Breaking News

Already our notes from July have been overtaken by the excellent news that we can now report that our fully illustrated, giant postal auction will be held as usual in September, based largely on important material from the collection of our late chairman Peter Andrews.

We are most grateful to the family for their co-operation and generosity in allowing us to go ahead. The Stampex meeting on September 15 will have the topic “Pyramids” as advertised.

Cigarettes study?

Ken Doig (ESC 368), our member in Bass Lake, California, writes to note that he has searched this site for “cigarette” and found 48 links – but no details except a brief history of Nestor Gianaclis and Ed Laurens. Peter Feltus had extensive details in his 1982 Revenue Stamps catalogue (with pp 27-40 listing stamp types 1894-1979 and Appendix VI detailing regulations for use and listing dozens of exporters), but it does seem a prime opportunity for an article if any member has a reasonable collection.

Any volunteers?

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