This site cannot cover such a vast subject so gives only a brief outline. Egypt since the time of the Pharaohs has been one of the most fought over lands, first as the important land bridge between Africa and Asia, then as the land connecting the sea routes from Europe to India and subsequently for control of the Suez Canal. From the Postal History point of view this makes it a most fascinating subject covering many forces from around the world. Starting with the French invasion by Napoleon in 1798 the unfortunate Egyptians have seen troops from Britain, Turkey, India, the West Indies, Russia, Israel, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy and Germany fight over its soil. From 1956 various peacekeeping forces have monitored the Sinai and are still there to this day.

 Itialian 1941  German 1942  Egyptain 1973  Indian 1940  Australian 1917  Turkish 1915  French 1798  British 1935  British 1882  Britsih 1956  Swedish 1970  Isreali 1969

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