Q19 June 21, 2006   

Our member ESC 584 from Abu Dhabi is researching Fuad postal history, and seeks members’ help in completing that research.

Because he does not have enough material bearing the green 4-millième value of the Fuad Second Issue (1927-37) to provide a statistical breakdown, he asks all members to examine their collection’s covers, cards or parcel cards – any postal material at all – bearing the stamp, whether as a single franking or mixed with other values or issues, and to provide information on the following:

1. How many postal items do you have bearing the stamp?

2. How many of them are the Type I (horizontal-vertical) screen?

3. How many of them are Type II (diagonal) screen?

Ahmed says that he is willing to purchase postal material bearing the 4-millièmes Type I or unsorted bulk covers bearing the stamp examine them himself.

Further, he has examined several hundred examples of the First Fuad issue (1923-24), including requests to non-ESC members, and would very much appreciate knowledge of the earliest and latest postmark dates members have on these stamps, and the values showing those marginal dates. If on cover, a description would be greatly valued.

Any input, he says, would be highly appreciated. Ahmed can be contacted by e-mail at ahmad_ccna @hotmail.com

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