Q20 June 21, 2006   

Query from member ESC 534 in France:

In one of the recent ESC auctions I bought a photocopy of the very useful book List of Names of Mudirias, Principal Towns and Villages Forming Fiscal Units, published by the Ministry of Finance of Egypt in 1920. For some months I have been engaged in scanning this book, with the intention of creating a database containing the names of all the Egyptian towns. But I have come across a problem: in my example of the book there is no page 99!!

This page seems to contain the end of the list of cities of Markaz Benha and the beginning of Markaz Tukh. I wish to complete this work in this calendar year, and I should be delighted to receive a copy of the missing page 99 and then put the whole database at the disposition of the ESC. If you have the book and if your copy contains the page 99, please contact me through the web editor and we can arrange how it might be sent. My grateful thanks in advance.

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