Egypt: Stamps & Postal History
A Philatelic Treatise

Chapters XXII Official Stamps and Services
I The Posts to 1798 XXIV Postage Due Stamps and Practices
II The Napoleonic Post XXV Air Mail Stamps and Services
III The State Courier Post of Mohammed Ali XXVI Express Stamps and Services
IV The Posta Europea and the Pre-stamp XXVII Postal Markings and Cancellations
V Government Post XXVIII Hotel and Proprietary Post Offices Preface
V Private Carriers and Forwarding Agents XXIX Postal Rates
VI The Greek Post Office XXX Consular and Territorial Offices
VII The Austrian Post Offices XXXI Military Mall
VIII The British Post Offices XXXII Maritime Mail
IX The Italian Post Office XXXIII Postal Stationery
X The French Post Offices XXXIV Interpostal Seals
XI The Russian Post Offices XXXV The Suez Canal Company Postal Service
XII The First Issue XXXVI Stamps for the British Forces
XIII The Second Issue XXXVII Travelling Post Offices and Rural Service
XIV The Third Issue XXXVIII Meters and Mechanical Franking
XV The Fourth Issue XXXIX Postal Paper
XVI The 1914 and 1920-22 Pictorials XL Disinfecting and Censorship including P.O.W.
XVII The 1922-23 Crown Overprints and Internees’ Mail
XVIII The First Portrait Issue XLI Unissued Stamps: Phantoms and Fantasies
XIX The Second Portrait Issue XLII Diplomatic Franking and Pouch Mail
XX Commemorative Issues of the Monarchy XLIII Stamps with Perforated Initials
XXI The King Farouk Definitives XLIV Sinai
XXII Issues after Abdication XLV Palestine: Egyptian Administration