Report of the meeting held at Midpex on July 1

John Davis (President) overcame recent surgery to attend the annual Midpex regional meeting at Leamington Spa, and David Ogden, Richard Wheatley, Neil Hitchens and Andy Gould were among other members who attended..

Our table was manned for most of the day though with few members present obviously not enough and attracted various collecting colleagues, although it was clear that by comparison with other groups it was sadly lacking in material to display. If we are to attend other regional meetings, we must prepare an ESC banner and a box of books/magazines/material to attract the eye and potential new members.

The stamps and covers prepared by the Secretary proved attractive if minimal and produced a contribution to Circle funds of 40. Sadly, though they were intended for younger visitors, these were also in short supply

The meeting was friendly and interesting, with special attractions including a postcard stall and another selling auction leftovers both at very attractive prices.

We have not been fortunate with regional meetings in the past. Perhaps it is time to explore more intensively the possibilities for presenting the Circle to regional members..