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 Boy King 1937  29th Anniv. of the Revolution 1981  First Issue 1866  Memorial Issue Gamel Abdel Nasser 1970  Second Issue 1867  Post Day 1969  Official 1921  Int. Railway Congress 1933  Del La Rues, Third unified Sphinx & Pyramids  Queen Nefertiti ŁE1 Definitive 1960  UAR Definititive 1961  President Anwar el Sadat Commemoration 1981  King Farouk's 18th. Birthday  UN Day 1967  Post Due 1888  Graf Zeppelin o/p 1931  Naffi Postal Seal 1933  Official 1962  9th. Arab Postal Union Congress 1971  20th. Anniv. of Arab League  20th. Anniv. of Arab League  Pictorial Issue 1914  2nd. Fuads 1927  UN Day 1967  Air Mail 1978  Olympic Games 1964

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