Denominations: millièmes (m)

Express Stamps 1926 - 1952
Egypt started an express service in 1922 for the major cities of Cairo and Alexandria, which also included express mail between the two. In November 1926 a special stamp was issued for the service which was rated at 20 millièmes, comprising the ordinary letter rate of 5m plus the express service fee of 15m.

The original all-green colour was changed to a bi-colour stamp in March 1929, still at the 20m rate. The letter rate was raised in 1940 to 6m, WHICH WITH AN EXPRESS INCREASE TO 20M MADE the express+letter rate 26m, but an appropriate stamp was issued only in February 1943. It was of a similar colour to the previous stamp, but with changes to the Arabic wording.

In July 1943 the fees were again raised, to 10m for postage and 30m for the express service. The appropriate 40m value stamp was issued some time later in November 1944, its surrounding frame being changed to brown. In January 1952 this stamp was overprinted, along with most other stamps of the period, with an all-Arabic inscription reading "King of Egypt and Sudan, 16 October 1951".

No further express stamps were issued, although the express service continues up to the present day.

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