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SECTION ONE:Catalogues and HandbooksPage
1.1Stamp Catalogues including Revenues, Meter Post and Postal Stationery    iii
1.2Philatelic Handbooks       v
1.3Auction Catalogues    ix
1.4Guide Books and Mapsx
1.5Military Philatelic Handbooksxii
SECTION TWO:Non Philatelic Reference Works 
2.1General backgroundxiv
2.2Napoleonic Period Historical Referencexiv
2.3History of the Late 19th Century Campaignsxiv
2.4World War Ixv
2.5World War IIxv
2.6Regimental Histories - World War I and World War IIxvii
SECTION THREE:General Geographical and Historical Works 
3.1Issued by Governments and 'Official' bodiesxviii
3.2Commercial publicationsxviii
3.3Egyptology and Ancient Historyxxi
3.4Non Egyptianxxi
4.1Concerning ancient Egyptxxiii
SECTION FIVE:Biographical and Memoirs 
5.1Military Personnelxxiv
5.2Civilians and officialsxxiv
SECTION SIX: Reference Collections & Miscellaneous Articles 
6.1Reference Collections    xxvi
6.2Miscellaneous Articles and meeting handouts    xxvi
SECTION SEVEN:Periodicals 
7.1With long or complete runs    xxiii
7.2Odd 'one-off' or a few numbers only    xxiv
SECTION EIGHT:Tourist Literature 
8.1Tourist leafletsxxxi
8.2Books and bookletsxxxi
SECTION NINE: Archivesxxxii
SECTION TEN: Exhibition Catalogues and Yearbooks 
10.1Exhibition Catalogues - Egyptxxxiii
10.2Exhibition Catalogues - elsewherexxxiii

      1.1 Catalogues      

Albani, S. and Zeitoun, YCatalogue des Timbres d'Egypte 1948Publ. The United Trading Agencies, Alexandria
Balian, LeonCatalogue: The Stamps of Egypt: with Egypt used in Palestine and the SudanPubl. the author. 1998
Chalhoub, J. and C.F.HassThe Nile Post Handbook & Catalogue of EgyptianPubl. the author. Canada 2003
Barfoot, S.D. and Werner SimonThe Meter Post Stamp CataloguePubl. Universal Postal Frankers Ltd.
Feltus, Peter R.Catalogue of Egyptian Revenue StampsPubl. Postilion Publishers (USA)
Gibbons, StanleyStamp Catalogue Part 19 Middle East 1st Edition 1980Publ. Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd.
Gibbons, StanleyStamp Catalogue Part 19 Middle East 34th Edition 1990Publ. Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd.
Gibbons, StanleyStamp Catalogue Part 19 Middle East 5th Edition 1996Publ. Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd.
Gibbons, StanleyStamp Catalogue Part 1 British CommonwealthPubl. Stanley Gibbons Publications Ltd. 1985
Higgins & GageWorld Postal Stationery Catalogue (Sect. 5/E) (Photo-copy enlarged to A4)Publ. Classic Philatelics (also 1985 supplement)
Edward Fladung (Ed.)Priced Catalogue of Postal Stationery of the World Egypt 1st Edition 1966 Publ. Higgins & Gage Inc. Pasadena
Edward Fladung (Ed.)Egypt 2nd Edition 1975 Publ. Higgins & Gage Inc. Pasadena
Edward Fladung (Ed.)Sudan 1st Edition 1975 Publ. Higgins & Gage Inc. Pasadena
Hagopian, K.Catalogue of Egyptian AerophilatelyPubl. Oriental Philatelic House, Cairo 1992
Hagopian, K.Palestine Stamp Catalogue - Gaza EgyptianPubl. by the Author.
Hagopian, K.Administration 1948-1967Publ. by the Author.
Hoexter, Dr. W and LachmaunThe Stamps of Palestine Specialised CataloguePubl. Dr. W. Hoexter. 1946
Lotfy, Dr. Abdel Hamid & Gen. Habib Abdel RaoufPostage Stamps of Egypt (Simplified Catalogue)Publ. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1981
Orlo-SmithThe Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue 10th Ed.Publ. Orlo-Smith & Co. Melbourne, 1947
ScottScott's Standard Postage Stamp CatalogueSections on Egypt and Sudan (photo-copy). 1912
Sieger, K.Zeppelin Post KatalogPubl. Sieger Verlag, Wurttemburg, 1981
Zeheri, Georges N.Classification des timbres d'égypte et des variétés Membre du club philatélique d'égypte. 1933
Zeheri, Georges N.Catalogue des Timbres d'EgyptePubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1933
Zeheri, Georges N.Catalogue des Timbres d'EgyptePubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1st Edition 1937
Zeheri, Georges N.2nd Edition 1939Publ. The Philatelic Society of Egypt 1939
Zeheri, Georges N.1st Supplement to Second Edition.Publ. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1941
Zeheri, Georges N.3rd Edition 1945Publ. The Philatelic Society of Egypt 1945
Zeheri, Georges N.Catalogue des Timbres d'EgyptePubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 4th Edition 1946
Ibrahim Chaftar BeyCatalogue des Timbres d'Egypte 5th EditionPubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1950
Ahmed Mazloum Catalogue des Timbres d'Egypte et du Soudan 6th Edition 1956Publ. The Philatelic Society of Egypt.
Ahmed Mazloum Catalogue des Timbres de la Republique Arabe Unie et du Soudan 7th EditionPubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1960
Mehanny EidCatalogue for Postage Stamps of Egypt, U.A.R. and the Sudan 8th EditionPubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt 1967
Mehanny EidCatalogue for Postage Stamps of Egypt, U.A.R. and the SudanPubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1972
Mehanny EidSupplement to the Ninth EditionPubl. The Philatelic Society of Egypt. 1978

      1.2 Philatelic Handbooks      

Andrews, PeterCensorship of Civil Mail in Egypt 1939 to 1945Publ. by the Author 2003
Andrews, William C.The Royal Air Force Cairo-Baghdad Air Mail Service 1921 - 1927Publ. British Philatelic Trust London 2000
Armstrong, D.B.The Edwardian Stamps of the British EmpirePubl. Bright & Son, London 1912
Armstrong, D.B.The Postage Stamps of the Anglo-Egyptian SudanPubl. Bright & Son, London. 1912
Barefoot, J.Forgery and Reprint Guide: 14: Suez Canal StampsPubl. J. Barefoot Ltd. 1983
Biolato, Luca.D.La "Posta Europea" Nel Contesto della Storia Postale dell'Egitto Nel sec. XIX (1820-1865)Publ. by the Author (Libreria Giovanni Carnevali - Foligno)
Birken, AndreasPhilatelistischer Atlas des Osmanischen Reiches (Philatelic Atlas of the Ottoman Empire)Publ. The Author, Hamburg, 1992
Birken, AndreasHandbuch der Türkischen Philatelie Teil I Die Zeitrechnung Osmanisches Reich Publ. The Author
Birken, AndreasThe Ottoman Empire - The Calendar Publ. The Author
Blau, Fred F. and Cyril DeightonEgypt Flight LZ 127 - The Graf ZeppelinPubl. German Philatelic Society Inc. Germany. 1981
Boulad d'Humières, JeanLes Cachets a Date des Bureaux de Postes des Hotels d'Égypte an extract from L'Orient Philatelique No. 114 PSE
Boulad d'Humieres, Jean & A. CocatreEntier Postaux d'EgyptePubl. Paris 1947
Boulad d'Humières, J. S. Ringstrøm and H.E. TesterThe Private Shipletter Stamps of the World, Part 3. The Suez Canal CompanyPubl. Leonard H. Hartman. 1985
Brumell, G.British Post Office Numbers 1844 - 1906Publ. R.C. Alcock Ltd. Cheltenham, UK 1946
Chapier, GeorgesLes Vignettes de Franchise d'Egypte (photo-copy)Publ. l'Echangiste Universel, Bischwiller (Bas Rhin) 1950
Chichini,Egyptian Postal Markings (in Arabic)Publ. The Author. Egypt
Dacos, ThemisConsular . . . . in EgyptPubl. Collectio, Athens, 1994
Dalwick, R.E.R.Egypt - A History of its stamps Publ. Mekeel-Severn-Wylie Co. Boston, USA. 1922
Dight, JohnSudan - The Postal Markings of the Travelling Post OfficesPubl. The Sudan Study Group.
Drechsel, EdwinThe Paquebot Marks of Africa, the Mediterranean Countires and their IslandsPubl. Robson Lowe 1980
Easton, JohnDe La Rue History of British and Foreign Postage Stamps 1855 - 1901Publ. Faber & Faber
Egypt PostEgyptian Postal Guide (Photo-copy)Publ. G.P.O. Alexandria, 1914 Egyptian Postal Administration
Egypt PostList of Post Offices in Egypt 1984 (in Arabic)Publ. Egyptian Postal Administration
Egypt PostAdministration des Postesstamps) Publ. Ministère des Communications Cairo. 1946
Egypt PostStamps of Egypt 1952 - 1957Publ. by Egyptian Postal Administration
Egypt PostUnited Arab Republic (Egypt): Commemorative Stamps 1952 - 1969.Publ. Postal Authority, Cairo. 1970 (3)
Feltus, P.R.The Production of Egyptian Postage Stamps 1866 - 1946Unpublished manuscript the Survey Department, Giza 1947
Fikry, Samir A. FRPSLPostal History of Egypt to 1900Publ. The Royal Philatelic Society London 1996
F.I.P.The FIP Guide to Exhibiting and Judging Traditional and Postal History ExhibitsPubl. FIP 1994
Firebrace, John A.Great Britain Stamps of 1942 Overprinted MEFPubl. The Regent Stamp Co. Ltd. London
Fiske, WillardAll about Postal Matters in Egypt (Reprint in 1977 by Harry Hayes)Originally Published The Landi Press, Florence 1898
Gallery of IllustrationRoute of the Overland Mail to IndiaPubl. Gallery of Illustration, London. 1851
Gisburn and ThompsonSudan - Stamps and Posts of the Anglo-Egyptian SudanPubl. Stanley Gibbons Ltd. London, 1947
Gladstone, NormanPostal Censorship in Israel 1948 - 1978Publ. The Author, London, 1978
Hill, Capt. BrianPostage Stamps of the Great Bitter Lake AssociationPubl. 1975
Hopkins, AdrianA History of Wreck CoversPubl. Robson Lowe, London. 1967
Hoskin, RogerPaquebot Cancellations of the WorldPubl. by the Author 1977
IPC MagazinesNew International Encyclopaedia of Stamps Vol. 1 Parts 1 to 14Publ. IPC Magazines, London 1970
Jewell, CharlesProcess of Manufacture of the Rivadavia PlatesPubl. 1960
Kehr, Ernest.A.The Interpostal Seals of Egypt 1864 - 1891Publ. by the author. USA. 1943
Kehr, Ernest.A.The Interpostals of Egypt 1864 - 1892 (1962 Ed'n)Publ. Stamp World Inc. New York 1962
Kehr, Ernest.A.20th Century Stamps of EgyptPubl. Chambers, USA. 1942
Kehr, Ernest.A.Billigs Philatelic Handbook, Vol. 21 (contains Egypt)Publ. Fritz Billig, Jamaica, New York, 1954
Klein, EugeneEgypt and SudanPubl. Philadelphia, USA. 1919
Koch, G.Die Administrazionsmarken Aegyptens (together with English translation)Publ. Germany. 1880
Lee, Alma FRPSLIntroducing Thematic CollectingPubl. British Phil. with the Postal History Society, London.
Lee, George L. (ed.)Egypt - Royal Imperforate PrintingsPubl. The Editor, USA. 1959
Lowe, RobsonThe Kings of Egypt and their StampsPubl. Robson Lowe Ltd. London. 1969
Lowe, RobsonEncyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps Vol. 1 EuropePubl. Robson Lowe, London 1947
Martin and BlairOverseas Letter Postage from India 1854- 1876Publ. Robson Lowe, London. 1975
May, O.Egyptian InterpostalsPubl. Bridger & Kay, London. 1915
Melville, F.J.EgyptPubl. Stanley Gibbons, London. 1915
Melville, F.J.GambiaPubl. Stanley Gibbons (incorporating W.H. Peckitt) London
Melville, F.J.The Romance of Postage StampsPubl. W.H. Peckitt, London
Minett, CharlesScrapbook of cuttings relating to Philately and Postal History of Sudan.Unpublished manuscript.
Moens, J.B.Timbres d'Égypte et de la Compagnie du Canal de SuezPubl. Brussels, 1880
Phillips, StanleyStamp Collecting (Second Edition)Publ. Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd., London
Phillips, StanleyThe Stamps of Great Britain 1911 - 1921Publ. Stanley Gibbons Ltd. London 1921
Proud, EdwardPostal History of British Palestine 1918 - 1948Publ. Proud Bailey Co. Ltd. 1985
Rapkin, Francesca FRPSLGuidelines for Successful ExhibitingPubl. British Philatelic Trust & BPF Melville & Youth Committee
Revell, A. JohnThe Stamp Booklets of EgyptPubl. by the Author, Whitstable, 1997
Robertshaw, M.H.The Postmarks of Aden Publ. H. Garrat-Adams & Co. 1946
Ryszard, WagnerHistory of the Polish Army Postal Service: Middle East and Italy 1940 - 1948 Publ. Caldra House Ltd. 1992
Sacher, Michael FRPSLThe Postal Markings of Mandate Palestine 1917-1948Pub. 1995 by The Royal Philatelic Society
Salles, RaymondLa Poste Maritime Française Tome I: - Les Entrées Maritimes et les Bateaux a VapeurReprints by James Bendon, Cyprus, 1992
Salles, RaymondLa Poste Maritime Française Tome II: - Paquebots de la MeditérranéeReprints by James Bendon, Cyprus, 1992
Salles, RaymondLa Poste Maritime Française Tome V: - Paquebots de l'Extrème OrientReprints by James Bendon, Cyprus, 1992
Salles, RaymondLa Poste Maritime Française Tome VI: - Paquebots de l'Océan IndienReprints by James Bendon, Cyprus, 1992
Salles, RaymondLa Poste Maritime Française Originally publ. l'Academie de Philatelie, Paris.Reprints by James Bendon, Cyprus, 1992
Sears, JohnThe Airmails of EgyptPubl. The Author, London. 1990
Sears, JohnThe Airmails of Egypt Addendum to the abovePubl. The Author, London. 1993
Sears, JohnEgypt: The First Portrait Issue - A compilation since 1928Publ. the author. London 2001
Sidebottom, John K. OBEThe Overland MailPubl. Geo. Allen & Unwin Ltd. London 1948
Smith, Peter A.S. FRPSLThe Fourth Issue Part I The Fourth IssuePubl. the author.
Smith, Peter A.S. FRPSLThe Fourth Issue Part II The 1914 and 1921-22 PictorialsPubl. the author.
Smith, Peter A.S. FRPSLThe Travelling Post Offices of EgyptPubl. Mobile Post Office Society, USA. 1983
Postal Authority, CairoUnited Arab Republic (Egypt): Commemorative Stamps 1952 - 1969.Publ. Postal Authority, Cairo. 1970
Stagg, E.C.W.Sudan - The Stamps and Postal Stationery 1867 - 1970Publ. Harry Hayes, Yorkshire 1977
Stagg, E.C.W.Sudan - The Postal Markings 1867 - 1896Publ. RPS London, 1974.
Sussex, VivienIntroducing Postal HistoryPubl. British Phil. with the Postal History Society, London.
Tchilinghirian, S.D.and Stephen, W.S.E.Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad Part 1Publ. The British Society of Russian Philately, London. 1957
Tchilinghirian, S.D.and Stephen, W.S.E.Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad Part 2, incl. EgyptPubl. The British Society of Russian Philately, London. 1957
Tchilinghirian, S.D. and Stephen W.S.E.Austrian Post Offices Abroad, Part 1Publ. Keith Tranmer
Tomkins, Maj. T.L.C.Notes on the Cancellations of Turkish ArabiaPubl. John Huxley (Stamps) Ltd.
Whitfield, G.F.Ship PostmarksAn article from Fil-Italia 1989 (and revised 1991)
Wolfsbauer, K.Osterreicher Philatelistenclub Vindebona Wien 1880 - 1990 imcl. "The Austrian Post in Egypt"Publ. Die Elementar, Vienna, 1990

      1.3 Auction and other Catalogues      

Aden by Charles Hornal Publ. Robson Lowe, London. 1957.
All World featuring 'Major E.L.G. MacArthur' Egypt Publ. Stanley Gibbons Auctions, London. March 1980
The Burrus Collection: Greece & Egypt Publ. Nov. 1962 by Robson Lowe Ltd. London
Byam's Egypt Publ. Robson Lowe Ltd, London. October 1961
Egypt including collection formed by Charles Cotta and a portion of the study formed by Ernest Kehr Publ. January 1965 by Robson Lowe Ltd. London.
The Col. J.R. Danson Egypt Publ. Robson Lowe International, Geneva. April 1977
Covers of the World Carried by French Mailboats T.V. Roberts. Publ. Sotheby, London. 1982
Egypt - George Gougas of New York, USA Publ. Robson Lowe International, Basle. February 1973
The John Gilbert 'Egypt' Robson Lowe International, Basle, March 1977
The G.L. Hearn Collection of Egypt, Sudan, GB used in Constantinople and Jordan. Publ. April, 1953 by Robson Lowe Ltd. London
The "Hind" Collection. Tenth Sale, Asia and Africa Publ. H.R. Harmer, London. May 1935
William C. Hinde Specialised Collections of Egypt & Sudan. Publ. October, 1957 by Robson Lowe Ltd. London
1. Great Britain and Commonwealth 2. Karl Jaeger Balkans, Levant POs Karl Jaeger Middle East, Europe Publ. David Feldman Nov/Dec 1982
The Mackenzie-Low Gold Medal Collection Publ. H.R. Harmer, London. October 1929.
Mosden Mail Auction Cat. No. 4
Mosden Stamp Company, London Nov. 1955
Mosden Mail Auction Cat. No. 5
Mosden Stamp Company, London Dec. 1956
Mosden Mail Auction Cat. No. (no number)
Mosden Stamp Company, London Aug. 1959
The Michael Sacher Collection of Palestine Robson Lowe International, Geneva, April 1977
The Osprey Collection of Aviation and Airpost Covers and Cards. Publ. Phillips, London. November 1983
The Palace Collections of Egypt -the Stamp Collections Advance Publicity, H.R. Harmer
The Palace Collections of Egypt Publ. H.R. Harmer, London. February 1954
Stephen Walter Jan. 1983 (includes long list of proofs, essays, artists' drawings etc.
P.A. Wilde: The balance of the Palace Collections Postal History: contains the sale of the collection of
Waghorn cachets of Rowland Hill Publ. Christies Robson Lowe, London 1989

      6.1 Reference Collections (Bound or loose photostats)      

Lars AlundThe Collection of Lars Alund (hardback bound) 1993
Emile AntoniniGold Medal Collection 1982
Shams el-DinMedal Collection of Postal Stationery Hafnia 1987
Peter FeltusFeltus Revenue Collection 1984
Samir FikryThe Nile Collection (Part I) (Gold Medal)1984
Samir FikryThe Nile Collection (Part 2) (Gold Medal) 1984
C. Th. J. HooghuisThe Hooghuis Collection (undated and unbound)
Rudi JeidelGold Medal Collection 1982
Andre NavariEgypt Collection of Andre Navari A 2004 on CD Rom
Richard NotmanCollection "The Classic Period"
Reda Collection 1.De La Rue "Sphinx and Pyramid"
Reda Collection 2.First Pictorial Issues of Egypt
Reda Collection 3.Kingdoms of Egypt
John SearsThe First Fuad Portrait Issue 1997
John SearsThe Airmails of Egypt (1910 to 1945) 1995
John SearsLarge Silver Gilt and British Aerophilatelic Award
John SearsAirmails of Egypt: The First 50 Years 2000
John SearsEgypt Postal Stationery of the 19th Century 2001
Peter SmithEgypt: The Classic Period, with emphasis on the Offices Abroad London 1980
Peter SmithThe Classic Stamps of Egypt
Peter SmithThe First Three Issues of Egypt
Peter SmithEgypt: The Fourth Issue by De La Rue 1989
Kurt WolfsbauerAegypten: display at London 1990 meeting

      6.2 Miscellaneous Articles and Meeting Handouts      

Andrews, P., Defriez, C. & Jeyes, G.A.The Official Stamps 1972 to 1985
Boulad d'Humieres, Jean FRPSLLes Entieers Postaux d'Egypt*
Chaftar, Ibrahim FRPSLFinds in Early Egyptian Postmarks*
Chaftar, Ibrahim FRPSLHistoire Postal du Soudan Egyptien*
Chaftar, Ibrahim FRPSLSouakin et Massawah*
Evans, Surg. Lt. Cdr. C. W.A Brief History of the Suez Canal
Fikry, Samir A.Egyptian Philately before the 20th Century
Fikry, Samir A.Paper accompanying a display to RPS London
Holmes, H.R. FRPSLThe 'Estero' Stamps of Italy and where they were used*
Hooghuis, C. Th. J.History of the Suez Canal
Hooghuis, C. Th. J.Publ. Egypt Study Circle, London, 1992
Mazloum, Ahmed BeyLes Timbres des Bureaux Etrangers du Levant*
Murphy, J.M.Civil Censors in the Cairo Postal Museum
Smith, P.A.S. FRPSLThe Relative Scarcity of Cancellations of the Egyptian
Smith, P.A.S. FRPSLPost Offices Abroad
Dr. Vestakis, & Sava MichelEgyptian Cancellations: Some Comment*
Whitfield, G.Ship Postmarks (Covers Italian Mailboats 1890 - 1957) Publ. Fil-Italia
*Articles taken from L'Orient Philatelique by their authors and donated to the Library.

      7.1 Periodicals With Long Runs      

The BAPIP Bulletin Nos.17 to 60, 61 to 80, 81 to 100 as above 101 to 128, and 147 Publ. The British Association of Palestine-Israel Philatelists Apr. 1958
Bollettino Prefilatelico Official Organ of the International Study Centre for Postal e Storico Postale History Whole Numbers 29 to date
Camel Post Bulletin of the Sudan Study Group Whole Numbers 1 to 49 less four missing numbers 2, 11, 20 and 22 numbers 21, 23 and 29 are purely newsletters Camel Post Index for Spring 1987 (to No. 35)
Egyptian Topics Organ of the Egyptian Philatelic Society in America Whole Numbers 1 to 44 (Complete run from Nov. 1968 to Feb. 1976 when it ceased publication).
F.P.H.S. N.L. Organ of the Forces Postal History Society Newsletter Whole Numbers 1984 to date
The Holy Land & Middle East Philatelic Magazine Vol. 1 Nos. 2,3,4,5,6,8,9(2),10 ] Vol. 2 Nos. 1,2,3,4,5, (from March 1957 to February 1959) Vol. 3 No. 1
The London Philatelist The Journal of the Royal Philatelic Society Whole Numbers: 401, 553, 554 (2), 555 (2), 557, 559, 567, 571, 587, 604, 611, 615, 624, 625, 658, 659, 679, 690(3), 756, 764, 916, 917, 968/9, 978, 979, 984.
L'Orient Philatelique Bulletin of the Philatelic Society of Egypt Volumes 1 to 12 in bound volumes 1929 (1 to 119) to 1967 plus: Whole Nos. 3,7,18,19, 22, 28, 32, 34, 35, 36, 39, 40, 47, 49 to 54, 56,57, 60, 62,63,64, 67, 69, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 89, 91, 92, 93, 98, 100, 106, 107, 109, 111, 112, 113, 114, 116, 119, 120, 126, 127, 128, 129
Quarterly CircularOrgan of the Egypt Study Circle Bound set to Whole Number 172 (in ring binder). Complete run to date of single numbers, some photo-copies.
T.P.O. and Seapost Society Whole Nos. 1 to 140 (missing no. 48) AR Postal Authority A small box of Philatelic Bulletins from 1970s
Philatelic Literature SalesJ. Barefoot Ltd. Philatelic Literature, April 2002
James Bendon Listing of Philatelic LiteratureSep. 1993 Sep. 1994, Sep. 1995, Sep. 1996, Sep. 1998, Sep.1999, Feb. 2003, Nov. 2003.
Conrad Graham Philatelic LiteraturePostal Auction Catalogue Nos. 10 (Apr. 1984) to 18 (Nov. 1997)
Harry Hayes Philatelic AuctionNos. 86, 88 and HH Sales (successors to Harry Hayes), Nos. 89 to 152 (to date)
Sheraton & Peel Ltd.Book Corner Auctions Nov. 1988, Feb. 1989, May, 1989, Sep. 1989

      7.2 With 'one-off' or isolated items only      

The Arab World Philatelist No. 2 Publ. R. Howard Coultrey, Illinois USA
The Cinderella PhilatelistWhole No. 19 (Contains an article by P.R. Feltus on Salt Tax Stamps) April 1986 Whole No. 22 (Contains an article by P.R. Feltus on Fiscal Stamps) Whole No. 29 (Contains an article by Mark Dorman on The Sellschopp Fantasies of the 1867 Issue) October 1989
Collectors' Club PhilatelistVol. 17 No.1 (Contains a translation by A.S. Arnold of an extract from Kohl's Handbook on Egypt by Herbert Munk. Publ. Federalsburg, Maryland, 1927 Vol. 66 Nos. 2, 3, and 4 (Contain an article by S.A. Fikry on varieties on Modern Egyptian Philately 1920 - 1986, Vol. 81 No.2 March-April 2002 (Contains an article by Kurt Wolfsbauer translated by Peter Smith)
National Philatelic Museum of PhiladelphiaVol. 11 No. 2 (Contains an article on Egyptian philately)
Der Philatelist(Organ fur Postwerthzeichenkunde) Whole No. 2 (in German) (Contains a listing and information on Interpostal Seals by L. Merlander).
France & Colonies PhilatelistWhole No. 191 (Contains "A chronology of French Campaigns and expeditions with their postal markings" by W.M. Waugh and S.J. Luft. January 1983
The Philatelic Journal of Great BritainNos. 417, 418 September -October 1925 Publ. Sefi, Pemberton & Co. Ltd.
La Revista Filatelica d'Italia No. 10 di Ezio Ghiglione Publ. October
The Stamp Collector's BulletinNos. 3,5,12,13, Publ. Ramsay Stewart May 1947 to May 1950
The Stamp Collector's Guide to Philatelic LiteratureNos. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Publ. F. Hugh Vallancey May 1947 to May 1950
The West End PhilatelistVol. XXXVIII No. 412-413 Publ. David Field Ltd. London Autumn 1948

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