Q9 January12, 2006    non member

Cyprus Sea Post Office: A Call for Help

The son of the author of The Cyprus Sea Post Office 1906-1932 (see Peter Smith's review, QC June 2003, p.133), asks if any member can help him with further research on the floating post office service that operated in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. The research started out as family business, because the enquirer's grandfather was not only in charge of the Sea Post Office but on July 20, 1918, survived the sinking of the Khedivial mailship SS Kosseir, which was torpedoed by a German submarine 40 miles off Alexandria..

He asks if members might be able to help him in these areas:

1. any postcard, photo, plan or drawing of any of three Limassol Steamship Co vessels, SS Lefkosia (previously Prague), SS Salamis (previously City of Aberdeen) and SS Kypros (no illustration of these vessels has been traced).

2. any illustration of any of the Khedivial Mail Steamship & Graving Dock Company Ltd vessels SS Kosseir (previously Vassilefs Gheorghios, Victoria and Esteban de Autunamo), Keneh, Tantah, Chakdina, Bilbeis, Zamalek. He has illustrations of the Boulac, Belkas and Roda.

3. any material regarding the Limassol Steamship Company and the Khedivial Mail Steamship & Graving Dock Company Ltd (eg, brochures, sailing notices/ timetables, advertisements , shares, etc.).

4. any Cyprus Sea Post Office datestamps on covers or loose stamps (earliest recorded December 30, 1908; latest November 26, 1932).

5. any Khedivial Mail Line cachets struck on covers on board the Khedivial vessels (exclusively 1929-1931).

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