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December 02,2023 December Meeting at Union Jack Club
October 21, 2023 US Hosted Zoom Meeting
September 30, 2023 Stampex Meeting
August 26, 2023 UK Zoom Meeting
July 01, 2023 Midpex meeting
June 10, 2023 ESC Meeting, London
May 13, 2023 UK Zoom Meeting
March 18, 2023 US Zoom Meeting
February 18, 2023 2023 AGM
November 17,2022 Tutankhamun Centenary Display at the Royal
October 1,2022 Autumn Stampex Meeting
May 7,2022Joint Meeting with the Cinderella Stamp Club: Egypt and Maritime.
March 18-20,2022Joint Meeting with the Sudan Study Group.
February 26, 2022Report on the 2022 AGM & Auction.
October 4,2021Report on the October Meeting & Auction.
October 4,2021 AUCTION 63 has finished.

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