Egypt Study Circle Auction No 68

Over 500 Lots

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IMPORTANT: Auction 68 will be organised on the usual postal / email basis.

Postal bids should be sent to:

Dr. Sami Sadek
The Oaks,
19 Sinah Lane,
Hayling Island
Hants PO11 0EY

or via our dedicated email address at

PAYPAL - Please note that those using PayPal will be billed a further 5% to cover their fees.

Those paying by cheque or bank transfer will not incur the 5% charge.

**BOOKS** As books listed in the auction come in a variety of sizes and weights, postage costs will vary depending on the number and weight of any books you successfully bid on.

If you would prefer to have books posted to you, an amount will be added to your invoice to cover the extra costs of postage and packing. Please send payment only after your revised invoice has been received.

Your Auction Bidding Form can be found HERE.

Email or postal bids arriving after the due date will be ignored. Invoices for lots won by email/postal bids will go out by email as quickly as possible, and must be paid within ten days; if payment is not received in that time, the offender’s bids may be cancelled. No lots will be sent out until the invoice has been paid in full.

For queries about delivery of lots contact

Other conditions:

* Bids must be placed within the bidding steps below. Bids not conforming will be rounded up (£23.00 will become £24.00, £88.00 will become £90.00 and so on).

* Prices are reserves rather than estimates; low bids cannot be accepted.

* Lots are secured at one bidding step above the next highest bidder. In a tie, preference goes to the earlier bidder (judged by postmark or time of email). It is regretted that email / postal bids specifying conditions can not be accepted.

* Material sold to a postal / email buyer may return lots misdescribed as to fact or condition to Sami Sadek within seven days for a refund.

* Buyer’s (10%) and seller's (5%) commissions will be levied toward Circle costs. Postage and packing of lots will be estimated and added to the invoice. Those paying by PayPal will incur a 5% levy.

Bidding steps: £1-£20, £1; £20-£50, £2; £50-£100, £5; £100-£200, £10; over £200, £20.

A printable listing of all the lots can be found HERE.

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