellent pristine  £12.00
533 Khan al-Khalili, a novel by Nobel winner Naguib Mahfouz, 14x22.5cm paperback, American University Press 2015. Story of a middle-class family trying to survive 1942’s troubles by keeping out of the way in the area where Mahfouz grew up  £6.00
534 Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds, edited by Franck Goddio and Aurelie Masson-Berghof. 2016, 25.5x29cm, 272pp, softback crammed with colour and b/w illustrations. Catalogue of the British Museum exhibition telling story of Goddio’s excavations of the cities lost under Alexandria’s coastline. Stunning is the only word. Pristine condition  £24.00
535 All About Postal Matters in Egypt, by Willard Fiske, 155x215mm, reprint in 1977 by Harry Hayes and John Alden of 1897 original. A brave first attempt to detail Egyptian postal information in 24 pages. Softback, pristine condition  £6.00
536 Egyptian Postal Guide 1932, photocopied professionally on to A4 pages. A few preliminary pages, then full PO listing from page 497-600 followed by Sudan and some appendices. Excellent condition, absolutely invaluable information  £35.00
537 Egyptian Postal Guide, date unknown. Photocopied as original, in double normal-sized pages, full Post Offices listing from page 435 to 511. Masses of detail – but when?  £20.00
538 GPO Cairo, Alterations to be made to the Egyptian Postal Guide No 47, 1935. As last, photocopied on to A4 page. Infinite detail in spiral-bound complete report of 23pp  £3.00
539 Egyptian Government Postal Administration Annual Report, 1935, as above, complete report copied in 61 pages of immense detail  £4.00
540 The 20th Century Stamps of Egypt, by Ernest Kehr, 1942, A5, 48pp, truly detailed examination of Egypt’s philatelic production with a great effort to explain as well as merely list. Softback parting, contents very good  £4.00
541 Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Pilot, 9th edn, 1944, 155x245mm, 528pp detailing every rock, shoal, inlet, lighthouse and beachside building, a boon for those hoping to track down a mystery postmark. Hardback, excellent condition  £5.00
542 Note Historique sur les timbres-poste en Egypt, 1946, 135x195mm, published to mark the centenary of the first Egyptian adhesive. 60 pages, many b/w illustrations, softback, good condition  £4.00
543 The Egypt Flight: LZ127 – Graf Zeppelin, by Fred Blau and Cyril Deighton, 1981, A5, 80pp examining every detail of the Egypt flight. Packed with illustrations, crucial aid for air enthusiast. Softback, pristine  £10.00
544 (no date), The Stamps of Egypt, by RER Dalwick, A5, 32pp, covering stamps, postmarks, forgeries etc up to the time of the British Protectorate. Well-illustrated, softback, good condition  £3.00
545 (No date), Les Timbres français Perfores, by Georges Lebland, 135x210mm, detailed listing in 16 pages. Softback, pristine  £2.00
546 Egypt Archiva Stamps Catalog 1925-61, by K Hagopian, 1984, A5, 28ppm simplified listing of Royal misperforates in b/w, spiral bound, VG condition  £2.00
547 Soldiers of the Nile: A Biographical History of the British Officers of the Egyptian Army 1882-1925, by Henry Keown-Boyd, 1996, 150x220mm, 223pp, hard-back with dust jacket, pristine. Massive listing of names and positions of those sending and receiving mail  £6.00
548 Queen Elizabeth II: A Jubilee Portrait in Stamps, 2002, 26x24.5cm, 112pp, hardback with dust jacket. British Library publication marking 50 years on the throne and illustrating in dozens of photographs the events of those years and how her portrait changed on GB adhesives. Excellent condition, untouched  £16.00
549 Directory of Overprinted British Postal Orders, by John Gledhill, 21x30cm, 136pp, 6 colour plates, softback, pristine. Postal Order Society detailed catalogue with historical introduction  £10.00
550 Egypt Early Airmail 1910-1936, by Lucien Sami Toutounji, 2013 A celebration of the exhibit presented with Large Gold at Lisbon 2010, augmented by yet further treasures, all illustrated in colour in 160 A4 pages. Spiral bound, exhilarating, pristine  £15.00
551 Postmen at War: A History of the Army Postal Services from the Middle Ages to 1945, by Colonel E T Vallance, 2015, A4, 287pp, softback, pristine. Lavishly supplied with photographs, maps, tables and graphs, with Egypt providing early (1882, Suakin) and late (Western Desert) chapters  £10.00