Books, Magazines etc. on Egyptian Philately

Published by the FIP in 1993 and sponsored by the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Society, this slim volume was intended as a guide to exhibiting and uses as its theme Egyptian material of the classical period.

Many coloured illustrations: if your collection just happens to be missing blocks of four of the Second Issue and you want to see what they look like then it's all here. But more importantly, if you want to know the "preferred" method of display to garner the best ploints score, it's all here. And all based on Egyptian material.
Produced by Robbie Lowe in 1969 to publicise the sale of a unique collection of Egyptian Essays with an impeccable pedigree: Mackenzie-Low, King Fuad, King Farouk and the then unknown owner. Contains many illustrations in colour and black and white.
One of the Barefoot guides on forgeries, published in 1983.

Gives detailed drawings to show how to detect the many forgeries of these fascinating and short-lived (and so valuable; and so forged) stamps
The Suez Canal Company” by Jean Boulad d’Humieres, S. Ringstrom, H.E. Tester. Ed. Leonard Hartman, USA, 1985.

Jean Boulad d’Humieres’ original research in the Canal Company’s archives, on the Canal stamps and postal history, was published in a series of articles in L’Orient Phlatelique between 1948 and 1951. Some of these L’OP articles were gathered and reprinted in two private booklets in 1948, in Cairo, but most of the articles formed the basis of the 1985 book itemised here and are fully listed in its extensive bibliography.
Sidebottom's classic work on the overland mail.