Q78 July, 2010   member 534

the Baron Léon Lambert

This is another picture postcard found on an auction website. It was sent from CAIRE on December 26 1899 (26 XII 99 VI), even though the franking of a total of 4 millièmes was with Sudanese stamps. The addressee is the Baroness Léon Lambert at Marnix Avenue in Bruxelles, Belgium.

On the view face there is the handwritten mention in French: "With special and exceptional permission of General Director of Posts, this card received the cancellation of post-office of Cairo on Sudanese stamps - With my wishes for the happy New Year - Leon Maskens - Le Caire 31 December 1899". Can any member report having seen any other item like this?

I have been able to research nothing about this baroness, but the Baron Léon Lambert has a street with his name in Bruxelles (Belgium). He is known as a great banker and a patron of the arts. Léon Maskens seems to have been a water colourist see: here. He was also consul in Egypt.

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