Q91 March, 2011   member 122   ‘Modern’ Issues Anomaly

With the thought in mind of a future study meeting dealing with ‘modern’ issues I was browsing through my meagre collection of said material and was surprised to come across an apparent anomaly on the 1994 definitive issue.

Listed in present day catalogues as issued in 1994 I find that my blocks of the 5, 15 and 55 mill values with printing dates show 1971!

I think it beyond belief that the stamps would have been printed in 1971 and held in storage for issue in 1994, so what is the reason – an incorrect date on the printing machine? If anyone else can confirm this finding would they please place a note in the QC (simply to verify my sanity).

Whilst on this subject, just how do SG measure stamp sizes since they list this particular issue as 21x26mm and in no way can I reconcile this with the stamps before me!

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