Report of the Special Meeting of The ESC at New York 2016
The 2016 New York International Stamp Show was held from 27 May to 4 June, 2016. On May 29th, 18 members of the ESC from Canada, Egypt, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as several visitors, got together for an informal ESC meeting at the Show venue. Each member introduced himself/herself and gave a few details about his/her collecting interests.

ESC dues for the printed and online versions of the Quarterly Circular and options for paying dues were discussed. Our editor, Edmund Hall, who had made the trip from London, pointed out once again the problem the QC was facing in terms of shortages of articles and made an appeal to members to submit articles to the QC. The ESC website was described and was recommended to members as an excellent resource for Egyptian philatelists. In addition, Hani Sharestan reminded members of the ESC Facebook page. Finally, Sherif Samra, pointed out that the Philatelic Society of Egypt is planning on holding an exhibition in Egypt in early 2018 and welcomed all members.

The meeting ended with a group photograph, after which many members stayed around to renew acquaintances and exchange information.

Amr Laithy, Egypt – Graf Zeppelin L.Z. 127 Egypt’s Flight(1)
Tarek Mokhtar, Egypt –Shibin El-Kom Postmarks 1870-1922(1)
Khaled Mustafa, Egypt – Postal Stationary of Egypt, 1865-1930(8)LG. VERMEIL
Mahmoud Ramadan, Egypt – Egyptian Government Post, 1814-1922 (8)LG. VERMEIL
Trenton Ruebush, USA – Egypt’s Fourth Issue, 1879-1913 (5)GOLD
Hany Salam, Egypt – Egypt: Maritime Mail Routes, 19th Century(8)GOLD
Gregory Todd, UK – Egypt – 1866: The First Issue(8)LG. GOLD
Richard Wilson, USA –Egypt: The Three Milliemes Army Post Stamps 1936-1941     (1)
Lucien Toutounji , EgyptLebanon Airmail, 1919-1950(8)GOLD

Trenton Ruebush, North American Agent
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