Q67 October 24, 2009   member 230

Date of issue for the 1 piastre Letter Seal.

What is the date of issue for the 1 piastre Letter Seal of the British Forces in Egypt stamp? (SG a2, Nile Post BF3, Balian 2, etc.) As far as I know all of the catalogues state August 1933 but no day of issue. All of the articles that I have seen (with one exception) say August 1933. The exception is from The QC, Vol. VII, No. 2, June 1970, page 32, British Forces Concession Seals by G. D. Turton. He gives the date of 25 August 1933. Also, I have a photostat of a checklist of these stamps that came with a collection I purchased a number of years ago that gives the 25 August 1933 date. Finally, I have a cover posted 25 AU 33 from Abu Qir with Crown Cancel 13. Does anyone know of an earlier cover? Is there an article that shows an earlier date than the Turton article?

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