Q26 October 15, 2006   member 240

"Pleine Mer" markings on eBay

The three mint Egyptian items illustrated - all bearing apparently genuine PLEINE MER straight-line markings - were recently offered on eBay, at $24.99 each, by a seller based in San Francisco who has over 24,500 successful sales to his name.

The three items are:

1888 5m carmine Reply Card (H&G 4, Nile Post 4)
1889 1m brown Newspaper Wrapper (H&G 1, NP 1)
1889 2m green Newspaper Wrapper (H&G 2, NP 2)

Perhaps not surprisingly, he received no bids, even when they were re-listed: but what are they? Is it remotely possible that the three items are contemporary? Or are they someone's present-day attempt to add "appeal" to common material (catalogue values $8, $4 and $4 respectively) by use of a computer or the like? Any hint of information would be useful.

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