I am rather puzzled by this cover. From the photocopy, unfortunately it cannot be seen very well that the stamps are 'perforated'. Studying this carefully together with a Dutch colleague who has examined thousands of Egyptian perfins, we came to the conclusion, or at least hypothesis that we have to do here with a perfin unknown so far. The perforation of the initials E.A. (Elie Agouri) can be found in all three stamps, but its quality is deteriorating very much from left to right. In fact, we cannot imagine that this perforation was made with one of the 'regular' perforating machines, but that Messrs Agouri & Fils used a device of their own construction. The cover - which is in rather battered condition, probably also because it was returned to the sender - doesn't look like being tampered with. Is there anyone who could add to this information or expand on our hypothesis?

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