Listed here is a selection of Egypt philatelic literature

The list given here is not exhaustive but probably covers the main works for the Egyptian philatelist. The Egypt Study Circle for many years, at least from 1936 to the early 1990s, been promising "The Book", and had even compiled preliminary chapters for many years. These "studies", each supervised by a "study leader", were intended to fill out knowledge on a particular aspect of Egyptian philately. Many of the studies, however, comprised little more then rough notes, mainly in the hand of Charles Minett, and much of the information was published over the years in the QC under the editorship of Minett himself, and later for many years of John Grimmer. The Circle owes both a great deal.

Peter Smith finally gathered together all the published data, added to it his virtually encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject, and produced the definitive work on Egyptian philately. His magesterial volume covers much of the published material from L'Orient Philatélique and the QC with new data never before published.

Rather like London buses - you wait a long time and then several all come along together - the late 1990s produced several seminal works in the Egyptian area. Alongside Peter's Egypt Peter Smith's stand the two books of John Firebrace, the monumental work of Luca D. Biolato, and new catalogues of stamps and related material by fellow members Leon Balian and Joe Chalhoub.

Not included in the compilation below are the standard catalogues like Gibbons pt 19, Scott etc. Nor do we mention many of the books relating to military matters, such as Proud, Collas, Stobbs, Emery, Collins and Dickson, Entwistle, Virk, Kennedy and Crabb, Findeiss, Marchese, Buzzetti, Sorani, Migliavacca, the War Cover Club with Sheffer, Waugh Luft. Also omitted are related areas which contain some Egyptian references, such as the Sudan (Stagg and Dight); and Palestine (Sacher, Pollock, Alexander, Collins, Steichle etc). We also exclude magazines that often contain Egyptian-related material - OPAL, BAPIP, TOPS, HLMP, The Camel Post. In the past Egyptian references were quite common, but those magazines still in existence now seem to concentrate almost exclusively on Sudan or Turkish related articles.

The Quarterly Circular

Published virtually continually since 1938 four times a year.
L'Orient Philatélique

July 1929 until Feb 1978, 131 issues. The trilingual (Arabic/English/French) magazine was resurrected in January 2002, and further issues have since been published in Cairo
Egyptian Topics

Publised by Gorden Garrett from 1968 until 1976 in the United States.
Zeheri Catalogue for Postage Stamps of Egypt, U.A.R. and the Sudan.

Published by the Philatelic Society of Egypt from 1937 (first edition). For long the "bible" of Egyptian collecting, the ninth and last edition came in 1972
The Stamps of Egypt

Leon Balian, 1998
The Nile Post: Handbook and Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps

Joe Chalhoub, 2003
Egypt Stamps Handbook by Magdi M. Abdel-hadi.

Vol. I, 717 pp., Vol. II, 636 pp., 2010
Egypt: Stamps and Postal History

Peter A. S. Smith, 1999
La Posta Europea nel contesto della storia postale dell'Egitto nel sec. XIX (1820-1865)

Luca D. Biolato, 1997
The Airmails of Egypt

John Sears, 1st Edition 1990, 3rd edition 2001
The Egypt Flight LZ 127 - Graf Zeppelin

Fred Blau and Cyril Deighton, 1981
Postal History of Egypt to 1900

Samir A. Fikry, 1996
Perfins on Egyptian Stamps

Vahe Varjabedian, 1999.
In 2004 Vahe also produced an update on CD
Consular.. in Egypt

Themis Dacos, 1994
The French Post Offices in Egypt, Part 1 (Before 1876); 1939

Pierre Louis Grech 2013
The French Post Offices in Egypt, Part 2 (1876-1931); 1939

Pierre Louis Grech 2013
La Poste Maritime Française, Les Paqebots de La Mèditerranèe de 1837 à 1939

Raymond Salles, 1962, (reprinted 1992)
Philatelistischer Atlas des Osmanischen Reiches

Andreas Birken, 1992
Catalogue of Egyptian Revenue Stamps

Peter Feltus, 1982
The Interpostals of Egypt 1864-1892

Erhest A.Kehr, 1962
The Posta Europea and Kehr Catalogue of Interpostals

Erhest A.Kehr and Phillip Cockrill, 1984
The Travelling Post Offices of Egypt

Peter A.S.Smith, 1983
Egypt: The Rural Postal Service

Mike Murphy and Ibrahim Shoukry, 2010
Taarega el-barid

Tarikh Chichini, 1981
Egyptian Postal Markings of 1865-1879. ESC Study VI Part One

Peter Feltus, 1983
Army and Field Post Offices of Egypt and EEF 1914-20

Michael Sacher, 1970
British Empire Campaign and Occupation in the Near East, 1914-1924, A Postal History.

John Firebrace, 1991
Nineteenth Centaury Wars in Egypt and the Sudan

John Firebrace, 1997
British Forces in Egypt Postal Services 1932 to 1940

John E.O. Hobbs, 1st edition 1970, 2nd edition 1984
Egypt Postage Prepaid Military Date Stamps 1941 to 1947

F. W. Benians, 1978
The Palace Collection of Egypt

H.R.Harmer Auction, February 1954
Byam's Egypt

Robson Lowe Auction, 1961
Danson's Egypt

Robson Lowe Auction, 1977
Stamps and Postal History, Egypt

David Feldman Auction, February 1999
Egypt National Philatelic Museum,

National Philatelic Museum, 1952
Palestine Stamp Catalogue, Gaza Egyptian Administration

Ketcho B.Hagopian, 1987
All About Postal Matters in Egypt

Willard Fiske 1898; reprint Harry Hayes 1977, P.Feltus 1991
United Arab Republic (Egypt) Commemorative Stamps 1952-1969

Egyptian Postal Authority
Guide to Exhibiting and Judging Traditional Philately

Fédération Internationale Philatélique, 1993
The Kings of Egypt and their Stamps

Robson Lowe, 1969
The Suez Canal Company

by Jean Boulad d’Humieres, S. Ringstrom, H.E. Tester.Ed. Leonard Hartman, USA, 1985.
Suez Cannel, Forgery and Reprint Guide

J. Barefoot, 1983
The Overland Mail

John K.Sidebottom, 1948

Some of these books and periodicals are in the Circle library

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