Q85 August, 2010   member 541

Pyramids / Mena House Registered covers.

Mena House is the only major Egyptian hotel without a known registration cachet, so I planned to submit an article on its registered covers, but there simply isn't enough information available. Here's hoping this Query might bring forth some new material.

I believe that only three registered covers are known: Lucien Toutounji's missing 12 III 93 with a 134 registration number, mine (10 II 94, illustrated) is numbered 119, and Alain Stragier's (1 III 94) is 191. The eleven-month period between 134 and 119 really tell us nothing, reflecting only that one or more registration-number books were completed and another started up. Problem: we don't know how many labels/receipt slips comprised a book.

The gap between 119 and 191 almost tells us too much, for in that 20-day period 72 items were registered - an average of 3 1/2 per day. And yet, from the almost three years the PYRAMIDS / MENA HOUSE post office was in operation, we have recorded no more than three registered covers. Astonishing!

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