Q58 Febuary 2009   member 240

Missent to Cairo?.

Does Cairo have a "Missent" handstamp? And if so, why doesn't it use it? That's the only explanation I can find for the odd crossword entry illustrated, sent with a First-class stamp from somewhere in UK and clearly addressed to The Times at its postcode London E98 1TT, with the stamp machine-cancelled 27 SEP 2008. Next is a very faint Egyptian machine marking on the reverse with no clear date. And then it has a clear Cairo machine cancel dated 08.10.08 at 8pm. It was then sent back to The Times, where I retrieved it, unfortunately too late to be considered for its crossword prize. I can only imagine that the UK address-reader saw E98 1 TT as Egypt - and sent it merrily on its 4,258-mile round journey.

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