On Wednesday, 31 May 2006, twenty-three members and guests got together for an informal special meeting at the Washington 2006 international stamp show. Egypt, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Finland were among the countries represented. The meeting opened with an announcement that the Circle had been approved as an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society. Hopefully, this will aid in the recruitment of new members. Information about ESC will be made available on the APS web site and mention will be made in The American Philatelist from time to time.

We reviewed the report of the annual general meeting, followed by a request for articles for the QC, a notification about the proposed trip to Cairo this fall for the Philatelic Society of Egypt's 75th anniversary, and a brief discussion of costs of publication and postage of the QC for overseas members. In addition, the President of the PSE said a few words about the trip and its philatelic journal.

This was followed by each person introducing him or herself. A general review of the increase of fakes and fraudulent material over the last ten years ensued. The meeting ended in a photograph session and a general feeling that it was good to see familiar faces and to meet new philatelic friends.

The following presents the awards given to Egyptian exhibits. (number of frames and point score)

Joseph ChalhoubThe Nile Post Handbook & Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps (0 - 92) GOLD
Peter A. S. Smith, USA Egypt to 1879 (the Period of the Classic Issues)(8 - 93) GOLD
Lucian S. Toutounji, Egypt Egypt Airmail 1910-1936(8 - 92) GOLD
Mohamed Adel Farid, Egypt Egypt Airmail 1910-1945(8 - 91) GOLD
Richard S. Wilson, USA British Forces in Egypt and Sudan 1882-1886(5 - 91) GOLD
Ahmed-Hani Al-Kilani, UAE Egyptian Postal Stationery (18179-1899)(5 - 83) VERMEIL
Ibrahim Shoukry, Egypt History of Rural Service of Egypt 1889-1939(8 - 81) VERMEIL
Hany Salam, Egypt Printing Development: 1st Fuad Issue 1922-23(5 - 81) VERMEIL

The following two exhibits were in the One-Frame Class

Samir Amin Fikry, Egypt Egyptian Postal History through the Suez Canal Zone(87) VERMEIL
Sherif Samra, Egypt 1879 Provisional Issue - 5 & 10 Paras(70) SILVER

The following are some of the exhibits that had material of interest to members of the Circle:

Tarik Alireza, Sauti Arabia Saudi Arabia: Development of the Postal
Service (1801-1933) 
Championship Class 8 frames, special medal
Akihiko Koiwa, Japan Indian Campaigns (8 - 91) GOLD
Manfred Dreyer, Germany 
Indian Ocean Routes Connecting with the Overland Mail
Suez-Alexandria 1838-1888 to European Destinations 
(8 - 93) GOLD
Jonathan Becker, USA 
British Palestine 1917-1920: The Egyptian Expeditionary Force
in Palestine and (Greater) Syria. 

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