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November 2013Book French Post Office 2
January 2013Peter Feltus (ESC 114)
November 2012Book French Post Office
August 2012Lars Alund
October 2010Dennis H Clarke
October 2010Egypt: The Rural Postal Service
May 2010Samir Amin Fikry (ESC 305)
Febuary 2010Philatelic Society of Egypt
November 2009Mohamed Adel Farid
September 2009A new funny, or what?
July2009Festival of Stamps News
May 2009Fikry Medal
May 2009Exhibiton Success
April 2009Sale News
Febuary 2009John Hobbs
July 2008Nofal Postcard Book Part II
July 2008Letter from America July 2008
September 2007Nofal Postcard Book
August 2007Club ties
May 17 2007Balian Book two
December 12 2006Robin Bertram sale
October 15 2006Anatole Ott
May 14 2006Egyptian Currency - book review
April 5 2006PSE news
December 31 2005Telecom stamp
November 11 2005Robin Bertram
September 1 2005SG 19 - book review
June 4 2005LOP news