Books, Magazines etc. on Egyptian Philately

A monumental tome covering the First World War.

If you are into military postal history, then this is a must-have. Covering much more than the postal history, it also details the troops of the British and Dominions and their movements throughout the various campaigns.
    John Firebrace's second book comes straight off the pages of his collection of the Napoleonic, 1882 and Sudan campaigns.

Hence somewhat idiosyncratic, but John's careful collecting eye and encyclopaedic knowledge means that it nevertheless contains much crucially important information and illustrations.
First published in 1970 with a second edition privately printed in 1984, this volume covers the Postal and Letter Seals, the Xmas seals and the Army post stamps of the period of and leading up to the Second World War, detailing all the minor variations, British bases where they were used, and drawings of the postmarks
"Jim" Benians's painstakingly produced list of the Egypt Postage Paid marks was published in 1978. For each of the recorded EPP numbers the dates used and in some cases the locations are given. The information is augmented with details of censor markings and a diagrammatic postal organisation chart. An update appeared in FPHS newsletter No.186.
Army Post Offices by Michael Sacher is now superseded by Firebrace and Kennedy and Crabb.

This volume was published in 1970.