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I have some publicity postal cards originally published on behalf of Cigarettes "Le Khédive" Ed. Laurens to mark the Heliopolis Semaine d’Aviation in February 1910. The one illustrated seems to have been used from Cairo, but the date is illegible, and the stamp appears to have been lost. I have two queries: how many cards exist in this series; and how many of them (as in this case; see reverse) were reprinted by the Hotel National?

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I will reply to the first question which is how many cards exist in this series. I know of a total of 6, one being yours and the other 3 I have and two, the small pictures, are ones I found on the webb.

Also there's a scan of a used one with a clear Cairo postmark dated February 14th, 1910 which is one day after the aviation event in Heliopolis ended. As you may or may not know the event took place from February 6 to February 13 in 1910. Postcards with special "Heliopolis Aerodrome" postmarks are rare in mint condition and even more rare if genuinly used. Regarding the second question I am not familiar with the reprinting by the Hotel National. I hope this helps.

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