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Egytian Military Covers.

I recently procured two covers, I think the translations are pretty good and I believe that both are to/from Khartuom despite the wording in the address and the oval mark on the second. The oval (ish) handstamps have not been seen by me before. I believe the triangular one is a censor mark but no idea what the Arabic reads.

Can you help with these and perhaps some of the history behind them? If not could you please put me in touch with someone who may be able to help?

Oval reads: Head Egyptian Forces in Sudan
Cover: Alexandria - Shipyard "The honurable Major war staff Mahmoud Radhid,
for leave by Colonel Mustafa Sadek chief of second procurement unit at the shipyard
Oval reads: Head of ....., over Cairo
Cover: Royal Egyptian Government Khartoum regidterd 237
To the honable Major (W.S.) Mohamed Rami Rashad Ahmed chief of staff Egyptian Armed Forces in Sudan

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