Books, Magazines etc. on Egyptian Philately

Beautifully produced in 1996, this book is based on the Large Gold Medal collection of Samir Fikry.

Profusely illustrated throughout, mostly in colour, with some of the exotica of early Egyptian philately, it covers a timespan ranging from the pre-adhesive period through to that of the Egyptian Offices Abroad
Vahe Varjabedian's book, published in 2000, is a must for those interested in perfins.

It catalogues the ongoing development of the study of perforated stamps, gives the company names for initials where known, the stamps on which they are used, and myriad other details. Updates have appeared in the QC and the latest edition is on CD.
Themis Dacos' remarkable study tells the story of the Greek consular post in Egypt, a land with a sizeable Greek population since the time of the Ptolemies.

Published in Greek and English, it details the consular organisation, the handstamps used since 1833, and the adhesives used from 1882 to the 1970s. As he says, "it is a field still virtually unexplored by collectors, with varieties, rarities and exciting historical interest".