Q31 Febuary 26, 2007   non member

I own a grouping of 144 documents with Egyptian revenues and a signed copy of Peter Feltusís 1982 book titled Catalogue of Egyptian Revenue Stamps. I'm looking to see if any updated information to either Peter's book, or perhaps any other newer catalogues or published articles, are available. Several of the documents I have are not listed in the book and some of the documents shed some light on Peter's suppositions. Peter mentions in the book that the work isn't all inclusive, just as many catalogues covering revenue stamps for most countries aren't "exhaustive". If any member is interested in any additions to Peter's book regarding information please contact me via e-mail.

Any member who can help or who is interested in the subject should contact the Secretary.
R1  Febuary 27, 2007 member ESC240

As we all know, the two great recent Egyptian revenue collectors and researchers, Dr Nabil el-Hadidi and Robin Bertram, have both been lost to us in the last couple of years, leaving an enormous gap in our enthusiasm and our knowledge of revenues. We clearly have need of a member who is willing to take on the task of continuing Peter Feltusí magnificent early work in collating the issue and use of these remarkable adhesives (and accompanying stamped paper): here, perhaps is the opportunity of a willing and able collaborator. Is any member willing to volunteer to take Revenues on?

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