Q94 September, 2011   member 483   Alexandria postmark

Query 94 Alexandria postmark - from Peter Heim (ESC 384) This row of stamps all show a postmark similar to the Alexandria postmark classified as Arr 6.5, but without the A in the upper segment and the waarid (Arabic for “Arrival” in the lower part.

My dates run from ..VII 07 to ..VII 08. I have 14 copies, and all but one are on De La Rue stamps of the first OHHS bilingual overprint issue (1907).

Some years ago I reported these postmarks to Lars Alund, but he had never seen an example of it. I suppose that they might be predecessors of the so-called double-bridge Arr 6.5. It would be of interest if there is a complete cover which proves that it is an arrival-postmark of Alexandria.

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