The Travelling Post Offices
May 28, 2011.
 Table of Contents. 
I. Introduction2
II. Lower Egypt3
 A. The Egyptian State Railways3
B. The Light Railways.11
C. Steamer Routes 14
III. Upper Egypt14
A. The Egyptian State Railways14
B. The Light Railways in the Fayum19
C. The Kharga Oasis Line19
IV. The Maritime Post Office19
V. The Military TPO's21
VI. Comprehensive Lists of Routes22
 Glossary of Arabic Spellings of Names22
VII. The Handstamps Used (below)36

We are immensely grateful to Peter Smith and to the Mobile Post Office Society of the United States, the original publishers, for their permission to reproduce on the website the text and listings from Professor Smith's 1983 book The Travelling Post Offices of Egypt.

Members should consult the pages and check their collections against the listings in advance of the important study and research meeting at Stampex on September 17, after which updates will be added to this TPO section of the website.

This is important work. The book was published 28 years ago - since then hundreds if not thousands of updates will have been noted - but crucially not published. Now members have the opportunity to bring a fascinating study area up to date.