Q97 November, 2011   member 534   Egyptian stamp banned

I have a query that was originally published by a member of the French Union Marcophile society (unionmarcophile.unblog.fr) in its magazine Les Feuilles Marcophiles.

One year after Operation Musketeer, Egypt issued a set of five stamps with the title “Egypt - Tomb of Aggressors 1957” (Yvert & Tellier 399-403, SG 532-536, Magdi 169-173, E.S.Handbook V.II. 169-173), date of issue July 26, 1957.

The stamp in question is the yellow-brown, showing the evacuation of French and English troops and titled “Port Said 1956”. In reaction to this stamp a note dated September 17, 1957, was published (page 217) in the French Postal Bulletin, organ of the Post, Telephone and Telegraphs government office:

The Administration has been informed that correspondence originating from Egypt has been franked with postage stamps the subject of which is considered as being of an insulting nature to France. The stamp, of value 10 millièmes, in large horizontal format and bistre in colour, importantly carries the double inscription “Egypt Tomb of Aggressors 1957” and “Port-Said 1956”.

Mail franked by means of postage-stamps as described must be systematically returned to origin, with the notification: “Unacceptable. Universal Postal Convention, article 59, § 1st,d.”

My questions are: is it possible to find:

- A legal letter to France with this stamp before September 17 1957
- A letter refused and returned to Egypt with marks as described
- A letter to France accepted after September 17 1957; also
- What was the position of the British Post Office?
- Is it possible to find letters with this stamp sent to UK?

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