Books, Magazines etc. on Egyptian Philately

Published in 1983 by the Mobile Post Office Society, this volume contains drawings of all the recorded Egyptian TPO types known at the time, with routes and dates used, as a development of an Egypt Study Circle study.

It also contains maps of the rail systems and a glossary of Arabic spellings for the towns. An essential guide for the collector of TPOs. The whole book can be found online in the members section.
Published in 2010 book contains drawings of all the recorded Egyptian Rural types known at the time with many illustrations References over 1,300 postmarks.

An essential guide for the collector of rural postmarks. Over 800 bilingual postmarks, 500 more in Arabic, all Illustrated and listed with early and late dates in 192 A4 pages and 40 colour plates. Based on over 20 years’ research and 6,000 covers
Taarega el-barid by Chichini, all in Arabic, compiles mainly the postmark study drawings of Seymour Blomfield, all of which can be found in Smith and Feltus.

It does however contain some additional information on all-Arabic postmarks (p152) which have yet to appear in English, together with some drawings and information on the Egyptian Army Post Offices 1948 and 1956 (p70 and p75) and on the French in Egypt in the Second World War
Produced in 1988 by Peter Feltus, this volume contains the Blomfield postmark study up to 1899, but much extended beyond just the postmark types.