Books, Magazines etc. on Egyptian Philately

Harmer's auction catalogue for the sale by the new fledged Egyptian Republic of Ex King Farouk's collection in Egypt in 1954.

Plenty of black and white illustrations, and is instructive to be able to spot the pieces turning up today in various auctions. How does the idea of a sheet of 200 of the 1 piastre Second Issue for E60 sound - and in those days E1 was worth a little more than 1 sterling. Those were the days.
The auction catalogue of material left by our founder, Dr William Byam, as sold in 1961.
Auction catalogue of the Danson sale in 1977. Companion catalogue for Sudan.
Many of the Feldman catalogues are good sources for Egyptian material, but this one stands out in particular.

As well as illustrations of many exotic pieces the catalogue is dotted throughout with illustrations of Egyptian scenes and personalities of the last century associated with Egyptian philately. In addition are little potted notes on various aspects of Egyptian philately. A sheet of the Third Issue (ex-Farouk) estimated at 6,000 Swiss francs had been offered at E300 in the Palace sale.