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The first in-depth study of the French Offices at Alexandria, Suez, Cairo and Port-Saïd, with their locations, personnel, all known postmark varieties and copy of official documents relating to their opening and closure.

Their story is that of the French Maritime Post, the Overland Route, the Posta Europea, the Railway, the Egyptian Post, the Suez Canal and its stamps; all of these are sketched and have their relationship to the French P.O.s recounted in a historical and postal setting. The complex pre-philatelic postal rates of 1837-1849 are covered as are rates to 1876, together with a description of registered and insured letters and mixed frankings. French Entry Marks and Maritime Postmarks (octagonal cachets, BM) relating to the Egyptian ports are tabulated and detailed. The trading background between France and Egypt and Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign (postal organisation, rates, markings) serve as an introduction. This A4 sized soft-cover book is illustrated throughout in full colour with rare letters, stamps, maps, paintings and documents. 172 pages
This second and final part continues from France’s entry into the UPU (1876) until the closure of the French P.O.s in Egypt in 1931.

Topics covered: the Sage “Peace & Commerce” design; the UPU rates; auxiliary postmarks used in Egypt (Après le Départ, Return to Sender, AR); Military and Campaign postmarks as well as later maritime and paquebot markings; the 1882 destruction of the French Post Office and consulate at Alexandria and the British occupation. The 20th century heralds the introduction of special stamps for Alexandrie and Port-Saïd (printing, essays, varieties): the local issues for the inauguration of de Lesseps’ statue, the Sage Overprints, the 1902 Redrawn French stamps. A detailed account of French Forces in Egypt during WWI, using French P.O. postmarks and services (Dardanelles, Red Cross, Base de Port-Saïd, the Palestine offensive, censorship). Port-Saïd used abroad (Abyssinia, Rouad, etc). The 1921 Millièmes surcharges, Local and from Paris, and subsequent issues including Sinking Fund. Taxed letters and Postage Dues, Postal Stationery, Registration. Closure of the P.O.s. An appendix surveys the known Ballons Montés to Egypt. .
First published in 1962 and updated in 1992, La Poste Maritime Française covers the markings of the French Paquebots.

It contains almost infinite detail of drawings of the marks used, the boats, sailing times and the routes on which the vessels plied their trade