Q104 Febuary, 2012   member 619   Missing Perforation

This 1976 O93b Official stamp (left) was discovered recently to have a missing perforation (lower right). Has anyone seen other examples?

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The stamp is No 61 in the pane of 100 and the missing pin occurs on both the odd and even numbered sheets, leading one to think that a single perforating machine was used for the whole operation. The variety shows on sheets of the 1978 printing and I have sheets numbered19455/6/7/8 and 19461/2/3/4/7/8 dated 24-VI-78 and 28388, 30239 and 31227 dated 25-VI-78 showing the variety. The missing pin is not on any of the sheets I have of the 1977 or 1979 printings, so I am unable to narrow the span further.

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