Q64 May 2009    member 118

Postal Stationery Registered Envelopes of 1938 (Boy King) and 1940 (Marechal)

he former had a face value of 20 mills, but why ? The previous Registered envelopes were for 15m; 5m for the ordinary internal rate, 10m for Registration, a Registered Envelope of 15m. was issued in 1939. It was not as if 20m paid for any external destination, it would have paid for a Registered letter weighing 30 - 60 gram,. but has anyone seen a used internally 20m Registered Postal Stationery envelope ?

The same remarks apply to the 20m envelope issued in 1940, it must have appeared early in 1940 because the Internal letter rate (for 30 gms) was increased tfrom 5m to 6m in July of that year, the Registration fee went up to 15m at the same time.

It would very useful if any member has theories re these problems which have troubled me for years !

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