Q39 May 14, 2007   member 239

The 'Military' stamp issued on April 15 1971 was for use to military personnel at a concessionary rate of half that current. When was this concession terminated. The last date I have for the use of the single stamp on cover is 9.12.73. The one illustrated is 23.11.73 but has a clearer datestamp. So when was the concessioned stopped and does anyone have a later date cover with the stamp used as intended.

This stamp was also used by itself and with other 10 mil stamps for use to pay the normal 20 mil postage. Of these several I have seen predate ones using the single stamp so when did this practice start. The one illustrated I assume was not addresses to a member of the military can one of our Arabic reads shed any light on this.
I understand it was introduced to encourage mail to bolster moral. Am I being too cynical to suggest that once the 1973 war was over such moral boosting was not deemed necessary and the concession quietly drooped a short time after?

R1  June 26, 2007.  ESC 484

I have two covers with this stamp. One (ills) has the stamp on its own and dated 27.12.73. The other dated 6.2.75 but has the army stamp and next to it a space where another stamp previously existed.
R2  August 7, 2007.  ESC 239

No sooner had I received member 484's reply then I found this in a bunch of covers, bought off ebay. The date stamp is unreadable but it is backstamped 9. 1. 74 Qena T. It also has a part strike which appears to be a hexagonal military marking.

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