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Philatelic Crusade for Peace

Dear Friends at the Egypt Study Circle,

One of our APS members, Charles Fricke, is researching a post card that relates to the "Philatelic Crusade for Peace" from the early 1960s. Apparently the group held a meeting in Cairo. He notes that the post card has a cinderella type label with an image of Ramses II.

I haven't located any information on this group or event in our Library's holdings.

Doing a search online, I located online your "Report of Meeting September 10 2005, Recent acquisitions or queries."

Among the new acquisitions is described : 4. "a quite amazing range of philatelic material and supporting correspondence emanating from the Philatelic Crusade for Peace of around 1960. To be reported to the QC."

I checked the issues of QC that we have post-Sept. 2005 looking for further mention of this acquisition, but did not see anything.

Is it possible you could put me in touch with whoever might know more about this Philatelic Crusade for Peace? We don't need complete research to be done at this time, but are interested in a general idea about it. (Our inquiring member, Charles Fricke, writes columns about post cards for our journal "The American Philatelist" and other philatelic publications.)

Many thanks for any assistance you might provide.


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