November, 1968 - October, 1972   Index

The Egyptian Topics editor Gordon Garrett had some inconsistences in the numbering system. His index only goes up to October, 1972, whole number 24. He only introduced an index of articles in ET in the last one, whole number 46. To produce and index on this site means going through each ET and hand typing the article headings. A few have been done but only indexing articles of note. Some have dismissed ET as a bit of an amateurish publication. However it contains many worthy articles by the leading Egyptian philatelists of the day where some may be the only or major article on the subject.
Vol. 9 NUMBER 1 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1977  Whole No. 46
World War 1 -French Steamer Torpedoed 1918 Wreck Mail from the Atlontique. 2
Postal History & Stomps of Egypt Reviewed in the Stomp Lover by member John Grimmer 4
BAZAAR - Wants & Offers 4
Our New Issue Service for Members 5
The Editor's Page (Info on dues)5
World War l Prisoner of Wor Mail in Egypt. 6
France Used in Egypt -The Napoleonic Campaign (Rare document) 11
Egyptian Charity Seals (Green's Listing) 12
New Issues of Egypt (Illustrated) 14, 15, 21
Vol. 8 NUMBER 2 MARCH / APRIL 1976  Whole No. 45
The Presidents Page of Old Things20
The Presidents Page of Old Things20
Our Cover20
RARE SUDAN Postal Stationery21
background notes Egypt30-36
Vol. 8 NUMBER 1 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1976  Whole No. 44
More on the Opera in Egypt2-3
Service Suspended Return to Sender4-6
REPUBLIC Of SUDAn New Issues10
The Great Bitter Lake Post A Philaterlic History of the G.B.L.A.12-13
Egypt New Issues14-16
Vol. 7 NUMBER 6 NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 1975  Whole No. 43
Napoleon Campaign MANUSCRIPT Town Markings112-113
Perfins of the Middle East114-118
Opera in Egypt119-120
U.S. Naval Ship in Suez124-125
France in Egypt a 1838 Overland Mail Entire126-127
Egypt New Issues128-130
Cover from the Sudan franked with 2 m. and 4 m. and 1 PT and 4 PT. Postage Dues130
Vol. 7 NUMBER 5 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 1975  Whole No. 42
Of Old Things and New90-91
UN Forces in Egypt 1956-196792-96
Egyptian Postal Stationery O/P for Sudan97-98
The Provisional "SOUDAN " Overprints99-103
Egypt New Issues104-106
Tribute to a Great Philaterlist Mohammed SOBH107
Some Additional Notes on Perfins108
French offices in Egypt109
Sudan New Issues110
Vol. 7 NUMBER 4 JULY / AUGUST 1975  Whole No. 41
French Maritime Mail 1851-186666-68
The Postal Stationery of Egypt70-74
Mailomats and their Development75
The S.S Cairo Another Elusive Wreck Cover80
France in Egyptp81
The catalogs Under Fire82-85
Egypt New Issues88
Vol. 7 NUMBER 3 MAY / JUNE 1975  Whole No. 40
France in Egypt 508044-45, 62
British Forces in Egypt 1932-1936 Civil POs46-51
UN Forces in Egypt 1956-16754-58
Query Old Cover 186459
New Issues60-61
Vol. 7 NUMBER 2 MARCH / APRIL 1975  Whole No. 39
CHARLES MINETT an Appreciation23
Egyptian Postal Markings24-28
Russian Offices in Egypt29
France in Egypt 1838 Overland Mail30-31
Poland via Egypt32-33, 36
Forgery of the Inverted Surcharge 191534-35
UN Forces in Egypt 1956-196738-40
New Issues41
Vol. 7 NUMBER 1 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1975  Whole No. 38
UN Forces in Egypt 1956-1672-7
New Issues8
Cairo to Delhi 191810-17
British Forces in Egypt 1932-1936, Civil POs18-19
Vol. 6 NUMBER 7 NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 1974  Whole No. 37
From Poland with Suspicion124-126
Unlisted Overprint 1987 Sudan127
The early Pots of Egypt Pigeon Post128-129
R.AF. Long Range Development Unit 1938130-132
New Issues134-137
Palestine Label138
Vol. 6 NUMBER 6 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 1974  Whole No. 36
French Offices in Egypt106
The Early Posta of Egypt108-115
Napoleon Letter in Egypt116-117
Unlisted Plate Flaw First Fuad119
Vol. 6 NUMBER 5 JULY / AUGUST 1974  Whole No. 35
Unusual handstamps of the Foreign P.O.'s in Egypt80-83
Postmarks of the Shellal-Halfa T.P.O.84
Fake Cover Gaza June 196786
Philatelic Oddities of War88
rarity Intaglio Seal Sudan Censorship90
New Issues91-94
Vol.6 NUMBER 4 MAY / JUNE 1974  Whole No. 34
Tibet Cover to Egypt60-61
2m. 1888 De La Rue Bisected on Piece62
Marc Pourpe64-65
A F.D.C 1938 with Cancellation Date Error67
French Offices in Egypt68
Propoganda on Stamps the Other Side of the Coin69
New Issues70-72
Vol. 6 NUMBER 3 MARCH / APRIL 1974  Whole No. 33
French Offices in Egypt French Ships Detained 1940-194340-42
capt. Gladstone Experimental Air Service Khartoum to Kisumu 192744-52
New Issues54-55
Offical Postal Matters 56-57
Vol. 6NUMBER 2 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1974  Whole No. 32
Operation Musketeer22-24
WWII Aerial Propaganda25-26
French Offices in Egypt Query27
Arab Stamps Weapon28
New Issues30-34
Vol. 6 NUMBER 1 NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 1973  Whole No. 31
The African Expedition Guilbaud Bernard 1926-19272-5
Disasters by Fire and Shipwreck6-13
French Offices in Egypt15
New Issues16-17
Vol. 6 NUMBER 6 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 1973  Whole No. 30
The Uncut Booklet Sheets of the Fuad-Farouk Era106-107
French Offices in Egypt Provisional O/P of Port Said108-110
NAMRU #3 Personal mail Via Diplomatic Pouch112-114
New Issues116
-Johannesburg 1936 the Swchlesinger Air Race116-123
Vol. 5 NUMBER 5 JULY / AUGUST 1973  Whole No. 29
Finds in Early Egyptain Postmarks86-91
F/O A.E.Clouston Betty Kirby-Green Record Flight 193794-97
No Egypt Used in France99
Mystery Flight Cover Englad-Sudan a927100
New Issues101-103
Vol. 5 NUMBER 4 MAY / JUNE 1973  Whole No. 28
The Uncut Booklet Sheets of the Fuad-Farouk Era66-69
Aeronaut Godard in Egypt in 189469, 74
Egypt's First Porait Issue 1923-192670-78
New Issues79-80
The W.F. Billens Sale82-84
Vol. 5 NUMBER 3 MARCH / APRIL 1973  Whole No. 27
Ballon Montes Paris to Egypt 1870-187146-49
The Mahdi's Stamps51
Egypt's First Portrait Issue 1923-192652-59
More About French Army in Egypt 189860-61
Napolen in Egypt 1798-180163
New Issues64
Vol. 5 NUMBER 2 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1973  Whole No. 26
Egypt's First Portrait Issue 1923-192624-29
Unrecorded Suez Forgery29
The Paris Kom Ombo Record Attempt30-32
New Issues33
Egyptian Hotels34-37
New Issues38, 40
Ile Rouad39
Vol. 5 NUMBER 1 NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 1972  Whole No. 25
Some Unpublished Discoveries3-5
The Hirschauer Mission 19266-7, 16
Egyptian Hotels8-15, 17-18
New Issues16, 21-22
Vol. 4 NUMBER 6 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 1972  Whole No. 24
UN Forces in Egypt 1956-1967104-106
French Offices in Egypt, Postal Stationery107-109
Arab Probaganda on Stamps110-111
New Issues112-114
George Lee Auction116-118
Missing Colour on Commemorative112
Vol. 4 NUMBER 5 JULY / AUGUST 1972  Whole No. 23
Watermark Varieties82-83
Printing Experiment83
US Army POs in Egypt WWII84-89
New Issues92-93
George Lee Auction95-98
Arab Propaganda on Stamps99-101
Vol. 4 NUMBER 4 MAY / JUNE 1972  Whole No. 22
Retouches and Flaws Harrison Issue 1920-192164-68
New Issues69-72
Postal Censorship in Egypt During WWII74-79
Personal Mail via Diplomatic Pouch80
Vol.4 NUMBER 3 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1971  Whole No. 21
SALT STAMPS - Permit Required42-45
Wonders of the World - Egypt46
Marc Pourpe - A working Bibliography47 & 52
NAPOLEON's CAMPAIGN IN EGYPT - 1798 / 1801 A rare letter from Egypt50-51
Vol.4 NUMBER 2 JANUARY / FEBRUARY 1971  Whole No. 20
CRASH & WRECK COVERS - Star of Maryland and S.S. Sphinx22-24
Ancient Egypt - Book Review25
QUERY ! French Army in Egypt - Foreign Franking on Khedivial Hail Line Ships.28 - 32
Philatelic Fun and Profit33
Varieties on the 3 m. Farouk Palestine ovrpt.?
The Philatelic literature of Egypt Section VII - POSTAGE DUE34-35
Vol.4 No. 1 November/December 1971  Whole No. 19
1930 RECORD FLIGHT - Capt.R.F.Caspareuthus2-4
Egypt To Use Old Name4
Camels Hold Up Traffic4
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt9-11
Egyptian Tuberculosis Seals12-13
UNRECORDED VARIETIES - Additional Comments The 1921-23 Harrison Printings14
Salt Tax Form ( illustrated )15
The Kings of Egypt and Their stamps An illustrated Review16-17
Vol.3 No. 6. September/October, 1971  Whole No. 18
Philatelic Postal Markings of the U A R 104-105
Maritime Cancellations "Pleine Mer & Paquebot" Translated from the original French in L'OP 106-116
U A R - New Issues NOTE - Changed to the Arab Republic of Egypt with issue ef Sept. 118-119
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt120-121
Vol.3 No. 5. July/August, 1971  Whole No. 17
Unrecorded Varieties - Two Mills 1921/23 Harrison84-86
PERFTNS on Egyptian Stamps88-89
Philatelic Pun and Profit90
British Forces in Egfpt - 1936 - 19^092-96
HOVERCRAFT - The 1969 Nile Expedition97-99
U A R - New Issues101
Aviation Week at Heliopolis - card illustrated101
Vol.3 No. 4 May/June. 1971  Whole No. 16
Philatelic Fun and Profit64
The Local Post and Penal Philately65
Cancellations to be Found on the First Issue of Sudan66-72
SUDAN - Minor Sudan Flaws
My Visit to the Pharaohs From "Je Sais Tout" Translation from the original French Marc Pourpe74-78
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt79-80
U A R - New Issue81
Sudan - New Issue82
Vol.3 No. 3 March/April, 1971  Whole No. 15
N.A.A.F.I. - British Forces in Eeypt - 1932-1936 42-48
HOVERCMFT - The Nile Expedition "49
Comments on 1866 Items 50
SUDAN - Missing Sudan Colors50
Taxe a percevoir SUDAN QUERY - Answers51
Philatelic Pun and Profit54
Forces in Egypt - 1932/19^0 - Book report/Hobbs54
U A R - New Issues 55
Postal Cancellations on Fiscal Stamps 57-58
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt59-60
Vol.3 No. 2. January/February, 1971   Whole No. 14
Crash. Covers22-24
PERSONAL MAIL via Diplomatic Pouch25
PORT SAID - Taxe á percevoir26
The pyramids Correction to article on page 527
O.H.E.M.S. "Official*’ Varieties Farther Notes on the Broken "S"28
EGYPTIAN VIEWPOINT - Notes on Philympia 29
UAR - New Issues SUDAN - New Issues30-32
Flaws on the 1866 Issue - Some Additional Notes33
Plate Flaw - 10 Mill - Zeherl No. 6334
The Sellschopp Fantasies - Further Notes33
PERFXNS on Egyptian Stamps36
PER FINS - Additional comments37
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt38-39
Philatelic Pun and Profit40
Vol.3 No. 1. November/December. 1970  Whole No. 13
SUDAN - Unusual Sudan Military Cancel3
Phllympia Exhibition Award Winners3
Philatelic Pun and Profit4-5
Pioneer Air Event in Egypt5
FISCAL Censor Markings, More On - Illustrated8
Postmrk Study Too ! Request for assistance8
U A R Airmail Variety9
U A R - New Issues10-11
SUDAN - New Issues10
The “Great Bitter Lake Locals'*12-17
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt – Annotated18
Vol.2 No. 6. September/October. 1970   Whole No. 12
Philatelic Fun and Profit .P112
Kitchener's Reconquista of the Sudan - 1896/1898 113-116
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt - Biography 117-118
The Watermarks of Egypt's Second Issue 119
Perfins on Egyptian Stamps 120-122
G. B. L. A. Ass'n.123
Varieties on Officials124
Comments on Recent Controversial Issues125
The Great Bitter Lake Locals126-128
Market Notes129
U.A.R. New Issues
Vol.2 No. 5 July/August. 1970  Whole No. 11
Some Notes on the 1866 Issue - Retouch on 20 Para92-95
Egyptian Tuberculosis Seal - 19-4595
Philatelic Fun and Profit96
EGYPT AIRMAIL - Double Overprint97
Post Offices of Egypt and the Sudan (Part 3 thru Z)93-99
Varieties on Officials100-101
U.A.R. New Issues102
Postal Cancellations on Egyptian Fiscal Stamps 103-104
Current Market Notes105
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt -Bibliography 106-108
The Great Bitter Locals119-120
Vol.2 No. 4, May/June, 1970  Whole No. 10
The Great Bitter Lake Locals68-70
1922 -23 Officials/Varieties In Block of 2071
Forces in Egypt 1932-194072
French Hands tamp - Additional Comments 73
U.A.R. New Issues74-78
U.A.R. Official Issue Commemorative Guide Book78
SUDAN - O.S.G.S. Overprint on First Issue ? (illustration from R. Nelson collection)79
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt - Bibliography80--81
Air Mail Oddity - 3 Mill overprint 81
SUDAN - New Issue Notice 81
Perfins on Egyptian Stamps Genuine Overprint (3 bars misplaced)82
Genuine Overprint – 3 Bars83
Missing Color (illustration from collection of Post Offices of Egypt and the Sudan (in 1892) Part 2 83
Post offices of Egypt and the Sudan/With TPO's and Rural Stations of 1892. 84-86
Unlisted Invert (On 5 m. airmail - Palestine) 86
Current Market Notes87
Eagle and Pyramids Color Change88
Vol.2 No. 3 March/April. 1970  Whole No. 9
EGYPT - Centennial of the Stamps of the Suez Canal (Translation into English by DOMENICO FACCI) )46-49
Post offices of Egypt and the Sudan/With TPO's and Rural Stations of 1892. (Part 1 to "D")50-51
Postal Stationery Varieties/5m on 2 P.T. )52-53
Postal Cancellations on Egyptian Fiscal Stamps 54
French Cover Comments/With Reply55
Two Very Unusual "Marques d’Entrees"/Having a Connection with the French Military Expedition in Egypt - 1793/180156-57
Forged Camel Surcharge (On 2nd. Issue)57
Philatelic Fun and Profit58
Deformed Letters on Early Palestine Overprints 59
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt - Bibliography60-63
The "Official" Revenue63
The Postal Markings of Egypt (Addenda sheet No. 5) 64-65
U.A.R. New Issues66
Vol.2 No. 2. January/February. 1970   Whole No. 8
O.H.E.M.S. "Official" Variety 22
Farouk Birthday - 3 Dot Variety23
EGYPT - Centennial of the Stamps of the Suez Canal24-28
A Pair of Oddities29
Special Exhibition Cancellation (On 3 M. maroon)30-32
SUDAN, New Issues 33
U.A.R. New Issues34-35
Common Misnomer 3 & 6.Bars vs. Double Overprint 36
Rare and Unusual Handstamp37
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt - Bibliography38-39
Vol.2 No. 1. November/December, 1969  Whole No. 7
The Consular Stamps3-4
SUDAN - The Shilluk Warrior, Imperf on Pink Paper ? 5
Earliest Usage of Paquetbot Franks 6
More Oddities on Three Bar Overprints 7
EGYPT - Centennial of the Stamps of the Suez Canal 8-10
Final Dropped Stop - Overprint Variety on Officials 11
1926 Provisional Issue Non-Constant Variety 12
Award Winning Album Page (Carbery Sudan Air Cover) 14
U.A.R. New Issues15
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt (Annotated Bibliography - Research)16-18
Ring Seals on Correspondence19
3 Century Issues20
Vol.1 No.6. September/October. 1969  Whole No. 6
The Graf Zeppelin - Airmail Stamps of Egypt (Reprinted from the Airmail Digest of the Philippine Islands,
Vol 1, #3, 1938 with corrections by the author
Cancellation Error on the Second Airmail Issue97
Egyptian Post Offices - Sudan and Wadi Haifa96
The Consular Stamps - (Revenues & Fiscals)99-101
Late Usage of an Italian Cancellation "PIR0SCAFI P0ST4LI ITALANI"101
Postal Cancellations on Egyptian Fiscal Stamps The Philatelic Literature of Egypt104-105
A Note on the 2 P.T. of 1366 - BISECTED 109
U. A. R. -- New Issues - 1969 (illustrated) 109
Second Auction Listing113-114
The Graf Zeppelin - Airmail Stamps of Egypt (Reprinted from the Airmail Digest of the Philippine Islands,
Vol 1, #3, 1938 with corrections by the author
Cancellation Error on the Second Airmail Issue97
Egyptian Post Offices - Sudan and Wadi Haifa96
The Consular Stamps - (Revenues & Fiscals)99-101
Late Usage of an Italian Cancellation "PIR0SCAFI P0ST4LI ITALANI"101
Postal Cancellations on Egyptian Fiscal Stamps The Philatelic Literature of Egypt104-105
A Note on the 2 P.T. of 1366 - BISECTED 109
U. A. R. -- New Issues - 1969 (illustrated) 109
Second Auction Listing113-114
Vol.1 No. 5. July/August, 1969  Whole No. 5
"Flying Jet” Variety - On Special Delivery - Zeh. #4 French Post Offices in Egypt76
French Post Offices in Egypt77-78
French Cancel Explained - Commentary (See page 59)79
Crown Overprint Variety - Dot on Arabic Overprint79
Cancellations of the Gaza Strip - Some Further Notes80-81
Egypt, Used Abroad in the Sudan (Illustrations early Postage Due Cancels) 82-83
More on French Cancels p59 & 7984
Vol.1 No. 4. May/ June 1969  Whole No.4
Let's Look At Egypt and the U. A. R.56-58
1907 Pert Said Cancel on French Envelope 59
English Overprint Missing - Zeh.50, Scott #N50 60
Three Bar Variety - Zeh. # 191 or; 15 m. of 1944.61
Essays of the Consular Stamps (Revenues & Fiscals) 62-64
Letters of the Napoleonic Posts in Egypt65-67
"OFFICIAL" Variety on O.H.F.M.S. - Zeh. #22B, p. 270 70
U. A. R. - New Issues - 1969 (illustrated)72
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt - (Section II)73-74
Vol.1 No. 3 March/April 1969  Whole No. 3
The Tobacco Tax Stamps - (Cont.)32-35
The 13 Mill Farcuck - Disputed 1st Day of Issue36
Suez Facsimile No Forgery - (Illustrated)36
Unlisted Bisects – on the De La Rue's38-3?
An Interesting Discovery For West Bank Philatelists40-4?
Canadian Voyageurs Contingent Up the Nile River(From a special Monograph of the BNAPS)44-4?
The Stamps of Egypt - Used in Palestine49-50
U. A. R. - New Issues 1969 (Illustrated)51-53
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt52-54
Vol.1 No. 2 January/Febuary 1969  Whole No. 2
Unusua l Overprint - "G" on Zeh. #250, p. 12414
The Philatelic Literature of Egypt - (Section I) (An Annotated Research Bitliography)15 - 17
Egyptian Stamps Overprinted-for· Suden. Used on cover19 - 21
The Tobacco Tax Stamp (Revenues)23 - 26
U. A. R. - New Issues Illustrated Review.: 196827 - 30
Unusual Overprint - "G" on Zeh. #250, p. 124
Vol.1 No. 1 November/December 1968  Whole No. 1
Recognizing the Lithographic of the Third Issue2-3
A Note to Interpostal Collectors4
Unlisted Bisect – P.T. Zeh #14 p2245
New Error Discovery 9th & 10th. Anniv. Of the Rev.6-7
The Salt Stamps (Revenues)8-10