Report of the 75th Anniversary luncheon (May 7) and London 2010 Exhibition

Those at the luncheon were (left to right)

Sitting: Sumalee Murphy, Judy Fraser-Smith, Helen Grech, Peter Smith, Sandy Chalhoub, Costas Kelemenis.

Behind: Peter Andrews, Ted Fraser-Smith, Seppo Laaksonen, Sherif Samra, Marian Horesh, Anton Jansen, Vahe Varjabedian, Stanley Horesh, Alan Jeyes, Ronny Van Pellecom, Peter Goodwin, Dick Wilson, Joe Chalhoub, Paul Green, Cyril Defriez, Edmund Hall, Mike Murphy, Pat Sears, Lawrence Kimpton, Mostafa El-Dars , John Sears, Tanja Laaksonen, Peter Grech and Brian Sedgley.

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