Q42 August 1 2007   member 320

I have a cover of 8th May 1875 from Malta to Cairo, franked by a Great Britain 4d, the single rate, cancelled by the Malta A25 duplex. There is an INSUFFICIENTLY-PAID handstamp of the type in use in Malta at that time. A due charge of 1.35 has been made in blue crayon, repeated in a black handstamp 1.35. It is unclear whether this is one or possibly two separate handstamps. I would assume that these have been applied in Egypt, as they are certainly not Maltese. On the reverse are POSTE EGIZIANE transit datestamps of Porto Said and Ismailia and a similar arrival datestamp of Cairo. I am interested to learn about the 1.35 due marking, and where it was applied. For comparison I am attaching two slightly earlier (1871 and 1872) covers from the same correspondence which were sent unpaid. The amounts due were raised in Malta, and the Alexandria and Cairo transit and arrival datestamps appear to be of the British Post Offices in Egypt.

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