Q88 January, 2011   member 541

Illustrated Mena House Envelopes.

Recently, an illustrated Mena House cover from the Herriot Collection sold on eBay for $152.01. It was listed as "Egypt 1893 rare illus env of the MENA HOUSE HOTEL". The description states it has back and white engraving, and is the first "Hotel Stationary" produced for guest and is thus extremely scarce.

Pictured below is the 1893 cover and another example of an illustrated Mena House envelope, postmarked 29 February 1892. Do any members know of other examples of early illustrated covers?

Reply 1 January 2011 member 230

I was also interested in the top cover in this query but Member 541 beat me to it. However, attached is a scan of the front and backsides of an illustrated Mena House cover postmarked 6 XI 91.

There is also attached a scan of an 1894 21 V illustrated cover.

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